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  1. Hey Mark, I know you've been coaching for 40 years, including on NFL Super Bowl Teams, and guiding Colleges to Major Bowl games - but the message board fans are advising you to adjust your scheme. Thanks!
  2. Really depressing to see a husker team be terrible AND have very little pride in what they're doing. Some Husker Hoops teams of the past have been great lovable losers, but this team really has zero redeeming qualities.
  3. So in 3 years with Whipple, Pickett got better each season culminating with him being a top 2 QB in CFB?
  4. I mean UMASS was voted the hardest job in FBS football. I really don't fault him for struggling there, and it's been much worse since he left.
  5. He was doing an in-home with Chubba Purdy last night... interesting.
  6. And away we go.... Damn you guys are quick, nice work squad.
  7. Whipple would have a heck of a pitch for transfer QBs....Announce it before Saturday and use the Heisman as an infomercial.
  8. On the Pitt board they are saying Whipple might retire after this year, and they want to promote their up and comer WR coach. Maybe Whipple decided he isn't done and Pitt already committed to handing over the keys to the offense? Just spitballin.
  9. We need to win football games. Frost's goal shouldn't be run the ball better, it should be do what needs to be done to win games. If that's 0 rushing yards but we beat Illinois 35-21 - so be it. If that's 0 passes and running the triple option, that's cool with me too. Sounds like you are gonna be disappointed as Anae, Whipple and Harrell all have similar run to pass ratios and they don't look like Wisconsin's...Seems like Frost may feel the path to 8+ wins next year might be via airing it out.
  10. People are way too caught up with how things look and not the end result. We were losing pretty this year, and for some reason people seemed to enjoy it. Hell, in this thread we have people s#!tting on Harrell for whooping a conf foe, but they didn't rush for any yards. I really don't care who we hire, if Frost wants to ride or die with them for one season, they can save me a spot on that bus. Run for 300 yards a game with Brent Davis, throw for 300 with Harrell, hire Ron Brown as the OC for all I care...doesn't matter just win games. Frost is gonna have to own it if it doesn't work out regardless of who it is.
  11. They were up 28-0 at the end of the first quarter in that game and 35-6 at half.
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