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  1. My hope is they sat back and looked at what they were doing at the end of last season, when they were beating less talented teams and competing with more talented teams - and they realized their focus at that time was getting our guys to do the basics well. I think maybe they put a lot of pressure on themselves to make a “year 2 jump”. We don’t need a year 2 jump, we need to look like that team at the end of last year. This year still has the potential to be a lay the foundation type season. No need for a “jump” just continue to hammer home the basics and let the leap happen naturally.
  2. Our issues come down to coaching and talent. Good lord does this post have way too many incorrect assumptions. If you said this tongue in cheek, my bad.
  3. I don't think Frost has to get rid of anyone. But good lord tonight should be a "Come to Jesus" moment for everyone associated with our program. A cartoon character of a coach, who uses more gimmicks then your local used car salesman, whose had worse recruiting classes then you since you've been at your school - just fisted you on live television. I'd start with: -No more we had a great practice BS, tell the guys to practice hard, but it's not worth s#!t if they have a train run on them on Saturday. -Pull guys who consistently get beat, LOAF, or commit dumb penalties. -Make Davis run til he pukes on Monday, takes a real POS to cheap shot everytime you get down 20, make an example of him. Nebraska fans will fill a stadium every freaking week, pay for 150+ Million dollar facilities, allow for you and your staff to ALL be millionaires - We will be critical, we will have high expectations, but we will support you week in and week out. Time to earn it boys, show us why we're paying you at the top of the B1G.
  4. Good news boys, Martinez isn’t the problem. Bad news boys, literally everything else is the problem.
  5. Can we give that 155 mil for Cook to use, maybe leave some for Hoiberg and Bolt.
  6. Take a hike Davis you fake tough guy. What a massive pu&&y.
  7. Pretty sure undisciplined and unmotivated is an identity. It’s just a s#!tty one.
  8. I f#&%ing hated Pelini and I’m 1 half away from sending him an apology letter!
  9. I honestly don’t care if we’re not good, still would like to see guys pulled out of the game and told what they did wrong and why they’re not playing. If you allow undisciplined play of course it’s gonna keep happening. Also the only time I’ve seen emotion out of this team is when we’re getting raw dogged and the game is already over. If you don’t like it, bring some emotion earlier.
  10. Did we hire the one staff that had less accountability then Mike Riley. Nothing is corrected or fixed, no one is pulled - we just have great practices all week and get ice cream after, then get punched in the face every Saturday.
  11. I can live with us with us being bad - but this low effort, low discipline bulls#!t is unacceptable. Hopefully a reporter finds some nuts and asks Frost why his teams are never ready to play.
  12. Holy crap, I didn’t even look that up and relied on my eyes. His fumble numbers make more sense after I look at how many carries he’s had. Honestly, if he would protect the football better, it would be a no brainer for me. Like the game plan last week - let’s protect the football, let’s get Mo/JD/ Wandale the ball in space. Let’s try to eat up yards in QB run game - the QB that can do those 3 things the best will give us the best shot to win.
  13. I know people don’t necessarily want to hear this, but a good outing from Vedral and I think Frost and co has to give it some thought. AM is the more talented QB for sure, but sometimes the more talented guy, isn't the guy that gives you the best shot at winning. Martinez leads the conf in turnovers at this time, his passer rating is average at best and he hasn’t been a game changer in the running game. If Vedral can prove to run the offense efficiency this week, proves to be an asset in the running game, and shows he can protect the football - I hate to say it but that’s the guy who gives you the best chance of winning. Disclaimer: this is all assuming we see the above from Vedral this week, I’m not saying I think Vedral is a better option until I see him lead the offense for a entire game.
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