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  1. Riley is the guy that has a shed full of nice tools but can't build anything.
  2. For a fan base like Nebraska that hasn't seen a conference title since 99' those HOF coaches results aren't good enough Imo. Not going bowling for a third year in a row would be hard to accept, however I do think frost gets six wins this year. GBR.
  3. IMO year three is critical for Frost and company, regardless of schedule. He has got to get this team to a bowl.
  4. "Steve Spurrier can't draw out a tackle in the dirt" -Kent pavelka 1995 Title game
  5. Why does Crouch have his helmet on backwards in that last one ? Oooooooh
  6. Yep, gotta feel good for them. They played solid football all year.
  7. Loved watching suh toss around McCoy like a sofa cushion.
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