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  1. Ha. Bo had a better record, and look how fans treated him.
  2. Which would have involved beating multiple top 10 teams. Strength of schedule matters.
  3. Yeah.... exactly the point.;) Go check out the tempertantrum being thrown on the Penn St. Boards. Looks just like the one being thrown here for the last week. Point is teams come out flat and lose games they shouldn't all the time. They call them trap games for a reason. Minnesota was totally a trap game for us. Doesn't erase the improvement we've seen across the board this year. The meltdown this board has had this past week is about as ridiculous as I've seen in the 15ish years I've followed the board.
  4. He lost to Illinois! My God! He has been there for years and Penn St. Still loses games they should win. Unacceptable. Why didn't he have his team ready to go??? Its Illinois for peets sake.
  5. I bet we could get Lou Holtz if we cut a big enough check!
  6. Craig Bohl!!! Klieman at KState! Turner Gill!
  7. Pretty much. They are all so scared he is going to go to the NFL. They also kept them through a racism scandal and years of mediocrity while giving him time to build a program.
  8. Iowa City doesn't have many top 10 classes. The rest are in much closer proximity to the recruits we wanna get.
  9. Yeah nothing like recruiting for one type of offense for 4 years just to switch offenses again... solich- option, Callahan- pro, Pelini- spread, Riley - pro, Frost spread..... gee wonder why our offense is the weak point?
  10. Is he really a good recruiter or is he just in places that are easy to recruit to?
  11. Bar and grill. Took him out for a meal.
  12. Eh, if it took this long to name it you should probably just put the dog down and get a new one that you will name faster.
  13. I'm not blaming anyone. Just saying it's certainly not helping. When people want to go off the deep end on a decommit of a 3 star recruit, I'm going to point out fans certainly have a role in that. You bet your but if my boys are interested in playing college sports I'm going to be on that teams message boards figuring out whats up. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? STANLEY MORGAN'S MOM WAS ON THE BOARD AND A REGULAR POSTER during his recruitment. Recruits have cited fan interactions even liscense plates seen on commitment day as to why they have or have not chosen Nebraska. The idea that fan negativity has no impact is "tiring." Honestly, recruiting is probably the one place in a college program that fans do collectively make an impact. My brother shares a story about one of his friends spouting off about Riley in a Lincoln bar and how much Riley sucked, then turned around and guess what Riley was seated not far behind them hosting a huge recruiting prospect. Needless to say that prospect did not commit to Riley. Firing Frost now would be like cutting off a wounded limb just as it starts to heal because it is taking too long. I'm tired of Nebraska football gimping around too, but I'm not ready to cut our legs off.
  14. So you're saying its perfectly cool to run off top talent with negativity and demands that the head coach or position coaches get fired because what? We lost? If the goal is to stop losing, and that is what you're tired of, wouldn't it make more sense draw recruits in than to give them reasons to doubt? If a 5 star that has offers from Ohio St. Clemson, heck even Iowa, at this point, comes into Huskerboard to gauge the temperature on the coach they are thinking about pledging the next 5-6 years of their lives to and they see that most of what is posted are calls for firing, why would they come here? Negative posts are only perpetuating the problem of insufficient talent. And to the point that Trev and Frost can assure the recruits- Frost has to say he's going to be around and A.D.'s don't tip their hat until they pull the trigger. Kids are smarter than that.
  15. You know what is going to keep 4 and 5 stars from committing now? Coaching uncertainty, real or perceived. And if you don't think recruits don't check out team message boards, you're living in a different universe. I don't think Frost needs to worry about his job. I don't think Trev will pull that trigger this year regardless how we finish. That being said, a recruit or parent for that matter following these message boards seeing that 15 of the front page threads were about canning our coach would probably sway someone on the fence to be sure. In other words, if you believe recruiting is an issue, huskerboard most definitely is not helping right now.
  16. Riiiigght. The BIG screwed us in recruiting last year. How many home games did we have to show recruits what we got? How many visits could be made? It has always been known our best tool in recruiting is getting the kids to campus. Of course our recruiting was going to suffer this year with limited slots and the inability to use our best tool for nearly 2 years. Get a grip.
  17. I'd say Chins currently fits that bill. Not sure what Lubik's role is. Definitely need a BIG style special teams coordinator.
  18. Hahaha... there are decommits every single year. Good grief! Whats more, he's only a 3 star. Never seen so much crying over a 3 star decommit ever. This temper tantrum is getting ridiculous.
  19. How about saying the oline, receiver and running back rooms all have deficiencies that outweigh, but magnify Martinez's deficiencies. How many of his interceptions were balls that receivers got hands on but didn't catch? How many touchdowns did Warner drop alone? How many other incompletions were balls that may not have been perfect, but better receivers could have made a play on. Do slow receivers that can't create separation have something to do with why Martinez holds the ball so long sometimes? Does constant pressure prevent a qb from being comfortable in the pocket? Make him rush through his reads, unload the ball quickly without proper form to avoid a sack? Do running backs that can't pass block compound or detract from a poor offensive line? Does a running back that gets 2 yards, runs into the back of the offensive lineman and falls down leaving the offense behind the sticks make it easier for a defense to tee off on the quarterback? Those of us who say Martinez isn't the problem can see this impacting his game. A single player can't rise above his supporting cast on every single play. Especially when opposing teams know he is our best weapon. Martinez isn't perfect, but his deficiencies are amplified and magnified by the cast around him. That is what we mean when we say he is the least of our problems. Unfortunately, these problems will not be resolved by replacing the quarterback. We're lucky to have the one we got.
  20. No dude... you misunderstand the rules of the game. It is always Martinez's fault. None of the other players on the field affect his play. Frost and Martinez are the only problems get rid of them and we'd be national champs... Although, I'd put money on it. Imagine this scenario Frost gets the LSU gig.. Martinez grad transfers and there with an offensive line that has a full two deep and receivers that are more than glorified walk ons they win the sec west and make the playoff.
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