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  1. jaws

    Tathan Martell Transferring to Miami

    Good for Tate. Hopefully it works out well for him in Miami.
  2. jaws

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I wouldn't compare the two instances. I am not sure how I felt when he was hired and I would have been fine if they fired him at the end. Either way, I never defended him and all his baggage.
  3. jaws

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Do we only want to hear both sides when it is a player on our favorite team in question? I assume that most of you would rip another school and student apart for the same actions.
  4. BTW, it is ok to draft Ohio State players. It has worked out well for other teams in the NFL.
  5. As a Bengals fan, I wish him nothing but the best. I do however think this franchise needs new ownership more than anything else.
  6. jaws

    Poll: Coke vs. Pepsi

    Coke by a mile. Coke is even better when you are traveling abroad and you haven't had anything cold to drink for a week. A cold glass bottle Haitian Coke by the ocean might be one of my favorite things.
  7. Hopefully they let them transfer to North Carolina where they can take fake classes.
  8. jaws

    The Environment

    Ok, so lets say you don't believe man has contributed to global warming, I guess that is fine. However, why can't we just get on track with clean energy (development and research), reduce consumption, and find a way to be less dependent on materials that litter the earth? I like having a clean environment and I like to think that I don't want my trash to be someone else's problem. Everyone wants to consume more and more but they don't want the trash to pile up in their backyard.
  9. jaws

    The Shutdown

    I bet the government will be nice enough to prorate our taxes because of this shutdown.
  10. jaws

    Tathan Martell Transferring to Miami

    It would be great if Jarren Williams tweeted at Tate "don't swing and miss especially a second time."
  11. jaws


    I think he also has some HS teammates at Miami.
  12. jaws

    CFB Coaching Carousel 2018-2019

    Technically he didn't get fired from his last coaching job (USC OC). He must have a great agent and also interview really well.
  13. jaws

    CFB Coaching Carousel 2018-2019

    I don't know how I feel about raiding Michigan's coaching staff. We will see how this turns out.
  14. jaws

    CFB Coaching Carousel 2018-2019

    Odd times in Columbus.