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  1. Not sure the best place to put this, but I just talked to someone that works where Ochaun is working out preparing for the draft. He said he is making gains way faster compared to everyone else and the trainers are laughing about how bad our strength staff must have been. I'm sure that's common in a lot of industries to call out the previous work as shoddy but a lot of smoke that the previous staff was meh.
  2. Yeah just watch any broadcast with a TE that played basketball. The announce team will make sure to bring it up like 19 times. It's like a WR being roommates with the QB.
  3. I think I'm gonna skip too. I'm still a little upset they kicked me out of the discord for getting mad when they tagged everyone and spoiled a TD score. I feel like that's a obvious unwritten rule to not spoil in the middle of a game.
  4. To fair though the Georgia team this year really didn't face any team that really felt like a championship team and still had close games. I feel like this year for them was a pretty easy road to win and still they got extremally lucky to barely beat OSU. Them getting that time out in on the fake punt and then not only did they knock out OSUs WR cold, they didnt get a clear targeting or personal foul at least on it to give OSU a chance to take a lead that wins the game. I think their teams are flipped from ours where 2021 was their best team and 2022 was more just willing themselves to the title. And in 2021 if they played in a non playoff era they wouldn't even have had a shot. Its pretty nice to be able to basically get two chances to beat a team for the championship and they lose their two best WR(2 1st round NFL WRs) the 2nd time you play. You could tell how bad Alabama's offense fell off this year without their WRs. Clearly not the same team.
  5. Man he looks like a giant compared to those DBs. It would be more useful to have him play DE but also he could be a real weapon at WR.
  6. I like the sketchiness of the old one personally, but the new one is a proper logo. I get why they want to change it to that.
  7. I would be willing to bet the 4 year average for the 2 teams last night probably was the biggest differential between 2 teams in the championship as far back as recruiting ranking go. Its honestly crazy TCU even got there.
  8. In the mid 2000s the Texans hired a WR coach who had no coordinator experience prior and maybe only got the job because of who his dad was. In a few years he was OC. Less than an decade after that he led the best offense in the league to the SB. He's a HC now and one of the best offensive minds in the game without question.
  9. I don't think the issue with us has been not converting 3rd and long. The problem is we can get consistently stuffed running the ball and end up in 3rd and longs. Then we relied on Martinez to pull off some superman play and bail us out. That really applies to more than just 3rd and long too.
  10. Anyone see that a lot of Oregon fans are super upset about this tweet? Kind of hilarious honestly
  11. I thought we only have 7 right now. Am I missing one? OC- Satterfield RB- Barthel OL- Raiola DC- White DB- Cooper DL- Knighton ST- Foley
  12. According to his original HS page on here it sounds like he is a speedster. Looks like people were excited about having a chance at getting him then.
  13. 247 but I was off anyway. I'm gonna stop trying to predict and just wait for the dust to settle lol
  14. Actually even I was too high it looks like. Something is off with that calculator because when i put in Malachi it showed 222 for the score but they added him and we are only at 210. That puts us 31st and 6th which is still big jumps. Oh im not the person to ask about that. Seems like Lenhardt should be N though and that will bump us up quite a bit.
  15. Should move us up to 5th in the B1G and 25th in the nation in overall class including transfers. What a huge jump we have made in a week. I think we were 60th overall and 10th in the B1G.
  16. They did show on SNF that he was like 120th out of 122 CBs according to PFF grade, but agreed either way even being the worst CB in the league means you are doing well.
  17. Oh yeah I could see that he def is getting some help at least because his tweets before he got hired were very ummm different.
  18. I have a strong feeling he is not running his own account. Which is a really smart idea. Whoever is running it has been doing great.
  19. If it is Daily we might have to wait till after panthers play bucs to really get eliminated. That division is one of the worst I can remember.
  20. Yeah I mean if people want proof it can happen just look at kstate. Klieman is a defensive coach who brought his fcs oline coach with him and took over a team without a single 4 or 5 star player. Early indications are that we hired a well organized adult to oversee the program and he has a track record for turning around programs.
  21. And now with all him and the other additions over the past week we have gone from 60th to 44th in overall class ranking on 247.
  22. Yeah it seems like it, but I watched a lot of Temple and Baylor and I have a hard time pinning down exactly what he wants to run on offense. I dont have a ton of technical knowledge though and its hard to see from just the broadcast view. I'm hoping to see a lot of pistol read option and RPO with some H back and then run a lot of PA off that. Definitely from the QBs we are going after it seems like at least for the next couple years he wants to use the QB as a running threat a lot.
  23. His star rating is the exact same as Adrian and Casey from last year and barely below Penix. He has a stronger arm and CT and AM, but he is definitely in that same range of QBs that you can win with but won't be superman and carry your team. If Rhule is a good coach he can win with QBs of that caliber. From what I saw of his Baylor teams he has won with worse QBs.
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