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  1. Aren't they just stealing that strategy from every team in the SEC not named Bama???
  2. Thought that was a holdover from Frost's playbook. Isn't that the same play we watched Marinez score on over and over again the last 4 years?
  3. Ha not Christ, Braelon Allen for the transfer offer.
  4. Dude he had Mathis by the hips pulling him backwards...
  5. Extend him a transfer offer now!!!! Tell him he can bring all hisfavorite linemen too!
  6. Extend him a transfer offer now!!!! Tell him he can bring all his favorite linemen too!
  7. Ugh.. man, worst case scenario, Frost to Wiscy and he owns our arse the next 25 years.
  8. I remember that one, I think I even called that out in real time. I'm thinking 51 is who the holding call was on during the tackleception. Which was of course declined. Just garbage that teams constantly get away with that kind of play but if Nebraska's fingers slide outside the numbers, holding is called every time.
  9. For some reason, I can't post photos in threads so all I can say is this. Watch Indiana's last drive before half. On their long run play, watch the right side and specifically our number 2. Dude gets held so bad he might now be pregnant. - That drive changed the game, could have cost us the game and the no call was egregious. Never seemed to muss a call on Nebraska for holding. Getting tired of this every game since joining the BIG. Not asking for a benefit. Asking for fair calls on both teams. Nebraska is held every single game in game changing moments and the refs rarely, if ever call it. Watch the highlight video start at 2:31. First play watch Indiana #51. Textbook holding. 3:06 #51 again, terrible holding, this is the one I was talking about above. Both their 2nd quarter touchdowns should not have happened.
  10. https://64.media.tumblr.com/bb9e289492a81e85c98ed4e0627061ba/tumblr_n0wbzlOB5u1t079hgo7_r1_250.gif
  11. I feel like with this defense and our offense we maybe could actually have a chance to beat Iowa and Wisconsin, if, if we continue to improve.
  12. So.. like, we aren't mathematically eliminated from winning the west right??
  13. Ok guys, new plan. Hail Mary every play! And go!
  14. 44 was held and had to spin to get away from it on that first down throw. Not called.
  15. Route runners only have time to take 3 steps before defense is in Thompson's face. And apparently Indy get 10 seconds in the pocket and no holding is happening.
  16. Perhaps Whip should rip the s#!tty oline that gave up the sack instead. Also would love to see the a$$ chewing Purdy should have gotten.
  17. Screen passes do not exist in our playbook I guess. It exists in the same chapter as QB sneaks as situational plays with high likelihood of success that we will pretend do not exist because we play stupid offense instead.
  18. Jesus holdingnon us again??? Illinois has gotten away with kuch worse several times.
  19. Why did we not go for a block on that punt? Out thenback of the endzone is a safety right? Scared of roughing the kicker??
  20. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/8225b718-decc-494b-88f3-d6dd07eacba8/gif#9diYZlXr.copy
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