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  1. Give us LSU's WR corps and we put up 40 a game, changing nothing else.
  2. I'd agree that it would be a shrewd move to get the team fired up but im not sure why he would mention it after the game to the press if he wasnt still butthurt about it. It's ridiculous to me that they would be upset that someone would think they are an easier game than OSU. I dont think a single person would argue that.
  3. I was happy for UCF while Frost was there but they acted and continue to act like a whiny bitch baby about the whole thing. I enjoyed both of their losses this year. Never seen a fan base more ungrateful to the person who pulled them out of the gutter.
  4. I believe what happened was Carlos got the penalty for roughing the passer and Frost yelled at Khalil and he yelled back saying it wasnt him. They said they have made up after that but you never know for sure I guess.
  5. Players on the team have said that there are still buy in issues. Also in that quote he isnt saying there isnt an issue. He just said it doesnt mean people are rebelling.
  6. What players when who was canned?
  7. I really wonder when you say stuff like this do you just not understand reality or are you just hoping others won't? Orgeron is in his 4th year and there was a point in his 2nd year where he lost to troy and I'm sure the LSU fans that are like you thought he was not the right coach and should be gone. He also inherited a team that was not 4-8. Miles didn't leave because he had established poor culture. He left because he couldn't quite get over the hump again to an elite team and they needed fresh blood after a long time there. LSU class ranks: 2015- #5 2016- #2 2017- #7 2018- #15 2019- #5 So even their worst is higher than our best class by a long shot. Hmmm I wonder why he would win with other coaches recruits.
  8. Jfc are people really going to complain about the offense after that game? They beat themselves a few times but overall they dominated a high ranked defense with a 2nd and 3rd string QB.
  9. Yep 100%. Look at that 2017 class where all 4 LBs are now gone. One of the weakest links of our team.
  10. So this is the 8 players: Eric Lee, Avery Anderson, Lamar Jackson, John Rairdon, Marquel Dismuke, Matt Farniok, Darion Daniels(first year in program), and Green(who is redshirting). To me it seems like at least this staff is getting the most that they can out of these players.
  11. I wonder how many of those players that are left are also the higher rated players. Seems like a lot of players that left are the higher rated ones: Gebbia, POB, Lindsey, KJJ, Avery Roberts, Cam'ron Jones were all 4 stars iirc.
  12. Bana would seem like the obvious choice but Pitt seems like he is a little shifty and probably fights dirty.
  13. So special teams caused us to have 9 yards per pass and 7 yards per rush while allowing 5.6 per pass and 2.7 per rush. All of those but our passing looking equal or better than #12 Utah did just the week before. Thats interesting
  14. Yeah i can see that. They are still new to being coaches at this level of fandom so I'm sure that is part of the process to figure out.
  15. People really think that coaches call the pressers just to hype the fans. Its an obligation and I'm sure they would rather not say anything.
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