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  1. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Fox moving top game to 11am slot

    Im central time zone and I watch it, but i stay up pretty late normally I guess. I have no idea what kind of ratings it gets though.
  2. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Fox moving top game to 11am slot

    I wonder if this affects Pac 12 after dark. That is one of my favorite parts of cfb right now.
  3. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Jordan Burroughs

    Feel free to delete if there is already a topic for this. Askren probably doesnt stand a chance, but it should be fun.
  4. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Spring Practice Notes

    That 1 when tied I'm assuming is the OT one vs northwestern which was prayer throw on 4th after the bad snap. Point still remains valid about the importance of him cutting down on those just adding to the context.
  5. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I don't see how the percentages are relevant at all except in that it is a greater than 0% chance. Its obviously not impossible therefore a rule that prevents it from being possible is infringing on that right. You don't get to take away rights and then say, nah they probably wouldn't have used them anyway.
  6. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    You just made up percentages to make it seem as close to an impossiblity as you can. The percentages should be irrelevant anyway though. The fact is that the NCAA could take action on something like this regardless of why the lawyer chose to do it. The system they have right now is deeply flawed in that the players have no power and the NCAA has such a convoluted and wide reach that they can pick and choose what to do. There is a reason all of the major sports have unions and why fighters in the UFC are trying to get one also now.
  7. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Hmm, not entirely true. Sometimes lawyers will negotiate fees with the client. What if the NCAA sees that and interprets it as a benefit? It's also none of the NCAA's business either way but thats a whole different discussion.
  8. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    What, the NCAA getting in the way of basic individual rights?! I'm shocked.
  9. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Husker Coaching Hires: “The Pick Of The Litter”

    This very much. I cant really think of anywhere easier to coach. He is obviously a good coach but not good enough for me to want that politician here. I never saw his teams look even close to something you would call well coached and the few people I knew around that program talked about how lazy the practices were. He also left that team/program in such a big mess that it took a long time to get them back to even decent.
  10. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Husker Coaching Hires: “The Pick Of The Litter”

  11. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    Wrestlers are taking over MMA right now, but its still a pretty small sport in terms of how many get to the big leagues and only the top people are making real money.
  12. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Huskers And The 2019 NFL Draft

    I really hope the Browns dont take him. They have too many good backs as it is, and it makes no sense for them to draft another.
  13. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Taj Griffin

    I like this attitude that its always possible, but Martinez is just something special. When he comes back from injury no way you start someone over him after what he showed in that Colorado game.
  14. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Taj Griffin

    Also has a 100 yd game with a 62 yd run at CU.
  15. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Well if there is one thing the state of California is good at its overreach.