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  1. Bringing in Vedral and letting him leave were both clearly mistakes by Frost. Seems pretty easy to understand
  2. Yeah thats a good point about the players having to deal with that. Selfishly though i just really like PAC12 after dark and I stay up late anyway. It would be pretty sweet to see Nebraska playing on there.
  3. I worry a little about this but I feel like its extremely unlikely OSU Mich would leave and if they did I dont see any way that a scrambling Pac12 could pass up on us seeing how few big fish would be left. If I had to guess what will happen it will be some sort of pseudo merger between B1G and PAC12 where we schedule games together and share FOX rights. I would be completely cool with that because FOX has the highest fidelity broadcast right now(although that margin has narrowed) and good presentation.
  4. I never really feel like Texas is part of "the south". All of the other states besides OK seem much more similar to each other than Texas is to them.
  5. There was the time he shoved a player from Alabama then flopped drew a flag and did a little dance for it. He just seems like a little b!^@h sometimes
  6. I think the floor for Petras, Morgan, and Martinez are pretty close. The ceiling however is not even in the same league really. Martinez can be a star but those other two top out at solid system QB
  7. I mean the image of that makes me chuckle thinking about it. Also thinking of a college AD yelling that makes it better.
  8. I feel like there is a story to this that id like to hear.
  9. Anyone else think that CMC got so butthurt about this because he and/or his family members were the ones that gave said bad advice to Luke?
  10. And see there is some good context for this. He had 3 fumbles in the first half of that game because he wore sleeves. That's almost half of the total he had for the season. Context changes a lot of this conversation if for example we know how many fumbles were him being careless and how many are blindside free rushers. How many were final plays of the game or 4th downs where you have to risk it. I also saw that some of his fumbles were bad snaps. Should we count those against him? I think the whole point of the advanced stats is to try and bake context into the stats as much as we
  11. I count 5 QBs on this list that had less carries than Adrian and their teams had a season we would have killed for. You could have also take the 3rd string WR and backup HB from any of OSU, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma and it would have without any doubt drastically transformed our offense that season. Again no one is saying that AM fumbling less would not help, but that is way way down on the list of issues with this team. Outside of the Minnesota game this year I cant think of a single other game where a big part of why we lost was his fumbles.
  12. Why not compare it to contemporary QBs that run a similar offense to him. You also are talking about him leading the country over a 3 year span in which very few players started as many games as him. He hasn't led the country in a single season ever.
  13. This could pair in nicely if conferences did what the B1G did last year with the final games. Just take out one "regular season" conference game and match everyone up cross division for championship week. A lot of the teams making the playoffs are gonna play in the conf championship regardless so that means one less game for them and this gives one final good matchup for a team that may be on the bubble for the playoffs but not in the conf championship.
  14. Who said anything about communism? You somehow created a strawman that goes against what appears to be your own political team.
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