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  1. CheeseHusker

    Northern Illinois Game Highlights

    Thanks for that. I missed most of the second quarter due to the channel switching debacle, and of course that's when most of the real interesting stuff happened.
  2. Did we really play an entire game penalty-free? That's impressive.

    1. teachercd


      No sacks allowed either.

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Not that it wasn't good but we did have a penalty. One.

    3. HuskermanMike


      We also had one on the PAT that got blocked and scored. They called it illegal touching or something like that because we would have had a 2 point conversion. The other was an unsportsmanlike penalty, that is as good as you can in regards to us and penalties the last few years. 

  3. Is Frost coaching the Packers today? Yeesh, these 3rd down play calls....

  4. CheeseHusker

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    These aren't good play calls, Scott.
  5. CheeseHusker

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    It's late and out of bounds regardless.
  6. CheeseHusker

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    I actually thought it was Beth Mowins for a second
  7. CheeseHusker

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    Nothing like the gift of instant momentum to the opposition.
  8. CheeseHusker

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    15 years of Husker football in two plays
  9. CheeseHusker

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    The QB runs aren't there and when you need 11 yards, it's a bit of a head scratch.
  10. I just saw a 2-1 game at Coors Field. How does that happen two nights in a row?

  11. CheeseHusker

    The Curse of Black Friday (11/23/01)

    I refuse to believe in it. I don't want them to have the satisfaction of thinking they ruined us.
  12. I love how CU's main line of trash talk seems to be little else than "look how special our damn state is, we have mountains". Yeah I know, I live here. I also know what Greeley smells like before a snow storm.

  13. CheeseHusker

    we're not that bad...

    You could almost look at the entire last year the same way. Are we the 0-6 part or the 4-2 part at the end? I think we obviously were hoping for one to win out over the other.... instead we saw both of them in the same game.
  14. CheeseHusker

    we're not that bad...

    I'm trying to look at the first half separate from the second. I mean, it happened.... that has to count for something. Obviously the trick is maintaining that amount of focus, intensity, and conditioning for a longer period of time.