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  1. Creighton is gonna break Tim Miles and every Huskers fans hearts again. Just watch Creighton light up the second half while Nebraska comes out cold.
  2. Take Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. The Big 10 certainly doesn't need Texas and no need to take Kansas. So they're good at Basketball? Meh, the Big 10 has lots of good teams and is a well respected conference in regards to basketball. Adding Kansas isn't going to change that. In fact, makes it harder for other schools (Nebraska), imo. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State is the way to go.
  3. NebraskaHarry

    Bracketology 2019

    I can't believe Nebraska lost that game last night. I mean I can, but Tim Miles gave it away. Bad.
  4. Because we don't play defense and Tim Miles sucks. I'll drink to that.
  5. I don't know if you're trying to disagree with me or not.
  6. I can't believe how incredibly pissed off I am about this game. I had to walk outside and literally cool off, because all game long I could see the writing on the wall. Nebraska wasn't gonna win and it's because Tim Miles doesn't have a f****** clue how to adjust. He's standing over there just hoping it will work itself out. No adjustments. None. F%&#!!! I'm gonna go stand outside a little longer.
  7. I'm over Tim Miles. Dude sucks as a coach. All Minnesota did was drive the entire game. Couldn't stop it. Didn't even try zone. Dude sucks as a coach.
  8. Palmer's defense cost Nebraska this game.
  9. No rebounding. Can't stop them attacking the basket. Nebraska gonna lose this game if they can't adjust and play better defense.
  10. Piss poor defense. Absolute crap.
  11. NebraskaHarry

    First-Year Coaching Grades

    I'm grading Frost on a Pass/Fail grading system. PASSED
  12. NebraskaHarry

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    I really wish Nebraska had someone better than Chinander.