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  1. @Archy1221 I'd guess the staff has the analytics and film to know just how effective Milton would be. I'm curious to see what this offense looks like with a guy that makes decisions quickly, and can deliver the ball accurately and on time. If Frost thinks it's worth a go, it's worth a go - he knows Milton better than anyone. Milton was 23-0 his last 2 seasons as a starter, and in the middle of that - had a coaching change and lost his best two receiving targets to the NFL. Dude is a gamer.
  2. @gobiggergoredder Tell me about it. Last 2 seasons combined our QBs have thrown 14 TDs and 15 INTs, and we're gonna say no to a kid whose ceiling is being in NYC for the Heisman ceremony? Throw in the fact he sounds like a stand up kid/awesome teammate, and had a ton of success in Frost's offense. I get we have other areas of need, but that's not a reason to say no to upgrading the QB room.
  3. @Hilltop so Frost will look around his offensive meeting room and say “our oline sucks, we have no running game, no WRs - I’m not even gonna bother bringing in an elite QB”. We need better players, we need to win games, just cause we have issues on offense line, RB and WR doesn’t mean we should stop trying to upgrade talent elsewhere. And to the attrition point, You said this about Fleming earlier in the week. “Entitled mentalities can ruin team chemistry. I won't lose a bit if sleep about them being gone.” Why would you be worried about players leaving
  4. @Decoy73add Oklahoma to your list (Baker, Murray, Hurts). Good coaches aren’t afraid to hurt feelings if it means improving their team. Frost shouldn’t have a second thought if Milton wants to come here.
  5. Our QBs are averaging a combined 180 ypg with 2 TD and 6 INT. It’s great if they’re good teammates. If a guy that was 8th and 6th in consecutive Heisman Races wants to come here, you’d be out of your mind to say no. Loyalty to the program trumps loyalty to one player.
  6. @BigRedBuster I think you’re trading AM for Milton at that point. Luke situation doesn’t change because he would likely be behind AM. Smothers situation doesn’t change. Adrian would be your casualty here.
  7. Don’t know if he would come here, but he’s an immediate upgrade at QB and that’s not debatable. You absolutely go after him.
  8. The fact Moos gave a public vote of confidence and year 3 isn't even over yet, shows how well things are going. Regardless, Frost will get 2 more years, as he should, barring a complete collapse. I don't see how he survives 5 years without a bowl though - even if Moos is still here.
  9. I think a large chunk of the fan base is sick of excuses. But Frost isn’t the best speaker and sometimes comes across poorly, especially if it’s the first time you watched him speak post game. He’s getting increasingly irritated he hasn’t fixed it, and it shows in his pressers. Privately I think he knows the poor play the last 3 years has been on his shoulders. Not refs, or Mike Riley, or opposing coaches.
  10. Yeah there is a smugness. It is sad small businesses are losing tips. But also tone-deaf for Dan to get on his high horse about it. It's a pandemic, businesses are closing across the country, I know many people furloughed, people that can't find work, people who have hours cut. People are struggling, not hard to believe people aren't shelling out extra money on take out orders.
  11. I never tipped on takeout before COVID. I tip probably around 20% now on takeout. IDK what it is about him, but Hoppen annoys me sometimes. "Stop being a monster", "makes me sick", "disgusting and disheartening" seems a little strong for people not leaving tips on takeout orders, certainly not the most egregious thing going on in our society.
  12. In a world where breaking news happens every 5 minutes, this one seems significant...
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