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  1. Would be kind of poetic though, they take 3AM, we get Howard.
  2. So cute, Iowa wanted to hold Butlers hand as he made a sack. Another no call.
  3. If we were wearing green, Kemp would have that catch.
  4. Hutmacher and Robinson kind of remind me of Crick and Suh out there. If they both stay could we be looking at Sr. Suh type production next year?
  5. Thought cut blocks were now illegal outside the box
  6. Dang, we kept Raiola on for his nephew, took a loss in England to land this guy. Boy, we do a lot to chase recruits.
  7. Hmmm.. did you guys see Rhule talking about Tony White being head coach? He drew extra attention to Tony not "choosing a place where the expectations far exceed commitment." Does he feel like that is NU???
  8. This year he is a g5, low end P5 candidate. One more year of success puts his name in conversations for USC, A&M, LSU type gigs.
  9. I learned that if we are going to run the option we need to bring in Crouch in the off season to teach how to do it right. The stupid hop skip all our qbs do toward the running back before pitching telegraphs the pitch and commits the QB to the pitch because it takes away the opportunity to cut it up and run. It also takes out the QB as a blocker to help protect the runners backside. Love the option, but its clear these coaches don't know how to coach the qb to run it correctly.
  10. Oh yeah. We killed 2 qbs this year. We need 2 legit starting caliber QBs just to survive the year.
  11. Also, we have now lost a game every way. With the lead and then watched the other team march for a walkoff FG. Marching the field needing a td for the win and turning it over. And now playing it safe for overtime, getting there and then losing. Rhule has tried every option to win a one score game, we have lost all our top receivers, our top 3 running backs, most of our offensive line, and 2 of our 3 qbs to injury and yet there are only 2 games that we couldn't have won. Backups are getting valuable playing time, setting us up for success in the future. I think with Chubba we win at Iowa. Also, my kind has not changed. Sat needs to go.
  12. Actually impressed with Chubba. He can throw and run. Get our starting receivers back next year, upgrade the line and he could be a decent qb.
  13. Shouldn't have pitched it at all. He had a crease, he needed to cut it up. A fake pitch and cut would have been a solid five yards.
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