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  1. Great, soon someone will say that "Cornhuskers" is racist or homophobic, or some other flippin thing and we'll have to change our name to "The Nebraska Football Team".
  2. Same here. I thought we MIGHT get one of the two, got em both. Damn good recruiting if you asked me, not sure what the selling point was considering the state of the program but I'm thrilled to have them aboard.
  3. And here we are with Bama in the title game, again. We can all agree that Alabama is king but man I'm sick of them winning titles, Not even gonna watch it.
  4. How come I can't get on this board much lately ? "Site not found" always pops up, is my phone old and getting dumb or what's the deal ?
  5. We may be "old" now but I was in my early twenties in 94' and the other two titles so I would consider that a great time to be alive.
  6. I was there as well, kordell Stewart and salaam were predicted by a lot of media to carve us up that day. We dominated more than the final score indicated. The ESPN game day crew was there, what a game. (Sigh)
  7. Nope, he'll throw for 300+, three touchdown passes and another 150 running with two scores. Then this board will have an epic meltdown.
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