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  1. I'm not saying it's just a psychology issue though--I'm saying it's a factor, one that goes hand-in-hand with other concerns.
  2. Using your logic, then why did we have one during our run in the 90s? And why were they credited with helping create a successful culture within the program?
  3. A barely mediocre team should have been able to beat Illinois. But if we want to get to this point, we need to start looking at all of the pieces that need to be fixed.
  4. Bumping this thread because it’s an aspect of our team and game that needs to be taken seriously—when we have kids that are not disciplined, making mental mistakes, committing penalties time and again, and generally have a poor attitude about playing, sports psychology needs to be included in the discussion. Is it a singular magic bullet? Hell to the No. But improvements here could help in all facets of the game. And that killer instinct we like to discuss from the 90s? A lot of that was honed by the staff we had (prior to their dismissal before Pelini’s regime).
  5. Folks keep pointing to the hiring of Lubick at OC as some sort of positive, but couldn’t that be why the offense is in the mud? I haven’t been impressed so far this season. As for the defense, it’s sucked with Chinander. Moos needs a heart-to-heart with Frost and they need to look for a big time DC to hand the reigns to—it’s obvious Chinander won’t get it done. Also, Duval as S&C coach...we got pushed around by Illinois today, and by PSU, tOSU, and NW in the latter stages of the game. I don’t see any discernible improvement in our line and their play due to the S&
  6. Yeah...we need a new DC. A new OC. A new S&C program. New special teams coach. We shouldn’t need these things in Year 3 if things are progressing.
  7. But...but our renewed focus on Strength and Conditioning...?
  8. Wonder Woman 1984 coming to HBOMax on December 25th. I'd be excited if HBOMax wasn't a steaming pile of **** streaming service right now. 

    1. GSG


      What's wrong with HBOMax?

    2. VectorVictor


      No 4K, no HDR, no Dolby Atmos, app is janky on Apple TV (constant crashing/issues with watching/favoriting movies). Also, HBOMax isn't available on Roku devices...because...reasons.  


      The HBOMax app has been out for a while now. Disney+ was able to have 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos support from the jump, we're still waiting for HBOMax to get with the program. Hell, they haven't even updated their roadmap since launch--makes me wonder if this is a last-ditch effort for the service to remain viable. 

    3. GSG


      Yeah I was pretty pissed it wasn't on any of the Fire devices at first (but that's been changed). We had to use our Playstation for it and it was the laggiest s#!t I've ever seen. 

  9. But yet they have zero problems declaring themselves "Independent", or "American", or even a "News" Site, and there's nothing to substantiate those claims...
  10. And to think this country was governed by these incompetent a**clowns for four years. And worse yet, that people actually voted for these morons. And the cherry on this s*** sundae is that people continue to support these idiots willingly. Finally, I can't wait to see the legal fallout from these lawsuits--I have a feeling that some of these lawyers are going to be disbarred for their actions involving Trump and these lawsuits.
  11. Very good points. People seem to forget the whole reason we shut down in March was to avoid the Italian scenario that we're quickly running to--where doctors will be forced to triage and decide who gets to live and die because beds have run out due to selfish ***hats that couldn't wear a mask and not act like a tittybaby. We're starting to see this on the border in Texas, where El Paso, Brownsville, and the like are starting to send their sick to larger metropolitan areas because of a lack of beds, and now places like Houston and DFW are starting to fill to capacity. And no, it's
  12. I had mine out years ago, and honestly my only problem is processing high fat or highly spicy foods. I typically take a Pepcid AC (knockoff) to help with that daily, and one of my colleagues in the same boat has taken Ox Bile pills to help his condition.
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