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  1. I agree with you completely. Few edge runs and few runs getting to the second level that would benefit from good WR blocking. Also looks like Frost has really gotten away from throwing 10 smoke- wide screens per game that would benefit from good edge blocking. The few that we've run were blocked fairly well. However Mavric claims that right at about half of our runs are to the outside. I would like him to cite his source, because that isn't what I'm seeing. Skeptical
  2. Well if Coach Frost ends up putting together this guys record and is presently in the Top 25 like his team is- I'm guessing most of us including me will gladly give him a mulligan for having a few flags on special teams AND would trust that his approach on coaching special teams is helping us win games. What I want to know is- did he have 4 flags on his first offensive drive though? 2014 North Dakota State 15–1 7–1 T–1st W FCS National Championship 1 1 2015 North Dakota State 13–2 7–1 T–1st W FCS National Championship 1 1 2016 North Dakota State 12–2 7–1 T–1st L FCS Semi-finals 3 3 2017 North Dakota State 14–1 7–1 1st W FCS National Championship 1 1 2018 North Dakota State 15–0 8–0 1st W FCS National Championship 1 1 North Dakota State: 69–6 36–4 Kansas State Wildcats (Big 12 Conference) (2019–present) 2019 Kansas State 8–5 5–4 T–3rd L Liberty 2020 Kansas State 4–6 4–5 7th 2021 Kansas State 3–0 0–0
  3. Note- go back and look at some of Ozigbos film from 2018. Often times he was having to make guys miss in the backfield just to get to the LOS> He did that pretty well. We haven't had anyone since who could do that and frankly one would hope that isn't happening a whole lot- but it did and Ziggy was pretty good at making that first guy miss. Note- he also improved quite a bit from 2017-2018. SO who gets credit for that? Yes he put on too much weight because Riley asked him to. How much of the improvement was due to the weight/Duval- scheme or coaching? We don't know for sure how much of this is an oline issue. That might buy Held another year, Austin, not so much.
  4. True- the screen pass has been absent. AND after the Defense gets burned by one or two, they quit coming so fast. Im guessing pretty strong, that- this is an oline problem as well. It is much harder to execute than it looks. Cam would be pretty dang good in space- the rest- not so sure.
  5. We all know Helds heartfelt story. Fought his way through the nasty JC ranks and is a tireless recruiter. He is a workhorse, we all love that. Recruiting wise he was supposed to be our IN to the JC world- he is really connected there. Unfortunately most of our high hopes with JC talent hasn't exactly lit the world on fire. Now with the transfer portal- JCs don't matter as much- maybe hardly at all. Lots of tape on kids who have snaps in College football- less risk and probably not worried if they can handle the class load etc This RB crew reminds me of the mini committee we had of average kids the last couple of years of Coach Solichs tenure. I would LOVE to see Held do well and the Olines haven't been great, but he very well may be on thin ice.
  6. Good call- I thought they would be sold out- they aren't. https://msuspartans.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=GS%3AMICH%3AF21%3AF02%3A&linkID=michst&shopperContext=&pc=&caller=&appCode=&groupCode=FH&cgc=&dataAccId=778&locale=en_US&siteId=ev_michst
  7. I think Frost should continue doing what he's doing on Special teams, they are really doing well. People forget what a train wreck we had for kicking game in 2019. I can see it now- 2022 Glazier Clinics Feb 2 Kansas City Westin Crown Center- 9pm- 10pm Room C-1 Conference Room- 6 seats Scott Frost University of Nebraska "How to Run Special Teams Terribly and Lose Games- With No Special Teams Coach- The Nebraska Model" FYI- they give the smallest rooms and the worst times for the sessions they know no one will attend. Nice thing, no need to get there early to reserve a seat and have to stand. (I hate that)
  8. I agree- Toure was an amazing find. He's been consistent, love his athleticism and heady play. Our numbers aren't close to MSUs though and their top defender is a transfer as well. Tuckers only been at MSU 2 years- they are definitely ahead of us on this one. I like Martin too, better than expected but he has had injuries in the past. Stepp- I see flashes, but hard to tell and he usually has injuries too. Would be nice to see more like Toure- Walker with some legit numbers come in.
  9. You really have your trolling motors on today. Maybe you should get some help.
  10. Walker- Didn't realize Wake Forest was so bad that this guy got just 600 yards both seasons with them. He has nearly that so far with MSU in just 3 games. Wouldn't it be nice to find and pick up someone like this.
  11. https://saturdaytradition.com/nebraska-football/challenge-accepted-nebraska-fans-respond-to-mel-tuckers-call-for-msu-faithful-to-block-out-huskers/?fbclid=IwAR32X3YksXHqjcqG3ypt1ezFhP6LlOzaW1kl15eBEBFnicqfkkgJSpxthY4
  12. That 95 team could make about any team look awful. That was fun going into about every game knowing that it would be a win- only question was by how much?
  13. Agreed. When I saw Teddy play in HS he was just so much bigger and stronger than anyone else, it was kind of hard to see how good he was going to be. What I really liked about him was his aggressiveness. He loved taking kids to the ground and blocked through the whistle on most snaps. Elkhorn South has a hell of a program. He's got a really quick kick step, he's really impressive for a true Freshman and looks like he's added some good weight.
  14. The guy has THOUSANDS of posts. I don't care about it that much. He knows- he's got it- he just won't post it
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