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  1. Wasn't Frost $5million a year for 7 years? That's half of $10 million, right? Someone bust the gif out of doing the math equations and tell me I'm right. If my calculations are true, is that close?
  2. Mmmm, he and his staff certainly did better this year, buuuuut that run defense against wisconsin and iowa sucked. I'm still not sold on Chinander like many on here. Our LBs without Domann looked like they were swimming. The lack of pressure our defende gets on QBs is also concerning to me.
  3. ap·a·thy noun lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. If I had any apathy for this team, why would I waste 3.5-4 hours watching them? I'm sick of hearing that word being tossed out because some fans think other fans are okay with giving Frost another year. If Frost fails to win 8 games next year, you'll get your wish and Frost will be fired. Gaurantee. Then as Nebraska fans we can go through this whole head coaching cycle again and get to watch probably another staff fail to please us.
  4. Except they didnt play well enough for Nebraska to win. Else they would have won otherwise.
  5. Well the LBs imo didnt do any favors either. Frankly, Heinrich is vastly overrated.
  6. Can we talk about Chinander? WTF defense was that today against a sh#### Iowa offense? Defense was getting gashed by the run game all day.
  7. Same. Next year I'm going bigger. I'll probably do it for the most if not all of the games.
  8. Felt like the whole team let us down this game. Defense. They were gashed all day on Iowa's run game. Stop. The. Run. Ffs. Special teams. Cant let a punt be blocked. Period. Offense. Take care of the ball, damn it.
  9. Rabble, rabble, rabble. I'm mad. Seriously, you not gonna watch Nebraska play football next season? Not gonna buy that tshirt you normally would if they were better? What you gonna do?... See ya next year.
  10. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the money I banked betting on Iowa to win.
  11. New OC already out recruiting
  12. Yeesh. 14th best in the conference at best from what I see. Wash, rinse, repeat with Nebraska mens basketball.
  13. I dont know what everyone else was watching, buy clearly the defense let us down this game. Sure, sure those two ints sucked. Hard. But the defense was damn awful today.
  14. Frost can coach the WRs and QBs. Give brown the rb coach position. And go hir two oline coaches ffs.
  15. It's almost like this team doesnt watch game film. Everything wisconsin does is not a surprise. They do this every year for the last 20 years.
  16. Defense sucks. Wisconsin is going to ram it down their throats.
  17. You have to have three huge mamajamas on the defensive line to stop this Wisconsin offense.
  18. Weak defense. Broyles award my a$$ for Chinander. Defense cant stop anything.
  19. Watching this Wisconsin game and I'm not sold Chinander is a great defensive coordinator like many think he is.
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