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  1. I really don’t want to get into a back and forth about the verbiage. You’re right in the 30 seconds it took me to write the post I could have used better terms. My point is/was Jeff Sims might just be the guy he was at GT. Sometimes a change of scenery doesn’t help.
  2. 17/10 in the ACC, but not being a homer - the secondary’s in the ACC are not the same as the B1G. ACC has had 4 4000 yrd passers the last 2 years. Good QBs pick that league apart. Maybe slightly dramatic, but he might struggle reaching that 1:1 ratio playing a full B1G schedule.
  3. Sims career to date against FBS teams. 7-18 record, offense averages 22 points/game. He’s scored 42 TD and turned the ball over 33 times. And that was in the ACC. Expecting him to be more than a 15 TD/15 INT guy, with a decent ground game, seems like pipe dream.
  4. To make matters worse, we’re paying Satt a top 5 OC Salary, 1.4 Mil. Really hope we’re not just paying Rhule’s buddies. 1.4 mil could have bought us a hell of an up and coming OC.
  5. Offense is gonna be a a “Year 0” type of experience all season. Satt had shown flashes of good and flashes of bad. Then you surrounded him with an offensive staff who has very little experience at this level (Most Experienced is Martin who was a HS OC last year). We opted for the grow and develop route, as opposed to the “win-now” type of staff that Wisconsin put together.
  6. Lotta season left. So far looks exactly like last season.
  7. Maybe Donnie could be a decent OL coach. I also don't think he's brought in one out of state recruit since he's been here - I'm skeptical he can upgrade the talent in that room, which is obviously an issue.
  8. We just offered an OL grad transfer, he tagged Rhule and Raiola. Theres a chance Raiola is retained...
  9. Ohio St is his dream job for obvious reasons, that's no secret. ND because how important his Catholic faith is to him. I was speculating that maybe he would consider another midwest blue blood.
  10. Maybe Fickell realized OSU and ND have coaches that are doing well and are younger than him - so his chances at a midwest historical blue blood are few and far between. Come on Fick.
  11. Schaefer at 247 seems to think there is some real smoke behind Bronco Mendenhall.
  12. Monken is a fantastic coach. The risk is coaching at Nebraska is nothing like either of his HC jobs, massive risk. Might take time for him to figure out coaching a B1G school, recruiting at a B1G school...people are not going to be very patient.
  13. Trump has the loser stench now. They'll fall in line behind DeSantis.
  14. Damon B. on the other site mentioned the Board of Regents is meeting for a special session today.
  15. My gut says Deion holds out for a P5 job in the south, Urban holds out for a P5 job where 5-stars line up to play. I still think Aranda is in play, which I would be more than happy with.
  16. Chadwell won't get a lot of love because: Gof5, offensive mind with a great QB - the wounds are too fresh. But I like the guy too.
  17. Yep Coordinators too. Chadwell was my first thought on an example of a guy that couldn't say no if we called.
  18. Do guys like Stoops, Peterson, Urban and Prime need a huge pay raise? Urban gets 10 mil a year to sit a FOX desk. Peterson and Stoops got out of the game for a reason and aren't hurting for money. Deion is coaching his kid and is already worth millions. Guys like Kiffin, Aranda, Mark Stoops, Gundy - maybe we could get them a slight raise but their schools will get close to matching. The only guys getting a huge pay raise to come here are Gof5 coaches.
  19. I think he's connected, I think he has the type of personality that elite guys would want to work with, and I think we would have enough money to pay for elite guys. Mickey isn't my top choice...but if its gonna be him or guys like Campbell or Leipold who have major liabilities on their staff that I guarantee they'll bring to Lincoln - give me Mickey.
  20. I still like Mickey. I think Mickey will recruit well and hire stud coordinators. I think guys like Klieman, Campbell and Leipold will hire buddies and hope it works - like they always have.
  21. McElroy of ESPN says there is a small list of jobs Rhule would consider and none are currently open. He thinks Rhule will be on TV next year. So you might be spot on…
  22. I really haven't entertained the mickey talk too much, because it seems unlikely, but say we go 6-6 or 7-5. That would mean Mickey went 5-3 or 6-2 in the B1G. All I hear in regards to the coaching search is, we need someone that can win in the B1G...wouldn't that vault him above a Lance Leipold or Matt Campbell who are going to 4-5 5-4, 6-3 type coaches in the big 12 this year?
  23. How do people feel about Leipold? Nebraska Twitter seemed to be drooling over him today. I still think there is a chance he finishes the season 2-5 down the stretch, and one 7-5 season in the B12 wouldn't have me sold by any means...
  24. I don't think it's a coincidence that when Trev was describing attributes he admired, it mirrored Campbell. MC would bring vision, leadership, development. Both Trev and MC take their faith very seriously too, not that it matters, but it does speak too likemindedness. All this to say I think TA makes a hard push for MC, no idea if he lands him or not. Oh and a pet peeve of mine is MC/Mike Riley comparison. It's just lazy. Saban, Franklin, Harbaugh were all .600 coaches at places with less resources too...
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