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  1. Born N Bled Red

    Scott Frost

    The offense took a full quarter off, thinking they had the game won, and left our defense out for a full quarter to get gassed. Our offense failed the defense today. This loss is on them.
  2. Born N Bled Red

    Scott Frost

    That's what happens when the offense takes a whole quarter off cuz they think they have it won
  3. Born N Bled Red

    *** Official South Alabama Game Thread ***

    At the game. Really not quiet
  4. Born N Bled Red

    HuskerBoard has a new Owner ...

  5. Born N Bled Red

    QB Logan Smothers [Nebraska Commit]

    Great highlights. This kid looks T-Mart fast. Loving the QB's we're bringing in.
  6. This comment really wasn't about number of scholarships... more addressing the idea that a male sport wouldn't be asked to make roster adjustments in the name of a better football team. It happens, just not to the extent it did for the affect womens teams.
  7. Umm, I believe there have been conversations like. Boy, we really want this guy to play football for us, he's also pretty decent at track/baseball/wrestling. Do you think you could check him out and potentially make room for him on the roster? He'd really like to play both... let's be honest, at Nebraska almost all sports come secondary to football. Not trying to downplay your point, but at NU, l believe nonfootball sports are taxed by football in someway.
  8. While I agree Title IX is not the sole contributor for the decline in wrestling programs, to suggest that is has not had a major impact is not realistic either. Here is a great article from Forbes on the issue. From a 2005 article in "Accuracy in Acedemia," NCAA statistics show that men’s cross country leads the list of most dropped programs in the last 15 years at 183. Indoor track (180), golf (178), tennis (171), rowing (132), outdoor track (126), swimming (125) and wrestling (121) are other men’s programs that have been cut mainly because of current Title IX enforcement, Pearson said. https://www.academia.org/wrestling-with-title-ix/ Another interesting article from Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristidosh/2016/03/17/the-future-of-collegiate-wrestling-isnt-at-division-i-level/#12cb18f82fcc
  9. As a former wrestler, it has pained me to see what Title IX has done to the sport on the national collegiate level. I believe that the decline in college wrestling programs has also greatly contributed to the global decline in wrestling (Olympics have actually considered cutting the sport, and did in fact do so.) as so few are now involved in the sport in the US that the worlds largest television market does not pay attention to the sport at the global level. That being said, wrestling may now be part of the solution. Women's wrestling clubs nationwide are taking off like crazy. If NU were to add a women's wrestling team, that would be approximately 25 new opportunities for female athletes. What's more wrestling is one of the cheapest sports to add. The only equipment necessary is a mat.
  10. Born N Bled Red

    B1G Loser Mentality

    Interesting question here on partial qualifiers. What was the intent behind allowing them? I believe those arguing that the intent was to allow superior athletes to compete when otherwise they would not be eligible, for the sole intent to win games are accurate. However those students were then able to prove they belonged, have success both on and off the field, and gain am education that likely extremely changed the course of their life significantly for the better. So, does the fact that the 2nd outcome was not the intent behind the policy damper the good that happened as a result?? I think not. This is what is called a win/win situation. You play, we win more, and you get the benefit of all the amazing academic services we provide to ensure your success in the classroom, to ensure that when football is over you can have a degree to help ensure your success in life. This was a positive for all involved.
  11. Born N Bled Red

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    Ha. Jamal Turner was never going to be a quarterback. What's more I'm not suggesting any kind of position switch. Just a few situational packages to get the kid on the field in a role to use his exceptional abilities to impact the games in which we might need another impact player to get us to the finish line. Think Suh as an RB/ Lead Blocker in goal line packages. Also it wouldn't be the first time a BIG team has used their back up qb as a wide receiver. Didn't Wisconsin or Michigan to that with a ton of success a few years back?
  12. Born N Bled Red

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    Ok, so McCaffrey is a QB. He's also probably one of the fastest guys on the team and has a qb's understanding of the game. He has 4 games to play this year, while still preserving his redshirt. In the spirit of getting the best players on the field, why would we leave him on the bench in a back up qb role for those 4 games? Why not get him ready at receiver for Ohio State, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Iowa? Instead of getting meaningless snaps, get him in the games that matter most to make an impact.
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    2. ColoradoHusk


      Sounds like the guy who pumped a bunch of $ into the AAF recently, was more interested in the gambling app which the league is developing.  He just wanted that intellectual property.

    3. teachercd


      Yeah, that is awesome!  Dude just wants that sweet sweet gambling rev.

    4. ColoradoHusk


      I was reading an article on The Athletic about the failure of the AAF, and it was mentioned that Billy Devaney was GM of the Atlanta Legends.  Man, with another Riley tie, should we really be surprised the AAF went under?

  13. Love run, rooting for the Huskers, but this run of wins really underscores how badly the team under-performed in the back half of the season. Looks to me like Miles underutilized his bench players since the non-conference. Might still have a few more wins and available players if Miles had rested the top dawgs and gotten the bench more playing time and confidence.
  14. Refs got the memo that Maryland is supposed win this game.... look a that second half foul discrepancy.