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  1. SEC vote was unanimous. 14-0. I can't believe A&M capitulated that easily. Somebody must be giving them a LOT of money.
  2. ESPN truly is a Mickey Mouse Organization in every sense of the word, aren't they?
  3. I guess my feelings align with Alberts. If the streak is legit, it should be preserved as best we can. But I would hate to hold onto it under false pretenses. I'm not close enough to the program these days to really make an accurate judgement on which of these things is true... I like to think it is the former, though. I'd certain go to games if I wasn't living in the wrong hemisphere.
  4. The eastern half of Colorado might as well be Kansas. Which is why I always used to scoff at the Boulder types telling us how bleak Nebraska is. I've been to Limon and to Fort Morgan; you can't fool me.
  5. You get a conference, you get a conference, you get a conference, (not you Oklahoma St), you get a conference!
  6. Well, if Texas' whole thing is ruining conferences then I guess I can get aboard with this one.

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    2. ladyhawke


      Can you imagine how Arkansas fans feel about Texass joining the SEC? They were screwed over by Texass when they were in the SWC back in the 90’s 

        Texass is a cancer to college football. Coach Osborne has been vindicated. He knew having Texass join the then Big 8 would ruin the conference and they did.

      I hope they lose every game they play this fall. 

    3. commando


      i wish Texas all the best in their attempt to destroy the SEC.

    4. TonyStalloni


      If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, is Texas our friend or is the SEC?

  7. Maybe we should just get rid of conferences completely.
  8. On a selfish level I'd be fine having Kansas and ISU.... rather them than Maryland and Rutgers. And they make some geographic sense. There's not really any big fish out there except Notre Dame and I don't think they want to tether themselve to anybody. I don't think anybody else really makes sense without going way outside the midwest, and I can't see us adding someone from the west coast or the Atlantic seaboard. I'd think Oklahoma St would be pretty ticked off... not sure where they could go.
  9. I was hoping for Spiders. Dang.

    1. chamrocck


      Cleveland being Cleveland. This is a pathetic name. :lol:

    2. commando


      i wonder if steamers made the top 10?

  10. Seems in vogue to bash Val's these days.... been awhile since I've had it, but the last time it was still as good as it ever was, in my mind. But I used to go to the one in Ogallala on the way back to Denver; maybe in Lincoln it is not the same anymore. In Ogallala I'd get a freshly made one in a mostly empty store, so maybe they put more love into it.
  11. I wonder if he's related to... *sees the hair* yeah....
  12. We're recruiting Dominic Raiola's kid? Good God, I'm old.

    1. krc1995


      I know it! Thought the same. But he’s still always off- class 2024 I think. He’s matured very early. 

  13. OK maybe that's a bad example. But I think of games like 1980 or 1984 specifically.
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