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  1. Scratchtown

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    I like it. He will do well
  2. I haven’t been on here in quite some time. My opinion on this is kind of “meh”. Everyone does it. Just don’t get caught. You’re oblivious to kids if you honestly think they are gunna go into their rooms and study all the time like good little boys. This isn’t a big deal and shouldn’t be treated as one
  3. Scratchtown

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    FWIW. As was stated earlier. Playing defense is always tougher when your offense is an up tempo style. I used to love up tempo back when it was becoming new. However, procedures have been added for defenses to slow the pace down due to substitution and or "injury". I seriously look at Oregon. They have dramatically slowed down their pace even though they are still a spread offense, and the defense has improved all the way up to 37th nationally in total defense. Oregon, this season, under Cristobal have consistently ground out 15 play 6 minute drives that give their defense rest. So while tempo can give the offense gaudy numbers, but it also destroys the defensive numbers. If you don't like shoot outs where you have to outscore opponents then you're never going to be happy with Frost. There hasn't been an actual up tempo style team that has had great defense. Also. Tempo does NOT equal "Spread"
  4. Scratchtown

    When will the penalties stop?

    Fwiw quick turn around in the penalty dept is possible. Cristobal at Oregon has fixed it there. For years Oregon has been one of the highest penalized teams and that is also true when Frost was there.
  5. Scratchtown

    Is Scott Frost Following The Barry Alvarez Blueprint?

    In this day and age would Scott Frost survive a 1-11 season with two more losing seasons to follow before the turnaround? I would stick with Frost even if it took 7+ years. I can't speak for anyone else, however.
  6. Scratchtown


    If you guys honestly think Oklahoma went into that game fired up for ARMY, and VaTech came into a game fired up about a winless OLD DOMINION (who had been beaten by LIberty by 35+) then I don't know how you don't come to the conclusion of what I previously posted. There are a lot of people on here that would then say, it's the coaches fault for not getting the kids fired up. That's BS. With the information available out there and the way kids think of themselves, looking at results of their opponents previous games etc... You don't understand. You can say all you want to a kid about playing with fire, and passion and all that stuff, but REALISTICALLY as the title of this thread says, those kids will think they can just walk all over a group that has struggled. Which in this day and age is FAR AND AWAY less true than it was 20 years ago due to the training these HS kids get all over the country compared to years ago. 85 scholly's yada yada yada. You combine all of that together. That's how you get Army and Old Dominion able to compete or BEAT Oklahoma's and VaTech's
  7. Scratchtown


    Yes. I think he did.
  8. Scratchtown


    So, you think that Nebraska is a program that should have underdog mentality and the opponent should treat us as such a terrible program that they come out with no fire against us. ok.
  9. It's going to be hard to recover the season. It likely won't due to these kids last 3 years in the program. They needed to win that Colorado game to get the ball rolling. It's like this in HS and in college. The kids who have been losing, as soon as it gets bad the demeanor turns into that of a whipped puppy. Tails between the legs, etc.... It's literally the worst possible start to the Frost Era and that's not because of 0-3, it's because now the buy in is questioned. These kids don't know anything but how to lose.
  10. Scratchtown

    Offensive Playcalling Thoughts?

    I don’t know who ever said that but I’ve never agreed with that statement. That could have been true 10 years ago when the spread started to come into the game
  11. Scratchtown

    Offensive Playcalling Thoughts?

    It’s not the play calling. If you think it is-you need more lessons in how football works. the OL is the worst I’ve EVER seen. You can’t put the best skill guys and QB to ever play the game behind our line and succeed. pitiful
  12. Scratchtown

    Dirty Hit on Adrian Martinez?

    I was more intrigued what 44 was doing after 53 gets up. It looks like he may have been twisting an ankle or whatever at the end there. Obviously can't see for sure but I'd assume he was unnecessarily flagrant.
  13. Scratchtown

    Frost Mismanaged Clock like Riley

    Oh god here we go. Fire Scott Frost. not like he has to rebuild this dumpster fire he inherited or anything. if you’re a tempo team and start bleeding the clock, you never pick up first downs. Trust me as you all know I’m the biggest Oregon guy on the board. You have to stay the same as you practice. Go after the first downs. If we bleed the clock and still lose you find something different to blame Frost for. It’s how fanhood and football works. Were gunna be fine
  14. Scratchtown

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    42 mins for Arizona/Houston to finish this game. Roughly
  15. Scratchtown

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    So slow. Bet they don’t move the game. It’ll be ours that starts on espn news or whatever before the move a game in progress