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  1. Huh, welcome to the party! We've been telling you this for 2 full years. The insurrection happened because Trump wanted it to, and they ensured it would happen by Trump and his senior staff denying requested personnel increases and national guard help. YUP- I guess you could say that is them not taking the Intel serious. Glad you've finally come around
  2. "I don't have a clue or an answer, so I'm going to babble until people tire of hearing me talk and pretend I said something worth listening to."
  3. Well I'll be damned. Building a society that favors the rich and drives both parents to work.out of the home in order for a family to survive drives down birthrates... huh. Who'da thunk it?
  4. Hmmm... and they like Trump, who is loyal to Putin. So they are loyal to....
  5. Haha, Riley didn't push squats, Frost didn't clean or snare. I mean sometimes you gotta question the accuracy of these reports
  6. Why, so we get another huge buy out, new coach and same results? Nebrasketball needs a culture, a name, and stability. The culture was starting to show defensively before injuries took their toll. Give Hoiberg a lifetime contract let him be our basketball equivalent to Ferentz, it's Nebrasketball, it's not a rebuild it is a complete construction process.
  7. Nah wear blackshirt jerseys so Hauseman can see what he'll never have. Hope the kid does well, just not against us.
  8. Hey, does this mean all our receivers with stone hands will suddenly be a good thing?
  9. No. You say, hey Casey Thompson, You're a star man. To keep you here, our NIL agreement is going to give you NIL groups are going to get you $250,000. But, we need you to give up your scholarship. You'll still get all same benefits being on the team as far as academic help, access to the training table, and everything else. So, all you'll be giving up is the $25,000 a year scholarship benefit. Doing so will help us recruit new talent that will give you a better chance to succeed/ a higher probability of getting a combine invite and make the team better as whole so we can have more success. If you pay for schooling yourself, you're still going to be netting $225,000 per year take home. What do you think, can you make that sacrifice for the team?
  10. You mean like they way we were reminded every time Braelon Allen ran for a positive gain that he was only 18????
  11. Just reread my post. The proctologist comment wasn't meant to be aimed at you, meant in general hence the "America" and "proctologists" plural. I see how it could be taken that way. My apologies.
  12. So the guy who likely knew for a fact Trump was a Russian asset, because he too was perhaps a Russian asset helped to out Trump as a Russian asset and somehow that proves Trump is not a Russian asset??? Derp er Derp. You realize this makes it More Likely to to be true than not right? Oh well. Another reason America needs more proctologists.
  13. Cleaning up leaks takes a lot of people I gues....
  14. Ha! The Kool-Aid man busting through a wall just became the new mascot if the dline, representing the dline busting into the offensive backfield!!!! Genious!!!! That's probably a million dollar per year sponsorship opportunity at least. Everytime we get a sack or tackle for a loss, Kool-Aid man, then replay. Boom!
  15. Yeah, my comment was kind of tongue in cheek.
  16. That line of thinking can get you fired. Joe Burrows.
  17. In the BIG, sure. I wonder how we stack up against SEC schools, because all NIL did was legalize what the cheaters were already doing. SEC probably told the NCAA if you don't legalize paying players and you try to enforce current rules on SEC schools, we'll leave the NCAA. So the only thing the NCAA could do is legalize paying players to level the playing field or disband.
  18. I've said it before, I'll say it again. The changes to college football has made it nearly impossible for any team to be able to topple the '95 Huskers as the greatest college football team of all time. Changes to the style of play has moved more toward finesse and exploiting formations and defensive mismatches rather than an impose your will mentality. Changes to the game to make things safer for players has removed much of the physicality of the sport. The idea of "being more physical, hitting harder, and "setting the tone," is now more likely to yield penalty yards for the opposition than create mental advantages for the physical team. Most of all, the transfer portal and NIL, in my mind, almost ensures that no team will be able to build the depth, the maturity, and mentality necessary to unseat the greatest team of all time. 5th year senior linemen, two quarterbacks equally capable to run an offense, a stable of back, each of whom would run for a thousand yards a season if given the opportunity, and receivers that are content with 20 catches a season but a highlight reel of blocks just aren't going to happen. There will be teams that will be dominant (like Bama) there will be teams that are great and go on runs, but if you matched them up position to position there will never be a team that can match the physicality, depth, mentality, and utter dominance of the Huskers in the 90s.
  19. Weird landing spot for Crawford. Did he flunk out?
  20. Oh hot dog!!!! Good thing he only stole millions from the American people in a tax fraud scheme! If he'd have stolen billions he might've gotten 6 months! But a poor kid steals 5 bucks out of a cash register can expect to get shot dead while running away or spend years in jail added to the system and their life destroyed. This country is so f'ed up!
  21. Yeah, we should probably stop telling QB's that if they commit we won't take another one. That's some nice depth.
  22. There's been a lot of consternation on this board the past few years regarding end of game clock management. I don't think anything we've seen was as bad as Harbaugh's today. Damn!
  23. Hey, how well does everyone think our offensive line will develop if all the dlinemen are on the two deep and not allowed to participate on the practice squad. Hey Benhardt, I know what your problem is, to get game ready you're going to practice against this 6'0" 180 lb corner we had to put at dline because we don't have bodies. It's going to get you game ready for sure! Honestly though, maybe it might help with his stone feet.
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