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  1. I think that's an option, but the guy you bring in has to have everyone pumped and ready to open their wallets.
  2. I'm sure Trev, who is fundraising on a 150 million dollar facility AND trying to plan a stadium re-vamp, has big time boosters wanting Frost fired and others wanting Frost to be on the sidelines next season (much like this board). Talk about a job I wouldn't want right now. I think Trev's safest move is to bring Frost back, and promise if a corner isn't turned in one calendar year from today - then they can have their pound of flesh. Just trying to picture myself in his shoes.
  3. I could see him trading out Austin for our current OL analyst, Frank Verducci. Also make Verdu an analyst, and make Busch full time ST coach. So he's making coaching changes to keep Fans/AD happy - but not going outside his circle.
  4. I don't think Lubick is a bad coach, but he was a bad hire. That was a golden opportunity for Frost to hire someone that would help him tweak his offense for the B1G. Instead Frost hired someone who believes in the identical offensive philosophy that he believes in. He didn't want an OC, he wanted a WR coach - and someone that wouldn't question his direction of the offense. This is the situation that makes skeptical that Frost will even make coaching changes on the offensive side of the ball.
  5. No way Frost's ego allows him to have Herman come run his offense. No way Herman's ego allows him to come work under Frost. Herman would consider the HC gig, that's about the only way we see him in Lincoln.
  6. Jim Leonhard would be a good choice if we were going the Coordinator route. Dude can build a B1G defense and doesn't need the blue chip talent to do it. Pair him with a competent OC and look out. Another benefit would be, it could possibly tank Wisconsin too. Bad news is he would leave for Wisconsin if and when that job opened up.
  7. Martinez has led the Conf in rush attempts by a QB 3 of the last 4 years. The one year he didn't was last year when he was 2nd to Clifford, despite appearing in 2 less games. Frost simultaneously is running AM into the ground to the point he's been injured every season, all while not preparing a viable backup. If an injured QB impacts your gameplan, and you run your QB to the point of injury every season, and you don't have a viable backup plan - then you are a freaking idiot.
  8. Usually you can juggle looking out for yourself AND the kids. This dude was 99% him, 1% the team and it shows.
  9. Ultimately up to the coaches to know the players they coach. Just sharing what I heard on the radio about Betts situation.
  10. Damon Benning had someone close to Betts that emailed in to his show. Damon himself is close to Betts. It shed some light on why we're using him the way we are. It was an interesting listen. Supposedly Betts is in the doghouse for things (wasn't a shock to Benning or the Emailer) but they still play him out of necessity, but like you said there is really no rhyme or reason to when they play him. The emailer and Damon both agreed that this will stunt Betts' growth on and off the field, as he is the type of kid that has been used for his talent all his life, and using him for his talent while punishing him all at once will confuse him. They agreed it would be best to sit him completely and work with him on his shortcomings, then play him once it is all fixed. At the end of that convo my take away was, those close to Betts feel like this staff doesn't really know how to handle his situation. Kinda worries me.
  11. I'm sure he preached team over self everyday...I'm sure he had rules in place to protect the team, that we're not convenient for each individual on that team - then the moment comes to practice what he preaches - and boom, he throws a tantrum and quits. S-H-I-T-T-Y leader. Feel bad for the kids on that team.
  12. Would Herman take a job where he wouldn't have the reigns of the offense? Would Frost even want him? Would Lubick be okay with a demotion? Who are you firing to get a ST Coordinator? Like was discussed in the Staff Changes thread, Most likely we will have this staff run it back, as is - or an entirely new coaching staff altogether. Staff changes don't really seem to be in the cards this late in the game.
  13. It makes things significantly more complicated for Trev. Will Frost even allow coaching changes? How small of a pool of candidates will they have due to the circumstances? The more I think about it, Trev doesn't seem like the type to force staff changes, and SF doesn't seem like the type to make staff changes. Is the most likely scenario us running this thing back with the exact same staff in place?
  14. I agree, I wouldn't be surprised if Chins, Tuioti or Fish cashed in due to uncertainty at UNL as they will have offers on the table.
  15. Consensus seems to be, if Frost is under .500 and we keep him, he needs to make some staff changes. So whose out and whose in. Any concerns that Frost has never really hired from outside the Chip Kelly coaching tree? Any concerns quality assistants won't jump on for what could be a one-year experiment? Personally, I'd go Verdu to analyst. Busch to ST. Austin gone, replace him with a B1G experienced OL coach like Ed Warinner.
  16. I think no OL recruits makes me the most nervous. That side of the ball while young, has been a dumpster fire all year. We need all the help we can get on the line. Also really screw's over Frost or whoever is the Coach in a couple years when we have no OL depth.
  17. Yeah I bet back in July he read the message boards and read some really cool things about Frost and decided to commit. Recruits really don't care about on the field results, but message board sentiment is big for them.
  18. He had the talent to win 6 in year 1. He had the talent to win 6 in year 2. He had the talent to win 4 in a COVID year. And he has the talent to win 6 this year. The most consistent thing about the Frost tenure is he has the talent to at least be a .500 team, but his team's drop games against inferior squads multiple times a year - and ALWAYS lose to superior squads. He has time and time again, shown us what he is.
  19. People greatly over exaggerate how difficult it is to win 6+ games. It's hard to get from 6 wins to 9 wins, its hard to get from 9 wins to 12 wins. Winning 6 games with the resources at Nebraska can be done in year 1. If you think we need to flip a roster, and find a grad transfer QB and fire asst coaches, and hire a sports psychologist, and have more meetings with the AD and flip the culture - just to win 6 games in year 5 - then you want the Head Coach fired but you're just not willing to admit it.
  20. 3-5 (1-4) isn’t progress and I’m kind of sick or people telling me it is. And I wish we would stop using Riley as a dead man walking with a DC he was forced to hire as the barometer for our program.
  21. 10-24 against P5 teams is the most damning stat to me. Frost can’t out coach his peers. Talent is there to at least be .500 in those games. Frost gets beat by his peers at a 70+% clip. That isn’t something that just goes away.
  22. Job will be toxic, no Coach worth a s#!t will touch the LSU job. Kidding aside, good for them, they know what they’re capable of as a program and won’t accept anything less.
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