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  1. It does make one wonder about the amount of Russian infiltration/sympathy within America.
  2. Yeah I guess I was curious as well. Other than here and there news articles and YouTube videos I'm not sure if there is a perfect resource to use.
  3. Where have you tried looking for up to date information on the war in Ukraine?
  4. Republicans: It's a real laptop! Told ya! It's full of pics of Hunter's d!(k. But it's a real laptop! Is that it? Am I missing anything? Whatever happened of the Biden's business dealings in Ukraine? Or China? Or whatever other theories Republicans were pushing at the time?
  5. You ever been to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, they might as well call it the TGIF airport.
  6. That ship is gone, probably much like her hope of buying and owning her own home someday.
  7. That's nice. Was that France or Poland that elected him?
  8. Something confusing to you why a country being invaded during war wouldn't hold elections? How many European countries didn't have elections during WW2.
  9. Regardless of which way the media spins it Noem gave up on the dog because she didn't want to put the effort in to improve it. I've had a young dog kill a chicken before. Its normal for a young hunting dog and its certainly possible to change the behavior that doesnt involve killing the dog. And as someone with a wirehaired pointer in my family, Noem can eat a turd.
  10. Your logic hurts a lot more people than it protects. Congrats to you on being worse than the actual problem.
  11. Not only that but it makes it harder for doctors to do their job and parents/mothers to grieve when an actual abortion is necessary. Based on what Archy wants here he's obviously never had to go through the pain of experiencing an abortion with his partner or someone close to him. Instead he makes up $%^& that literally doesn't happen the way he thinks it happens. He wants to be political while other people just want to live their life (who actually affects) without getting punished for things they can't control.
  12. It's pretty sick that Archy spews nonsense like this all time. Just about 99 percent of abortions happen before 21 weeks and most of the terminations at or after 21 weeks were very wanted pregnancies but resulted in serious fetal anomalies. Im no doctor but common sense tells me if someone is actually considering "aborting" a healthy baby one day before expected natural birth, they're probably in labor and it's called giving birth at this point.
  13. Insurrection Barbie putting in work for Mattel, Inc to keep her bosses from getting taxed.
  14. Okay I'll bite. What's your opinion on an alternative to the situation?
  15. I pretty sure as soon has the fire hit his skin he knew that was a bad idea.
  16. The US should leave NATO before European NATO countries send troops to Ukraine? Is that what you are saying?
  17. Well until you or someone figures that out, I'm not sure we have anything here.
  18. What bank loans did Stewart receive based on the evaluation of his former penthouse?
  19. ^ Boy, spend years complaining about fake news. Complain when you don't get fake news. That's the extreme right for ya. Trying to "challenge" Ronna would require Ronna to acquire some common sense. Given that seems unlikely based on the number if years of already trying to do that, you would have better luck pulling a unicorn riding leprechaun out of her rear.
  20. Everything else aside, the voice alone is enough for me to not want to vote for him.
  21. I for one am looking forward to hearing all the stories of how much of a douche Johnny Manzell was at this game.
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