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  1. I can't wrap my head around the fact this move was even considered, no matter the reasons. Did Moos really think this would go over well with the fans ? Seriously ? Dumb move, another bad look for the program. Unreal.
  2. If there was no covid wouldn't that mean that other things in the past could be different ?
  3. Yep, what happened to that network ? Same thing happened with MTV years ago, unwatchable now.
  4. This, and other things he's said about Nebraska gives me the feeling he likes frost and where the program is headed.
  5. I can't accept the fact that our football team isn't playing, so I'm going to hoist my Nebraska flag high and proud as if nothing has happened. GBR.
  6. Same. What will I have to look forward to on Saturdays ? The corn hole championship matches on ESPN ? Seriously ?
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