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  1. @ZRod I remember they ran the double slant I want to say 2nd drive of NW game. 3rd and medium good pass by Martinez would have been a 1st and dropped by Liewer. I think maybe the problem the coaching staff got themselves into was that they thought the better underclassmen WRs werent ready. Now QBs only have good timing with the original starting WRs who just arent good enough. Now you either roll with WRs that just wont get it done or start putting in WRs that are better but have a hard time on timing plays like that, and hope the QB can get chemistry on the fly. Just my theory though.
  2. I heard somewhere but didnt confirm that this was the 3rd game this year where Iowa was warned about the clapping btw
  3. Isn't Gunnerson having injury issues also. I would have definitely pegged him as someone who could earn a few snaps as a true freshman.
  4. Clearly all those other teams just have more dynamic defensive lines. They probably all had 3 players leave and make active NFL rosters in one year.
  5. Too add to this I think it would also do a lot of people on here some good to go look at Rutgers top 3 WRs.
  6. Gotta stay on brand. No denying that was a hell of a play though
  7. I won't disagree with that. It def feels like a lifetime ago
  8. Hmm maybe its just a Texas football attitude then. I was in school and only really hanging out with people going into coaching or training at that time also.
  9. Can you explain why you don't think UCF counts? I also think outside of a few exceptions people decide they like or don't like how their own coach acts at pressers by how much they win. When they win games a coach like Popovich or Saban or BB seem fine but if they were on losing teams we talk about how they are huge a$$h@!es. I live in Texas and when I told people I'm a Nebraska fan they would tell me how much they loved Bos intensity and passion during his first few years.
  10. Can you clarify what you mean by handled poorly?
  11. We cheated, so what? Deal with it. What a f#&%ing douche
  12. Iowa is a much better team that is gonna blow us out until we play a close game and then they suck.
  13. Yeah I think this is the one that most people noticed. Seems like a post vs a team that runs a lot of cover 2 should be one of your top reads
  14. Has the Big 12 shown it can beat up on anyone outside of themselves? Certainly not sun belt teams
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