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  1. The real question is how much did he pay Amber Heard and Cara Devilange for their 3some?
  2. You could get FDR, Churchill, Ghengis Khan, Charlemagne, Maximus Aurelius or any other great leader in there, and with the current congress and courts, they'd be serviceable at best. Like Joe Burrows at LSU vs Burrows behind our offensive line. There are vital parts of the machine that are incapable of functioning.
  3. What are the chances that everyone else drops to 8 conference games, so the SEC drops to 7 to maintain their competitive advantage??
  4. The companies that decide inflation are global corporate conglomerates that are able to enforce their greed across the globe. These companies are harvesting any increase in wealth provided by wage increases and stimulus during the pandemic, leaving less wealth for people to purchase non- necessity items, causing the future earnings for those companies to look like they might decline. People having more money does not lead to inflation. Raising prices to harvest that money does. (Shortages come into play, particularly when it comes to gas, as well.)
  5. Drawing attention away from his name being brought up repeatedly in the Johnny Depp/ Amber Heard fiasco.
  6. Eh, eliminate the title game altogether if they've already played head to head. All a rematch does is eliminate your highest ranked team from playoff contention without any guarantee the 2nd place team will move into contention. If there is an upset.
  7. INFLATION??? https://www.rfdtv.com/story/46480925/jbs-made-dollar1-billion-in-profits-in-the-first-quarter?fbclid=IwAR03ZWBPSm58yARO4EYGlTkS9ZJpikNOdGL2G5hIpPhs6-0MJnZRtyZg1yY I THINK NOT. Corporate greed passed off as inflation. You betcha. Billion-dollar beef! JBS, the world's largest meat processing company, posted $1 billion in profit for the first quarter. That is up 150 percent from a year ago.
  8. So you don't think there are enough Republicans/ Former Republicans disgusted with the Trumpening of the Republican party to vote for an independent Romney Cheney ticket? Romney and Cheney most likely already recognize their career is over. They will be primaried hard in upcoming reelections. And I agree, it would be a self sacrifice on their part, which is why I labeled it as an act of political heroism.
  9. If Romney/ Cheney are as disgusted with their party as the say they are, the both should run and if anyone but them wins the nomination, they should run 3rd party to split the vote and safe the US from another Trump candidate. Who knows, they could even be the launch pad for a common sense middle 3rd party to actually matter. That would be one of the greatest acts of political heroism the nation has seen.
  10. Why couldn't they have made these changes 25-30 damn years ago...
  11. I was in 5th grade in the mid 90s when I learned about our POW camps, when I read in horror that we had Japanese internment camps that cost those Japanese Americans all they had, when I read about the Cherokee trail of tears and the sand creek massacre, and that Martin Luther King was assainated because of his fight for Civil rights and of course there was Rosa Parks and the bus. It wasn't until 10th or 11th grade that I had to watch Mississippi Burning, and learned about the KKK, lynchings church bombings and more. When I learned about Matthew Sheppard and others. It wasn't until college that I learned about the economic and socio-economic outcomes these populations still struggle with as a result of the persecution they faced. I learned through first hand, eye witness experiences the treatment of Hispanic Americans, INS raids, the fear that illegals were stealing jobs and what the Hispanic people were really like. That wasn't a school subject yet. This stuff is taught in schools. But how much longer will it be if a guy like DeSantis takes over or Pillen goes the way of the Trump? First they outlawed talking about climate change by anyone with a government job, now CRT ( though no one screaming against it can accurately define it.) They are trying to ban/burn books. How long will Uncle Tom's cabin still be allowed in a school library or To Kill a Mockingbird??? When will a Child's Guide to Trump by Mike Huckabee replace all that? And I'll add one more, how idiotic do people have to be to lock arms and scream about illegals and vote those leading the hate into office when the ones leading the charge are profiting off of hiring those very same illegals they claim to hate. Looking at you Trump and Pillen voters...
  12. Yep thats why we all said the pledge every morning. Definitely not an echo there. Truth is schools have always been ground 0 for indoctrination just like the church. Some people see through that indoctrination and others a blinded by it. And thats true regardless of what is being taught.
  13. Well if Lsu wanted him at backer, I would bet we is going to be the new Domann, instead of Kolovaric
  14. God we, can't even be in the top 17 of running players off. This program is a catastrophe.
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