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  1. This is the second game I ever went to. I was only 5. I still remember that play really clearly because we were sitting on that yard line. My current profile background photo is the chaos following the game-sealing interception.
  2. Nebraska has had, as far as I know, exactly one Australian player. Popplewell (?). Was on '94 team. And I met the guy once. In Australia. I was working a temp job around 2004 when I was living in Melbourne the first time, and I found out he worked IN THE SAME OFFICE. I got laid off after only a few weeks so I never really got the chance to know the guy.
  3. Our defensive backs already play 10 yards off the ball, so nothing would fundamentally change...
  4. Oh boy, it's the kicker situation from last year all over again. Is this gonna be one of those deals where we are getting guys off the intramural flag football squad?
  5. "Which do you prefer, Astroturf or grass?" "I don't know, I never smoked Astroturf"
  6. New turf coming.

  7. I just hope it's a little bit different this time. I'm not really a fan of the alternating shades. Red end zones would be nice.
  8. Well, from what I've been reading, he was pretty much the worst referee that many people have worked with, so I guess it's mutual....
  9. I know much of Nebraska leans Chiefs, so, a heartly congrats to much of this message board

  10. Thanks Joe Buck for reminding me every 30 seconds how badly the Packers were two weeks ago 

  11. It'd be nice to get draft picks after a 4 win season and pick up a Bosa.
  12. As usual GB's defense looks like Nebraska's whenever they play in a big game. *sad*

  13. This game might take five hours.

    1. Enhance


      I'd support college football adopting NFL timing rules, particularly with the sheer amount of passing that happens. I was watching the game with a couple of buddies and from 8:41 p.m. to 8:53 p.m., the game clock went from ~7:10 down to ~5:45. No commercials or anything. Just legitimate on-air time because of clock stops, injuries, reviews, etc.


      I think the games are getting to be too long.

    2. CheeseHusker


      I actually turned it off. It was the middle of the day here and I just didn't find myself being compelled by anything, let alone the 25 minutes of commercials per hour.


      This game is so far removed from the regular season and traditional bowl slots now that it just feels like an afterthought. 


    3. Enhance


      I agree with that, too. Not seeing either of those teams for four weeks, having them play a semifinal, and then not seeing them again for another two weeks is just silly.

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