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  1. Shhhh... no jokes here, no levity while certain members wallow in misery. Just wait for the GIF bombing to begin.
  2. Wow, I can't believe this thread is still going. Who put this crap out there?? Some of you really can't take a joke by the way. My biggest fear is that Frost is our Kliff Kingsbury instead of our Kiby Smart. Heck I'd even take a Pat Fitzgerald or Mike Gundy at this point.
  3. Not really, but, who panicked, who celebrated when reading the title though? Thought this might put things into perspective and be a bit of a reality check to those calling for heads. The year might not have gone how we wanted/ expected, but Frost is our guy and we are lucky to have him. He'll have opportunities this year and every year. We need him to stick around and build continuity on the coaching staff. Him leaving would set us back another decade or more. So let's all take a chill and let him get the straightened out. There is no guarantee he stays, then where would we be? Ps. Apologies for any blood pressure spikes.
  4. 2 plays in a row their right defensive tackle is lined up with his helmet across the point of the football.
  5. Why was Purdue not called for lining up in the neutral zone on the lateral pass?
  6. Why was Purdue not called for lining up in the neutral zone on that backward pass?
  7. Just a wild guess, but to me, the biggest shock would be Damion Daniels.
  8. I saw a great article yesterday that may speak to this. Pretty sure it was PJ Fleck, but it might as well have been Frost. He was talking about turning a program around. He basically said, and I'm typing from memory, so forgive me if I don't get it completely right, "Turning a program around and and installing the right culture takes time. Year one is about breaking bad habits and getting everyone to do what they are supposed to be doing. What we are looking for in year two is that doing everything you are told to do becomes actually what you want to do. You want to do everything right because you want to be better, not because you were told. You're also a young team in year 2, perhaps the youngest, and that youth might cost younsomengames, but you get that experience and build for the future. In year 3 is when the program really takes off, you're still young, but young and experienced is a positive and everyone is finally on the same page." Like Fleck, last year I think Frost was pleased with everyone doing what they were told to do. Judging by comments this week, it seems there may be a good portion of the team that are struggling to take that next step of "what you're told to do becomes what you actually want to do." And that is what Frost sees as being ok with being "just ok."
  9. I heard that we are on the verge of loosing a whole class. Most of them are giving up football too. Gotta question what the staff is doing wrong here. Who lets graduation get in the way of building a football team.
  10. Yeah, I think that's painting with a pretty broad brush. There have been strange calls on every down and distance, including 1st and goal within the 5.
  11. This post won't be another one rehashing our playmakers or lack thereof. Instead, rehashing a comment I heard Frost make earlier in the year. He said, and I'm too lazy to find a direct quote but, something along the lines of, "for each game he designs 7 or 8 plays to get the ball into our playmakers hands," I assume that means a couple of plays for each of the playmakers- Martinez, Washington, Spielman, Wandale, Mills, etc. Another quote he said was something like, "right now we are trying too hard to find the perfect play, or out scheme, or whatever, due to offensive ineptitude, rather than just playing." I think everyone has noticed how off the offense is this year and how uncharacteristic it is from a normal Frost offense. I'm starting to think that Frost is coaching outside his system to try to make up for areas of team weakness, which is why everything looks so disjointed. I think though, that he'd be much better off running his system and getting guys experience in that rather than throwing crap at the wall and seeing what sticks. I may be wrong, maybe this is standard for his offense, but this is my best theory as to why the offense isn't clicking and playcalling has been off. It isn't his system.
  12. Wonder if early practices throw us off on these night games?
  13. Bunch had the 1st on 3rd and 4th down if he would have just ran 4 more steps forward.
  14. Youth on the oline is killing us. Clear that's what Martinez'd issue has been.
  15. Mills cant see a cutback to save his life.
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