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  1. This is why I don't understand why people think we can make a bowl game this year, who is going to block? Feel bad for the qbs but this is why I stated we needed 5 o line from the portal.
  2. Don't drunk the Kool aid come on now. We have a decent chance to be better but good?
  3. I think 5th is pretty generous. I feel like we can beat NU and that's about it, and we all know how those games go
  4. We need at least 3 more tackles 3 guards and 2 centers, but it kind of late now.
  5. We need 5 more o lineman from the portal or I'm going to have to call this off-season a fail. I watched the spring game my grandma would have had 5 sacks
  6. So far nothing but Smothers running zone read than throwing an incomplete pass on 3rd. So far I would give it an F-. Winners unl complete money grab. Losers the fans for having to endure this
  7. Ok I'm not going to go as far as d3 or d2 schools are sitting better, a handful of fcs schools I could make that argument. NDSU is top of the list
  8. As far as programs go a lot of fcs schools are in a better place than we are right now
  9. They are a long ways from a ndsu or even an SDSU team
  10. I still have nightmares of Martinez overthrowing wide open recievers
  11. As a husker fan I'm confused what's a pass rush?
  12. Awesome Nebraska elites are getting rich while putting a terrible product on the field we already have up the season tickets, and aren't going to anymore games. Nebraska as one of the 5 worst programs in college football the fans need to stage a walk out at halftime. Let them play in an empty stadium
  13. I'm pretty worried about defense last year I don't think the defense was that great. Ok yes; but if you want to be great or even very good we got to start forcing some more turnovers
  14. Putting my money on 4 or less wins next year lost our d line and who going to block on offense we hit 5 wins I'll be impressed
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