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  1. This is my next choice. West Virginia would have been in the natty if they won this. They were 28 point favorites, had Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Noel Divine. They boat raced Oklahoma in the bowl game - but somehow lost this game. I think about this game every football season, finally have the time to see WTF actually happened.
  2. I hooked up a projector and played the Boise Oklahoma fiesta bowl on the side of my house the other night. Did a bonfire and beers. Football is good for the soul. Edit: I forgot the point of my post; pretty much any game you want is on YouTube.
  3. Biden must have pulled an air bnb and told Trump to make sure the house was the way he found it, or he's not getting his deposit back
  4. I mean their last video was literally quotes from past President's and a quote from Trump. Don't be such a snowflake.
  5. MLS and NBA bubbles will be good litmus test for CFB. If pro sports franchises in a bubble, with much smaller rosters and less teams - can't pull it off - CFB has no chance.
  6. This is so fricking cool! What an awesome concept, had no idea this existed.
  7. Harvard's endowment is 41 Billion dollars, more than 90 countries GDPs. Football is a drop in the bucket. The Ivys are the last to worry about being strapped for cash.
  8. T cells are looking more and more to be the key to immunity, and not antibodies. Even crazier, people may be immune to covid just by having the common cold. Still so much we don't know.
  9. I mean is that a season? No title would be credible. But I agree we could have a series of scrimmages with say Iowa, ISU, Kansas, K-State, Missouri. But if portions of the ACC, SEC, Big 12, and Pac 12 are unable to play - the season would have no value.
  10. Yeah, there's no way Trump voters would care at this point. They're in far too deep.
  11. WTF kinda football season would take place without; Florida, FSU, Miami, Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, Texas AM, TCU, USC, Cal, Arizona, Arizona St, Stanford, UCLA, UCF, USF, Rice, Texas St, Fresno St, San Jose St, San Diego St, FIU, FAU? and that's not to mention every other team looking over their shoulder praying their state doesn't reach hospital capacities and needing to shut it down.
  12. Hospitals in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California are getting overwhelmed. Hospital staff is warning the community they're low on resources and beds. That is the goal, don't overload the hospitals. If hospitals are low on resources, more restrictions will be placed on states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, California. That includes no students on campus. You think if Florida, Texas, Arizona and California don't have football - there will be a football season?
  13. Airline Pilots have their opinion on how to fly planes, but me sitting in coach; I do too, the truth is, neither the pilot or myself know how to fly the plane. Doctor has an opinion on how he wants to treat my cancer, but me, I do too, the truth is, neither the doctor of myself know how to treat cancer. Coach Frost has an opinion on how how he wants to run the spread offense, but me, I do too, the truth is, neither Scott Frost or myself know how to run the Spread Offense. Rocket scientists have an opinion on how to get a rocket to the moon, but me, I do too, the truth is, neither a rocket scientist or myself know how to get a rocket to the moon.
  14. Virus Bad. Virus stop football. Mask block Virus. Mask filter virus. Mask slow virus. Mask Good. Football Good.
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