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  1. Ohio State is playing a lot of freshmen and red shirt freshmen this year and they are not a very good team right now. It also doesn't help that they don't have Justin Fields at QB anymore. A Bosa or two would come in handy right now as well.
  2. Wouldn't both be a crap shoot at some point? I mean, if vaccine efficacy wans over time and not everyone has a strong immune response to the vaccine, will we ever really know without testing for antibodies or some other testing? Either way, immunizations and infections are the only way out of this. At some point in time it will be endemic.
  3. I agree with that and a list of other things I am sure, but I also don't feel the other party is clean as well. We can agree to disagree.
  4. COVID or overall? I agree that COVID isn't a both sides issue but overall both democrats and republicans are not acting in good faith. The media is also not acting in good faith and they are constantly creating content to drive profit.
  5. I think elected officials (both sides) and some of the press have been doing this on their own. They could all be more truthful.
  6. $150 + ticketmaster fees for c deck tickets seems to be a bit high. Maybe OSU shouldn't be so greedy with their ticket prices.
  7. QQ I thought it was targeting but I also see a lot of stuff that I think is missed on both sides. That happens every game and until the B1G addresses it, you are going to see crap like this. The B1G needs full time refs that train for games. It isn't one thing, it is the inconsistency across all of college football. It also doesn't help when they write rules that are ambiguous. If you want to laugh at OSU for getting bad calls, just watch the OSU vs Clemson game from two years ago. Please don't act like Michigan fans. I honestly believe the B1G would love for teams like Nebraska and Michigan to be good every year. Just hanging the proverbial B1G hat on OSU every year isn't a good business decision for the conference. If the administration could actually make sound decisions at either school they would be sitting with OSU at the top of the conference.
  8. Sorry guys, I guess OSU gets the calls vs Minny with B1G refs but they defiantly don't get them when playing outside the conference. B1G refs are historically inconsistent...it isn't just when Nebraska plays. They really need to change the rule to a personal foul unless it is full on trying to kill someone. Getting kicked out of a game for a bang bang play is just dumb.
  9. I am a fan of Grinch but I don't see him as the guy you are looking for.
  10. 1.4 million seems a bit much for a 4th string QB. League minimum for the NFL is 660k.
  11. Headlines and tweets like this just kill me. I bet most people don't even read the actual story. Basically don't give it to children under 12 until the data is available and it is approved.
  12. Is she trying to reference Matthew 25? If so, I think you want to be a sheep in that context.
  13. Buckeyes named CJ Stroud as their opening game starter. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2021/08/124142/cj-stroud-named-starting-quarterback-for-ohio-states-season-opener-at-minnesota
  14. Cooper was fired because he couldn't beat Michigan pain and simple. OSU had too much talent during the Cooper years to keep on losing to Michigan. If Cooper would have won half his games vs Michigan he would have been viewed very differently. Nobody cares if you beat up on Indiana and have a 2-10-1 record vs Michigan and 3-8 bowl record. Meyer and Tressel beat Michigan at everything and each won a NC. I think their careers at OSU would be looked at very differently if they didn't maintain their success against Michigan and didn't win NCs. Harbaugh can't beat OSU and has problems against their other rivals in Michigan State and ND. It is very easy to make a case to remove Cooper and Harbaugh.
  15. It is always fun when you see Brett tweeting about your team. I saw some other rumors floating around but I just figure it is off season message board talk.
  16. They aren't as bad but they aren't great at it. People on both extremes, not caring and zero covid, are exhausting to listen to.
  17. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/30/media/variant-media-coverage-white-house/index.html The media really needs to give some context to their reports and stop with the baiting headlines. People aren’t reading the whole or any of the articles so the headlines are just as bad as a tweet.
  18. It doesn’t matter who is in the White House, the CDC is terrible with messaging. The NYT and Twitter isn’t helping either.
  19. I can't say other than they were high 4* or 5* guys. Stroud is the only one that has played and scored a TD in a college game but that was running the ball. I have no clue what is going to happen but I don't see guys staying around if the room gets even more crowded. This isn't like the Joe Burrow situation. The OSU fan base was split between him and Haskins because there was some actual in game experience for both guys...we don't really know much about any of the QBs on the current roster.
  20. If Ewers comes early I think he is betting big on himself in two areas. One would be the NIL money (large Instagram and Twitter following) and the other would be starting his clock on the NFL sooner. I think he sees himself as only being in college for 3 years max. That means OSU probably only has him for 2 years of actual playing time. I can't see how he would take snaps in the first half of the season if he decides to graduate HS early. It really stinks for the other guys because I assume they signed with OSU knowing they will compete for the starting QB position but without knowing that Ewers was a possibility for 2021. It is a hard spot for the QBs already in the room and for OSU coaches. You simply can't turn away a QB prospect with Ewers talent level. Saying all this...none of these guys have thrown a pass in a college game. The QB situation this year was already going to be tough without Ewers.
  21. I didn't think reclassifying would be a product of the NIL rules for football, but that might be upon us. This might make roster management really hard for coaches going forward. Maybe this will be limited to prospective generational talent. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2021/07/123830/quinn-ewers-leaning-toward-skipping-senior-year-of-high-school-football-and-attending-ohio-state-this-fall That would make OSU's 21 recruiting class one of the best ever. It would suck for the other QBs on the roster but thankfully they won't have to sit out a year if they decided to transfer.
  22. The amount of complaining that will happen in my house will increase 10x if our district goes remote again. I think my wife will complain the most because it is hard to teach kindergarteners over zoom. She would rather go to school in a bubble before going remote again.
  23. How about the people that really matter....the faculty and staff?
  24. I guess that depends on your definition of a political rally. I think they are all weirdos though.
  25. I got an idea. Lets consolidate into super conferences creating pods and have them play each other each year. At the end of the year we will play a tournament and decide who is the champion. We will call the league the National Collegiant Athletic Association and the pods conferences. At the end of the day this is a money grab for large universities, many of them that really don't need it to survive, that is being driven by football. I think this will hurt sports at most universities that don't have a football program or not part of this group of large universities.
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