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  1. I learned that Whipple may be doing shots on the sidelines. Why would you put in a cold qb and run an option pitch play?
  2. A multitude of things but I'm too tired to explain them to you. If you have any semblance of common sense thinking you'll figure it out. God bless
  3. I hope we roll into Rutgers and win. But I hope more that Mickey can keep their heads up after Michigan. We have a shot with everyone else. GBR!!
  4. Trey is going to be in the ice bath for a couple of hours tonight
  5. Maybe these guys will start believing in themselves now
  6. I should of been more concise. Nail in IU coffin time!!!
  7. I never thought about it before. But crap, I better go to the bathroom and check!
  8. For some reason I feel like I'm watching Fox on a Sunday night with all the prescription medicine commercials
  9. I wonder if the refs bookies are piped straight into his head set?
  10. Well at least we're getting a new and improved Herbie!
  11. Good football game Millen? It's a s*** show
  12. Why would you risk a high risk option pitch with a fresh quarterback on his first play?
  13. Remember when we used to play close games with top 10 teams? Good times good times
  14. He freaking pulled his jersey Millen Casey's done
  15. At least we're starting to use a lead blocker now
  16. When are we going to start going to the two tight end set to help with blocking and just ram it down their throat?
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