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  1. I don't think it's a coincidence that when Trev was describing attributes he admired, it mirrored Campbell. MC would bring vision, leadership, development. Both Trev and MC take their faith very seriously too, not that it matters, but it does speak too likemindedness. All this to say I think TA makes a hard push for MC, no idea if he lands him or not. Oh and a pet peeve of mine is MC/Mike Riley comparison. It's just lazy. Saban, Franklin, Harbaugh were all .600 coaches at places with less resources too...
  2. Judgement day is finally here. Frost better win 5-6 of the next 7. Just happy it's finally win or go home time, losses piling up and not meaning jack s#!t was excruciating.
  3. Made the roster! Really thought Winfree was gonna edge him out. Pumped for Toure!
  4. Great list. Very realistic. I think you nailed the pool. People who throw out Wittingham, Aranda, Fickell, Urban, Kiffin - seem to forget there needs to be mutual interest, and none of those dudes are coming here. I'd take anyone on that list, depending on if Hafley makes a nice jump in year 3.
  5. What can be said that hasn't already been said? I used to want log in after every loss, and break down what went wrong, but this is my first post since the game - because what's the point anymore. New QB, New WRs, New OC, New WR Coach, New OL Coach, New RB Coach, New P/K, New ST Coach, 15 Transfers (#6 Transfer Class), 5 New Coaches. Same f#&%ing problems. Frost 0-1 vs Bert, 0-3 vs Chryst, 1-3 vs Brohm, 1-3 vs PJ, 0-4 vs Kirk, 2-3 vs Fitz. 4-17 vs the Coaches in our division. Every week during the season we go into the game with a disadvantage at the most important position on the field. I've given up on blaming AM, or CT or Chins or the OL or Special Teams....this is all on the incompetence of one person - just move on already.
  6. WE GAVE THEM MUCH. Did you assault this man? I DID A LOT OF NOT PUNCHING.
  7. My First Job post Bachelors Degree: 30,000/Year My First Job post Associates Degree: 25/hr My Community College degree cost probably 1/10th my bachelors even with an athletic scholarship.
  8. Oh man haha. So when a black dude gets choked to death on the street it’s back the blue, but when Trump gets his mansion checked for illegal documents, suddenly she’s worried about law enforcement. She’s an idiot so this really shouldn’t be that surprising, but the mental gymnastics is astonishing.
  9. There is a reason he hasn't announced he's running again.... "Still, at the end of last month, the Save America PAC, Trump's largest PAC, had a whopping $99.1 million on hand — and the millions raised after the Aug. 8 FBI search added to the former president's massive war chest. Regulations from the Federal Election Commission and experts on finance law say that there are almost no restrictions on how Trump spends the PAC money while he is not a candidate for president." grift noun [ U ] mainly US informalUS /ɡrɪft/ UK /ɡrɪft/ ways of getting money dishonestly that involve tricking someone:
  10. My quick google search showed him pushing Trump lies on Fox News, that Fox News (of all places) had to correct on air, hence my comment. But since its not a partisan issue, there’s always the common sense thing.
  11. "In November 2020, after the election, Turley appeared on Fox & Friends and claimed that election machines In Michigan had switched “thousands of votes“ from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, suggesting problems with the results." Never heard of the guy, but a quick google search shows he's partisan, or lacks common sense....possibly both.
  12. I'm nervous for Week 0. There has been many times where NW/Fitz were counted out going into the season and put together a Top 25 campaign. We are probably pretty confident after last season, but if Fitz has pulled off a miracle once again, and has a Top 25 group, we could get smacked in the mouth and our season derailed before most teams even take the field.
  13. I think it's a factor, in this scenario he's spoken very highly of both Toure and Winfree. Probably edge to Winfree due to being with the team longer.
  14. As a Packer fan, I don't think he makes the roster unfortunately. I think if they take 7 WRs Winfree takes that last spot. Hopefully he sticks around and joins the practice squad, as it will be inevitable that he would get on the active roster at some point this season.
  15. Republicans turn back on hard core conservative Cheney, due to Cheney's denouncing of reality star turned politician Donald Trump. ^Would have been weird as f#&% to read 15 years ago. Also, definitely a cult.
  16. I was just on LinkedIn, a post from a former FBI agent popped up on my timeline saying "Let's show some support for the FBI and back the agents out there" something along those lines. A majority of the comments were about the FBI being rotten to the core, people belong in prison, it needs to be torn apart and rebuilt....I know, never read the comments. Scary how all it takes is one privileged orange douchebag to point his finger and millions take the bait.
  17. The Trump defense is getting better by the minute. I guess we're down to 1. It took them 1 whole business day to act on the warrant....and 2. Well, the Cops should have not allowed him to commit a crime in the first place.
  18. Definitely wants his spin and narrative on it, before the general public sees it.
  19. Breitbart has the warrant it appears...but they're not going to publish it. Just telling us how to interpret it. They also doxxed the FBI agents involved (why does the right insistent on putting cops in danger). Pretty obvious Trump gave it to them to provide some cover.
  20. Oh s#!t.....I'd have a team of lawyers ready to bend Fox over.
  21. The best part is, Trump was the one that broke the story about the FBI searching his home. I'm not sure we know much of anything without Trump shouting about raids, hoaxes, planted evidence. Don't start nothin, won't be nothin.
  22. Trump going from wrongfully accused to they planted evidence in RECORD time. My man is sprinting through the process.
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