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  1. CheeseHusker


    This thread could use some love, so I'll give it some. Unfortunately I haven't played golf in Nebraska in about 15 years. Once upon a time, I worked at Pioneers. A long time before that, my dad was good friends with the pro at the time, Dave Oliphant. I used to play the Ager Junior as a little tyke... happy memories.... It's too bad the Highlands didn't come along until well after I'd left the area.
  2. Now that I have two young children, the right answer is somewhere north of 1,000....
  3. Apparently Sunday was the coldest March day in Denver in 140 years. Yeah, I'm kinda ready for something else...
  4. Freddy's is good; I had it for lunch today.
  5. I'd buy a few lobbyists
  6. CheeseHusker

    New Huskers Get Numbers

    I like.
  7. CheeseHusker

    Additional Targeting Penalty?

    In theory I like the bifurcation, but I worry it will never be enforced correctly. Sort of like running into / roughing the kicker.... too often one would be called when it should have been the other.
  8. CheeseHusker

    Inside Linebacker Nomination Thread

    Nominate @Scarlet Overkill
  9. CheeseHusker

    Outside Linebacker Nomination Thread

    Nominate @man eating mastodon
  10. I actually agree with that diagram for the most part. In-N-Out isn't that bad, but when they get cold, they are basically inedible, so yeah, low on the list. And Runza's are great. I'd have them in the top three. BK's are better than they were a few years ago, but still the inferior of the big three chains. Seems like they change theirs the most of anybody. Back in the 80s theirs used to be really good, but then they started tinkering with them, and they've never been as good since. Chick Fil A should also be a bit higher. Better than BK and Wendys. I also have a personal bias against any seasoned type.
  11. CheeseHusker

    Tight End Nomination Thread

    Nominate @man eating mastadon
  12. I liked the USFL better. Bring back the Oakland Invaders!

  13. CheeseHusker

    Your Most Fun Time At A Huskers Game

    #1 on my list. I need to find my photo somewhere of that Tostitos tailgate.... there was about 5,000 people in red and about 50 wearing blue and orange. The Florida tent was pathetic. And I heckled Corso. It really didn't get much better than that night.
  14. CheeseHusker

    Your Most Fun Time At A Huskers Game

    It was unbelievably cold, but so so much fun. My grandma turned 70 the day before Thanksgiving and all of us drove in from all over the country to surprise her; we came down on Tuesday night from Wisconsin. I was in high school. About 15 of us (extended family) went and we had several sets of tickets. My cousin and I drew the short straw and sat one row from the top in the west balcony, back before the expanded press box, so it was exposed to the wind. I made an "ABC" sign that said "Another Bone Chiller" that my older brother stole from me, and eventually got on television with (and Musberger quoted it). He stole my thunder. That happened a lot. Celebration was epic. I saw people carrying a goal post fragment going down either O or P street while we were stuck in traffic trying to get back to my grandmother's, who lived on the east side of town. Looking back, everything was never quite the same after that. Obviously the years that followed were amazing, but that kinda felt like the last real OU-NU game that meant something in the original Big 8 universe.
  15. CheeseHusker

    Your Most Fun Time At A Huskers Game

    1. 62-24 2. 1993 Oklahoma game 3. 2000 Colorado game