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  1. It may be. Frost might be giving the scenario. Keep the guys you have and we give you another year or if you make some changes with guys you feel might not be cutting it you will get two years to get things together. I've seen improvement even though it hasn't translated to wins. I'm willing to be patient and give it a couple more years for this to start translating into wins. But at some point its going to be time to pull the plug
  2. Looks like coolers heads are starting going to prevail as more than 55% of the vote is for not firing Frost as it should be. There is definitely a group of people that just overreact to everything and just come on to the message boards to cry and rant. Nice to see a strong majority can think for themselves and be influenced by these individuals.
  3. This is exactly what I said we shouldn't be doing. It's a knee jerk reaction to every play, call, and win or loss. Step back take a breathe. The fact that you are even considering that we might be turning the corner as little as two weeks ago already tells me we need to be patient. This loss was not nearly as bad as the Illinois loss not even close. You got to ask yourself are we trending in the right direction, and are we getting closer to getting over the "hump"? If you thought that we might be getting over the hump two weeks ago the answer is yes. I highly doubt there are any sure fire replacements for Frost. Best bet is to relax and weight a little longer to see if Frost can turn the corner
  4. Frost should get two more years truly believe a coach should get at least 4 years to get his guys in there, and what not. If the situation involves a cultural problem I think it's fair to give the coach a couple extra years I think that applies here. Players haven't quit they are competitive program is heading in the right direction heck two weeks ago people were hopeful that we might have turned the corner. The most pathetic thing a fan can do and frankly I'm embarrassed for some of the posters on here is to come on after a loss cause your upset and start calling for the coaches head. Bottom line Frost came in with a toxic culture we haven't seen the results yet with Es and Ls but anyone who is being honest with themselves can see we are starting to get close to turning the corner.
  5. Need sound has the curb your enthusiasm music behind it
  6. You can have an opinion don't know why you think you need my approval or comment on it. I am simply pointing out it's a little questionable actually quite a bit questionable that no one that ever had an opinion all of a sudden now has an opinion when the topic of firing a coach appears.
  7. You literally just use my argument to argue that my opinion shouldn't have merit cause I have 1000 post lol that is the single biggest hypocritical thing I have ever see lol.
  8. Blocked. I'm here to talk football.
  9. Cause right now a lot of Iowa fans want us to fire Frost cause they are scared. Some of them have accounts on here
  10. You have 56 posts yet you are encouraging people to fire the coach on this board?
  11. You act like I don't know what I'm talking about you are the one that missed the point!
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