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  1. FrantzHardySwag

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    If you don't make it at a juco - you're not gonna make it anywhere. They hand hold those kids more than they do in high school in some cases.
  2. FrantzHardySwag

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    Academics were the reason he was at the JUCO. It's crazy, watching last chance U - you see exactly why those kids are at JUCO. Some figure it out, some think their talent alone will get them to where they need to go. The worst part it isn't aptitude, it's effort. If you are working hard to get good grades - the people at the JUCO will see it that you come through successful.
  3. FrantzHardySwag

    NFL 2018

    Honestly it's not up to the Cops to decide if he's guilty or not - charges should of been pressed if that is what she wanted. They leave the rest to the prosecutor’s office. If it turns out she did want to press charges and the PD wouldn't let her, they'll probably be in some hot water. Regardless, I'm not a chiefs fan but they did the right thing. With Hill on the roster they probably preached to everyone to be upfront and straight forward with them moving forward as they can't afford another black eye - sounds like Hunt tried his best to keep all this from the FO. That being said I'm sure we will see Hunt pop up on a roster next season.
  4. FrantzHardySwag

    NFL 2018

    The amount of people that are mad about this is astonishing. Dude earned every bit of this. Someone at the Rookie Symposium should do a presentation on opportunity cost. Hunt, you are so dumb that you cost yourself millions of dollars because you had to square up against a girl 1/3 the size of you -just becasue she was (probably) running her mouth. Do you understand how easy it is to walk back into room, lock the door and call security if she continues to bother you?
  5. I say it every year - I will not write this team off this early. But damnit, I can not envision a scenario where a Tim Miles team wins a tournament game. The only time I've ever seen his offense work consistently against good teams is when Petteway played out of his mind for a 20 game stretch. Hopeful yet very skeptical on this season.
  6. FrantzHardySwag

    Will our democracy survive Trump?

    I was frightened to click on this board, I figured it would be a forum built on fear of the boogeyman taking everyone's guns. Pleasantly surprised with the discourse. And yes it seems to lean left, but everyone here is well spoken and will hear you out if you have a bone to pick.
  7. FrantzHardySwag

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Disrespecting the military only counts if you're a self deprecating comedian on SNL.....if you're a commander-in-chief or acting attorney general, it's okay to scam veterans, attack the parents of a deceased bronze star veteran, and mock a POW for being captured. Did you even take civics class????? Day one stuff.
  8. FrantzHardySwag

    The Angry Violent Left

    The information is out there, its up to the public to figure out what is fact and what is fiction. See earlier today you cited townhall.com as an actual source - anyone that took a 5th grade English class could tell you that townhall.com is not real news (fake news?), It's a Fugayzi, fugazi. It's a whazy. It's a woozie. It's fairy dust. it doesn't exist. It's never landed. It is no matter. It's not on the elemental chart. It's not f#&%ing real. There is REAL journalism out there today - NPR for example. The real problem is people who read infowars and townhall.com and listen to Hannity all day - they think real, credible news is fake. The only thing that Trump exposed is that he is (still) full of s#!t and that if tells his base (not the majority of registered voters btw) not to believe it, then they'll look the other way. Also, if this new era of information gathering has been rough on you, I still have my 5th grade English teachers email address - you can email her. Little piece of advice, if it wouldn't be credible for a book report in her class, it's probably not suitable for you to eat up like a bowl of lucky charms at breakfast.
  9. FrantzHardySwag

    2018 mid-term

    Flat out not true, economics on illegals is really complex but probably a net positive. I understand I won't convince you other wise, but there is some great non-partisan information out there if you want to break it down. GBR
  10. FrantzHardySwag

    2018 mid-term

    Give and take is one thing, but the wall is so massively dumb and a huge waste of money that it was never going to be agreed upon.
  11. FrantzHardySwag

    2018 mid-term

    So how does medicaid expansion and Ricketts both win? I swear people need to actually look at the policies of the people they are voting for. Thought Krist would be good for this state, disappointed to have Ricketts run this state for the next 4 years.
  12. FrantzHardySwag

    2018 mid-term

    I live in Omaha - left work at 4:00 - got to polling place at 4:15 was at home by 4:30. I like thanking the volunteers and seeing people out voting. I'm 28 and never had to wait in line to vote at my polling place, I would guess the day I wait in line is the day I switch to a mail in ballot.
  13. FrantzHardySwag

    2018 mid-term

    For those following more closely, what are the odds of Krist beating Ricketts? Better odds to hit the mega millions?
  14. FrantzHardySwag

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    Continued confirmation that Frost picked the right signal caller. Other than the boneheaded backwards pass Martinez was a stud once again. 340 total yards and 3 touchdowns in the shoe as a true freshman.
  15. FrantzHardySwag

    WR Wan'Dale Robinson [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Honestly the bridge is burned but probably in the opposite direction, I can't speak to if he got paid. But him switching to Kentucky final hour after committing to Frost the week before, seems like a likely assumption at this point given the crystal ball predictions on 247. If that were the case - I cannot see Frost too excited to pursue him from this point on. Frost probably sick of having to manage a roster of guys who need the ball in their hands 20+ times or they're gonna bail.