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  1. Funny you mention that, because SI laying people off and turning the site into clickbait fodder (which is something their new owners are adept at doing, to a fault) is exactly what the new management wants. Only reason Pat Forde is still there is either A) he can't get out of his non-compete on his contract B) they backed the Brinks truck up to get him to stay C) Forde is a trash human being that graduated from Methsouri, so logical thought processes aren't exactly his...Forte.
  2. Sweet baby Jesus tap dancing on a ************* cracker, nabbing one XBox Series X presale was hard enough. Nabbing another one for my brother who is a teacher...I think I wore out my mouse getting the second system.

    1. Toe


      Hardest sale I ever got in on was when HP killed the TouchPad just six weeks after launching it and put it on fire sale for fifty bucks. I was sitting there trying to order it pretty much day and night while their servers were getting hammered, lol. Ultimately managed to snag one for me and one for my brother.

    2. Enhance


      I'm glad I recently did a PC rebuild which is staving off my thirst for one of the new consoles, but I've heard of a lot of people having problems/issues getting ahold of one. Glad you managed it!

    3. VectorVictor


      Thanks. I'll probably get a PS5 too next year when they become (more) available. But yeah, the presales were crazy insane. 

  3. If we can make improvements on defense with our back seven...and it sounds like we have...and our WRs are as billed, well...you bottle that and you'll have something sweeter than Yoohoo. Bonus points if you get the reference and don't Munson it up.
  4. This. If there’s any time we want tOSU, it’s at the beginning of the season. Wisky too.
  5. And because Nebraska was the one that forced their hand, I fully expect the schedule to be this: 10/24 @ Ohio State 10/31 Michigan 11/7 @ Michigan State 11/14 Wisconsin 11/21 @ Minnesota 11/28 Iowa 12/5 @ Penn State 12/12 Indiana 12/19 @ ? (x vs. x)
  6. I do: Welcome to Costco--I love you. This post is brought to you by Carl's Jr.
  7. The Big XII is willing to issue apologies to Iowa State because they a) haven't been a threat until recently and b) Texass needed them as part of their voting block in the past. Now that ship has sailed and Oklahoma, Texass, and Kansas are keeping their GOR from being renewed, plus Iowa State is a threat to Texass, I sincerely doubt they'll receive any more apology letters.
  8. Glad to have you over here! You could help pay us back by doing the following: -Spearhead expansion talks and get Oklahoma and Kansas added early. -Talk with BTN to get more summer baseball programming on the television. Like each school should have at least one game a week on TV, if not whole series if they're at the top of the standings. -Kick Michigan collectively in the cojones repeatedly across the board for getting us kicked out of the AAU. (well, them and Texass).
  9. College Football being played has no bearing on the BLM movement and how Federal agitators and agent provocateurs are stirring up trouble by inciting riots. Also, marches =/= riots, but marchers can be perceived as rioters when attacked. Two different things happening there, and they don't have connected paths. And no, this isn't justification of rioting--rather, it is condemnation of the Dennis(s) of the world that kick a hornet's nest and yell "help help I'm being repressed". If anything, there's a big risk to playing football because an outbreak will shut things down and everyo
  10. It's Ole Miss. They don't know of any other way.
  11. Could I get mine with flashing lights and unblockable ads for male pattern baldness remedies playing on a loop?
  12. IF they do Spring 2021 football...there are gonna be a lot of pissed off brides being stood up at the altar by grooms choosing football instead.
  13. Are there *SERIOUSLY* people still clinging to the wet dream that Nebraska will go back to the Big XII (that aren't from Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Baylor, or TCU)? Jesus TFing Christ tapdancing on a cracker, it isn't going to happen. Not as long as Texass is in the conference and continues to **** over the other conference schools for TV money and continues to fight schools in the boardroom instead of on the field.
  14. Too bad there isn't an AD at Wisky that would be a good fit for the job.
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