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  1. Both my wife and I are in healthcare, we both work away from where Covid patients would be for the time being - but both of us have been told we will be flexed to the frontline if the demand required it (we're RN & RT). We have a 1 year old, so working with Covid patients then coming home to baby scares us both to death.
  2. So places like CNN are reporting the death toll/cases as they should, and Trump is out here bragging about his TV ratings - and the media is the one who can't contain their glee and delight?
  3. All the data is still pointing to it being significantly more deadly for older population and people with pre existing conditions. That's not to say its not deadly for young people, we will see young people on vents and ultimately succumb to this - but it's happening at a much, much higher rate as age goes up.
  4. ^This, it spreads droplet like the flu - but if we all wear masks, aint no droplets anywhere.
  5. Touching someone’s neck and raping them are entirely different. Ones a behavior that needs correction, ones a behavior that needs prison time. You’re problem is you assume everyone thinks this is a R vs D thing. You’ve expressed that over and over. Look man, all I’ve said is I want the truth, I don’t care what party Biden represents. If he raped her then f#&% him, he should be out of the race ASAP. If he touched her neck 27 years ago and it made her uncomfortable, I’m sorry but that’s not even in the same discussion as rape.
  6. She got a story in the papers last year, it just happens to be a different story.
  7. Agreed, it needs to be looked into. I just think it’s a slippery slope to shut down campaigns on unconfirmed allegations, it incentives false allegations for political gain. Hopefully a media outlet with resources can get us answers to the many questions.
  8. I watched it, again I don’t want to completely dismiss what she says, but she promoted this story with #bernie2020 tweets so she says it isn’t political, but the timing and the tweets are very political. And I still don’t know what to make but of the pro Putin blog, you could understand my skepticism with Russia actively involved with election interference. At the end of the day I just want to know what really happened, I can’t play judge and jury on this without facts - and I felt the same with Kavanaugh - far be it for me to blanket believe one side, when I truly have no idea what took place.
  9. I don’t know how to feel about this. If it’s true he absolutely should be out of the race. But on the other side of the coin she had a consistent story of him making her uncomfortable with touching her neck for years, and the story changed to this as he became the clear front runner. And she seems like she has a long history of political posts, a lot of which are pro Russia - Which also raises some red flags. I guess what I’m trying to say is I wish bigger media sources would look at this to obtain more facts.
  10. Also worth noting, Bovada has better odds Pence is the Republican candidate than Bernie being the Democratic.
  11. Bovada has Trump -105, Biden +120. Republican to win -120, Democratic to win -110. Pretty even odds.
  12. I have no issues with this letter, the problem is, he never speaks like this.
  13. I feel like my opinion is rare, I'm going to vote Bernie in the primary, but I would for sure vote Biden if he was the nominee. I'm thinking my opinion just feels rare based on social media, everyone shouting at the top of their lungs at each other. The OMG you're gonna vote that commie Bernie, or OMG you're gonna vote that capitalist Biden. Theres even been many redditors on the Bernie sub that are saying they'll vote Trump over Biden - so people want progressive, but will vote not progressive just to stick it to candidate that's not as progressive as theirs? Long Story Short, I'll vote the more progressive of the candidates whether that be Bernie in the primary, or Biden in the general - and I don't understand people and probably never will.
  14. Check out that subreddit when you have a minute. All research articles, they leave politics out of it. Great discussion
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