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  1. VectorVictor

    New member

    This one? And welcome to the board MrSnerdly55.
  2. VectorVictor

    2018 mid-term

    Interesting article re: Bay County, FL Voter Fraud...by Republicans: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/election/article221536055.html So it appears Trump may be on to something about there being voter fraud in Florida after all... ...though in all seriousness, it only encompasses ~200 ballots. Considering who these folks were and what happened, I'm inclined to let them ride and someone just needs to thoroughly chastise those responsible for putting out erroneous instructions.
  3. VectorVictor

    Brohm gone?

    Well, the Papa John's founder hasn't exactly been endearing himself to the (vast majority of the) public or doing much of anything lately. Writing a check to the Louisville AD to cover Petrino's buyout would garner him some good press, which he's been lacking for a while now.
  4. VectorVictor

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    If only this good guy with a gun had taken the time to buy a NRA-sponsored 'Good Guy' shirt and put it on, he'd still be alive today.* I mean, how else are the police to determine who is the good guy and who is the bad guy if we don't start enabling the good and bad guys from identifying themselves? *Please note that "Good guy" shirts are not designed to work with any ethnicity other than Caucasian, so as to prevent Police Officers from being confused.
  5. VectorVictor

    What did we learn: Illinois

    I do, and I remember getting on Beck because his situational awareness when playcalling was suspect. How many times did we see Beck go away from the run on a 3rd and short when the running game was going well and come up empty. This same crap came up during his tenure at Ohio State and has shown up a time or two at Texass...though in all fairness Beck seems to be getting better about this character flaw in his playcalling. Frankly, even though they were running different schemes, we had similar complaints about the 'Dorf. Or have we already forgotten how we lost at home to BYU (our first game of the Riley era) because the 'Dorf refused to run the ball on 3rd and short multiple times to kill clock/keep possession?
  6. VectorVictor

    What did we learn: Illinois

    Wait...so are you implying that Frost is going to be fired because of a 5-7 team with a high octane offense? I'm kidding, of course.
  7. I just don't see Michigan State doing well in Lincoln this Saturday. They're out of the B1G East hunt, they have Rutgers left as their last game of the season (save for their bowl), and they only got six points against a very suspect Ohio State defense. Plus, we've kind of had Sparty's number ever since we joined, for whatever reason.
  8. VectorVictor

    The Angry Violent Left

    I know you knew. And yes, he's kept it rolling, but some of that is artificial and has a nasty downside, especially if the looming Chinese and Indian market corrections/crash/bears come to fruition.
  9. VectorVictor

    The Angry Violent Left

  10. VectorVictor

    The Angry Violent Left

    BTW, the silence in response to this post is deafening. Excellent job with this.
  11. VectorVictor

    Former Players Jealous of Current Players

    If we’re finding elegibility for former players to come back under Frost...Ameer Abdullah just got cut by the Lions. Pretty sure he’s got a year of eligibility...right?
  12. So, any chance we can find a job for David Beaty on our staff? The guy would be a big boon for our recruiting efforts, and we could always put him in charge of special teams... 

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    2. ScottyIce


      You sure Frost isn’t coaching him to fall over and kick it out of bounds or backwards?

    3. Cdog923


      @Melby Who is going to coach OLBs, then?


    4. VectorVictor


      @ScottyIce we could always use him as an analyst. Just sayin’, this guy is someone the big programs are going to (supposedly) make room for because of his recruiting. So why not us if we’re looking to improve it in Texas? 

  13. VectorVictor

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    Fair enough. Here's hoping we're looking to recruit a couple of kickers/punters this go around then.
  14. VectorVictor

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    I'm not saying squib wasn't the correct call, as you're trying to kill clock on the kickoff and make the kickoff difficult to return. But that requires the kick to stay inbound, which Caleb did not accomplish. And yes, I get that we don't have a kicker who can routinely kick it out of the back of the end zone. But we also have a kicker that can't do a squib kick without penalty, nor can they do an onside kick (albeit a surprise one). I guess my point got off target--IMO, it goes back to asking why we have Caleb still on Special Teams? Do we not have another kicker that could do his job effectively somewhere in the roster? We already replaced Caleb once because he wasn't able to do as the coach asked--why would this time different?
  15. VectorVictor

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    I would suggest that he should have kicked it out of the end zone to remove all doubt re: the return and not draw a flag. Plus this was the next kick right after the failed surprise onside that’s been making the rounds on the Internet now...so unless Frost was reacting to how quickly Caleb’s failed kick spread across the Internet...his kickoff wasn’t what the coach asked for. And not doing what the coach asked for is what got Caleb removed off punting duty in the first place.