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  1. If this is the bud bowl we are Iowa lite He picked a tard
  2. You are hell bent in running off the last few people that are willing to discuss Husker football so be it have fun talking to yourself and the mods. It’s been heading that direction for years
  3. Fine then you will have 5 left on this board everyone is thinking the same
  4. Difference between Frost and Rhule year one not a god damn f#&%ing thing
  5. That’s game Nebraska can’t win in OT
  6. At what point to we admit Alvano is trash?
  7. Unfortunately I think we all know deep down how this is going to end
  8. As much as I agree with firing this crap coordinator I feel like we don’t yet have justification to fire this pos
  9. Me would be sat sat sat too at least the others had a reason for their stupidity sat just seems to be all stupidity
  10. Ok at what point do we start moving up and not letting the qb dink and dunk down the field?
  11. My phone is blowing up about dumb play calling what did they do now?
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