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  1. Wow...you know you're dealing with someone special when they opt out of using carriage returns and just assault you with a wall of text. Let's break it down: Right--as long as there has been a free press, there have been people getting the story wrong and having to print/air retractions. That is nothing new, and the base standards for a credible story are still intact. And with the examples you gave, retractions were made. Conversely, since you're "MAGAnificent", I'm sure you're familiar with "news" sources that Trump supporters wrap themselves around: Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge Report, the Daily Caller. All of these "news" sources knowing pushed out misinformation as fact, and failed to retract any of it. For example: Newt Genrich went on Fox News and claimed DNC Staffer Seth Rich was assassinated after giving WikiLeaks all the documents and emails used by the DNC. This statement is undoubtedly false AF, and it was actually Newt regurgitating a news story Fox News concocted by taking quotes from a disgraced former homicide detective and twisting them into some perverse narrative. The story has been proven false even by Wheeler himself. Fox News has yet to retract their statements about this, and the narrative was especially painful for Seth Rich's parents, native Nebraskans from Omaha. Breitbart accused an immigrant of starting the California fires in 2017, a story that was obviously scooped up by the likes of Fox News and their ilk, because it blames an immigrant (who cares if they're legal or not, AMIRITE?) of starting the fires and killing 40. The story was complete bulls***, made up by staffers. The guy *was* arrested for a smaller, separate arson case...but since immigrants are evil, and this guy committed arson, he must be guilty AF, right? This story has yet to be retracted by Breitbart, and the narrative that an illegal alien started the CA fires (thus pwning the dirty libs) continues to pop up again and again like a retarded conservative version of whack-a-mole. The difference I see is that while regular news outlets and sites may sometimes get something wrong, they strive to make things right and typically own up to anything they got wrong. Conversely, sites that aren't considered MSM routinely spout mistruths as fact, don't retract when they get something wrong, and sometimes even double down on what they got wrong if it fits the narrative they're trying to push. Outlets like Fox News, Breitbart, and their ilk are not only dangerous, but are traitors to our country by willingly pushing misinformation to citizens. Wow...I guess congratulations are in order, because you were finally able to bring together George Soros and the Koch Brothers, two extremely disparate groups of rich influences, to a common cause. Even though this is just in your mind and isn't in reality, I still feel congratulations are in order considering the mental gymnastics it would take to accept this notion. Well, hell, if you had to explain Bill Clinton to your daughter, how did you explain having to buy off porn star escorts, escorts that gave Trump golden showers, and Trump sexually assaulting women (including underage, if we want to include pageant fiascoes in this). Oh wait, let me guess, you're okay with this s*** because it's your guy, right? Seriously--if you have a problem with the Clinton blowjob in office but don't have a similar or greater level of contempt for Trump...well, to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, you might just be a hypocrite. Because he's a white supremacist and a serial sexual assaulter/misogynist? Oh, which people, praytell? And no, Trump is nowhere close to perfect, but you've seriously been looking for an illiterate, ignorant, bankrupt fame-slut for 20 years to put in the White House? You must not have been looking too hard then... Oh there we go with the Uniparty talk again. Honestly, the only thing Trump has done is expose how depraved and hypocritical religious evangelicals and the modern day GOP are. But I suppose Trump has helped get voters out, especially Democrats and moderates who are embarrassed that there's a moron representing our interests. Well, the biggest moron this side of Ford, at any rate. Oh sweet baby Jesus tap dancing on a peed-on hooker bed, here we go with the MAGA crowd trying to use big words like "socialism" again without understanding what it means. I'd love to see what our poster thinks it means and why it's so evil...and if they're willing to tell the Social Security office that he doesn't need their money after all. And as far as transparency goes, last time I checked, we still don't have Trump's tax returns made public, the White House isn't providing documentation requested in the course of an investigation, and Trump has committed numerous crimes, including obstruction of justice. I mean, I suppose to someone that's blind, this administration would look as transparent as any other, right? Seriously, your views are really messed up and out of touch with reality. If you can actually get sane and learn how to discern fact from fiction, then by all means, we'd love to have you in our discussions. But as you are now...no, there are crazy homeless folks in Downtown Dallas that provide more coherent discussions.
  2. Um...that kind of blew up in Trump's face. Whether or not Trump paid for that service is unknown. But I'm sure the Russians have a tape of that happening, regardless.
  3. We're also playing at a current Big XII and former SWC school. No way we get a fair shake from the officials, and I wouldn't be shocked if Miles is ejected by halftime for simply "looking at an official funny".
  4. VectorVictor

    Fighting Erstads vs. Air Force Games 20-21

    That was a nice home run. Let’s not let Air Force back into the game and sweep this series.
  5. VectorVictor

    The Angry Violent Right

    S***, forgot the Irish, and on this weekend of all weekends.
  6. VectorVictor

    The Angry Violent Right

    What’s funny/sad is that these are the same damn arguments made 100 years ago (technology aside) by conservatives—only instead of Muslims, African countries, and Middle Eastern refugees, it was the Chinese, Germans, and Jewish religious community. I mean, FFS, an irrational fear of German immigrants by conservatives in the US Government is part of the reason the United States stayed out of WWI as long as we did (the other being the money we were making hand over fist by trading with both sides of the war). In short, history has proven this fear mongering was without merit 100 years ago, and it’s still without merit.
  7. VectorVictor

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    Hell, you'll probably need to go back to the 1960s or earlier to find Republicans who were moderate in nature and temperament, valued intellectualism, and worked with others to find consensus ideas for our country. The seeds for the current-day extremism can be traced back to the Nixon days, manifested themselves somewhat during the Reagan years (in spite of Reagan being a moderate--see the Bork nomination), and went full bloom during the GB Bush years. Trump politics is merely reaping what was sewn all those years prior.
  8. VectorVictor

    The Angry Violent Right

    This is an entertainment issue related to right wing extremism, as a bunch of right wing trolls went on a crusade to get James Gunn fired from Disney after he was critical of Drumpf and the vermin that support him. Well, Disney went ahead and rehired James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (and other potential projects) in what is pretty much a repudiation of what the #MAGA crowd was wanting. #MAGAtears
  9. James Gunn reinstated at Disney, will direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3. 


    via Deadline

  10. VectorVictor

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    Don't forget that the Republican National Convention back in January decided to throw their weight behind Donald Trump. While the RNC technically has to recognize challengers if they win five or more states in the primaries, they're throwing all of their money and resources behind Drumpf already, regardless of outcome. What I'm getting at is that any challenger is going to have to run without any RNC money or support, including the PAC and dark/illegal money that typically comes with the RNC's blessing. Unless Kasich and some of those other challengers can find a deep-pocketed benefactor or two, they're going to be done pretty quick, all things considered. Plus, let's not forget, most of your primary voters are your party zealots for either side of the aisle. Trump's fanbase pretty much consists of any GOP member that isn't a sane, rational actor, so it's going to be hard to get moderate Republicans out to vote for Kasich. So yeah...I really don't think Kasich can do anything unless he runs as an independent. And that's going to burn any bridges between him and the modern-day RNC/GOP...
  11. New Avengers: Endgame trailer dropped this AM. April 26th can't get here soon enough. 

    1. VectorVictor
    2. Scarlet Overkill

      Scarlet Overkill

      I’d be happy with it getting to 4/13 first.

  12. VectorVictor

    The Republican Utopia

    And how they consistently hide behind eye trolling and can't come up with any sort of viable defense for Republican or Trump actions taken. It's pathetic--like they willfully wish to remain ignorant, because admitting their failures as human beings means they have to end the fantasy they've created for themselves.
  13. VectorVictor

    CANCELLED! New Mexico State Game 17-19

    Have Erstad put out a call to some under-18 club and high school teams for scrimmages?
  14. VectorVictor

    CANCELLED! New Mexico State Game 17-19

    I concur. And if we can get both of those games against Air Force next week, we'll start B1G play on the right foot.
  15. VectorVictor

    CANCELLED! New Mexico State Game 17-19

    Agreed. And it would have been good to see our kids (most likely) get on the right side of .500. At least we should see a full slate of baseball at home next week--highs in the 50s and lows at or just below freezing all week long.