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  1. We need 5. Our lineman whiff more than Screech from Saved by the Bell. If Martinez wasn't so good at running for his life things would have been way worse. Even then did you see all the injuries done to Martinez unacceptable work upfront we need 5 new lineman
  2. If you want to see what you are working with it doesn't hurt to bring in a few guys. Frost and his opinion on what we have isn't worth much. He said he thought special teams were fine also have you heard of a guy named Joe Burrow
  3. Do tell us of how great the special teams were as well.
  4. Guy Chamberlain thinks the O line is good, go figure!
  5. If by one more o lineman you really mean 5 I agree with all this
  6. We still need about 5 o lineman from the portal
  7. Yeah and Notre Dame has 12 national championships, and also purple
  8. Football has already been ruined. Corruption and greed has already set in. 8 team 16 team playoffs doesn't really matter. One thing that is bad is that if your not in the playoffs teams as a whole are just choosing not to go to games large part of teams players are opting out of playing it's a mess. Bowl season is a joke
  9. Thats cause we play like we are stupid
  10. Watching Vedral for New Jersey guy is terrible we got to start bringing in better talent at the QB position, why would we even consider a guy like that even for depth. Maybe 4th string
  11. I turned on the TV college teams are playing what are these things called bowl games teams play in?
  12. Yeah I agree with you. That was probably the most ridiculous post I've ever seen on huskerboard it's one of those post that makes you think they need a minus one for. We have Oklahoma on our schedule, and look at some of the teams Alabama plays. Iowa State is the best team Iowa plays out of conference it hasn't been till very recently that they have been any good, and it's worked out well for them.
  13. My top 3 QB wants. 1. Ward biggest upside 2. Chubby 3. Smoothers If we don't get the top two on the list I'm ok going with Smoothers
  14. Yeah I said it before on this thread I am ok with LS, but the offense will need to look more like it did vs Iowa than what Pitt was running last year imo
  15. Adrian Martinez is going to the university of who cares!
  16. Hmmm At this point stay with Smothers. Here's a thought run the option I've been right for 20 years now
  17. Well Adrian was probably the most talented QB we may have ever had. He was also probably the worst QB we have ever had.
  18. If nothing else we saw that Smothers was pretty decent. Had he won against Iowa I guarantee people would be wanting him next year. The play that actually lost us that game was the punt. If we retain Smothers that's not the end of the world. The problem with that senario is that Smothers is more of an option QB. Not sure that fits with what the new OC wants to do. Although the OC may just have to adjust. I like what they were doing offensively against Iowa and I would love to continue doing that. In case of injury we need to at least get someone who can back up Smothers if we can find someone that can beat him out, but can our new OC run that kind of offense?
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