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  1. My point is unless anyone is given the chance to be THE guy for 20 carries a game, no one's going to click and we are having this same conversation next year, for the 4th year in a row.
  2. I'm not one that poo poos Washington's departure he was a damn fine talent, but Held never let him take the rock and run with it either. He maybe got what? 7 carries a game? A guy like Morrison (given his pedigree) should be able to be the number 1 back, get 20 carries a game and sprinkle in a no 2 for another 10 per game. Having 5 guys line up at runningback during a game is the equivalent of participation ribbons and costs in production during games and development of the true no 1 and backup. Guys can't get into a "groove" on 7 carries one week 2 the next 15 the week after and
  3. Honestly, all these super conferences will do is turn historically great programs ie. Texas and Oklahoma into also rans, like we are currently in the BIG. There will always be haves and have nots in every conference. The big fish in the small pond will likely be the small fish when they enter someone else's pond.
  4. The ongoing theme of the Frost years has been the inability to develop/ trust RBs and seriously makes me question Helds ability to recognize/ develop talent. Its not like we have recruited slouches either. We have a ton of high school talent in the room that were heavily recruited. I don't know if held can't pick a number one out of fear of hurting the other guys or what the deal is, but lack of RB production or a star rb is completely on him. I mean even Ozogbos year, they literally tried every other back before landing on the guy who was clearly the best out of the gate. And this tryout wasn
  5. Disney pissing everyone off https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/scarlett-johansson-sues-disney-over-black-widow-streaming-release-11627579278
  6. More pathetic in my view. In this case they were trying to realize profit from a kids signature. Something at the time , said kid couldn't even do. Kid forced to sign autographs for free so that someone else can sell it for a profit sounds well wrong.
  7. I don't think so, if their actions have been detrimental to the future of the BIG 12, they could be liable for the remainder of the contract, plus any damages they have caused. That is if the BIG 12 can be found to have standing in the suit.
  8. Always thought that was weird. East = everything east of the Mississippi. Midwest= everything between the Mississippi and the Rockies. West= everything west of the Rockies. I guess they could call themselves the Mideast, but that's kind of taken.
  9. The best thing about this is that it is the perfect time for colleges to start a wrestling program. With the explosion of women's wrestling you don't have the same title IX concerns as you can start both a mens and womens program.
  10. KUs recent scandals will fit in very well with the BIG. Almost like they should have been here already.
  11. I was told from the minute he won it that he was given the trophy in part to make up for Frasier and Frost getting overlooked. It was as much about the school and history making decade as it was about the player.
  12. You bet. We need a former player, an experienced AD. Someone who knows Nebraska and its passion for football. Someone like Steve Pedersen, I mean Trev Alberts will get the job done right!
  13. That or we need to make it less hard for people to raise a family (financially) and potentially subsidize larger families.
  14. @Enhance My original thread has nothing to do with the new AD but how the teams win/ loss record over the next two years might affect the tenure. That there is a new AD is not even mentioned anywhere in the post for consideration. It really doesn't belong in this thread. Not sure why it was merged.
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