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  1. Solich curse down, that leaves us just with the Pelini curse.
  2. At least we're healthy on defense. Hate to say it, but Nebraska needs to pull an Iowa here. Rely on the defense and help the defense out by burning clock and not turning the ball over on offense. And maybe if the football gods are favorable to Nebraska, the defense can get 2 or 3 turnovers and Nebraska can pull off a 17-14 or 20-17 win out of no where.
  3. Cheap shot worthy of a flag? Yes. Dirty play? Yeah, if he's head or knee hunting, which wasnt the case here. Honestly, getting hit in the stomach/chest area and getting that hurt from it seems kind of like a fluke. When i saw it live, i thought he just got the wind knocked out of him from a cheap shot. If you think that was a dirty play, then Kenny Bell's hit on that Wisconsin player would be a dirty play. Which it was not. Cheap, yeah. But keep your head on a swivel young man.
  4. Good teaching moment, but honestly just happy Piper put a hat on somebody in the second level. Especially during the play and not after.
  5. It's obvious the defense is Nebraska's strength, so the offense needs to help the defense more by not turning the ball over, controlling the clock, and better 1st down efficiency. Way too many times during the Northern Illinois game where, imo poor play calling, ended with the offense with a 2nd and 12 or 2nd and 15. There's nothing wrong with gaining 3 yards on 1st and 10. But playing with 2nd and long is going to hurt against better competition.
  6. Cheering for this team is not worth it. Just give the keys to John Cook and tell him to do the best he can. Turn the stadium into a volleyball stadium for all i care. In the age of NIL and all of this money, I just can't believe these coaches and players are what we get to watch.
  7. This is just the same Frost and Riley coached teams.
  8. Fox in my part of the country can't apparently handle the viewership because the channel keeps freezing. So can't even watch the game. Channel just a frozen screen.
  9. Colorado "we coming" Nebraska "we running" I agree. Run early, run often, run all game.
  10. I know there are a lot of posters here who think this is an automatic loss for Nebraska. For me I like this match-up and this Nebraska Colorado game reminds me of when Nebraska would play Wisconsin. On paper Nebraska would have what would appear as faster, more athletic players. Then game time comes and their RB runs for 400+ or Nebraska gets trounced 71-31. And the thing that would stick out to me during those games was how fundamentally sound and physical Wisconsin was. That needs to me Nebraska against Colorado. 11 guys playing fundamental, physical team football. On defense make Colorado have to try to run through you. On offense, just the opposite. Run right at Colorado all game long. Wear em down just like Wisconsin has done to Nebraska. By the 2nd half, I truly believe Nebraska can get l Colorado to tap out. I don't know if that's going to happen, but it can happen if Nebraska's coaches and players can get their $%^& together. Nebraska can beat Colorado.
  11. If Nebraska plays Big10 football, Nebraska can beat Colorado.
  12. Sanders offense is similar to Frosts offense in scheme. Better execution so far though.
  13. I'm disappointed in the clock management aspect. I was hoping they were past that or at least better than that once this new staff started. But nope, just as bad. Usng up 2 timeouts in the 2nd half early comes to mind. Need to hole onto those with under 2 minutes. That 3 and out drive in the 4th comes to mind. The other is the last O drive where Simms threw his INT to pretty much lose the game. No need to hurry or throw. Same old same old.
  14. I'm so tired of watching this BS game after game.
  15. Can't decide what pisses me off more. The fact the Big10 officials clearly miss a TD or that horrible pass by Sims.
  16. The guy looks like he sees the grim reaper at back of the reporters. He's a horrible politician but ya got to feel bad for the old guy.
  17. That reminded me of the time back in elementary. Must have been 5th grade and we're playing football at recess. I'm at QB scrambling to find someone open and I see one of my teammates wide open standing in the back of the end zone. No one around him. Only thing is this kid had a tendency to day dream quite a bit and he was just standing there blank faced. How he could run 10-15 yards, stop, and go into day dream mode that fast? I don't know, but he had a gift. Anyway, with him standing there like a statue staring blankly right at me, I rip off probably the best tight spiral of my life. I wouldn't say the hardest pass, but it had some good zip. And it hit him straight of the nose. Blood everywhere. Black and blue like Marcia Brady the next day. We didn't win the game that day, but damn that was a nice pass.
  18. It's almost like he didn't even read what you posted Dr. Strangelove.
  19. Can you tell that to the Republicans
  20. The khakis boys were looking a little dizzy at the end of that.
  21. When I went it for knee surgery I told the doctor not to bother with that mask he was trying to wear.
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