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  1. Here is the other thing, most of these packages are in-kind donation of military equipment "valued at". Most of the stuff is equipment that the US was going to snowball anyway, then they would sit in some field somewhere and rust away. Sure we have given them some higher tech stuff, but that hasn't been the majority.
  2. And unaffordable. 6 months ago I read an article that explained it now costs $250,000 to get a child from birth to 18. That's not even through college! With the median household income, WITH BOTH PARENTS WORKING, at $74,000 you have to dedicate 3.4 full years of your earnings to kids. If you have 3 kids, like I do, that's 750,000, just over 10 years worth of paychecks at the U.S. median household income, just to get them to 18. Then you have the college years. Most people I know in their upper 30s are still paying off their own college and will be for the next 8-10 years for a Bachelor Degree. They have kids who are in their early teens and will still be making payments on their loans when their kids enter college. It isn't that people don't want to have kids, the truth is, for most people of childbearing age, having kids is just as much an unattainable goal as owning a house. So I find the handwringing over low birthrates funny. It's the direct result of policy decisions made over the last 30-40 years. Thanks Boomers.
  3. Think about who they poll. They are the incredibly elderly who are just excited to get a phone call so they can talk to someone or deadbeat moochers that don't work. No one below a certain age answers phone calls from numbers they don't know, and most people have to work for a living and can't be home to answer a poll. This is why polls are a waste of time, or at best to be taken as a grain of.salt anymore. No sample is reprentative of the electorate as a whole.
  4. I suspect the shooters were just standing their ground. Parade goers and little kids kept bumping into them, I bet. Gotta have a gun in hand in case a 5 year old stands too close.
  5. I think Tucker planted the explosives, or worked in cahoots with those that did. If Russia is listening. They might want to look into it.
  6. I agree to an extent, one of the downfalls of "what if.. no Callahan" is that he did bring in many recruits that led to some great success. But thinking of Pelinis years here, which of these studs are Callahans. I know Suh, but honestly I'm too lazy to look up the rest Ameer Abdullah, Rex Burkhead, Roy Helu, Niles Paul, Quincy Enunwa, Mike McNeil, Taylor Martinez, Tommy Armstrong, Kenny Bell, De'Mornay Pierson-El, Jordan Westerkamp, Jared Crick, LaVonte David, Will Compton, Larry Asante, Maliek Collins, Randy Gregory, Cethan Carter, Josh Kalu, Stanley Morgan Jr., Josh and Daniel Davis, etc. I totally agree Callahn recruited well and left the most stocked cupboard of any fired Husker coach, but I still think Pelini recruited better than he was given credit for, especially before Perlman, Eichorst and ESPN began to undermine him and assassinate his character for having an ugly upset face. By the end of his tenure, the negative PR certainly created challenges. He also did himself no favors by refusing to recruit Nebraska kids like Nathan Bazata and Drew Ott. But, back to the point, being a first time head coach with full support of the administration, and the shine still on the Nebraska brand, which had certainly began to wear off during the Callahan years, I tend to think his recruiting would be on par, or only slightly worse than Callahan.
  7. For not caring about recruiting, a lot of his recruits sure did well and are still doing so in the NFL. Bo's immediate success with the defense was inspiring. If he stays maybe we keep both Bullocks brothers for another year and have another rock solid defense and lead the nation in interceptions consecutive years. On the flip side, we probably never land Suh. I'm most curious about what the offense would have looked. Would he have stuck with the option and worked to modernize the attack, or still dump it in favor of the spread, or still move toward pro-style? We probably never have to square peg round hole problem at QB, and wouldn't have to suffer through the Zack Lee year, but again probably wouldn't have Suh to wreck offenses either. Another great question is, would Suh be Suh without the player development he recieved under Pelini?
  8. Quick, let's cut their funding and give another tax break to the rich! That fixes every problem.
  9. Mindset of the wealthy. This is why at mega corps when the organization gets caught doing something illegal they get a slap on the wrist and the rank and file pay with their jobs while the CEOs often times see a bonus at the same time. If the Corp has even the slightest bit of integrity and decide on new leadersh former CEO gets a billion dollar parachute and a kush job across the street. A small town clerk can make a simple mistake and do years of time, but a CEO intentionally breaking the law with their business practices never steps foot in a courtroom. The rich think they are above the law no matter what industry it is. For-profit, not for profit, government, its all the same. Laws only apply to the middle class and below.
  10. Does it though? Does it really look any different? I mean at best, the difference can be compared to the was the SEC paid players before NIL vs the way everyone does it with NIL. Clarence Thomas was given free vacations and free flights on a private jet, and at no time did a briefcase of cash money get left at his seat so that he would rule certain ways on certain cases... Nope. Donald Trump and Thomas both were caught laundering money through fraudulent sales of property at 100x what the property was worth. It's asinine to say this is any different than Ukraine, just because there may be a bag man or middle step involved to make the bribe less obvious. Corruption is corruption.
  11. Tucker Carlson knows that one mistep or difficult question and he's the next to mysteriously think he can fly out his hotel window. He's been on the Russian payroll since before Trump and in his desperation to remain relevant after getting sh1t canned has become even more brazen in flaunting it. If you want an actual interview dig up Barbara Walters. Even in her current state she would do a better job and still have twice the balls of Tucker in doing so.
  12. The date is February 6th, 1941, two years into WWII, which started by Hitler invading Poland on September 1, 1939. Edward R. Murrow, takes his radio show to Berlin to interview Hitler, providing Hitler a platform to share "his side," attempting to justify the war he started. This message is to be shared directly to the American people. How exactly would the US have reacted at that time. Would his plane have been intercepted and not allowed to fly? Would he have been held in prison for potentially aiding and abetting, or acting as a spy? Would FDR have shrugged his shoulders and let it happen? Would Murrow have been allowed back on US soil after? I fail to see how this is any different.
  13. I do think it is absolutely hilarious that people use "Ukrainian corruption" as a scapegoat as to why we shouldn't fund or shouldn't support them, when the US government certainly has more that its fair share of corruption on the Supreme Court, in the Presidency, and in both houses of Congress. In fact, it's so bad that two Republican administrations ago (GW) the Republican senate and stacked Supreme Court respectively passed and upheld Citizens United to legalize corruption, and there are still ones that can't stay within the boundaries of the law. What's more, your telling me lthat no other country that we continously shell out money to or would go to war on behalf of has any less corruption than Ukraine? Bull crap. Anyone citing that as an excuse is only repeating Trumps nonsense gibberish to justify holding Trumps jock so that he can hold Putins. But hey, truth, justice and the American way is the only thing of the past that apparently doesn't Make America Great Again huh boys?
  14. Visiting a country at war with one of our Allies? What would have been done to a private citizen "traveling" to Berlin at the start of WWII?
  15. So.... when was the last time Nebrasketball knocked off 2 top 10 teams in a season? Is Sunday's game vs Illinois at PBA?
  16. Ooof, came to see how the game was going. The lack of comments here says it all.
  17. The correct terminology is now Womp Womp, according to the cool kids.
  18. Texas is having a great bit of fun "protecting its sovereignty." And thumbing it's nose at the federal government. Treasonous activity, if you ask me... But Biden has an amazing solution to this problem. Renounce the US's claims to the territory of Texas and recognize Mexico's claim... Boy, wouldn't that be a turn of the table.
  19. Gawd, how much would Husker fans give for their moving partner to be Oklahoma??
  20. This would be interesting and would certainly change dynamics between the BIG and the SEC. I think it would be the first time either the BIG or SEC poached a team from the other, and an existing SEC team leaving the conference to join the BIG would certainly give the BIG a one up in the argument over who the #1 conference is.
  21. Boy sounds like a familiar plan. How'd that work for A Mart?
  22. Pretty sure hating Texas is a prerequisit of being a Husker fan.
  23. Alright, historically, the Huskers haven't earned the right to be respected in the top 25. And honestly, I don't know that the should be ranked. However, there are only 2 BIG teams ranked, Purdue at #2 and Wisconsin at #13. The Huskers have a nearly identical record to Wisconsin, but with a win over the #2 ranked team in the nation. Given that, I'm surprised Nebraska isn't even in the "others receiving votes" category. I suppose sh!tting the bed at Iowa has a lot to do with this, but knowledgeable Nebrasketball fans, what will it take for the Huskers to get some respect int he polls?
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