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  1. God, I know we Husker fans can be dense, but I think everyone recognizes now that firing Frank period, minimum and Pelini when we did were both mistakes. Assuming Rhule doesn't have Pelini's anger management skills or other controversy, I think most would be content with seasons that range from 8-11 wins annually.
  2. Hmmm, maybe the suppression is why so many turned out. They were truly facing a decision of making their voice heard or losing it. Of course, that logic probably doesn't fit your narrative so you'll deny, deflect, and change the subject.
  3. I think we all feel this way, but it all comes down to personal choice. You have 2 options 1) Build your own legacy - if you're successful, you are the guy, you get the statue, your jersey retired, a weight room named after you (Suh), your name becomes immortal; doing so allows you to fully shine and exhibit your strengths and your faults. If you're successful the world knows its mostly on you. The flip side is if you don't get it done, there is nothing to mask your deficiencies, no legacy that provides your the benefit of the doubt, and failure (even being mediocre is failure in this sense) leaves you another name in a string of forgettable disappointments. 2) Be part of someone else's legacy. Continue the greatness. If you're successful you enter the conversation of the best of the best, you won't get a statue, and you'll be the guy during your tenure then someone else will be they guy. Your name, even if successful, is added to the collection of greats- think of our glory years - Turner Gill, Tommy Frazier, Scott Frost, Brook Berringer, Eric Crouch our collection of greats. You have to rise to that level to get mentioned. A Steve Taylor, Gerry Godwolski, Mike Grant, Jammal Lord, Joe Dailey, and Zac Taylor, while experiencing degrees of success in their own right, are often lost within the list of greats. When joining a legacy, people will wonder if its your talent or the talent of those around you that led to success, slightly dimming your strengths, but a strong cast and culture around you will also help to mask weaknesses. Your value on the transfer market, should you get beat out will remain high due to perceived strength of the room, and should you win the job but not rise to the level of the greats you'll be given the benefit of the doubt come draft time. So there are definitely positives and negatives to both, there is more pressure on the individual who chooses to build their own legacy. There is greater risk if you fail, but also far greater reward if you succeed. Some people aren't cut out for that much pressure.
  4. I mean, I kind of get it. Its cold enough during the day, play at night, and there are chances its sub 30* with a windchill that can bring it below zero. Northern schools are risking their best players and chances of championships putting their teams out in that weather, in addition to lack of stats for in season accolades and "style points." Honestly, if the league is going to demand it, it should pay to have the game played in a dome. Move Iowa games to the UNI dome. Nebraska games to KC, other venues for other states. It should come out of the profits for all schools so the expense of doing so is divided evenly and the home team should be spotted three points for lack of the homefield advantage. - okay, maybe not the last line, but you get the drift. If the league demands it, then the league needs to make it work.
  5. So what exactly are you trying to show here? That it would take 3 hours (clear exaggeration) to count all the current corners of those two districts?
  6. Likely leaked by the "Just let Russia have Ukraine crowd." They are trying to make this an election year issue and to do so they have to whittle away at public support.
  7. Even better, anyone who has passed a high school social studies class is eligible to take the test and earn the right to vote. Age is just a number there are millions of high school aged kids that are better informed than registered voters.
  8. It sucks that it won't happen, but it would be really freaking fantastic if the Supreme Court would rule that all congressional and legislative district boundaries may not have more than four corners unless those boundaries consists of existing county or state boarders.
  9. Why Ron, Ted, Lesley, Jim, Kevin? Its not like you'll read them or acknowledge any of the facts whatsoever. For some reason it continues to amaze me how willing you are to continue to ask for that which you never provide for any of your "regurgitated FAUX talking points. Start by explaining any legal repercussions from the below. Then if you can handle that we can discuss the packing industry, their union busting methodologies, and their exploitation of illegal immigration. Beyond that we can go into the construction, migrant farm, and trucking industries. Speaking of homework, if I were you I'd spend some time studying idioms. I think you can "puke out statistics," or "pluck them out of thin air," but "puking them out of thin air" would be quite the feat. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/08/trump-organization-undocumented-workers https://time.com/4465744/donald-trump-undocumented-workers/ https://www.chicagotribune.com/nation-world/ct-undocumented-immigrants-trump-20190208-story.html
  10. And could do it with only one parent in the workforce! What a time. I wonder which generation is at fault for ending the strengths of that incredible era?
  11. But since Biden is sitting president, they would place the blame at his shoes use it as their normal race baiting election year rhetoric and their base will eat it up. Plus then their big money boosters will have more illegal immigrants to hire at substandard rates to keep pay rates suppressed. Then they can scream illegals are taking jobs all the while ignoring that the republican congressmen are getting their pockets lined to insure there is no fix to the immigration issue and no repercussions for companies caught hiring the immigrants. Its all a conspiracy of the rich to get richer and keep the working class indebted to and overemployed in underpaying jobs.
  12. Ha. Start with Scalia and all his "hunting trips" with republican boosters and big wigs. Look into who owns the hunting reserve he died at. There were always questions about whether Scalie died "of natural causes." The only reason this wasn't a full blown conspiracy theory is because if there was foul play it was an inside job.
  13. Seems to me we would have several other QB offers out with much more smoke if Dylan coming here wasn't a better than 80% chance.
  14. Rename schools as "Capitol firefighter training centers," and you might get a place where guns aren't allowed and funding is close to adequate.
  15. Yes, losing a what, redshirt freshman, good enough to challenge for 1 or 2 is not a loss... we have young talent to burn, let them all go.
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