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  1. Watching South Dakota State today. They were not good. Nebraska should have a clinic on them.
  2. I can already tell this thread is gonna get out of control.
  3. This is an overreaction and why I hate people starting threads like this with a 'I heard from a guy who heard from a guy.'
  4. Theres no doubt I have been hard on the o-line in the past. But I thought they've actually improved since the start of the season. I have hope they'll continue to improve.
  5. I have high hopes for the underclassman
  6. He sucked when it mattered. Also we cant have a defense sucking that bad at the beginning and putting them behind. But yes most of the middle was pretty good.
  7. Frost had a long leash after he was hired. I still think he has the same amount even after today. Next year is when we will start to see it shrink or not.
  8. Part of the reason. A big part of the reason.
  9. I'd take either Taylor or Armstrong over Adrian at his point for sure.
  10. Well Moos... no 6 wins. You and Frost really screwed the pooch on all that trash talking and people are laughing at us.
  11. Make it a fair race but my eyes tell me Luke is better currently and will be better than all other QBs next year.
  12. When the announcers and 100,00s of football fans are clamoring that something is off with Martinez and it shows on the field... theres something wrong. I cant tell if Frost is just trying to prove a point to show he knows more or what. At one point I was actually kind of hoping Adrian was just slightly hurt enough where he couldn't keep playing. Not end his career or anything, just the game so McCaffery could take over cause I knew Frost wasn't gonna take him out and Martinez wasn't gonna do anything. Point in case why we lost today.
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