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  1. Loved the Herbie insert into this GIF. It needs to be the only version allowed on this board going forward.
  2. IIRC, didn’t Solich get looks early on during his tenure at Ohio, but he stayed at Ohio because his family’s from Ohio and one of his parents wasn’t doing too well (and later passed on)? I mean, I get that we’re all about dredging up the past because we’re in off-season again, but I remember there being interest for Solich early on by schools—it’s just after he kept passing on the offers, they stopped coming in.
  3. Chinander is a D-Line and a corner away from having a truly impressive defense...and honestly, the defense was our bedrock unit for much of the season. As much as I've dogged Chin in the past, he's making progress and improving the unit he's responsible for. Can't say the same about our offense, though. And that falls on Frost's shoulders. He needs to fire himself as playcaller, hand the reigns over to Lubbick (though I'm still on the fence about him), and maybe spend more time with Special Teams (if we're not going to dedicate a coach to it) to shore that unit up. I
  4. Why the hell are people suggesting Wolverine for Logan's nickname? Like we're seriously going to call our potential starting QB the name of one of the teams we play in the B1G? If the kid becomes starter and proves out, the kid should be nicknamed Weapon X. It works better on multiple levels than 'Wolverine'.
  5. Should we even count this year at all? Between the garbage B1G leadership decisions, our inability to have a proper Spring or Fall camp, and that it doesn't count against eligibility... ...I'm of the mind that we should just look at this season as a long, protracted series of Spring Games, and leave it at that. Call next year "Frost: Year 3".
  6. Look Mario, we appreciate your time and effort here. But even though you were dealt a crappy hand...you have to play those cards to the fullest, and we don't see that happening. When you have QBs that regress or make the same mistakes over and over again, is that progress? As far as untangling the mess that is the QB room, what will you be doing to help improve that for 2021 and beyond? Yes I know it's not really Mario. Or do I?
  7. This will certainly not fuel the rumors of a lack of team unity... (/s) ...and it’s all good with what the kids decide. 2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year, more for some than others. If the kids are burnt out, I don’t blame them one bit. Having said that, I would like to see the NCAA allow teams to have additional practices in the spring to make up for the lack of a bowl season. Baby Jesus knows we need the extra reps...especially if you believe the B1G Post-game analysis that suggests we have the right kids to win—they just have to quit shooting themselves in the fo
  8. Good. Let those f*****g morons have their f*****g stupid parties. Those a*****es can't vote and infect others with their stupidity if they get sick and die. And yeah, I'm going there.
  9. Or try and kidnap the Governor and hold them hostage/assassinate them? I mean, that's not lik-- I don't see how the GOP thinks acting like petulant children with guns is going to endear them to anyone to any future generations...
  10. I can't decide what's worse--the GOP's tethering of their platform to radical, extremist, profit-driven Christianity, or their systematic undermining of the public education system to purposely turn out uneducated/undereducated voters that can be easily manipulated by charlatans and con (wo)men. At this point, the GOP and most of their current supporters is a dumpster fire that's only eclipsed by the dumpster fire that is the White House COVID-19 response.
  11. I'm really thinking we land Michigan State. Weren't they going to be one of our crossover games anyway? Plus, for some reason, those games tend to be on the right side of fun. Or meaningful, if you recall the kicking duel we won against them.
  12. It is considered packing when the seats were vacant for years because the Senate wouldn't approve Obama's picks. That's court packing and blatant partisanship for a branch of government that doesn't need that kind of stupidity infecting it (as it already has the Senate and the GOP). And just because you choose to be willfully ignorant about Trump's happenings while in office, that doesn't mean they aren't real or aren't illegal/immoral/unethical.
  13. @Moirainewho knows, crazy is kinda hard to pin logic and rational thought to.
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