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  1. I think he meant '96 and '98--Those were craptacular years in comparison to 1995 or 1997, let me tell you...
  2. I don't think anyone is suggesting this is the difference between a 5-win and an 10-win season, nor was the argument to expand, but to look at replacement (especially with a proven commodity that's right up the road in Lincoln). Not sure where these came from. Strawmen aside, it's a valid topic, especially since this is the same staff since the Riley days. I don't think this will translate into a 5-win swing (nor do I believe anyone even equated as such), but it does provide the coaches with a stable mental and emotional base to which they can build their program from.
  3. Anyone done club volleyball for their daughter here? Need someone I can ask a few questions/get a sanity check on a situation from, if you don't mind. 

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    2. Red Five

      Red Five

      Not club related (yet), but what grade did y'all start your girls playing Vball?

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      My daughter started playing rec ball at about 5yo. She was an early bloomer and pretty much dominated until about 13 or 14 when the other girls began to catch up.

    4. macroboy


      My girls also started playing rec center ball really young. I dont remember what age..maybe 7?

  4. Because no one really wants to watch Kansas most Big XII football except a few diehards willing to pay money.
  5. Really pissed this is on ESPN3 and not one of the regular ESPN channels. C'mon, you have Nebraska that's a fixture in the Sweet 16 for volleyball the past decade (almost) and you can't give them airtime, FFS?
  6. Agreed. Then again, we don't know if this resource is asking for exorbitant fees due to his proven success or something else outlandish that the University has balked at. But it's pretty evident that this aspect of our sports program needs to be updated.
  7. Just wanted to resurrect this thread and update it post-2019 season. Can't recall how many times I'd hear folks on the radio call this team "mentally fragile", and while we saw somewhat of a resurgence against Wisky and Iowa, that resurgence was punctuated by mental mistakes/miscues by both offensive and defensive players at crucial moments. I feel strongly that this is an area that Moos needs to address to help not just Nebraska Football, but all Nebraska sports, and we have a man that can do just this hanging out in Omaha that has already said he'd be willing to help the University out again, either directly or indirectly.
  8. And the Sports Psychology department has remained untouched since the Riley days. Anyone that remembers Dr. Stark during our run in the 90s knows that Sports Psychology can help a coach and a team get over mental hurdles like this.
  9. No, they don’t, but progress should. And it can easily be argued that Martinez regressed in speed after adding that weight.
  10. Dunno. There’s something to be said about a two loss team that played in their Conference Championship game versus one that’s eating Cheetos and waiting for Selection Sunday.
  11. Interesting. We had only heard good things about Duval from UCF and when he was working with local youth sports in Omaha. I’m not too happy with how we looked this year on this front (see Martinez), but I’m willing to give Duval time to get it right.
  12. Let’s see...his constant use of screen plays that weren’t there and got very little ROI? Or his inability to go downfield and use his WRs over the middle? Or his puzzling subbing of Martinez for Vedral and McCafferey, only to yank McCaffery back out when he was your spark for the offense in the second half. His use of Wandale and lack of use of Mills in the first half. The chickens*** calls made at the end of the game to not lose instead of win? And putting the game in Martinez’s hands when he’s a shell of himself and clearly not someone that can spark or motivate this team.
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