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  1. Who would you like to have coach Nebraska?
  2. Start by fixing special teams and the o-line?
  3. Yeah, programs fire coaches all the time. That's true. But is firing Frost really the right decision? I look at next years schedule and frankly, Frost could win 10 of those games based on what I've seen from the defense and if he can improve the o-line and special teams even a little bit. Like just making those two areas even average, the team could be pretty good. Frost has pressure on him no doubt, but I wouldn't fire him. I think that could be a terrible mistake. But that's just my humble opinion as some internet nobody.
  4. Thought Martinez played a very good game. I know there are some throws and opportunities he wished he had back, but such is life.
  5. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and hear them out. So when I see a bunch of posters say, "we should fire Scott Frost", I'm like, "okay go on, entertain that thought process". Then they spew out names like Chris Peterson or Stoops or Malzahn. Then I'm like, "Oh, I guess they must be joking". Because there's no damn way any of those guys are coming here. In fact usually the names that are spewed out, 95% of those guys aren't coming to Nebraska. Here's the truth. Nebraska fires Scott Frost after this year, I truly believe Nebraska ends up with Mike Riley 2.0 and the circus starts all over again.
  6. You know I'm still pretty pissed about the outcome, but I got to tell ya. Based on what I've seen so far, Nebraska can beat anybody, even "the" Ohio State, on the rest of their schedule. Just need special teams to stop getting in the damn way.
  7. Dude, Nebraska's defense is playing some tough football right now. I just hope these players know that people (fans, scouts, coaches, etc) are taking notice and they don't let up. This team is depending on those guys. Just sucks that Nebraska got damn near the toughest schedule in the country right now.
  8. Well I guess it depends on what you think the solutions to fixing these issues are. I don't know what you've said in the past specifically so I can't really say if I would be critical or not. I just know there are some people who think firing Frost is the solution. I disagree with that. But someone should be fired. *cough* Austin *cough*
  9. I don't know a lot of things. But I do know that anybody who wants to fire Frost right now needs a kick in the nuts.
  10. Dude, anybody who wants to fire Frost right now. Right now. Might need to stop watching Nebraska Football.
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