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  1. (Squints towards the horizon) Here comes the lawyers.
  2. That is extremely disturbing to watch and a completely unnecessary outcome. Disgusting actions by individuals who are supposed to serve and protect you. Does shooting a homeless man a bunch of times make anyone feel safer? God, I hope not.
  3. Wow, what a haymaker from Lindy Li's twitter. She even has 4,000 followers so color me in impressed with this impressive bit of news.
  4. Regular Games : Bahamas Buffalo v Charlotte 7 Frisco Utah State v Kent State 7 New Mexico Central Michigan v San Diego State 7 Cure Liberty v Georgia Southern 3 Boca Raton SMU v Florida Atlantic 3 Camellia Florida International v Arkansas State 3 Las Vegas Boise State v Washington 7 New Orleans Appalachian State v UAB 10 Gasparilla UCF v Marshall 14 Hawai'i Hawai'i v BYU 10 Independence Louisiana Tech v Miami 1 Quick Lane Pittsburgh v Eastern Michigan 7 Military North Carolina v Temple 1 Texas Oklahoma State v Texas A&M 10 Cheez-It Air Force v Washington State 3 Camping World Notre Dame v Iowa State 9 First Responder Western Kentucky v Western Michigan 7 Music City Mississippi State v Louisville 10 Belk Virginia Tech v Kentucky 3 Sun Florida State v Arizona State 10 Liberty Navy v Kansas State 6 Arizona Wyoming v Georgia State 14 Alamo Utah v Texas 10 Birmingham Boston College v Cincinnati 7 Idaho Potato Ohio v Nevada 10 Armed Forces Southern Mississippi v Tulane 7 Lendingtree Louisiana v Miami (OH) 7 Double Point Games: Pinstripe Michigan State v Wake Forest 7 Holiday USC v Iowa 10 Redbox California v Illinois 3 Outback Minnesota v Auburn 14 Citrus Michigan v Alabama 14 Gator Indiana v Tennessee 1 Triple Point Games: Cotton Memphis v Penn State 10 Orange Florida v Virginia 10 Rose Oregon v Wisconsin 7 Sugar Georgia v Baylor 7 Quadruple Point Game: Peach Oklahoma v LSU 3 Fiesta Clemson v Ohio State 3 Quintuple Point Game: National Champion LSU 1
  5. Watching South Dakota State today. They were not good. Nebraska should have a clinic on them.
  6. I can already tell this thread is gonna get out of control.
  7. This is an overreaction and why I hate people starting threads like this with a 'I heard from a guy who heard from a guy.'
  8. Theres no doubt I have been hard on the o-line in the past. But I thought they've actually improved since the start of the season. I have hope they'll continue to improve.
  9. I have high hopes for the underclassman
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