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  1. Would you want this guy ever as your lawyer? Yeesh.
  2. If you go back to my post you'll notice that I said I don't mind you posting these videos.
  3. You know for someone like yourself who complains about the fake media, you're really not much different.
  4. I don't mind you posting these kind of videos, but wonder why you didn't/don't make these type of posts about Republicans, particularly during Trump's time? What's your agenda, here?
  5. Under 60? I'll take that bet on the over. That sounds like easy money.
  6. It certainly appears it's about falling in line or risk being eaten alive by the new Trump Party.
  7. Misery? No. Frustration? Lots of the time, yes. I hope Nebraska basketball doesn't make you feel miserable? If so, I would recommend not watching it, either.
  8. Hey, I'll enjoy or not enjoy it how ever I want, thank you very much. I think they're not very good. You think they're not very good. The difference is in the expectations, I guess?
  9. God, I want this team to prove me wrong, but I just don't think they are good. If that makes me a bad fan, then so be it.
  10. I don't know about the learning how to win thing. Folks been saying that about Nebraska basketball for decades now and they haven't won a thing of significance in that entire time. When I watch this team, I see glimmers of hope to be shattered by inconsistency. I'm glad there are lots of optimists in here, but this team's inconsistency suggests to me that I should probably expect a crushing loss next game and not expect too much. That's what my eyes are telling.
  11. Like I said, happy they won. But other than that, this might be their last win of the season if they don't clean it up.
  12. I hope they do mentally grasp it. But the fact that they continue to consistently break down at moments throughout the game leads me to believe they just can't handle it. Lazy passes, not boxing out, not hustling back on defense. Shooting the basketball is hard enough for them, yet, they can't do the basics consistently.
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