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  1. You forgot to add that anyone larger than that must run fully upright, and fall if a finger touches anywhere below the hips.
  2. Just saying, its really hard to take you serious when you keep throwing things out there like this; "Barry Hussain Sotoro," and you've done it across multiple posts. You're clearly an intelligent poster, I fully believe you can do better than this conspiracy type nonsense.
  3. Please leave conspiracy theories on Q subreddits and parlor where they belong
  4. For big corporations who rely on the cheap labor it certainly is. You know what would cut down on illegal immigration? Severely penalizing those that hire illegal immigrants, try getting your GOP officials to do that. They won't though, because its all a game and a talking point to the GOP. Tell the poor white folks brown people are taking their jobs and money, get them real angry so they'll vote for more GOP folks. Then on the flip side, take huge kickbacks and campaign donations from the corporations that hire the illegal immigrants in place of the white folks, and ensure that an
  5. Wrong - they actively changed the rules and negated precedent twice. With Garland, they violated old precedent to create new- then with Barret- the negated their own new precedent to revert to the old. Both are d!(k moves and both illustrate the lack of character, morals, and a sense of fair play of the right. I attended a renaissance fair once. During the jousting competition the black knights motto was "Cheat to win," that motto has been embraced by the right tenfold.
  6. Highlight films don't show how many of the plays got called back for flags.... ugh.
  7. If I recall, there has been some version of this bill every year for the last 5 or so years. I think it originally stemmed from the Wayne State campus news paper having some big ordeal regarding this issue around about that time... I may be wrong though.
  8. http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/poverty-a-leading-cause-of-type-2-diabetes-studies-say/#:~:text=Researchers found that living in,the risk by 26 percent. Prof. Dennis Raphael, one of the researchers, states that, “What we know about Type 2 diabetes is not only are low-income and poor people more likely to get it, but they’re also the ones that, once they get it, are much more likely to suffer complications. And the complications from Type 2 diabetes when they’re bad are really bad, whether it’s amputations, or blindness, or cardiovascular disease.” Researchers from York Unive
  9. In 2019, the share of Blacks in poverty was 1.8 times greater than their share among the general population. Blacks represented 13.2% of the total population in the United States, but 23.8% of the poverty population. The share of Hispanics in poverty was 1.5 times more than their share in the general population. Hispanics comprised 18.7% of the total population, but 28.1% of the population in poverty. My intent was clearly to point out the absurdity of your thought regarding an ice cream company's product doing more harm to communities of color than policy brutality. An asin
  10. Oh yes, the brown and black communities are certainly the primary target audience for overpriced name brand Ice Cream. I am certain that over priced name brand ice cream has made a huge impact on the health of communities that primarily work at or below the poverty line. Every single corner store is stocked with the stuff in those neighborhoods. $5 dollar pints of ice cream roll off those shelves like Busch Light at a redneck wedding. It's incredible to see.
  11. Republican officials have fought hard at the Supreme Court to ensure Corporate Personhood is a thing, so they could give their campaigns unlimited amounts of money. Now that those same corporations disagree with them, all I hear is they shouldn't be voicing their opinion. This is what your elected officials fought for, you should be proud that they are exercising the rights Republican elected officials granted them, not condemning them.
  12. She was in fact, a trainer of other officers. She had a trainee with her when it happened, so we do have an idea.
  13. If they were in active pursuit of a nonviolent, low risk, individual in a residential or business district the cops should get the blame. Their actions (pursuit) heightened the likelihood of collateral damage, unnecessarily. There are rules of engagement around this, and in your described scenario the right move is to stand down. Its the equivalent of superman taking the fight outside of the city.
  14. I completely agree. Firearms should be used by police officials only as needed to protect themselves or general public, in this case neither the officer, nor the public were in danger if this guy escapes. However, his attempt to escape did cause the officer's reaction- the wrong reaction- but the reaction that led to his death.
  15. In fairness, right or wrong, fleeing to avoid arrest greatly enhances an individuals likelihood of being shot. Had he not made the decision to flee, it is highly likely he would not have been shot. So he does bear some responsibility for making that decision. That said, the shooting still should never have happened.
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