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  1. You should probably drop me from the average; I'm kind of an outlier.
  2. This is a pretty amazing program. I've actually run into a couple of guys down here who have tried out - pretty much any time I wear a Packer shirt I always seem to draw somebody in who knows about this. Nathan Chapman was an Aussie who punted for the Packers for a little while; he's one of the founders of this. https://www.prokickaustralia.com/
  3. Aussie Rules punter, yes please.


    1. NUance


      Why isn't he showing up on the front page banner any more?  

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      It's a southern hemisphere thing. He is on the back page banner. 

    3. CheeseHusker


      Oh well played.

  4. Children of 90s dynasty players shouldn't be going to Iowa. That's just not right :(

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    2. NUance


      @Decoy73:  Trevor Robinson from 10 or 12 years ago.  Went to Notre Dame and played three or four years in the NFL.  (Edit:  But I guess you said skill position.  Trevor Robinson was a OG in college and center in the NFL.)

    3. ColoradoHusk


      Not a skill player, but Harrison Phillips was great at Stanford and is now at the Buffalo Bills.  Among skill players, Xavier Watts from Burke was another skill player which NU has lost out on, but it's too early to tell how good he will be at Notre Dame.


      Jaylin Bradley was an Omaha-area recruit who I thought would be good at Nebraska, but his career never panned out.

    4. CheeseHusker


      I should point out I don't fault any of them at all. It's an indictment on us, I think.


  5. The way things have been lately, I'd be happy to beat one of them.
  6. This is the second game I ever went to. I was only 5. I still remember that play really clearly because we were sitting on that yard line. My current profile background photo is the chaos following the game-sealing interception.
  7. Nebraska has had, as far as I know, exactly one Australian player. Popplewell (?). Was on '94 team. And I met the guy once. In Australia. I was working a temp job around 2004 when I was living in Melbourne the first time, and I found out he worked IN THE SAME OFFICE. I got laid off after only a few weeks so I never really got the chance to know the guy.
  8. Our defensive backs already play 10 yards off the ball, so nothing would fundamentally change...
  9. Oh boy, it's the kicker situation from last year all over again. Is this gonna be one of those deals where we are getting guys off the intramural flag football squad?
  10. "Which do you prefer, Astroturf or grass?" "I don't know, I never smoked Astroturf"
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