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  1. TOURE!

    1. admo


      Oh yeah!  I will always be a fan!

    2. ladyhawke
  2. It always seems to fade to pinkish after a bit of time. Lettering looks slightly different that previous. Maybe not quite as chunky. Don't mind it.
  3. I hope they go with a new design. I think the current one is kinda bland. Still holding out for red end zones or something.
  4. Forecast for tomorrow: Cloudy in Texas, but in Lincoln there will be SUN.

  5. This really feels like a dystopian college football landscape we're stuck in right now.

    1. TonyStalloni


      Did we slip into Bizarro World during the last blood moon?

  6. We already knew this, but.... look what a good kicker does for you.
  7. Utah seems to have solved Oregon by wearing uglier uniforms than Oregon.


  8. Anybody watch that show called Russian Doll? It's like Groundhog Day, except the main character relives her 36th birthday over and over again, and each one of them ends when she dies. Every death is a little different.... hit by a car, drowning, electrocuted, blown up in a gas leak, heart attack, shot, anaphylatic shock from bee stings, falls down stairs, elevator accident, etc, etc, etc.... but she dies and wakes up again on her birthday. And then dies. She only gets out of it when she finds another person trapped in a similar death loop and they have to find a portal to an alternate dimension that takes them back to the first "death" and only then can they get out of it by changing their actions of that day. Nebraska football is in its own time loop, where they are doomed to lose every game by a margin of single digits again and again and again for all eternity. Perhaps the only way to escape it is to find some kind of inter-dimensional time vortex. Perhaps it's November 2003, perhaps it's another time.... who knows..... all I know is where the f---k is the way out?

  10. I know there's like zero chance of us actually winning but jeez it would be nice to beat Wisconsin one effing time.

    1. GSG


      I mean, ESPN says we have a 29.6% of winning :)

    2. commando


      we have a 99% chance of losing by 1 score

    3. CheeseHusker


      Yeah, that played out pretty much exactly how it always was going to.


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