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  1. Hard pass he might break our tradition of loosing!
  2. Nothing we really do at this point we went all in with Frost get use to it for a couple more years. Only option going forward is being patient until you can get a great coach could take several years or go to option football
  3. And Nebraska just s@&#$ themselves again. Game was never really in doubt
  4. Finally benched Jurgens I was starting to think Jurgens must have some kind of video of Frost doing something illegal
  5. Coaches have had 3 years it's getting worse
  6. You can just see the other team making adjustments as the game goes on and we make no adjustments. We are getting out coached so badly. That's part of the reason we go into halftime and come out lame. These coaches suck!
  7. This is suppose to be a fun offense to watch? I want money back! Buyers remorse big time!
  8. The fact that we only run about 5 to 10 plays is really a huge indictment on this coaching staff. We've had 3 years to learn this offense
  9. I think the only team that we could beat is Kansas and that's a 50/50
  10. Because Nebraska is no longer a relevant or even good program and that's the truth. Over the last 20 years we've made a lot of mistakes one of them is moving to the big ten. Who cares about what educational benefits the big ten offers. You want money going to your college win football games bought said. Let this sink in my alma mater South Dakota State is a better football program than Nebraska right now. My son is a Senior in high school right now and has several scholarship offer right now in basketball. I actually posted his video in the 2021 basketball recruiting section. He has talk
  11. Looks like Frost is a dead man walking
  12. Yeah it's pretty hard to claim talent when you're playing Illinois
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