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  1. VectorVictor


    This explanation is easily more believable than any of the QAnon crap about Hilary being behind this.
  2. VectorVictor

    OLB Coach Jovan Dewitt has Throat Cancer

    Yup. And what's sad is that there's a vaccine for it, and people won't vaccinate their kids.
  3. VectorVictor

    OLB Coach Jovan Dewitt has Throat Cancer

    Just following up on this--does anyone know if he actually chews? 'Cause you can get throat cancer other ways, like intimate relations with someone infected with HPV. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. VectorVictor

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    Actually, now that he's distanced himself from Cheney and some of that other ilk, he's actually become very moderate and has been doing respectable charity work. Plus, he's pissed off the Republicans in Texas for being too moderate on more than a few occasions and treating Obama like a human being, so there's that.
  5. That's awesome! And that's what I was kind of going for in my questions at the end--how does Christianity move forward--and this is a good example.
  6. It's pretty clear what the post is about--quit trying to obfuscate because you don't agree. --- And as for "a few bad apples", the Holy Roman Catholic Church is the largest denomination of Christianity at 1.255b, or roughly 52% of all Christians in the world. In the United States, the Catholic Church is second among all Christians at 20.8%. The largest? White evangelical Protestants at 25.4% of the domestic Christian population. Discussing ~46% of the overall domestic population as potentially being hypocritical is pretty relevant and more than just 'a few bad apples'.
  7. Specifically--more science books, and less fiction. And this dovetails into the whole discussion of where our scientific advancement would be today if the Western World didn't lose ~400 years of scientific advancement due to Christianity. Flying cars? Moon bases? Interstellar travel? Cures for cancer? Honestly, certain folks are inclined to get upset about all of this--I figured throwing a poll up would just rub salt in the wound.
  8. Came across an interesting OpEd that addressed the Christian Evangelical Protestant support for Trump and politicians that enable him. Washington Post OpEd Some interesting quotes from this article: That seems rather...well, against the core tenants of Christianity. And Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (the public policy arm of the Southern Baptists) agreed: Most sane, rational Christians would agree with this response. You know who wouldn’t? Jerry Fallwell Jr.: Ultimately, the conflict and hypocrisy is laid bare by the author: This, coupled with reports of Christianity on the decline, makes perfect sense—why would people turn to a religion whose most vocal proponents of that religion completely ignore the basic tenants of the Bible in favor of (Earthly) political gain? And for Christians, how do they navigate forward in a time when their most public denominations of Christianity (Southern Baptist, Catholic) are mired in sexual assault allegations involving minors or are tied at the hip to a President that uses racially charged rhetoric (Protestant Evangelicals)? Is there any coming back from this for Christianity in the United States? And if so, what will it take to make it happen? (bolded emphasis mine)
  9. VectorVictor

    The Republican Utopia

    Disregard--I thought #MoscowMitch was suspended for the AOC pic, not that vid.
  10. VectorVictor

    Gun Control

    Republicans were the ones that killed the Brady Bill, a bi-partisan bill from the mid-90s to ban assault rifles that unfortunately had an expiration date on it. It was named after the Secret Service agent that took a bullet for Reagan. In the early 00s, when it came time to renew, Democrats wanted to continue it, Republicans were nowhere to be found. The bill expired, Assault Rifles were available for purchase again, and here we are. This had nothing to do with whomever brought the legislation forward (since many of those folks weren't around), and everything to do with what the NRA dictated. --- Plus, I don't care if the politicians don't like each other--they're grown-a$$ adults that should work together regardless and do what's best for the most amount of Americans each and every time. It already is, IMO. Plus #MoscowMitch is running against AOC, and not McGrath. That's going to bite him in his traitor arse.
  11. VectorVictor

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    Um, just I asked you how you proposed we implement a replacement for the party system because I was soliciting your input. There's nothing in asking for your input that even remotely aligns with your misplaced allegory. It's rich that you're getting on folks for misrepresenting what you're saying when answering a basic, open-ended question about your beliefs on the topic is a bridge too far for you.
  12. VectorVictor

    Weird Time for Christians

    Hey--if you're gonna tell anyone to Shove The Flintstones Underoos and Get The French Onion, it's me, buster.
  13. VectorVictor

    Strzok Trial

    That's rather serendipitous, to say the least. While the case itself is questionable, at least it stands a decent chance of making it to trial and forcing things out of the Trump Administration they'd rather stay buried.
  14. VectorVictor

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    How would you propose we have people run and campaign then?
  15. VectorVictor

    OLB Coach Jovan Dewitt has Throat Cancer

    The morning radio show with Sipple was discussing how Dewitt has to carry a backpack with water on him all day because he can't make saliva--guess it's a side effect from the treatment, and it could be up to two years before his saliva glands kick back into action. Just another aspect I wasn't aware of with this--glad to see he's kicked cancer's a$$ and he's back on the sideline.