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  1. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Martinez for Heisman

    Yeah this. Martinez is amazing but the Mahomes comparison is nuts. I'm not sure i can remember even 5 QBs I've ever seen with an arm like Mahomes. Maybe his injury has limited him in this regard and I'm sure it will get better as he gets time in the weight room, but Martinez's arm strength is gonna be a knock for him going into the pros. I think a better comparison is Watson who is doing pretty well, but mostly because he is probably the 2nd or 3rd best scrambler in the league currently.
  2. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    DE Lloyd Summerall III

    Haha see thats just PJ Fleck for me
  3. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    DE Lloyd Summerall III

    Mullen reminds me of Ed Grimley in that photo. What a dweeb.
  4. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    National Media Love

    Not sure if someone posted this specific stat but since that article @suh_fan93 posted references the 2nd year bump for Frost QBs: Marcus Mariota: Freshman- 2677 yds passing, 8.0 ypa, 32 TD, 6 INT; 106 att, 752 rushing yds, 5 TD Sophomore- 3665 yds passing, 9.5 ypa, 31 TD, 4 INT; 96 att, 715 rushing yds, 9 TD Junior- 4454 yds passing, 10.0 ypa, 42 TD, 4 INT; 135 att, 770 rushing yds, 15 TD McKenzie Milton: Freshman- 1983 yds passing, 5.9 ypa, 10 TD, 7 INT; 100 att, 158 rushing yds, 3 TD Sophomore-4037 yds passing, 10.2 ypa, 37 TD, 9 INT; 106 att, 613 rushing yds, 8 TD Pretty crazy but I'm not sure how that compares to the national average.
  5. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    National Media Love

    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2809787 Not sure the best place to put this but getting some early love. Maybe take it with a grain of salt as they have Ehlinger listed at #2 and I just dont see how anyone can watch him play and think he is a good QB.
  6. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    JUCO LB Amare Barno

    Honestly at this point I'm not worried much about him being a total package. For now we need pass rushers in a bad way then we can start to build up everything else. He's def got the Gregory frame at least.
  7. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    Ahman Green supposedly ran a 4.1x at the combine but it must have been hand timed because they never claim it when talking about records. Lost in all this is how 40 time is a pretty arbitrary measue of speed. All you have to do is look at the film and you know this kid can fly.
  8. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    B1G to Target Texas, Oklahoma when Big XII GOR Expires

    Notre Dame makes the most sense of any additon for the B1G but aren't they still under contract with NBC? Texas is in a similar boat, but at this point if ESPN was smart they would use any excuse to dump Texas as that deal was very stupid and they are hemorrhaging money bad on it.
  9. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    B1G to Target Texas, Oklahoma when Big XII GOR Expires

    I live in Austin . I'd honestly be happy to never play them again really, but part of me wants the chance to get some revenge also. Those lucky little s#!ts don't even have hate back for us with how many times they pulled one out of their a$$ vs better teams. I feel like we could change that with Frost.
  10. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    B1G to Target Texas, Oklahoma when Big XII GOR Expires

    As much as I hate UT, it would be nice to have a game close games again. I made it to a lot more games when we came down to Texas frequently. The pod would be the best system as Mavric said. Works well for the NFL scheduling, although they add in 2 matchups a year based on rank in the pod and dont have to pick just 2 teams at the end. Maybe by the time the conferences get to 16 it might be time to increase the Conference games to 10.
  11. The pants for Illinois were kinda brown. Hard to say what could have happened that game.
  12. Maybe Bo is interviewing for the OU DC position. If I were them I would give him a hard look. I don't think his temperment lends itself to head coach well but you almost want a DC that's fired up. Imagine just what he could do with 5 and 4 star DBs.
  13. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Huskers Land Graduate Transfer DT Darrion Daniels

    In a defense that is going to be on the field as much as ours I'm not sure we could find a player that is a true NT that can play all game. I'll take as much depth as possible there.
  14. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    On this day...

    There was a great podcast, I wanna say radiolab, that did a great episode covering the Carlisle school and origins of football.
  15. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    All Big 10 Awards

    Yeah I could see Blough being 2nd team but Martinez had a much better season than McSorley and I would even say better than Shea. If I was a Purdue fan I'd be pissed.