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  1. He is. I saw him prepping the uniforms for our new lacrosse and hockey teams now that football is shuttered…
  2. We don’t need him to sell the program. Just be a competent QB that doesn’t make (as many) mistakes and get us to 6+ wins… …and if our culture has truly improved, it should be able to handle and smooth out Rattler…
  3. We’ll know next week. If Nebraska doesn’t hold serve and win against Pur-F******-due, then the season is over, and we’ll be subjected to hot seat talk the rest of the way (until Trev says/does something).
  4. Talent, skill, luck, and a lot of moral victories.
  5. I wonder if we bite on Rattler…especially if Martinez goes elsewhere (which I think he’ll do if we don’t go bowling).
  6. Theres no way you can tell me Bert’s first year team at Illinois is better, roster-wise, than what we have at Nebraska the past four years. This is great for Bert, but it’s a slap in the face for Nebraska fans.
  7. So Bert got a (road) win against a Top 10 team his first year. There’s no way you can tell me Illinois is better in Bert’s first year than we were in Scott’s first, second, third, or fourth year. 

    1. desertshox


      did clifford play for psu? and they were probably looking ahead to next week.

    2. chamrocck


      That was a weird game. Illinois is better than their record but Penn State and Franklin are overrated to me. Not sure what the fascination is there.

  8. Don’t look now but Illinois is going toe to toe with Penn State in Happy Trail Valley.
  10. Hey, but our defense just made a turnover… …and boy is it delicious. They’ll certainly get an A in their Home Cooking class.
  11. Yeah…I don’t know. It looks like Kansas is running our offense better than we are/did. The stadium shots in 4K are sad for Kansas though. Less than 50% attendance. And the more I see teams like Kansas run our offense better, the more I think we just need to scuttle the offensive staff and bring in fresh, top to bottom.
  12. Not sure how we’ll do today, but I have a good feeling we’ll see a good matchup, and I really hope we can win against BYE. Our offensive line matches up well to the La-Z-Boy defense and the inevitable Xbox Live gameplay. I’m concerned about Martinez’s fumbling, especially if it happens in the kitchen. And our special teams…well, maybe for once it will be a good thing to “hook it” when they’re out at the lake fishing. And Frost? Here’s hoping he’s making a list of improvements to focus on for the season and next year with Trev.
  13. No worries. I was like...yeah, I've been fine with replacing him since last season, LOL...
  14. Lovie Smith got a two year extension while at Illinois (for recruiting purposes).
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