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  1. Stand in line for 6 hours to vote, you realize people have kids and jobs right? Also Here are the rules for Absentee Ballot voting in Texas: You may vote by absentee ballot in Texas if: you are 65 years or older; you are disabled; you will be out of the county on Election Day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance; or you are confined in jail, but otherwise eligible, or certified for participation in the address confidentiality program. Do us all a favor and educate yourself next time.
  2. No? but if you want to vote straight party lines you have the option now, hence saving time. You can still do it the other way as well. Are you saying you want unreasonable wait times for minorities? oh wait, of course you do...
  3. Funny because I had the same visualization when I read the story. I would reckon with volunteers and temps running these things, something like this would occur every election. It just so happens this year, we have a candidate that wants to sew as much distrust in the election process as he possibly can - goal was to blow this story up and beat his chest about fraud.
  4. Its actually pretty incredible. A temp worker (remember these elections are run by everyday people, volunteers and local people in need of work) accidentally threw out the ballots, the election director found out and had all the trash collected and saved and the ballots were recovered. In a way it gives me faith in the local election folks...
  5. Voting lines in some minority communities were 6+ hours in Texas, many people just got out of line and didn't vote. Goal is a quicker voting process. It sounds like this will get shot down by the 5th circuit. Pretty sad how one party leans so hard on strategies to keep people from voting. God forbid everyone have a say in how their community is run.
  6. Until Biden is president, then Fox News will turn to 24 hour deficit watch.
  7. Good news guys, no need to vote. Courts decide elections now. Why convince 65 million Americans when just 5 will get the job done.
  8. It's just wild to me that this much effort went into trying to find a delivered package of drugs that may or may not have been sent to the ex of criminal. You have the guy in custody, why do you need to barge into the house of someone in the middle of the night, no body cams on and risk this much, for the possibility of a package of drugs. The same f#&%ing thing couldn't be accomplished in broad daylight, with body cams on, and a knock at the door?
  9. This would all be cleared up with body cam footage....too bad they weren't wearing any. Oh wait, one of them was...too bad it wasn't on. The incompetence of this police department is pretty apparent. Too bad it took someone losing a life for them to correct their absolutely dangerous practices. Wrong address, no drugs in the house, no illegal weapons in the house, BF was cleared of wrongdoing, no body cams on, one innocent person dead.
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