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  1. Ummm....Maybe Day did? https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2020/08/115658/ryan-day-says-big-ten-canceling-season-now-would-be-abrupt-ohio-state-will-look-at-every-option-if-season-is
  2. One of your shorter posts, congrats. I am glad you were in the room for the vote and know for fact how everything went down. Also, Day has been very consistent his message about playing this fall. If there was a vote, it would be interesting who is calling the shots at OSU since their new president doesn't start until the 24th.
  3. Give a finger to the NCAA and make a NCAA 2.0? Basketball and other sports would be a lot less interesting. Why should we blow up the current model just because of football?
  4. I wonder what percentage of the population in Italy contracted actually the virus. Could it have started to burn out at some point in time? I understand they are also practicing social distancing but it could be the combination of the two (high exposure rate and social distancing).
  5. It also gives time for develop better treatment options and testing.
  6. That cold and flu season might not be as bad since we are already practicing social distancing for COVID.
  7. I think most schools don't want the travel and the increased chance of individuals bringing it back on campus. They understand that just bringing students back on campus is a huge risk. Many schools that are still having in person classes, some have students on campus now, have adjusted their schedules to limit breaks. The presidents understand they can't limit people doing stupid stuff off campus but they will try to limit what they can on campus. The other part of this is protecting the faculty and staff. I sat through a zoom meeting with faculty and staff and there is a real fear about in person classes. Many are older with other health concerns. Undone, I wonder if the cold and flu season will be bad if we all practice social distancing and good hygiene. I mean, if it helps slow the spread of COVID, you would think it would help slow the spread of cold/flu.
  8. I have no clue if OSU did or didn't break the rules so I am not going to sit here and defend OSU or Day. I don't even know what kind of contact coaches were allowed to have up until this point. Some of it depended on the state and local governments. If Harbaugh does have proof, which he said he saw a photo, he should turn it into the B1G offices. He can tell the B1G that he will release the photo or whatever other evidence on twitter if they don't do anything about it.
  9. Harbaugh is the gift that keeps on giving...cleats and all. It is interesting that the genesis of all these articles about this is from a message board post from a Buckeye writer. Wasn't there other people on the call?
  10. The Iowa game is a home game for OSU. The Wisconsin vs Michigan game is in late October. Michigan will be on their typical end of the season slide by that point in time.
  11. Ohio State is playing the conference opponents that have given them the most problems over the last 10 years. Ohio State conference losses since 2012: Purdue, Iowa, Penn State, Michigan State (2x). The Purdue and Iowa losses were embarrassing. Do you want the B1G to add Clemson to the schedule to rub those losses in their face too?
  12. I get the context but I don't get the complaining every single time the schedules are released. The B1G wants Nebraska to be good, it isn't some sort of conspiracy.
  13. OSU plays Iowa on 11/21. Also, most OSU fans worry about Purdue more than most teams in the west.
  14. QQ It is amazing to me that Ohio State dodges Ohio State every single year /sarcasm How would Ohio State and Penn State not play Indiana, Rutgers, and Maryland? Ohio State and Penn State also has to play each other and Michigan. It is how conference division work. The teams in the west always have an easy path to the championship so I really don't understand all the crying.
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