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  1. I lived in Tucson in the 70's great place. Kind of a sh**hole now.
  2. Not to mention that Vegas had NU as 14+ if the game had been played. OSU averaged 5.6 yds a carry vs Michigan. What do they think our #1 rushing offense would of done to them?
  3. What about what McBride did with the lb up on the line in the gaps. QB never knew who was coming or backing out. Is that where people think Rhule is heading? Just asking a silly question here. Could what McBride ran work now?
  4. I saw where his father said that this was false news...... we'll see
  5. He kind of looked like that a year after he graduated
  6. Or was he strangling Scott Frost? Inquiring minds want to know.....
  7. Is your last name "Downer" and Debbie is your mother??
  8. Thank you for your insights and memories. I think I speak for other posters here in saying that it will be refreshing to have a man of character and conviction to right this ship. GBR!!!
  9. Deserve to know who was interviewed?? Surely you jest? If you interview for a job and demand to know who was interviewed before you. You would be laughed out of the building. You and fans deserve nothing. There are still privacy laws not to mention NU's integrity.
  10. I was executive chef at Chadron state
  11. Not the home run hire we needed
  12. Please don't confuse him with me
  13. Dude we won. Enjoy the little things at least
  14. WE WON OUR BOWL GAME!!!!! GO BIG RED!!!!!!!
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