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  1. ndobney

    What if Nebraska went the Notre Dame route...

    Notre Dame fans after going 4-8 and finally realizing they will not be playing in the national championship
  2. ndobney

    Replacements for Miles

    I'm sure Steve Alford would like to be back in the big 10
  3. ndobney

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I think that depends on whether or not he thought she was raped or not. If he didn't think she was raped then no I dont.
  4. ndobney

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    In this ruling there is a 3 prong test all three test must be satisfied in order to meet the minimal requirements. I dont the element of intent is present in the 2nd requirement. To me it was maurice telling a girl off, and he doesnt want her praise. I dont think the intent behind it was to cause detrimental effects within the state. In fact I dont think anyone actually thinks that was intent at all, and this ruling does require that intent. But your probably right it will ultimately be California judges ruling on the case.
  5. ndobney

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    No I actually just talked to a lawyer friend I have, and he confirmed jurisdiction would lay where the alleged evil act occurs. If he was out of state California has no jurisdiction
  6. ndobney

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    They also have to prove that maurice was in the state of California at the time the video was sent. A good lawyer would know this. That's just one thing that could make this case difficult to prosecute there could be several others.
  7. ndobney

    Player buy in

  8. ndobney

    What happened?

  9. ndobney

    What happened?

  10. ndobney

    What happened?

    Someone needs to start a charity to provide husker fans with backup tvs.
  11. ndobney

    What happened?

    I shut off the tv early last night. Well I threw my remote through it. Went to bed thinking we lost and I woke up and we won. Does anyone know where to get a cheap tv?
  12. ndobney

    Overtime: Michigan St Post-game Overreactions

    This isn't what I grew up with I'm out. best of luck
  13. Leadership what leadership. It was bad enough for Perlman to be made chancellor with all of the sexual assault allegations, but combined with his performance with the football program I would say there is no leadership at Nebraska.
  14. ndobney

    Finnin Done

    Bob Loblaw ‏@StepDaddyFinnin 55m55 minutes ago Growing up in IL, I never knew an entire state could live and die football. You all are a testament to what Fan support should look like Bob Loblaw ‏@StepDaddyFinnin 53m53 minutes ago Excited for my next chapter, didn't end how I envisioned it but at least I can say I went out on my own terms. Thanks again #gbr Not exactly seeing a rant from Finnin here. Also seems pretty classy. You should probably get some evidence better you accuse kids of being selfish. Yeah just didn't work out for him
  15. ndobney

    AD Shawn Eichorst issues a statement

    He claims he sees a bright future in the players eyes. The players claim they have never laid eyes on Eichorst. What gives?