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  1. Born N Bled Red

    Ozigbo to Play in East-West Shrine Game

    We're getting used to seeing Nebraska running backs getting drafted only to be misused, unused, or put behind terrible lines by the teams that draft them. Roy Helu - Although he spent time injured at Washington, it seemed like he was penalized and lost his position every time he came back. Rex Burkhead - Bengals barely used him - All the better for the Pats. I had hoped he'd get drafted there in the first place - great fit. Abudllah - Lions- do they even have an o-line? - Hoping he catches on somewhere quick - he's too good to not be on the field. Don't think Vikings is the best fit though. I'm eager to see a Husker RB drafted and put to work. I'm going to caveat this by saying, I'm not a fan of their's but I'd love to see Ziggy playing for the Chiefs. I think it'd be a great fit and he'd tear it up for them. What say you Huskerboard?
  2. Born N Bled Red


    Cutlass Supreme Missouri
  3. Born N Bled Red

    Civil War: CFB Title Landscape

    I guarantee this streak changes when the 8 team CFP allows the higher rated teams host the first round. First time northern teams sweep the highest seeds, the south gets completely shut out. They are scared to play in the cold.
  4. Born N Bled Red

    Opinions on 2020 recruit Charlie Spegal

    Type of back Iowa would base their offense around.
  5. Born N Bled Red

    CFB Power Brokers Discussing Expansion Of CFP To 8

    I've always liked the idea of developing conferences with two 16 team tiers, split into divisions. I think European Soccer does something like this. For instance: The Big 10 and the Mac merge into 1 conference and steal Oklahoma, Iowa State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, and Kansas from the Big 12 and: Tulsa (just for geography's sake) from the American West. (Only the top two performing Big 12 teams get added to tier 1 from the get go, only to fill out the 8 team west division because 11-1 votes deserve some payback.) At the conclusion of each year, the lowest performing team from each division in the Tier 1 schools drops to Tier 2, and the Highest performing schools from each tier two division jump to tier 1. This would add so much more meaning to games that are played after a school is eliminated from the conference championship hunt. Each tier can have its own championship game. Each team only plays the 8 other teams in it's division to qualify for the championship game (schools can fill out their remaining schedule however they want). Tier 1 conference champions are guaranteed a spot in an 8 team playoff for national champion. Tier 2 can even have its own tier two championship. What I love about this is that is provides access for high performing small schools (UCF, TCU before the Bix 12, Boise State, for example) to the big boy table, and penalizes low performing power 5 schools for being terrible (Rutgers and Illinois). Based on Win/Loss records from this year, the conference might look like this in 2019. The Big 10 tier 1 East: Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State, Maryland, Indiana, Purdue, Buffalo West: Northwestern, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Northern Illinois, The Big 10 Tier 2 East: Kent State, Akron, Ohio, Miami, Bowling Green, Toledo, Eastern Michigan, Rutgers, West: Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Ball State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, Kansas, Illinois
  6. Born N Bled Red

    Big announcement coming?

    So, not to call either of you out, but neither of you have a clue about what you are talking about in regards to Buffet money. There are very few projects at the 501c3 or collegiate level that does not receive some kind of Buffet money.
  7. Born N Bled Red

    What did we learn: Iowa edition?

    I think Michigan State showed Iowa last week that Martinez is not comfortable, and does not make the best decision in the pocket. At this point in his development the best way to limit A-Mart is to maintain contain and keep him there. He is deadly on RPO's. So force him to be a pocket passer and limit his game. Also why so many passes batted down at the line of scrimmage last few games.
  8. Born N Bled Red

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Na, its only a conspiracy when it is affecting us. There are probably some simple commonsense explanations for OSU and MSU.
  9. Born N Bled Red

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Ha, people started realizing how the BIG was trying to keep us down with penalties, so they shifted to trying to nagatively impact our recruiting by giving us all 11 A.M. games instead. That's shady stuff...
  10. Born N Bled Red


    I was watching the game with a buddy, and after the first 66 yard td, I commented that somewhere Riley is watching, thinking "holy moly, I didn't know he could run like that, gee wiz." Thinking about next year, we lose both Morgan and Zig. Although, I love having Morgan on the team, I'm ok with him moving on, because he's had a great career here. I feel for Zig though. He's showing what he's made of and looks like he's having a blast. His talents were so mismanaged by the last staff, he has to be wishing he had more time in the program. I really hope ge gets his due in the NFL next year. The kid deserves it.
  11. Born N Bled Red


    Illegal hands to face missed on Barry on their 3rd td run.
  12. Born N Bled Red


    Ohio St. So far been a pretty even ref job, blown calls both way. However. Our dline man was blantantly held on their second td. Hugged bad in fact!
  13. Born N Bled Red

    Statistical Evidence of Biased Officiating Against Nebraska?

    This is some great research. Clearly shows what I've been seeing over the last few years, and trying to point out this year. One part of the analysis I feel is still missing is the timing of the calls. How many games have we watched where Nebraska is penalized heavily in the first half while the game is close, while our opponents seemingly play their cleanest half of the year. Then in the second half, when the game is all but decided suddenly the other team gets 3 or 4 penalties to "balance out" the calls. The timing of the penalties can have even more of an effect on the outcome of a game than the total number or total yards in penalties. I'd love to see these comparisons again, but in first half play or in games that continue to be close throughout.
  14. Born N Bled Red

    PFF B1G Team-of-the-Week

    So basically, if we created a franken team of Nebraska's skill players and Wisconsin's o-line, we'd be unstoppable. Hey- we all wear red right???
  15. Born N Bled Red

    1,000 Yard Rusher Watch

    I don't know, T-Magic always had the rushing game of his season vs. Mich. St. Something about the scheme they run always seemed to open up the QB run game for him.