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  1. That's what I thinking. Just agreeing that it works too.
  2. Donald Trump could shoot someone in the face in the middle of the street in front of all of them. It's about abortions and gay marriage as the talking points for them people.
  3. It looks to me like the entire McCaffery clan is getting bad advice. Frost was right about what he said and saying it.
  4. These sickos sure have a lot in common with ISIS riding around in their pickup trucks flying Trump flags while making death threats to people.
  5. Is that what you're calling Republican conspiracies now. Theories?
  6. You can tell he has very disturbing intentions as a politician.
  7. 200 lbs and that athletic sounds like he could handle the nickle pretty well.
  8. Regardless, you can't ignore it was bad policy.
  9. I'm sure it's a multifaceted problem, that imo was not helped by the previous administration's tariffs and coid 19. But it's a bold statement when someone blames this situatuin on the current administration that has been in office for 2 months?
  10. Who said it was just a tariff causing supply shortages?
  11. Let's not pretend that Canada doesn't or shouldn't have a bigger influence on lumber for the US just because they're not producing as much in a part of British Columbia. Hell, even the article says as much with as little as it says. It's a very narrow view of the big picture.
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