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  1. Actual Conversation I had. Completely illustrates the mental hoops some people are willing to go through to support current leaders and the lack of testing being done. Maybe I got through to him? Other guy: So test everyone? Even though they show ZERO symptoms? Giving people false hope? Really? I can agree to test those who are symptomatic, but to test asymptomatic is asinine. Me: Help with the title. "Rand Paul test positive for Covid-19, says he is asymptomatic." Rand Paul, is what is known as a carrier. Even though Rand Paul does not exhibit symptoms, he is passing the virus along to everyone he encounters. Rand Paul is effectively killing people by being in the public while harboring the virus. Most people don't want to be like Rand Paul. https://www.wymt.com/content/news/Rand-Paul-tests-positive-for-COVID-19-569009761.html?fbclid=IwAR0INl1tYAvESMZ6ADd3uSs80YYOc9IGMWWr9W1PFhsPpisQwBRP4N-k-Gk Other guy: he (Rand Paul) is self quaranteed, so he is not spreading any Covid 19 Me: Well hello! How did Rand Paul know to self quarantine... come on I know you'll get there. Other guy: crickets....
  2. I figured it was ageism not politicism. Either way, just celebrating stupidity with you.
  3. The people who drank pool cleaner had a vote too. Just saying.
  4. And testing is STILL what they are refusing to do. Reports across Nebraska and Iowa that symptomatic people are STILL not being tested unless they have traveled or come into direct contact with a known case. Everyone knows the virus is here. Everyone knows symptomatic people that can't get a test. Everyone knows testing is the answer. If I come down with symptoms, I will lie in order to be tested and protect my family and loved ones. They are risking the entire population by still adhering to these terrible testing guidelines that likely weren't even appropriate a month ago. This thing has changed, those two questions are now irrelevant. If test don't soon become available to all symptomatic people, frustrations will boil over and we'll end up with more issues than just the virus to deal with. Everyone is seeing the rich, the famous, and the athletes get tested on demand, but the rest of us are told to stay inside for 14 days and ride it out. What's more not testing is even more damaging to the economy. Test folks for the virus, if they don't have it they can assume normal sick leave protocol then get their butts back to work making and spending money. A 14+ day quarantine takes them out of the economy for an extended amount of time, which will be repeated for every cold/ flu/ etc they might catch that is not corona. Listening to people, I fear we are building a tinder box of frustrations that are reinforcing and exaggerating socio-economic frustrations that were already popping and boiling beneath the surface. I am just as fearful of that fuse being lit as I am the virus.
  5. Did I read this right? These mitigation policies need to be in place until large stockpiles of vaccine are available, which may take as long as 18 months??? I figured 3-6 months... 18 months without school? I can't imagine that happening, but then again even a month ago, I didn't imagine any of this.
  6. So, about the Government Corona Virus Checks, each one needs to come with a signed card with a message from Trump. I can just imagine what it might say. Sorry I f'd this up so bad. It wasn't a hoax, it wasn't contained, and we weren't on top of it. This might help a bit with some of your costs, unless, of course, you die. In that case, my bad. Trump 2020 PS. I blame Kushner! MAGA! Oh and isn't it ironic the great american toilet paper shortage happened on the Trump/ Pence watch/
  7. That high of a positive rate only further shows that the US is only testing cases that are severe, and leaving those who are not experiencing severe symptoms in the general public to infect the rest of us.
  8. Right, that has been the most frustrating part of all this. Every decision so far has come late. Shut down district wrestling 3 hrs after wrestling starts. The next week shut down school a day before spring break... at noon. In both cases they had the knowledge beforehand, but it took an outside source to make the call after exposure had already taken place. This pattern only seems to be repeating itself over and over.
  9. An hour later all ESU2 schools were told to shut down for two weeks.
  10. Lyons Decatur Northeast just announced they will have school.
  11. I'm not usually one to argue with someone who lives and dies by right wing talking points. I learned long ago that it is useless. What I am going to do is share this message. China has done everything it can to contain the virus. Watch any zombie movie/ show, no matter how well you contain something a carrier always gets through. We should have had a secondary line of protection at our ports of entry. This article outlines exactly how someone who was a carrier got into our country, even person 1 here in Nebraska. I know you won't read it because it doesn't fit your narrative and facts don't matter to folks like you, but this will be my one and only attempt to helping you see the failures of the Trump administration in mitigating this outbreak for US citizens. Pretending like the pandemic wasn't happening, wasn't going to hit us, and then that it was all under control instead of testing ill people at the point of entry is why we are now dealing with it and having our lives so thoroughly disrupted now. All that security and safety at Camp Ashland was undone by improper training, handling, and messaging. - I'm out. He said "the alarm bells" sounded when he saw how the outbreak was being addressed at San Francisco International Airport. "They literally had no idea what they were doing," he said, adding that one airport official even admitted that since things had escalated so quickly they were in disarray. As passengers got off the plane, no one was at the gate to recording their temperatures, he said. (One of the symptoms of the disease is a fever, though a few cases are asymptomatic.) https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-outbreak-covid19-self-quarantine-us-safer-china-2020-3?fbclid=IwAR0_u2rV663SZjVBaDSX71PlD13yCYKUROMLvCAGwo17WJM-_ian_fDernc
  12. This corona virus while absolutely terrible, may just open enough people eyes to the fact that our current healthcare system is terrible and a medicare for all solution is necessary.
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