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  1. It would have been interesting to see what happens to Saban if Miami landed Drew Brees. Also, it would have been interesting if Rich Rod wouldn't have turned down Bama. Spurrier was never going to be successful in the NFL.
  2. Please stay away from Hartline, Johnson, Pantoni, and Marotti. - Signed every OSU fan
  3. Are people in your area of Ohio upset about the OSU game or are they still riding the high from the Browns playoff game? Most people I talked to came to the same conclusion as me. OSU got their butts kicked by a much better team. I think the only way OSU would have won that game last night is if Young, Dobbins, and others came back for one last year.
  4. Got beat by a much better team. I thought Bama would win but I didn't think it would be by that much. Congrats Bama.
  5. Dumb? I assume that is how most services operate.
  6. If someone was smart enough to remove the metadata or not have the sensors of their phone recording the metadata, that might make it more difficult to pinpoint stuff. However, most people don't mess with those settings or scrub it from the media file.
  7. Before week 1 ~50% (65 G5 teams) of the team in FBS do not have a shot at the playoffs. After week one ~25% of the P5 teams don't have a shot at the playoffs. But please, tell me how much the regular season matters and how meaningless it would be if everyone had an actual shot to make it to the playoffs at the start of the season. The bowls outside of the playoff don't mean anything now (never really did) and players are opting out. Just wait until that starts happening in the regular season in a non covid year. I would rather have a Cincinnati vs Tulsa game actually mean something and I am su
  8. I am sure they have positive test for the past 6 weeks. However, they have been practicing the last two days. I assume they wouldn't bring in the team in to the Woody if they didn't plan on playing on the 11th.
  9. The regular season was and is irrelevant for most of college football teams. You only want it to be relevant for at most 10 teams every year since I can only assume you think ND is one of those teams. The fact that we have a system that is political that doesn't allow teams like Cincinnati or UCF play for a national championship only keeps the old guard at the top. Play 11 regular season games plus a conference championship game and have an expanded playoff. I am sorry if you think giving up a FCS school somehow dilutes the regular season or if a team loses a game. We don't have to act like it
  10. P5 conference champions (I don't care about the record) get in along with at least 1 G5 team. It deceases that complaining and politics of all this. Why are we still having this discussion about "all the regular season games should matter"? They obviously don't now. Just in case you missed this.... SEC Shorts - Notre Dame joins Playoff Failure Club - YouTube
  11. Maybe so but we really don't know how a 8 team playoff would change the landscape of college football. We can only guess but I think we would have a little bit more parity over time.
  12. Ok, cool. Hook'em. 2021 is already a lot better than 2020. Bert coming back to the B1G is also great.
  13. That is just a dangerous play and against everything you are instructed to do as a kid playing football at the lowest levels.
  14. I think most players and coaches want to play more than 6 games. I am sure that OSU would have loved to hang 100 on Michigan this year.
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