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  1. As many of us said during his playing years, Martinez's success, or lack thereof, here had far more to do with the talent around him that it did his own. He had the worst line Nebraska has had since before Devany, no name running backs, and receivers that struggled to catch a ball. How many touch downs did Cade Warner drop? Martinez was the only reason we had so many one loss games under Frost, without him we would have looked like a MAC school out there, just as we did at the end of Riley's tenure. You remember him not being great because he had no room for error whatsoever. For us to win he literally had to be perfect every snap of every game. His 1-2 errors out of 75ish snaps seemingly cost the game because he was literally the only one who could win the game for us so if he wasn't perfect it didn't happen. I, for one, will always say Martinez was way better than most give him credit for and its good he's getting the chance to prove it.
  2. He'd rather his taxes go to PPP loans, corporate bailouts, and subsidizing mega corporation and share holder profits through government benefits so they can continue to pay substandard wages. Oh and also, don't forget the farmers. Make sure the farmers get their welfare (ehrm) subsidy checks. Those are the folks that really need tax dollars in their pockets.
  3. Time in the pocket, no fear of being sacked, not rushed into falling back into bad habits.
  4. Tominaga yells, "yeah man, good job" to a teammate and gets T'd up... lol
  5. Just goes to show its not what you earn through play, but the stories they can sell that decides who gets in and what the match ups are.
  6. After watching the first half of tonight's game, I hope you are very wrong.
  7. Honestly? Even if this passed, it would result in most working class people have two 32 hour/ week jobs instead of one "40" hour per week job that actually requires 60 hrs of work.
  8. If you bring in Pollard, Hoiberg is walking.
  9. It probably isn't liberal or conservative policy issues that are at play when discussing the "politics" that Trev is leaving behind. Anyone who has tried to work professionally in Lincoln in anything close to a state or university job knows that Lincoln is ran by a bunch of fossilized old hacks who throw temper tantrums, leverage political favors, and meddle in everything in order to get their way even on the most minute of things. When they don't, they are willing to burn the entire operation to the ground out of spite in order to try to enact their agenda.
  10. Yes because having Faux, Musk, Zuckerberg, Cambridge analytica, Sinclair Broadcasting and Lee Enterprises force certain content down kids and society's throats is so much worse. Got forbid anyone think critically and hear different viewpoints than the one the oligarchs want us to hear, read, see
  11. But not to decide who is on their ballots.
  12. Talk to the legislature. They seem keen on running the state and university into the ground.
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