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  1. Non-offensive touchdowns? So they gave hugs and participation ribbons to the opposition and shared orange slices?
  2. Heard this guy may be available to take on offensive playcalling duties:
  3. We won that game in regulation. It was lost in Beebe time.
  4. Some heroes wear a cape, others a uniform or a badge. And then some, like this one, wear nothing at all.
  5. Here's hoping that lightning strikes twice for DoNU in Waco.
  6. Even if it is "over", the damage has been done--there's no way Iraq will allow the United States to have any influence over it going forward, which leaves China and Russia.
  7. True, but the Governor's race, not to mention the tight polling numbers, don't look good for Moscow Mitch. https://www.rollcall.com/news/tight-kentucky-governors-race-sign-trouble-awaiting-mitch-mcconnell-2020 https://www.thedailybeast.com/kentuckians-have-finally-had-about-enough-of-mitch-mcconnell https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/politics/2019/10/16/amy-mcgrath-raised-more-than-mcconnell-but-still-trails-him/3995506002/
  8. Yeah, if it becomes an all-out war...I worry it will become long and protracted since Russia and China are supporters of Iran, and one side of this conflict will be a war via proxy. And if we don't have a war with Iran, Russia and China still stand to gain influence in Iraq and Iran--that allows these countries to sell them weapons, buy cheap oil, and for China to sell them our technology that we can't manufacture ourselves.
  9. Nah, more like Wall Street. In the 1980s.
  10. Jesus T***yf*****g Christ, Yes he f***ing did. Know what you're talking about next time before you spout off. Bloomberg has been pushing for a sugary drink tax, as it's helped reduce consumption, and studies are underway to see if the reduction in consumption equals a reduction in obesity and Type 2 Diabetes rates, not unlike how high cigarette taxes have helped lower lung cancer to its lowest levels ever.
  11. Was thinking this as well...including the part where he'll draw more Republican votes to his campaign. I realize you're just being hyperbolic, but I did say I didn't agree with Bloomberg on everything. And considering that sugar is the main culprit in our nation's obesity epidemic and how food industries have paid/threatened to keep studies saying as such out of the public's eye...taxing sugary drinks and treats would help in the same way taxing the hell out of cigarettes has helped lower lung cancer rates to their lowest levels yet.
  12. Could you imagine the ideological gymnastics that would need to be done to support a Bloomberg/Sanders (or Sanders/Bloomberg) ticket? And I'm okay with Bloomberg getting the nomination. Not the ideal candidate, but he's a successful businessman that's actually put his money where his mouth is and has made things better than they were when he started office. Don't agree with him on everything, but I think if progress is to be made, Bloomberg would be a good first step to wash away the orange taint Trump has left on everything.
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