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  1. VectorVictor

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    I'd honestly prefer if we left the mental development and the physical development/mechanics (when necessary) to a proven, experienced commodity (e.g. Silva). Seems like a poor hire, especially considering you have a first time head coach (at this level). The hitting coach I'm fine with--that's a good pickup, and he's someone that's been listed for openings in Big XII and SEC schools before. But a pitching coach that never pitched...I get that Christy is a great catcher. I just don't see that translating well when we're trying to coach up/improve kids and their pitching mechanics that first year or two of school.
  2. VectorVictor

    Baseball Coach Search

    This. Did we just not have articles from Sipple, et al, suggesting we're not competing just against the B1G, but the rest of the country? I get that Bolt is an unproven commodity as head coach at Div I-A. But that seems low considering what Erstad was making and how he was giving us a discount.
  3. VectorVictor

    Baseball Coach Search

    The OWH says we’re paying $300k/yr. for five years. I hope we offered Childress more than that...otherwise it’s no wonder Childress turned us down. And I hope the assistant coach salary pool is more than sufficient to land some good talent to help him out.
  4. VectorVictor

    Baseball Coach Search

    And it looks better too, especially when folks don’t mess up and put an unnecessary apostrophe in “Bolts”.
  5. VectorVictor

    Baseball Coach Search

    Don't know where this is coming from, but Bolt has already been a successful head coach at a lower division and spent a number of years as an assistant coach in Nebraska and aTm...not to mention he's a former DVH player. Bolt has a body of work as a coach that Erstad didn't. This is a good hire...plus look at the success that coaches with similar resumes have produced lately. Yes, Bolt needs to get big assistants, though I would have zero problems with keeping Silva on to help Bolt figure out the lay of the land and handle pitching. I'm curious/concerned that Moos didn't open up the purse strings for this hire, though, as I figured a $1m annual salary would have gotten Childress out of aTm.
  6. VectorVictor

    Airbnb Experience - Your thoughts?

    Look--even if there are valid reasons why the host did what they did, you ultimately had a business agreement with them that the host failed to honor. Take both refunds, and advise the host that the additional refund is for your time and inconvenience in finding a new place, plus time lost on the trip having to deal with the host and AirBnB. Itemize your time so if something is asked, you can forward it and then cease all communication with the host. Long story short, the host screwed you, and you had to put time and energy into trying to fix this mess the host caused. While some folks may say this additional refund is serendipitous, I say it's deserved considering the s*** the host put you through.
  7. VectorVictor

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    Rights and movement will be decided well before the GOR expires--schools aren't going to wait until 2025 and then start finding a place to land. We should start seeing something in the next couple of years, especially concerning Oklahoma. And the Big XII GOR won't be renewed as long as Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texass keep voting against renewing it *and* keep voting against Big XII expansion. Once Kansas, Oklahoma, and/or Texass leave, then the Big XII won't have enough votes to keep the GOR from being renewed or to prevent expansion. (Conference expansion and GOR extension require a super-majority vote to approve, which the Big XII doesn't have with those three voting against)
  8. What are the best places for KC Barbeque in Kansas City? Wanted to hit one or two at the end of the month here...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. huKSer


      Jack Stack at the plaza or Joe's KC


      How are you getting here - air boat?

    3. Caveman


      Q39 is my favorite just because they have the best burnt ends. Ribs, brisket, pulled pork are comparable between the big names (Q39, Joe's, Jack Stack, etc.).

    4. VectorVictor


      @huKSer from Dallas, we're coming up Hwy. 75 and going north on it all the way to I-44, then I-44 east to I-49, then I-49 north to Kansas City. 


      As for getting there...I'm driving a minivan and I've played Oregon Trail. I'm gonna caulk the van and float it down the river. Hopefully one of the kids doesn't get dysentery before then.

  9. VectorVictor

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    I'd wager both would be added to the B1G West, and Purdue would slide over to the B1G East, and the divisions would be (more) balanced IMO. Should the B1G pull the trigger on this.
  10. VectorVictor

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/big-ten/report-time-five-big-12-schools-tried-join-big-ten https://www.omaha.com/huskers/barfknecht-during-realignment-four-others-from-big-took-a-look/article_2d507fc0-3337-11e5-8cc1-4373847a1bfe.html?TNNoMobile Also, I got one school wrong--it was Iowa State, not Missouri, that was part of this five team deal. And it's this story that leads me to believe that Kansas and Oklahoma are the next two targets for the B1G, and not Oklahoma and Texass. The B1G already has done their homework on these schools--they're a known quantity. And they purposely avoided Texass with this deal and went to A&M--that speaks volumes right there.
  11. VectorVictor

    Baseball Coach Search

    I think the concern is that O'Connor has has two bad years and his trajectory appears to be headed in the wrong direction. Honestly, I think O'Connor would be a great hire, though my heart really wants Bolt and/or Childress (though we know the latter isn't going to likely happen). If we give O'Connor a good assistant pool, I don't see why we can't pull off what he's done before at DoNU. And by done before, I mean win a lot and go to the CWS, not have an underwhelming season.
  12. VectorVictor

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    We may need to revisit the timeline, as we've since learned that there was a five-team deal in place to have Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma move to the B1G en masse per the OWH (citing an undisclosed current Big XII AD as the source). The deal fell through because A&M threw a hissy fit about the money the B1G was offering and the whole deal was scuttled. This deal was where both Missouri and Nebraska (and Kansas and Oklahoma...if we're talking upcoming expansion) were originally vetted by the B1G for inclusion.
  13. VectorVictor

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    Man, those were some interesting times leading up to and right after joining the B1G. Still glad we did it, still sad the a**holes in the Big XII we left haven't learned their lesson as to why it happened.
  14. VectorVictor

    Baseball Coach Search

    ACC money isn't nearly on par with B1G money (yet). We can probably go just north of $1m/year for a new baseball coach and another $1m to $1.5m (depending on if the third assistant coach approval gets passed next year) for the assistant pool and it won't be a big deal.