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  1. Not at all... I feel like even if we land Dickerson, he doesn't truly want to be here... and 2 years out, if he hasn't cracked the 2-deep, he'll be one of the first in the portal. He seems to be, from my perspective, the exact type of kid we keep getting burned on, and the reason we have such depth issues. Stars are nice, but useless if they don't stick around or put in the work.
  2. Yes, Trump f&$ked things up so bad, it will take 4 months to get tonthe point that nee efforts make a difference.
  3. Ok, so we finally have you understanding what a "retraction" is, now let's move on to "fact check" shall we?
  4. I'll let Shep explain it to you - You see the talking point you're using to prop up your false equivalency started with the truth, the truth which is, "Administration officials claim Trump had no plan,"- not that "CNN says Trump had no plan." AGAIN, YOU ARE BLINDED BY YOUR BIASES, and seeking equivalency to justify your beliefs and intention to tar and feather anything the Biden administration does. - Behold the word's of Shep, like him, I'm not holding my breath that you will understand, but hey- I tried.... "Opine all you like, but if you're going to opine, begin with the truth
  5. Yeah, it's even cuter that Shep Smith has to do it so often on Fox that he had to leave the organization. - Cudos for Geraldo and Chris Wallace for sticking to it. https://www.businessinsider.com/shepard-smith-unloads-on-fox-news-in-new-interview-2021-1 'I don't know how some people sleep at night': Former Fox News host Shepard Smith unloads on the network, calling out those who 'propagated the lies'
  6. Ah, the I'm open minded for seeing both sides of an obviously false equivalency argument. - The old go-to in your and every hoodwinked conservative's toolbag in the nation. Nice try. Won't play that game. Again, if you can't see the difference between reporting on actual statements made by people in the administration and making up stories that claim Sandy Hook was a false flag, that Seth Rich was murdered, that Dominion voting machines cheated the election, and much much more- YOU ARE BLINDED BY YOUR BIASES.
  7. Unfortunately, this article uses words that are too big, and comes across as too condescending for anyone not already on board to read and reflect upon. It's a shame, really.
  8. Not a whataboutism. Very real difference between reporting on actual statements made by the administration and making up a bullsh** story and then becoming the primary propagator of that story with the intent to mislead the audience. If you can't see the very CLEAR difference, you are blind.
  9. No- because it is NOT a retraction. LOL it is an a contrary statement made by an opinion anchor. Does that mean he is wrong in critiquing CNN? No. It is still NOT a retraction. Go back and look at the videos I shared from Fox News to see what an actual retraction looks like- please, for your own sake. Now- that being said- CNN was reporting directly from what administration officials said. That is their job- to report on the administration- Unlike FOX News, OAN and the like that make up some bullsh** story and then run with it, repeat it ad nauseum, and reinforce reporting amongst
  10. In a different era, Luke would have been a great Husker QB. I'd imagine he could have taken over right after Crouch and the Nebraska offense wouldn't have missed a beat. As is, like all great Husker qb's of that time frame, his future is probably at a different position.
  11. Can't wait to tell all the Trump snowflakes that if Biden isn't their president they better not be "cashin them checks." Love me some Biden Bucks!
  12. Even the awesome new blackshirt jerseys??? I just got one for Christmas man, this is killing me
  13. Well now, Mr. Critical- can you say that the supply of vaccine is adequate to ensure that we can maintain 1.6 million per day going forward? - The pace of production has to keep up with the pace of delivery. Just because we had enough supply to do 1.6 million on a single day does not mean supply will continue at that rate.
  14. Eh---- Technically, Trump WAS still in charge up until Wednesday until Biden was sworn in. Planning for and ensuring a peaceful exchange of power and adequate protection during the inauguration was HIS responsibility as president throughout the WHOLE time leading up to the actual ceremony. That TRUMP's administration called in the troops and failed to provide adequate lodging puts the blame solely on TRUMP and HIS administration. Sorry to burst that bubble but, FACTS can be a, wait, what's the word you used???? Oh yeah, B!^@h.
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