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  1. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    Massively key series of events for us. If we let them score after that safety they gain a lot of momentum going in to halftime and get the ball to start 2nd half. Also kind of funny that the pooch punt worked out really well for them both times.
  2. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Colorado Rewatch

    Some schools have practice fields just for that purpose.
  3. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Northern Illinois Week Pressers

    Yeah when the pressure is on its a whole different animal but 45 yards should be in range for anyone with a decent leg.
  4. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Northern Illinois Week Pressers

    The kick had the distance. It hit the large Colorado painted behind the posts.
  5. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    s#!t I just realized I did a video chat with my parents while my 1 year old was taking a bath. FBI is gonna be coming for me now
  6. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    I'm not talking about being at the game. In order to really take in what is going on you need a better camera angle than what is shown on tv and the ability to pause and rewind.
  7. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    Not trying to pick on you specifically but this is the funniest part about all these people that "know" the problems with our team. Until anyone is watching the game again without emotions and watching a better angle than what you get on TV I will take what they think with a heavy grain of salt.
  8. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Scott Frost

    Did you watch LSU vs UT last night?
  9. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    we're not that bad...

    As much I hate to mention them why don't the chicken littles go look at the first two games of the season last year for that s#!t orange team in Austin.
  10. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Scott Frost

    Their adjustment was getting a ton of pressure with 3 players and playing good coverage on the back end. Still a young oline that needs some starts and some time to gel together.
  11. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Scott Frost

    So you are saying that other people would react that way, but you don't feel that way? Say what you think and don't strawman.
  12. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Scott Frost

    It's ok that you don't watch college football, but why comment on the board if you have no idea what you are talking about.
  13. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Scott Frost

  14. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Ok except that the delaying is standard procedure even if he wast a football player so not sure how that tracks.
  15. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    So you are directly admitting that sitting him the whole season would hurt his chance in the case. Interesting