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  1. Looks like he will be visiting soon!!
  2. I could see up going 1-11 honestly which is worse cause scenario, but I dont see any non conference guarantee and New Jersey is the only slam dunk we have in the big ten right now. Knock on wood
  3. There really shouldn't be a need for a qb competition. 2am is not the guy time to move on.
  4. If ever there was a year we could average a 4 star rating it would be this year!
  5. Now that it's getting to the point that we have a good idea how we our recruiting ranking will turn out. Do we expect any of our player to get a bump or vice versa?
  6. We lost last year to Minnesota? I know we lost this year but when did losing to Minnesota last year change?
  7. So we can officially riot?
  8. I would not doubt it but shouldn't be playing if he requires surgery. It is hard to really wrap my head around how bad he actually was. If being injured was not the reason he played so bad. I also see no reason why he should be the starter going forward
  9. Adrian Martinez runs this team Scott Frost does not it's very evident hopefully Luke McCaffrey doesn't transfer.
  10. True but is there a HC in cfb power that is worse than him. Cause I cant name one.
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