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  1. Sort of scratching my head, because Wisconsin football was arguably as bad in the late 80s as anybody else. They wouldn't want to be reminded of the Don Morton era. We moved from Lincoln to a town near Madison in 1984 when my dad started a new job, and one of his bosses would give him grief about the 1974 game. This of course is just months after we missed out on a national championship by one effing point. I don't have much love lost... that's kind of the attitude I got for a long time. Even in the 90s, right before we hit it huge, everyone would kind of give me a nice patronizing "oh that's cute" about my college team of choice. Now it's kinda like "oh, you were good once?"
  2. The title for this thread is something I thought I'd never read.
  3. I looked at the entire list. The top 25 or so are pretty good but it degenerates into some pretty subjective territory after that. No '95 Orange Bowl and no other Oklahoma-Nebraska game apart from #1. In fact the only other Husker game that's a win is the flea-kicker game. Yet they have our '89 loss to Colorado on there and the Crouch facemask no-call game. And about 20 Alabama-Auburn games.
  4. I don't know what rock bottom feels like but this has to feel pretty close. This may be the worst opponent we've ever lost to.
  5. Is this rock bottom yet? It sure feels like it.

    1. Redux


      No that comes when Wiscy hangs 100 on us

    2. Ulty


      We've had so many moments over the past 15 years that felt like rock bottom, only to later be proven that yes, it actually can get worse. It is a disaster right now. Horrible. But unfortunately this version of rock bottom can certainly get rock-bottomer. 

    3. Toe


      Well, if we can at least beat Maryland, we'll have improved on last season's win total, at least... :|

  6. Watched the first half again. If Vedral doesn't bounce the ball off his knee, does this game take an entirely different trajectory? It could so easily have been 31-9 or even 35-9 at halftime.


    What is it about one stupid thing triggering an avalanche of negative momentum that buries us in the end?




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    2. ColoradoHusk


      What also stinks is that a couple plays earlier, Frost called a great play on 1st down when he had Vedral fake the QB lead, and Warner was breaking open in the secondary.  Vedral gave up on the route too early, tucked it and ran for a few yards.  That play was set up for a TD with Vedral running the QB lead a couple plays in a row, and Vedral didn't execute.

    3. ZRod


      Like @4skers89 said, Scott called it at the beginning of the season. This team isn't good enough to have a large margin of error. One or two mistakes they could over come, but when something happens almost every drive... There isn't enough talent on this team to dig us out of that.

    4. Toe


      Yeah, I said to someone after the game, for all the large and small errors in that game, the biggest thing that it came down to was two turnovers vs one. Turnovers are something you always strive to control, but some of them are always gonna be kinda fluky, like having the ball hit the QB's knee, or having a tipped pass somehow land right in the arms of a defender laying flat on his back.

  7. When there was talk of bringing Frost here from UCF, the one thing I had reservations about? Chinander.
  8. Quite simply, the team is not improving. At anything. Hugely disappointed right now. And NO MORE BLACK JERSEYS.
  9. I should have known what to expect after my VPN crapped itself and wouldn't allow me to DVR the game. 

  10. Ireland. I like it. Maybe we can get one of those Gaelic dudes to kick field goals.

  11. LOL, my stream cut off. I guess I can't really blame them.
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