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  1. I think KU is lucrative. But we're not gonna add just 1 team. And there is no one to pair with them that is equally or more lucrative...
  2. Dang guys, I at least got an n95, face shield and gown that doubled as a sweat suit.
  3. I get it, more unvaccinated people in this country could definitely be seen as an issue. Just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of DeSantis by blaming Biden this year when the same rules were in place last year under Trump - and we didn't hear about the border at all.
  4. So according to your link, Biden kept the same rule in place adopted by Trump to limit immigration? So what's he blaming Biden for?
  5. Non-mRNA vaccines were used in the study referenced. Moderna & Pfizer have been effective against Lambda per studies using those vaccines.
  6. Thanks for posting. I have been saying it all along, it has to make financial sense to bring schools in. The people scared the B1G is gonna fall behind if the Pac12 adds the B12 leftovers are sorely mistaken. Neither the P12 or the B1G are going to dilute their current members money share just to bring in the likes of Oklahoma St and Iowa St. B1G probably has one move, add ND and KU (needs to be both). Well looks like ND doesn't want to lose independent status, and there is no elite football program to pair with KU - the move right now is sit on your hands. Warren gets a lot of much deserved f
  7. I still think Gabe will be our top back this season. His HS film was very good, he does things that many college guys never even pick up. Vision, balance, acceleration, effort. And oh yeah, he's a capable pass catcher and blocker.
  8. This follow-up screams "Wait, nevermind".
  9. You shouldn’t be doing something just because a politician or the media says so. At the same time they can be an idiot and a hypocrite and be telling you the right thing. Idk why more people don’t utilize a local doctor they trust. A lot of folks go to a mechanic for car advice, a plumber to fix their pipes but go to Twitter for life altering health advice.
  10. Virginia has a cool dashboard. It lets you split numbers by vaccinated and unvaccinated. I was curious with how it looked with the delta variant and all the talk about vaccine effectiveness, so these are the numbers for July. Unvaccinated Cases: 12,784..........Vaccinated Cases: 303 Unvaccinated Hospitalizations: 413..........Vaccinated Hospitalizations: 17 Unvaccinated Deaths: 18..........Vaccinated Deaths: 1 Also keep in mind 45+ individuals in Virginia are vaxxed at a 70% rate.
  11. ^The goal and why vaccinations are important. Florida hospitals are now shutting down non-emergency surgeries so the beds are available for covid patients. This is where vaccines affect everyone. When hospitalizations are so high it can impact anyone needing medical care. We have a tool to decrease hospitalizations before they happen.
  12. I mean it does offer some protection so it’s better than nothing if you work around or live with someone immunocompromised. I work with these folks and the best things we can do are get the shot and don PPE when working with them.
  13. Just had a meeting with a doc I trust. He said the original variant a positive person would spread to 3 people, the delta variant a positive person will spread to 9 people. Expects a wild few weeks and then the virus will burn out, he thinks 95% of the population will have had covid or been vaccinated once the delta variant burns out. Vaccines are working, some breakthrough but those folks are handling it well. If you haven't been vaxxed expect to get Delta.
  14. Alternative Medicine grifters. One is from Omaha, yay! IDK what the solution is for the folks that listen to these a$$h@!es. They need a dose of reality by getting sick themselves or a close friend/relative. We're at 70% of people over 18 with at least 1 shot right now. If we get to 80% by this fall, with younger people getting it too we should be in good shape. Getting 80% of adults in the US to do something would be a pretty incredible feat. Unfortunately things like this have a ceiling.
  15. At this point it's a fight against disinformation or no information. Trump is barely seen and heard from at this point, I don't blame him. Biden is obviously pro-vaccine - no one is holding on to a statement he made 10 months ago as proof to not get vaccinated. Hell even NewsMax put out a statement saying go get the vaxxed! We do have pockets of disinformation. Far right groups like QANON being one. I think low income communities struggle as they have little to no info. I'd guess low income don't have a PCP and don't see a doctor on the regular. I mean at this point getting the resources and
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