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  1. Where are you getting the 6 top 20 in a row from? Scott has put together 3 in a row(including this year) but I dont remember the last one before that.
  2. Yeah I'm not saying its the only reason but that game goes a lot different if Adams catches that back shoulder, or Lazard actually blocks on the rpo, or Rodgers doesnt have to scramble those 2 plays where he couldn't quite get Adams in the back of the end zone. Rodgers really looked hesitant all game because of how back the online was getting dominated. They are worlds apart but you can see the connections to the huskers there.
  3. Packers are a good example too because it worked for them all year and then their execution was just slightly off vs Bucs and it cost them a trip to the SB.
  4. Pretty sure most of Dabo's staff has been at Clemson since before Mike Riley was at Nebraska.
  5. Your whole post is about a new person that would be replacing Lubick so it's kind of the whole point of your post. Frost said after the season that he started giving up more play calling duties. So if you don't believe that that's fine but I already qualified my post with the if that is true. Any other part that needs explaining?
  6. Well if its true that Frost was letting Lubick call more plays at the end of the year so he could focus more on the rest of the team then it would be a big loss if he doesnt find someone else he is comfortable with.
  7. If we had a backup that year then he maybe gets pulled in the Michigan game.
  8. OSU fans must be real upset after they only won 7 games this season. I bet Day is getting close to the hot seat if they have another season like that.
  9. Yes if you remove all context things do seem different. That's a good point
  10. As soon as I saw sage i just thought of that clip and thought it would be funny to post. He doesnt know anything about what is going on he just wants some attention. I do think its a valid point to examine but outside of Wandale these are backups transferring and you cant deny that this is pretty common everywhere you look in CFB right now. Also dont forget that the defense has had a lot of players leave the program including 3 this year and some of those would have even started at some point. We just wont complain about that because the defense is doing well now.
  11. He was technically in the NFL but I wouldnt call him an NFL caliber QB.
  12. The mass exodus thread said Frosts ego was out of control and players were leaving because he couldnt communicate. I'll grant that Wandale was a big loss but these three players leaving because they were not going to get pt that will definitely not start at a p5 school hardly fits the implication of that post.
  13. Meh, if his dream is to play Qb then this is the right move for him. If his dream was to play in the NFL regardless of position sure then its probably the wrong move. His family is well off enough so no sense in wasting time doing something you dont have as much desire for.
  14. I thought our coverage on kickoffs looked worse after Farmer and Joseph went down. I guess we would have to go back an look but was Colin Miller on punt return team? I wonder who on the field we had responsible for checking numbers on punts. Maybe that's normally on the return man and we seemed to be playing musical chairs at that spot
  15. Tbf I saw this happen to opponent WRs in most if not all of our games this year.
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