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  1. That is why Emeka Egbuka was so important in the game. He should have gone off with all the attention Harrison was getting but he hasn't been the same since he got hurt earlier in the season. Day needs to shake up the coaching staff a bit and delegate responsibility more. It will be funny when the commissioner has to hand the trophy over to Harbaugh after the championship game.
  2. I haven't been on here for a bit but congrats on the win @nic. I think Day's biggest regret will be picking the wrong QB and going with McCord over McCarthy in the recruiting process. I think Covid really messed up QB evaluations and roster management.
  3. I don't like how the B1G handled it on a Friday. However, the B1G isn't going to go after Michigan, a cash cow just like OSU, unless there is something that is very creditable. If Michigan was surprised the B1G would object to the restraining order, then Michigan isn't as smart as they like to tell us they are. I do like the fact that Michigan found out that they can't just run the conference as they see fit. OSU should take note and understand the same thing. No school is more important than the other. Texas better take note because they are going to find out they won't be able to run the SEC like they tried to run the Big 12.
  4. I don't think 2*-5 Harbaugh is going to run Day out of Columbus. However, there is serious doubt that Harbaugh will be in Michigan next year. That might be good for Michigan in the long run.
  5. He better not be suspended for the OSU game. I want OSU/Michigan at full strength...without sign stealing of course.
  6. I would like to give Nic credit for defending his team.....right or wrong
  7. CJ Stroud's stats vs Michigan 2022: 31-48, 349 yds, 2 tds, 2 int 2021: 34-49, 394 yds, 2 tds Not bad stats when the defense knows the plays you are running. The individuals around the draft questioning Stroud's intelligence should be apologizing.
  8. There is a percentage of these games that will never be played. These contracts will be broken.
  9. With a 12-team playoff, the big out of conference games are as good as gone now. A larger playoff backloads the end of the year for the top teams. It is already going to be hard enough to get through conference play healthy. Why risk it at the beginning of the year?
  10. If only caring about player safety was actually a thing. Adding more conference games (even a semifinal) doesn't make sense under the 12-team playoff format.
  11. Just alternate it between Indy and the Rose Bowl and call it good. With a 12-team playoff, a conference championship game will mean a lot less. I could see it going away entirely.
  12. I like angry Zac Taylor. Even though I have been critical of him in the past, I like this version of Taylor. https://news.yahoo.com/bengals-head-coach-zac-taylor-181402029.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  13. Didn’t turn out how I wanted it but OSU battled with most of their top playmakers out. WR1, WR2, TE, RB1, RB2 all either out from the start or got hurt during the game. I really wish Stroud would have won it to shut up some of the dumb OSU fans. Even though they lost, he still had an all time game. GA/TCU should be a fun game. it is time to really define some of these penalties a little bit more. Also, the NCAA (or whatever governing body) should really be in charge of the refs and not the conferences. Coaches and players spend all year working non stop, but we leave the game up to some refs working part time.
  14. As much talk there is about OSU as a lock to be in the playoffs, I can see the committee sneaking someone else in there. Can’t assume anything.
  15. Can you guys make an offer for Zac Taylor? One he can’t refuse?
  16. I have only had bad experiences with Leipold in the past. I would stay away from him. Seriously though, that guy is a good coach. If you want to go with someone younger, he isn't your guy but he wins wherever he goes.
  17. Luke Fickell is a good coach, but you lost me at O'Brien and Bert. Alabama fans want to get rid of O'Brien and Bert is Bert.
  18. People keep saying on here that Fickell is holding out for OSU but i haven’t heard anything that would indicate that is actually true. They didn’t even look at him the last time the job was open. Maybe he would like the job but there isn’t indication that he would automatically get the job when it opens up.
  19. Maybe they had the OSU game on in the background?
  20. A decade? I can’t tell if you are serious.
  21. I don’t think urban is the answer but at this point you have to try to get him. It wouldn’t be a long term solution. Just wonder if he could lead Nebraska to a championship before he fizzles out.
  22. I'm all for expanding the playoffs if it included smaller regional conferences and not the mega conferences we are headed towards. I hope all the money is worth it.
  23. https://www.theverge.com/2022/8/8/23296678/ev-tax-credit-qualify-battery-supply-chain-china Auto manufacturers better get moving on their battery plants. It would be great if they figured out a more sustainable battery technology that can be easily recycled.
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