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  1. Woulda been nice for the B1G to allow for 2 weeks of non con games then put B1G standards into play starting this upcoming Monday. Best of both worlds, your teams get 6-8 non con games in and aren't going out mid week to ruin your B1G "bubble".
  2. Sitting here looking at the scoreboards. Creighton, UNO, South Dakota St, North Dakota St, Northern Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Wichita St - all figured out how to play ball the last two weeks. But the big bad B1G with all their money and resources couldn't figure it out. Welcome to COVID, blessed be the flexible - as the B1G continues with dumb rigid policies.
  3. The Donald the Dove BS on this board is insane. He blew away the amount of air strikes Obama carried out in his first two years of office. There is legitimate far left voters on this board that can reasonably b!^@h about Biden’s air strikes but our resident Trump voters have no legs to stand on.
  4. Trying to figure out how you got "invading Syria" from either of those articles...
  5. Haha seriously! Invading Syria? Where do people get this stuff...
  6. I'd argue winning is the best way to judge the quality of the team. I'm sure 8-4 Florida isn't bumping their chest at 9-1 Texas A&M because they finished 3 spots higher in the SP+, even though they lost to A&M. I'm also sure 10-2 Notre Dame isn't wishing they had Wisconsin's 4-3 season because Wisconsin finished with a higher SP+. As far as progress, give me the end of 2018 Team over the 2020 Team - despite the worse SP+. 2018 Team by a touchdown. Hard for me to believe in "progress" when the team at the end of year one with a freshman QB and entirely new staff, looked bet
  7. Referring to my posts on the medical effects of covid, and it's impact on society (generally curious if that's what you're referencing)? Either way, I stated I'm judging Frost on his progress relative to our peers - in this case our peers were dealt the exact same s#!tty hand we were dealt this season. Whatever you attribute last season to, the time for tangible progress is here.
  8. I get that, they probably are a better football team than when Frost took over. But in the world of CFB, progress or success will never be measured by analytics. Could we use it as a sign of things to come, yeah, I could buy that. My point is, when the things that matter (Wins, Standings) show no progress - It's hard for me to be happy about progress in something irrelevant to our goals. Guess I'm just sick of the moral W's, improving SP+ is great, but lets see some progress relevant to what Frost is trying to accomplish.
  9. You keep posting the analytics. Analytics are great, but at the end of the day you need to win football games. No coach is given a job because their teams SP+ rankings were impressive. SP+ improved, but we stayed the same relative to our peers - t5th in the West, t5th in the West, 5th in the West. If our SP+ continues to improve, but relative to the B1G West we finish 5th the next two years Frost will be out of a job. College Football is results driven, not analytics driven.
  10. I don't see anything that wouldn't go under the "Covid Relief" umbrella. I'll quote Biden here: “Critics say my plan is too big,” Biden said during a tour of a Pfizer plant in Michigan last week. “Let me ask them: What would they have me cut? What would they have me leave out?”
  11. They cancelled anti-semite, rapper, conspiracy theorist Young Pharaoh.
  12. Their theme this year is "America Uncancelled" and they cancelled someone haha.
  13. IDK, they have an entrenched starter who will be a senior - then their QB room is completely wide open. Completely possible his road to full time starter at L'Ville is much easier than Nebraska.
  14. Seriously. You want to be the leader of the free world, and here you are showing not even a sliver of leadership. Should disqualify him but I'm sure it won't.
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