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  1. This is just amazing, looks like the staff got a great class locked down on early signing day! Now that recruiting is done, we'll have all sorts of time to focus on getting ready for the bowl...... oh yea... Welp done with Husker Football until fall camp. Glad crootin season went better than actual season.
  2. They must deny, ask yourself this, how many of them go down with Trump if he goes? Surely McConnel and his wife, Graham was a never Trumper then went to Russia and came back singing a different tune, Nunez is up to his eyeballs, Matt Gaetz, Jordan, the list goes on and on. They have to deny deny deny in an effort to save themselves at this point.
  3. Direct quote from Sondland???? I know that members of this Committee have frequently framed these complicated issues in the form of a simple question: Was there a "quid pro quo?" As I testified previously, with regard to the requested White House call and White House meeting, the answer is yes. ... Everyone was in the loop. It was no secret. ... I mentioned to Vice President Pence before the meetings with the Ukrainians that I had concerns that the delay in aid had become tied to the issue of investigations.
  5. Boy we'd be up by two td's if the 10 yard line was really the goal line.
  6. How pathetic was that 4th and 3. 6 Wisconsin defenders in the backfield and 4 Nebraska offensive linemen watching from the line of scrimmage. They got beat so bad they didn't even move and just turned around to watch.
  7. Shhhh... no jokes here, no levity while certain members wallow in misery. Just wait for the GIF bombing to begin.
  8. Wow, I can't believe this thread is still going. Who put this crap out there?? Some of you really can't take a joke by the way. My biggest fear is that Frost is our Kliff Kingsbury instead of our Kiby Smart. Heck I'd even take a Pat Fitzgerald or Mike Gundy at this point.
  9. Not really, but, who panicked, who celebrated when reading the title though? Thought this might put things into perspective and be a bit of a reality check to those calling for heads. The year might not have gone how we wanted/ expected, but Frost is our guy and we are lucky to have him. He'll have opportunities this year and every year. We need him to stick around and build continuity on the coaching staff. Him leaving would set us back another decade or more. So let's all take a chill and let him get the straightened out. There is no guarantee he stays, then where would we be? Ps. Apologies for any blood pressure spikes.
  10. 2 plays in a row their right defensive tackle is lined up with his helmet across the point of the football.
  11. Why was Purdue not called for lining up in the neutral zone on the lateral pass?
  12. Why was Purdue not called for lining up in the neutral zone on that backward pass?
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