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  1. Maybe they measured him with his cleats and helmet on?
  2. What do you mean? Haters he's always had? Why would they do that?
  3. What mistake? I'm trying to figure out what you're getting at here. Looks like a Charlie from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia conspiracy theory to me so far.
  4. I'm going with 8 wins for the middle. Could be 6, could be 10.
  5. I know this, you can call it a typo or whatever excuse you want to make, but you were wrong. Regardless if you don't or didn't think about it.
  6. I'd also wonder how many Republicans wont vote because they think the elections are rigged so what's the point.
  7. I pleasantly watched the game until overtime. As soon as they went to OT I couldn't do it. Right before Lat went to the free throw line to extend the lead, its just that bad feeling you know something is going to go horribly wrong. Turned the tv off, checked that score about 20 minutes or so later and saw they lost.
  8. Honestly, when it came to the government handing out stimulus checks, I wish it would have been possible to see how people would have responded to getting vaccinated if that was the requirement for getting your check. Granted vaccine wasnt available yet and Trump was in charge at the time, but it would be interesting to see the response.
  9. That excuse is being made by those who wouldn't get the vaccine anyway. This might sound surprising but if no one was telling them to get the shot, they still wouldn't get the shot.
  10. FFS. I swear the vaccines could be 99.999999999% safe and if one person out of 1 billion people got covid after being vaccinated, dip$%^&s like this tool would throw up their arms and say what's the point.
  11. Oh the irony. How often I have heard far right Republicans proclaiming antifa infiltrating republican agendas to create chaos. Far right, far left, just stfu.
  12. Yeah! I mean, granted college has become more expensive and most things are costing more in general, and student debt is much more than it used to be... Look I agree, that entire student loan forgiveness is probably unattainable, but when even $10,000 forgiveness for each student was being thrown out. I was on board with it. The fact that that hasn't been pushed harder for $10,000 student loan forgiveness has soured me a bit. I dont thing that's unreasonable forgiveness given the price of things for many these days.
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