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  1. OK I'm almost done. But if Purdue football ran out of QBs due to injuries and said - yo we got a team in Columbus but can't play you Ohio State because we have no QBs left. They would be told, well play a WR at QB or take a loss.
  2. For what it's worth, when Wisconsin Volleyball in the middle of their B1G championship hunt, their games against Northwestern were ruled forfeits. I wonder if that's cause their AD is well connected in the league office? Fact is NW could probably pitch a couple relievers on 1 day rest or back to back - and I'm sure they have 3-4 position players that can give them 1-2 innings a piece. If little league and HS teams can do it, NW can certainly do it.
  3. Glad NW gave it their all. Sucks Nebraska can't play them or pick up a game against Omaha or Creighton. Seems like our guys are playing against a stacked hand - and aren't given the same opportunity as B1G basketball teams or basically every other D1 baseball team. Hopefully Shay and the boys take it out on everyone else the next 7 games.
  4. I’m admittedly bitter. Just hate that Nebraska basketball was forced to play out their whole schedule despite Covid concerns but now it would benefit Nebraska to enforce the same policy. It’s not so important anymore.
  5. No I get it. It just sucks that Nebraska can’t pick up games against healthy teams and can have games cancelled for something that have no control over. NW is at no fault but we also are victims because the B1G adopted a dumbass policy.
  6. It’s tough but it’s also pretty hard to penalize a team for no reason. What if Nebraska loses the conf title by half a game.
  7. FYI if Oregon St is a 2 and Nebraska is a 2. And they both win their regionals and matchup in the supers, it still has to be played at one of the top 16 seed sites. So Nebraska and Oregon St could square off in Ft. Worth for a Super. What an atmosphere...
  8. I thought to myself, surely this game is on BTN. The B1G wouldn't be dumb enough to not air two of their top teams going head to head with conf title implications on the line. It is not on TV. Thankfully they're actually airing live sports, but you find a way to get this game on TV for god's sake.
  9. Yeah our bed was made when the conf decided to do conf only. B1G made their opinion known when they decided to have non-con slate for hoops and not for baseball. They really don't care. It's a shame because Michigan, Indiana, and Nebraska have 3 of the best young coaches in baseball and just had a team one win from a national title.
  10. Don't blame the NCAA at all here. B1G locked this in when they decided to play conf only. Basically needed one B1G team to run away with the conf this year to host.
  11. No B1G and Notre Dame is the lone Midwest representative. My gut says with a non-con schedule, one of Nebraska, Indiana or Michigan would have done well enough to play their way into the hosting category. 3 CUSA teams is pretty wild. In 2019 they had a conf RPI of 11 while B1G was at 7. Here we are with B1G getting shut out and CUSA with 3 potential regional hosts.
  12. Ah, yes....noted radical socialist politicians Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden LOL.
  13. I'm surprised the Libertarian Party hasn't become more of a factor in peeling off conservative voters. With how big personal freedom is in the Republican Party. Maybe the libertarians give too many rights to the gays and non-whites to peel off a big chunk of those voters? Seems like Trump being more authoritarian than anything, it would have been a good time for libertarian leaning R's to jump ship.
  14. OWN THE LIBS is their entire party platform. They can't even condemn a riot that killed cops because Trump incited it. Think about that, the people the fly f#&%ing "Blue Live's Matter" flags, condone the killing of cops if Trump is the one behind it. There is no value or respect in that. Cheney knows it, so she decided to step on to the right side of history. How hard is it to say, "I like a lot of Trump's policies, but lies and riot he incited that killed our police, is inexcusable". If the shoe was on the other foot, and Hilary incited riots that ended in officers getting killed, prior
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