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  1. (Thurston from Pender telling everyone that 'we don't seem to understand the situation') Listening to talkers make me thirsty...
  2. As others have asked, I too would be curious as to how Mike Riley has outperformed Frost aside from W-L's. Good luck.
  3. I know people want to criticize Martinez and some of it is warranted. But not all of it. Nebraska's offensive line play is pretty bad... just really poor... that really needs to be emphasized and a huge part of that is because of Mike Riley's mismanagement of recruiting and developing this position group. My hope is Frost emphasizes this group as a #1 priority. I think he has we the recruits he's brought in these last year and currently this year. But they're young obviously. I fully expect to see improvement in o-line play over the next couple years with progressively getting better each year. It will be a huge disappointment if I don't.
  4. I'll say this, I don't think Martinez will be back for next Saturday.
  5. There's definitely winnable games on rest of the schedule. Got to get to a bowl. Vederal, as long as he isn't chasing high snaps, can come in and run this offense. But it won't be easy with our lack of o-line and receivers. Thank God for Robinson.
  6. Nebraska lost. I don't even need to see the rest. It's over. Our offense will gain 4 yards in a three and out. Punt. Go to overtime. And lose.
  7. Week 6 and Jurgins' snaps just keep getting worse and worse. Can we poach Wisconsin's O-line coach. Pay the man 1.5 million a year for all I care. Just give me a better o-line for goodness sake.
  8. Chaos makes football exciting. Like when the refs suck so bad and you can tell the fans are on the brink of losing it.
  9. Our offensive, except for about 3 players, is absolute white, flaky, dog crap.
  10. Hope Vedral is ready to go. But, I'm not sure how he's gonna do given this might be the worst offensive game plan I have ever seen from a Scott Frost coached team. This is pathetic, and he should be absolutely embarrassed. Do these players suck so bad that Frost simply doesn't have the horses currently to run what he wants?
  11. Well Martinez is done for the year. Next man up.
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