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  1. No wonder he's drawn to the Republican Trump Party.
  2. Human? No. Not that I'm aware of. Some species of fish on the other hand. However, some humans have turned into fish. (South park reference). So maybe it is possible. Nature, amirite.
  3. Dinesh strikes me as a "your computer has a virus type of scam" guy.
  4. Haha, I dont even have a twitter and already know this.
  5. These idiots wouldnt know evil if the devil himself was standing in front of them, red body, horns and all kicking them in the nuts.
  6. I swear I saw this posted something like 2 weeks ago. And for some reason I thought it was you who posted it.
  7. So people are that stupid that just to spite CNN they were going to go find this deworming medicine and take it? Even if that meant going to tractor supply and buying the livestock version because they couldn't get the human version elsewhere? ... yeah, I can believe that. And I'm serious, some people are that stupid.
  8. That's just lying to myself. I'm just standard.
  9. What we talking here? Type A HDMI? Type C mini? I personally have a type A. Thought I might go type B. Couldn't quite get there.
  10. Not gonna lie. A country like India could probably use a little dewormer.
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