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  1. Well...that's some good company to keep...right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, I can't be the only one that *STILL* sees this thread title pop up and thinks "oh s*** a former player or poster died"
  2. Ditto. The stinger was interesting, to say the least. As was Disney walking back the 'Series Finale' declaration and calling it a 'Season Finale'. I have no doubt we'll be getting a Moon Knight Season 2: Electric Boogaloo soon. Would be a great vehicle to include more of the "monster" side of the MCU...like Blade, Werewolf by Night...
  3. At least not this year...6-6, yes. Winning the B1G West? Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttt...
  4. These are the same mentally ill people that support the Jan 6 domestic terrorists and openly hope for violence against Biden. It’s beyond lame.
  5. This is a particularly scary story...especially when you factor in the number of right-wing extremists that have been openly talking about revolution.
  6. You do realize that the SEC (and remnants of the SWC--see Pony Excess and SMU) have been doing this for decades already, yes? Doesn't mean it's right or good for the sport that it's out in the open or happening at all--just saying this is not a new development, just one that's been exposed to the world and "legalized".
  7. For a team that prides itself on its Academic All-Americans...yeah, this is a big miss that needs to be fixed ASAMFP.
  8. Let's dump Illinois and pick up Washington
  9. What's troubling is how Trump and Putin share the same playbook (though Trump's is really more of a coloring book with Kindergarten words).
  10. (Politics and Religion Board): *clears throat loudly*
  11. I'm sure Tucker Carlson will call this whole thing a false flag operation and suggest they're just burning fuel to stay warm.
  12. I'm sure someone will spill it sooner or later.
  13. It's spineless because we have bad actors (namely Russia...) that can veto anything that comes out of it. Remove Russia from the Security Council, and things will happen in a hurry. Also, don't forget the United States has also been the bad actor on the Security Council (like under the previous administration), so to call the UN spineless and say they did nothing when the US has been the reason the UN cannot do anything on occasion in the past is somewhat hypocritical.
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