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  1. Surprisingly= Martinez and Frazier have averaged about the same number of carries per year- 130. Taking out the year Frazier missed. They averaged about the same number of carries per start. A triple option offense with a pitch you would THINK would be riskier and there would be more fumbles than what we are doing now. That wasnt the case. Zone read and designed QB runs are what we are running now- MUCH safer than triple option. Unfortunately our guy leads the nation in fumbles. We just CANT have that this season. You cant make the excuse hes carrying a bunch more than Tommie, be
  2. Nebraska played against mainly 7 man and some 8 man boxes- man free. Teams that defended us well had 8 and on a rare occasion 9 unless it was some type of goalline alignment. https://www.footballstudyhall.com/2017/6/28/15887246/1995-orange-bowl-nebraska-miami-tom-osborne
  3. Thats being very generous- HE LED FBS in TOTAL FUMBLES With FIFTEEN "His 15 career fumbles lost lead all FBS players. " CANT win football games playing like that. https://theathletic.com/2500386/2021/04/06/adrian-martinez-remains-nebraskas-qb-through-transfers-and-tumult-but-is-a-reinvention-needed/
  4. 10 in the box- that's the second time you said this, CLEARLY you do not understand the game very well or what "in the box" means. OR you never watched Fraziers games. I didnt say AM blows, he has a lot of heart- he is just a bad QB right now and unfortunately Mario hasnt proven here that he can develop QBs. Hes the best we have- and thats that.
  5. If this had nothing to do with Martinez or to try and make him look better because a great QB lost games too- why even mention it? Some totally random data then I guess.
  6. Do you even know what constitutes being in the box? Clearly you do not.
  7. MY POINT EXACTLY- the stats don't matter- WINNING does. Your point is the stats matter- so Please SHOW me where Martinez put up those type of numbers and we lost? Tommie DIDNT TURN THE BALL OVER. Wasnt able to pass when we wanted to? Have you really watched all the games he played in- I DID- was at most of them. Tommie was Clutch, ice water in his veins. He had command of the huddle, held everyone accountable, ran well, passed well when we needed it and DIDNT TURN THE BALL OVER> 47 TD passes- 18 INts , 36 Rushing TDs and I bet he didnt fumble- lose it more than 4-5
  8. Please show me games where Martinez put up these type of numbers and we lost. Please include his fumbles and Interceptions.
  9. PLEASE show me a game where Martinez put up amazing- anything close to these stats and we lost?? Please include interceptions and fumbles.
  10. I would be willing to bet big money Martinez isnt drafted and that no NFL team is interested in even sniffing around at a QB who fumbles and throws as many Ints as Adrian throws. Or someone who locks onto receivers so early, fails to see open guys and is so inaccurate downfield. Im hoping he plays within himself this season, runs more when there is green field early and HOLDS ONTO THE FOOTBALL> Im rooting for him, hes the best we have- but hes got to be a much better player upstairs this season.
  11. Im one that said putting in Luke would do little to improve our offense- may even be worse. We have a weak QB room. Is it due to QB talent, lack of development, poor surrounding talent, sometimes poor play calling, poor field position- yes to all five. With a QB leading the nation in QB fumbles, ridiculous backward passes, inability to hit downfield throws, locking in on receivers early, missing wide open receivers, holding onto the ball too long. throwing into double and sometimes triple coverage etc etc etc- thats on the QB. I love his attitude and heart, but he hasnt improved a
  12. Yes, Im sure Tommie Frazier's QB ratings werent fantastic. His completion percentages were usually under 50%. BUT HE WON< didnt turn over and was great in the clutch. At the end of the day, it isnt 100% on the QB- but the short yardage high completion percentage passes combined with a failure to score a reasonable amount of points AND all the untimely turnovers means our QB play with Martinez and its subsequent "ratings" should be pretty poor.
  13. Only stat that matters is wins/losses
  14. I dont think so. His base salary is 400K- not sure how he could double that plus in incentives when this year they were 2 and BBQ in regionals https://umsalary.info/deptsearch.php?Dept=athletics&Year=0 This says 425K https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/baseball/2019/06/15/coach-salaries-college-baseballs-best-make-more-some-mlb-managers/1455405001/
  15. BIG is like the NCAA They make a big deal about little things and sweep the big elephants under the rug. Corruption and just like politics, they have their willing accomplices in the media. Screw Michigan and their "Ivy League" s#!t doesnt stink attitude.
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