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  1. I am sorry, but I am not sure why you are quoting me. I wear a mask in public and I don't have a problem doing it. I also wash my hands regularly and stay at least 6 feet away from people that aren't in my household. Depending on the situation I may stay even further away from people. When I do need to go to work, I have a job in IT, I try and stay in my office or away from others. I don't see this as a threat to my liberty in anyway. I just don't see any similarities to the situation at hand and the picture that was posted. Thanks for the education, I guess.
  2. It doesn't represent the situation in any way.
  3. I am 100% sure I would die if I went into a fire like this. There is a low probability I would die if I went into work and contracted covid-19. Sometimes I don't understand people on either side of the whole covid-19 "arguments". I am starting to think individuals post stuff like this just to piss people off.
  4. We are on two different timelines and we will only know if their approach worked when we look back after all this is over. One common thread between the US and Sweden is the impact this virus has on long term care facilities and other populations.
  5. Interesting take. I mean there was more that went into Haskins starting over Burrow, but lets just forget about Burrow injuring his hand and Haskins coming off the bench and winning the Michigan game. I am just glad that it worked out well for Haskins and Burrow.
  6. I would assume they do not have adequate testing nor do they have adequate healthcare to meet the demands of those with the virus. I am following a few Caribbean countries where they lack the ability to social distance and have little to no healthcare. For example, Haiti has 16 total reported cases with less than 70 ICU beds and working ventilators for 11 million people. We will find out real fast how herd immunity works with coronavirus in countries like this. They are predicting more deaths in Haiti due to coronavirus than the earthquake in 2010. That would put estimates above 100k deaths in Haiti. If you look at the Dominican Republic, which has better healthcare, you will see they have 1,200+ cases and I bet that is well below what they actually have.
  7. Even if they retool, wouldn't it be months before they would have something ready to go? I think any medical device mfg. would need to be tested and then approved by the government. I don't know what is worse, having no ventilator or having one that doesn't work right. Hopefully we as a country/world don't have a short term memory about this. We need to think critically about our healthcare system and where PPE/equipment is made. We are only setup for a regional events and not a world wide event like this.
  8. Some colleges will do anything to pay the bills.
  9. That may be true. I know people at the other end of the spectrum, highly educated people, that are asking around for all natural ways to combat the virus. Spoiler alert..there isn't enough fish oil or whatever you want to try that will kill this. Then you have those with essential oils....I don't even know what to do with them. I don't know why some of you are so mad at Trump right now. You wanted him to embrace science and it sounds like he wants to embrace natural selection...what is the big deal. /sarcasm
  10. They took cloroquine that was meant to clean fish tanks? I understand that Trump said this was a possible part of the treatment, but why would anyone take something meant for a tank? I have taken cloroquine many time for malaria prevention and still have some hydroxycholoroquine left over from a cancelled trip, but there is no way I'm taking it without my doctor telling me to. It is safe when using the correct dosage.
  11. We will know in within the next couple of weeks if this claim is correct. It wouldn't surprise me if it turns out to be true. I feel that this is also the case for many other parts of the country.
  12. We differ in many ways with Iran (they have much less hospital capacity and living conditions are vastly different) and Italy (average age is 12 years older than the US and I believe the oldest population in the EU). Our federal government has not prepared for this, but I feel that Governors need to step in and take action. Ohio is limiting gatherings and canceling schools across the state even though we have few confirmed cases (I am sure we have many cases we don't know about yet). What is taking other states so long?
  13. Most Ohio colleges and universities are in the process of moving all classes online. OHSAA has basically made indoor events from here on out closed to fans (I think it is just parents and essential personnel). This is a big deal since the girls state tournament is this week and the boys state tournament is next week. k-12 schools are also starting to tell teachers to plan their remote strategies. It will be interesting to see what the NCAA does for the basketball tournament. First four games are in Dayton and the first and second rounds are in Cleveland. The MAC has already restricted attendance to their tournament in Cleveland.
  14. Interesting that they are opening this up to tall student athletes. On the football front, OSU has been doing this since 2018.
  15. Why? Does everything need to be a debate? No country is comparable in the majority world to the US. I don't see how that has anything to do with the general statement I made. Keep up the good fight.
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