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  1. Nice to see Nebraska have multiple players who can score. Nice to get the win, but man, Nebraska was shooting themselves in the foot with all those charge fouls.
  2. We cant keep firing head coaches after 3-4 seasons. Frost needs his 7 Moos offered him, but we can dream as fans about better assistant coaches.
  3. Go get a QB who can hit wide open WRs is the first step. Followed by firing a few assistant coaches.
  4. I keep winning money betting against Nebraska.
  5. Didnt watch game after second offensive series. Looked on ESPN and saw we lost to Iowa again. Who would have thought Frost was as bad or worse than Riley.
  6. It's nice to see a lot of posters agree and come to the same conclusion about Luke as a QB. At least that's what my and a lot of other poster's eyes are telling us. He's a talented athlete, no doubt about it, but he's not a QB. I see a potential NFL WR type talent with Luke.
  7. I have no idea who is running the show on offense, but if it's not Lubick, Frost needs to swallow his pride and ask for help and let Lubick take some control. That said, I keep thinking about this offense. Man, if we just had a QB who could consistently and accurately throw the ball down the field, I truly believe this offense could give defenses fits. I think the O-line is good enough, I think the RB's are good enough, I think we have some good WR's and TE's. We just need a QB to figure this out. As for Defense... I'm not sure what else you do besides getting a legitimate DC at t
  8. Yeah, I think you go back to Martinez at QB personally. Luke just isn't accurate (plus other things) enough to be a QB. But, as for Luke, move him at WR. Like tomorrow. Throw footballs and run routes with him all day every day and I think he could be one of Nebraska's best WR's by the end of his college career (assuming Martinez or any of our future QB's can throw further than 10-15 yards down field). From watching Luke play, to me this is a no brainer. Kid is too talented to be an okay QB when he can be a great WR. Martinez needs to take the pressure off himself and let the ball
  9. I'm as pissed off as much as the next guy, but Frost was given a 7 year coaching deal for $35 million after all. Surely he'll have at least one good season out of those 7 years, right?
  10. Vedral having a good game so far.
  11. There is no doubt in my mind, if Scott Frost doesn't improve and get to a bowl game next year his coaching seat will be in trouble. Personally, I'd try to ride it out to the 7 year mark after the 20 year roller coaster we've been on, but it would be hard to ignore empty seats and lost donations.
  12. Dude, I'm gonna make so much money next week. I'm betting everything I have on Iowa.
  13. Maybe you're being sarcastic, but bulls***. Mistakes even at full speed continuing to happen game after game suggests to me a lack of preparation and focus. That should be unacceptable.
  14. Offensively, the thing really holding Nebraska back today was QB play. McCaffery isn't QB. He doesn't have the arm strength and he doesn't have the accuracy. Even with the game plan Frost came in with today, if Nebraska had a QB who could make those throws downfield, I see no reason why they couldn't have had 40+ points today. I like McCaffery, but he's an athlete better suited at WR where he has the best opportunity for the NFL. Defensively, based on what I think a competent QB mentioned above is able to do, scoring at least 40 points against Illinois SHOULD be more than enough to
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