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  1. It’s Fordham. What was there to learn? Illinois just got beat by UTSA. UCLA just beat the pants off LSU and they only threw the ball 16 times. What I learned is that until Nebraska becomes PHYSICAL….it’s not going to happen the way we want it to.
  2. You guys are nuts to think they won’t get invited. The benefit for the conference supersedes any sour grapes from TAMU
  3. They aren’t winning national championships anyway. Might as well get paid
  4. When the big10 expands they are going to have to grab schools that have wrestling. I have never found out for sure but always been told it’s in the bylaws. So unless Kansas or whoever were to add wrestling, they aren’t coming to the Big 10.
  5. Any interest in a 32 team dynasty fantasy league? Let me know and I'll get you the link! - No defense!

    1. teachercd


      If you had defense...I would pick Covid.

    2. Danny Bateman
  6. I'm saying that you proposed it at the betterment of one player but that also detriments another. So it comes to be moot anyway. Funny how you are defending yourself rather than just turn the light bulb on and realize this is a stupid possibility. It's going to hurt Nebraska more than help - but I guess if we can benefit 1 kid then lets do it.
  7. So that way - when they transfer they can go make someone else "ride the pine" It's like the idiot parent who starts going after the coach about playing time - well the moment the coach starts engaging about it, he starts talking about someone else's kid's playing time. This is a dumb thing to propose and hopefully it gets shot down. Unbelievable. This will hurt Nebraska more than it will help.


    NCAA votes to immediately amend current playoff structure to 8 teams




    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. JoeHuskers!
    3. HuskerInLostWages


      If you're banned, and it might be well worth it, I shall shed no tear and I will give you up.

    4. Scratchtown


      Love you all! Lol

  9. Demas is so good. Red doesn’t ever seem to wrestle his best till the lights are bright anyway. I expect Red to have a great season after January
  10. Watching Wyoming last night. They look better than Nebraska
  11. Well were headed for 4-8. Why not get some youth in there. Oregon's DB's who are regarded as top15-20 group in the country have all been starting since day one. Lenoir, Pickett, Graham Jr, They weren't very good as freshman but they are pretty good now.
  12. Husker wrestling is getting stronger. I gotta give it to Manning. I was upset with him after Green and Kokesh didn't even make finals, but I think this year, we could really make some noise at the national tournament. Which i'll be going to this year, which is super exciting.
  13. Bama just locked themselves into the playoff. Congrats for not winning the division. AGAIN, and being allowed a shot at the natty. 


    I freaking hate college football post season.

    1. CheeseHusker


      If there's one thing I don't like about the playoff is that it has essentially made a game like this meaningless. Both of these teams will make it and Alabama will probably win, because the first game loser almost always seems to win the rematch in these situations.


    2. Scratchtown


      The thing is. I’d be fine with it if they put some requirements with how it’s only 4 teams.


      like you HAVE TO at least be a division winner. Although I’d like for it to be limited to conference champion. Regardless if that champion is 10-3 or not. 

      The committee has devalued certain conferences and I don’t think that’s right. 

    3. CheeseHusker


      It just makes me nuts that they get a second chance seemingly every year. Part of it I will admit is personal jealously. Our 1982 and 1983 squads didn't get second chances. All those teams that lost to Oklahoma in the final seconds never got second chances. I think Osborne woulda won five or six titles with this format, but I digress....


  14. Back during the time after we fired Pelini. I was all on the Fleck train, with every goofy antic he has. He's a players coach. Plus building Western Michigan is 100 times more impressive than UCF, considering the geographics. That statement is by no means ill will toward Frost. I think he's the right guy as I was all about him coming home too, but i'd like to see him bring energy by changing up the assistants some. I'd also like to see him go out and get some analysts like other schools do by bringing in former head coaches. I mean Butch Jones is at Alabama! Schiano is at OSU. I get the sense that Frost is a control guy though, and that he doesn't want others opinion. (totally unfounded comment and completely non factual opinion)
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