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  1. A fascinating, if ultimately disappointing year in Husker history. Most probably know that this is when Osborne got his first win against Oklahoma, and then we gacked it up the next week by losing to Missouri and then having to play in an Orange Bowl against..... Oklahoma. One thing that always stands out to me is the fact that we played Oklahoma first, before Missouri. This is a Big 8 scheduling quirk that, as far as I can tell, never occurred any other time over a roughly 25-30 year period. Does anyone know if that was the way the schedule came out, or if the date of it was chang
  2. I think it's pretty clear now that the greater football world doesn't get Nebraska. We would rather go 0-10 if it meant the alternative option was not playing at all.

    Not the goal but the game.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Unfortunately some Nebraska fans don't seem to get that either. Getting slightly annoyed with those who are afraid to compete. It's a defeatist attitude that should not exist.

    2. BigRedBuster


      Husker fans are looking pretty pathetic right now.  I was slightly frustrated when I first saw the schedule.  But....get over it.  We will be playing football and every week is against someone good.  That should be exciting for the fans.  The whining has to stop.

    3. CheeseHusker


      Yep.... we were gonna play all these teams eventually; the order isn't really that big of a deal considering it is a weird situation for everybody. I actually think it could favor us.


  3. He saw his son save the Big 10 football season and said to himself "my work here is done".
  4. Remember when Northwestern were jerks before the Alamo Bowl and we ran the score up on them? That was fun; let's do that again.
  5. Ahh, we're the pariah of the college football world again... feels just like 1995. Sorta.

    1. Cdog923


      Ohio State is on our side, at least. 

    2. knapplc


      ESPN is giddily ripping on Nebraska. Rittenberg, Wilbon, Howard, all letting it fly.


      Here's how they reacted to Frost's statement:




      Here's how they reacted to Day's statement:



  6. I guess Nebraska has entered the transfer portal.

  7. Unfortunately it will always be the legacy of those early 80s teams that they didn't get to ultimately bite the cherry. When I think about the playoff format we have now and how history may have been altered by it had we had it back then, those are the first Husker teams I think of.
  8. You should probably drop me from the average; I'm kind of an outlier.
  9. This is a pretty amazing program. I've actually run into a couple of guys down here who have tried out - pretty much any time I wear a Packer shirt I always seem to draw somebody in who knows about this. Nathan Chapman was an Aussie who punted for the Packers for a little while; he's one of the founders of this. https://www.prokickaustralia.com/
  10. Aussie Rules punter, yes please.


    1. NUance


      Why isn't he showing up on the front page banner any more?  

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      It's a southern hemisphere thing. He is on the back page banner. 

    3. CheeseHusker


      Oh well played.

  11. Children of 90s dynasty players shouldn't be going to Iowa. That's just not right :(

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    2. NUance


      @Decoy73:  Trevor Robinson from 10 or 12 years ago.  Went to Notre Dame and played three or four years in the NFL.  (Edit:  But I guess you said skill position.  Trevor Robinson was a OG in college and center in the NFL.)

    3. ColoradoHusk


      Not a skill player, but Harrison Phillips was great at Stanford and is now at the Buffalo Bills.  Among skill players, Xavier Watts from Burke was another skill player which NU has lost out on, but it's too early to tell how good he will be at Notre Dame.


      Jaylin Bradley was an Omaha-area recruit who I thought would be good at Nebraska, but his career never panned out.

    4. CheeseHusker


      I should point out I don't fault any of them at all. It's an indictment on us, I think.


  12. The way things have been lately, I'd be happy to beat one of them.
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