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  1. NebraskaHarry


    The offense is getting more and more comfortable day by day. Some of these teams that played Nebraska earlier are probably happy they played them early in the season.
  2. NebraskaHarry

    Will we beat Bethune Cookman?

    Nebraska should respect Ohio State, but should not be intimidated by them. They are beatable as shown tonight.
  3. Even Gebbia knew he wasn't better than Martinez.
  4. NebraskaHarry

    What did we learn today

    The offense needs to be consistent with drives and take care of the football. When they are on, they're really good. But when they lose focus and start making penalties and turnovers, it kills us. It's been killing us. Goes for both sides of the ball.
  5. NebraskaHarry

    What did we learn today

    The team needs to play better. All sides of the ball. Need to play better. That's what I know.
  6. NebraskaHarry

    Nebraska is a 5 point favorite vs Minnesota

    Nebraska beats Minnesota. Score will be around 37 to 24.
  7. NebraskaHarry

    It’s All Hypothetical.

  8. NebraskaHarry

    What Did We Learn? - Wisconsin

    Sometimes when I get upset, I like to take a step back and ask myself. Is this worth getting upset about?
  9. You'd think that kind of play and effort would embarrass coaches. People, opposing teams, and what not look at that and think, "wow, that's the product you put out on the field?"
  10. NebraskaHarry

    What Did We Learn? - Wisconsin

    Okay, okay let's not overreact now. Let's just have Nebraska beat them next year. No need to come off as being sensitive.
  11. Gotta stop playing 21. Theres very little effort in his play time and time again.
  12. NebraskaHarry

    What Did We Learn? - Wisconsin

    Which makes it all the more crazy given he didn't play football in high school last year because of injury.
  13. Fine by me. Young seems to put himself more often out of the play. Usually chasing ball carriers from behind instead of attacking from ahead.