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  1. Yeah but have you seen Vedral's timing and accuracy when he leads the huddle. Much better
  2. Sorry, if you werent in on the bashing, you were the last one on the comment chain. It's just silly that people think because you were good at something it makes you a good coach. I'm sure it makes you better than someone with 0 knowledge, but coaching is a skill set on its own and is irrelevant to how good you were at the game.
  3. Damn he coached 1 good QB that did well in a completely different system. Fire Frost and Verduzco and hire Warner quick!!
  4. Yeah to me it came off as pretentious, and a strange add on about the not wanting to have a beer with him. Referees are human and bias is just gonna happen, not much you can do about it. The way he talks about Fitzgerald, Lovie Smith, and Ferentz vs the other coaches doesnt prove any bias necessarily, but is hard to ignore. Yeah the Fleck part is funny. I really just dont like his whole shtick.
  5. So a shady B1G ref with past issues clearly doesn't like Nebraska. I am absolutely shocked. Probably gonna take a while until we are part of the "team" and can get the Northwestern treatment.
  6. Wow that tape!! Seems like the kind of risk that could pay off huge or really kill momentum for a young team if he becomes a distraction.
  7. Oh ok, sorry I just read your post wrong then.
  8. So wait you dont think that if you were close friends with your boss you would feel free to be more honest with them?
  9. I'm still a little confused if you like Bo or not. Maybe 3 more posts saying that will clear things up.
  10. Its almost as if I addressed this point in my post.
  11. Hmm I guess I could care less about a coach getting upset on the sideline. Plenty of major successful coaches do that and if we were winning conference championships with Bo the amount of people upset about him being upset would have shrunk significantly. Would be a nice pickup for LSU after losing Aranda imo. They dont need him to recruit that well and with good players he has proven he can put together an elite defense especially as more and more teams transition to spread offenses.
  12. So would there be any repercussions for the university if they offered jobs without posting them first?
  13. Lucky for them since the lost their best 2 assistants. That was an amazing season but they may have a rough next year with how much they lose.
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