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  1. Yeah its def possible that number is exaggerated but also Cravens was 5 star stud coming out of HS. Also I doubt these boosters all of the sudden realized they had 600k to spend on a DE, so that money was always going somewhere.
  2. Ah ok yes I probably agree with this although I do think out NIL money combined with Whipple just coaching the Heisman winner did give us some clout despite our poor showing. But yeah if he hadnt been injured and he puts up around 3000 yds and 30 or more TDs in only like 10 games then he would have his pick of a lot more schools. Yeah I'm not sure exactly what they base the stars on because I would think Palmer and Thompson should be 4 stars. Like you said its definitely not based on on-field success if Ewers is a 5 star.
  3. This is definitely possible but also seemed like Sark did not want to start him the whole time for whatever reason. I remember watching the Arkansas game and thinking this backup looks like the better QB. Also heard Texas fans saying there was a lot of rumblings that the players wanted Casey to start. So there may have been just something with him that didnt mesh with what Sark wanted to do.
  4. I feel like this was obvious the whole time but yes the SEC teams were already paying players.
  5. I feel like we have got into a lot of 3rd and longs as a defense just couldn't close out. Obviously that was less of a problem last year but still there will always be 3rd and longs. The main issue I think has been the offense not scoring enough to put these terrible B1G offenses into passing mode. Maybe we have the pieces for that this year.
  6. Oh hell yeah, @Decked pooped and peed his pants!!! I mean we finally got a great edge rusher.... that's what I'm excited about. Seems like it's been forever our defense has been missing the ability to get quickly to the passer. Takes a lot of pressure off everything else.
  7. I knew when I saw that it may need to be explained. Slime is a term kids use now for like a friend. Its not derogatory.
  8. Dang thats crazy how he must have convinced the majority of other teams in college and the NFL to kill the position also.
  9. I have little doubt that boosters in Austin are paying a lot of money to recruits using NIL as a cover now but in terms of actual companies paying for athletes to advertise I just dont see it in Austin. People here dont care as much about the team as the majority of the state of Nebraska does. Maybe I'm just missing it but ive barely seen anything here in Austin as far as players doing ads.
  10. Those 2 backs at TCU averaged over 7 yards a carry again this year and combined for over 1200 yards. 2 years in a row of that high of ypc in a p5 conference is really good.
  11. I dont disagree that it seems like a Husker fan but that QB rank is not even generous. Outside of Stroud B1G has no QBs that I would call anything more than just ok.
  12. Adding to this I saw a few Texas fans saying the players liked him more and wanted him to start over Card.
  13. Gonna guess now that he is the instant starter for kick and punt returns.
  14. We are mostly talking about a QB in here. Have y'all developed one of those and I missed it?
  15. If Thompson does go to OU that makes that strange desperate sounding statement they put out about Caleb even weirder.
  16. Fant was going to be a stud wherever he went and was rightfully upset about being underutilized there. He then left early and was drafted on athleticism. Their best NFL TE was also barely utilized in college got drafted late and turned out to be a great receiver. I dont think its a wild assumption to say maybe a different school Kittle would have been targeted heavily and got a much bigger rookie contract. Iowa has done a good job of identifying TEs and got lucky the Nebraska staff messed things up with Fant, but I dont think they have some magic sauce for developing TEs that we dont have. A few years down the road and we will probably have 3 or 4 TEs at least on NFL rosters. Frost did a pretty good job of scheming TEs open this year. I dont think anyone would dispute that.
  17. Yeah wtf, a slightly better offense plus a better punter and kicker and we would have won 8 or 9 games this year with a super tough schedule.
  18. In 2020 Slovis threw for 300+ a game and scored on his last drive to take the lead 3 out of their 6 games. Idk what some people in here are wanting from a QB lol. Go find the QB playing in the p5 throwing it well without good WRs. The solution to saying these QBs are only throwing to good WRs is not to make up some non existent QB that can throw bad WRs open it's to get good WRs which we are doing.
  19. Yeah Slovis has a great deep ball, can play pitch and catch underneath, and moves well in the pocket. I think he could thrive in a Whipple offense. Would be cool to see us really test defenses on some deep outside shots to Betts and Manning next season.
  20. Man he throws that Texass hat with some disgust. I like this kid already
  21. It is rare but Justin Fields, Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield, and Jalen Hurts all had reasons to leave places.
  22. I def am on the same page in not necessarily trusting Scott to want to be that CEO type. The problem is its still gonna be a trade at some other position, and I just dont see any position where I can say, "yep, they dont need extra coaching". I do think the fact that they chose Whipple does give me some hope that he does want to be more hands off on offense. Otherwise why go with the experienced coach like that?
  23. I think hiring a ST coach is a good idea if we can work out a RB coach somehow, but what if the thought is that Frost hired exactly the type of OC where he doesnt have to focus as much on offense all game. They have said exactly that they want Frost to take a more CEO role and be watching the game for details. Maybe he is watching and sees that punt block formation is wrong vs Iowa instead of trying to draw up the next series on offense. My major concern is if they go this route and dont hire a ST coach I really dont think just using Ron Brown is the way to go. We need to go out and get someone fresh for that role.
  24. If he manages to do that here he would probably get a statue outside the stadium somewhere.
  25. In the clips I watched of them this year they use a lot of TE at H back out of pistol which i would think should fit well with how Frost used Allen this year. Also a lot of splitting TE out wide and he will have a redshirt freshman here that should feast out there. His top 2 TE stats together match ours pretty closely with just a lot more TDs.
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