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  1. I find it interesting that Archy has said that Pfizer's vaccine is the best in a few posts even though there are vaccines that are just as good. A lot of this depends on availability and what region of the world you are in. Pfizer's vaccine would have major distribution problems in many places of the world. So for some a mRNA vaccine isn't the best for them. Saying that, I don't think I would take a new vaccine developed in China right now.
  2. Not only that, it isn't often to have something so prevalent in the population that you can figure out if it works or not at this speed. Also, there were a lot of people around the world willing to volunteer for the trials. Those two things combined with governments basically writing blank checks certainly speeds things up.
  3. Maybe companies will start instituting mandatory testing every couple days unless you get vaccinated. Ohio did this with long term care facilities. For a while now, if you worked at one of them, you were tested a few times a week. Ohio revised the rules to say only unvaccinated employees had to test that often. I am sure some employees changed their mind after those rules came out.
  4. At this point my money is on divorces and maybe murder-suicides. Wow, that sounds morbid.
  5. I didn't have any experience with them. I do however wonder what this will do with our space junk problem. As for the comment by @VectorVictor about copper networks, I ask why not use some of the infrastructure in place to deliver a better solution. I am all for fiber but there is a lot of copper in place already. https://www.cablelabs.com/technologies/docsis-4-0-technology Now we just need to get rid of data caps.
  6. Or we could lift any embargos on vaccine raw materials and let places like India make their own. We can argue about this all day but I don't want to. I am just saying it isn't as cut and dry as sending it to another country and feeling good about ourselves.
  7. As long as you include some bowling balls for the poor orphans.
  8. I wish the US didn't do a hard stop on the J&J vaccine, but as of right now it is not being used in the US so that is why I called it a reject. Other countries may very well take whatever we can give them and be very happy with it. However, lets not act like all of our "help" that we have given to the majority world has been in good faith since sometimes we do pass along our rejects and/or trash. I am just saying that it might be framed that way in other countries.
  9. I can see how this will go....so we give the rest of the world our rejects that we aren't willing to approve.
  10. That is a matter of perspective. A vaccine you can transport and provide just about anywhere in the world looks like it doesn't suck to me. It is nothing short of amazing given the time constraints. From COVID at least even though that number might come down a little bit over time. Still amazing.
  11. I don't think it sucks. It keeps people out of the hospital and can be administered without crazy storage requirements. A year ago this would have been better than we could have hoped for in such a short time frame. Again, politicians (both political parties) and some medical experts are terrible at messaging.
  12. We may have enough mrna vaccines but it is about the messaging. People will equate this with other vaccines, I have already seen this on social media, and it will cause more vaccine hesitation. Also, I can't wait until we try to send the J&J or AZ vaccine overseas and get beat up about sending an "unsafe" vaccine. We can't just send out the current mrna vaccines most places overseas because of the storage requirements.
  13. The messaging around the vaccine rollout has been horrible and at some point we stopped caring about statistics.
  14. I would take a class with Beilein teaching it. Same goes for Thad Matta. I bet they both have some great stories. Are you trying to reference a certain leadership class at OSU?
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