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  1. No. Just no. Pensions, if you're doing it right, are funded during an employee's employment, as payout is typically dictated by the length and level of employment, as is the level of investment on the part of the employer. The only reason someone is having to fund *AFTER* someone retires is if the pension is running short due to malfeasance (willful or otherwise) on the part of whomever is responsible for the pension, as is the case with all three of the examples you gave. Now, if corporations and government entities are having to pay in after someone retires due to malfeasance, then you're seeing the effects of a poorly-run pension fund--that shouldn't be an indictment of pensions, but the people running them (or in some instances, raiding them for other company or governmental expenses). And being responsible and catching up sucks, but pensions, nor the people receiving pensions shouldn't be faulted--only the people ruining them via mismanagement.
  2. Great post, and I agree with your points, and would add that governments need to be prohibited from raiding them during budget shortfall periods or shorting promised contributions. For example, the (not-so-great-and-actually-getting-s****y-fast) State of Texass requires teachers to use the state's TRS (Teacher Retirement System) pension fund...to the point that teachers aren't able to collect on Social Security--the state won't allow teachers to have money taken out for Social Security from Teacher pay, and the state has rules in place that stipulate that Teachers can't collect on both Social Security and Teacher Retirements. Problem is, TRS is flirting heavily with insolvency because dips**ts like Perry, Abbott, and all of their evangelical "Christian" vermin keep raiding TRS like it's a rainy day fund (in lieu of the state's actual rainy day fund. Combine this with a 20% across-the-board cut in all education spending in Texass from a few years ago (including TRS funding) that has yet to be restored to the budget...and teachers in Texass would already be striking...if it wasn't illegal for teachers to do so. And while all of this is going on, the fund's management is shrouded behind doors that have to be kicked open repeatedly via FOIA requests, so there's no transparency. Like you said, Public sector pensions can and should be a good thing...but only if they are responsibly and transparently managed. But what happens in reality is that they're horribly mismanaged, there's no transparency, and then people of a certain political affiliation (typically the same political affiliation of the people who are running said pensions) jump up and down when the pensions fail and wax poetic on how 'pensions are (e.g. outdated, waste of money, government waste)".
  3. Pretty much confirmation that we're spot on with our assessment then.
  4. VectorVictor

    The Republican Utopia

    Except that now that this explanation is out there, people are doing it intentionally to say 'White Power', then pointing to the 4Chan bit to say 'no, that's not what I meant at all', all while winking and nodding the whole time. So 4Chan essentially created physical doublespeak. Forget 1984--we're in 1985 now.
  5. Using B. B.'s "logic", we should fear and shun the white, male, Christian evangelical community, and it's perfectly acceptable to do so. After all, this community is responsible for more acts of terrorism in the United States than Muslims, they've shown disdain for free speech and women's rights, and they would much rather police themselves than use government institutions (e.g. Judicial system) to instruct them on what to do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. VectorVictor

    The Republican Utopia

    What a damnable hypocrite. Christians shouldn't want to be associated with that kind of hatred if they truly cared about Jesus' teachings.
  7. VectorVictor

    The Republican Utopia

    None of them will admit that. One of the basic tenants of the modern-day GOP is that the Government is worthless and does nothing worthy of the taxes given to it. This is a far cry from the Eisenhower days of the Republican Party, to say the very least, when Government work and workers were valued and respected.
  8. To take a break from all things Donald, Mitch, and the rest of their comrades, I figured I'd look into how the conservative government in the U.K. is getting along since the Brexit vote, as the deadline to strike a deal with the EU is coming up, an--oh holy s***, Teresa May is almost as incompetent as Trump: https://www.dw.com/en/uk-parliament-rejects-brexit-plan/a-47093072 That wasn't just a sound trouncing of her Brexit plan--that was *THE* biggest 'no' vote in the House of Commons since the end of the first World War. Hot on the heels of this historic rejection, Jeremy Corbyn (Labour party) has tabled (means the opposite there than here) a motion of No Confidence in May. Should the No Confidence vote pass, the Parliament has until the end of January to structure a new government and Prime Minister. If that doesn't happen, Parliament dissolves January 31st, and elections are held the beginning of March (at the earliest). All the while, the UK has until March 29th to strike a deal with the EU on their Brexit plan, or they have to: a) leave the EU cold turkey and negotiate each and every individual thing piecemeal from scratch, from immigration, to trade/tariff agreements, to telecommunications, travel...so on and so forth. b) ask the EU for an extension on their Article 50 declaration, thus kicking the can down the road but giving the new government time to reach a deal. c) ask the EU to rescind the UK's Article 50 declaration, which the EU may or may not accept (depending on how many bridges May's government has burned with her incompetence and how the new government looks). Long story short...it's chaos in the U.K. right now. Even if May survives (currently 60/40 odds she doesn't), there's no reasonable expectation that she'll be able to get a "Plan B" together that would pass muster in the House of Commons *AND* be looked upon favorably by the EU. And if/when the UK leaves the EU, expect the markets to take a big tumble until it all gets sorted out...anything European or from the U.K. is going to take a hit, and it may be a long time before they rebound.
  9. VectorVictor

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Agreed. We need conservative facts on this board to balance things out.
  10. VectorVictor

    The Republican Utopia

    But his supporters are going to eat this up quicker than a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese because anything else would require critical thought processes that have vacated them long ago.
  11. VectorVictor

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I love how there's someone that keeps eyerolling all of the actual citations and proof of wrongdoing, yet doesn't have the cojones to refute or defend the practice. It's like the ghost of RicFlair haunts these boards and eyerolls anything that doesn't conform with his (incorrect) reality. Whoooooooooooooooooo!!
  12. Last night's win was simultaneously some of the best and worst basketball I've seen this team play. That, coupled with some of the worst officiating I've seen outside of a Big XII football game vs. Texass, made for one madcap road game. Glad to see the kids come away with the 'W', but it was in no way clean, and there's still plenty to work on. But I'm glad to see the kids do well.
  13. VectorVictor

    The Republican Utopia

    Unfortunately, the GOP has been hijacked by those same 'wackos' that Trump was mentioning. It's really disappointing how much of a laughing stock the GOP and their evangelical base have become.
  14. VectorVictor

    The Republican Utopia

    Or watermelon. Or grape Kool-Aid. Or Collard greens. At this rate, I wouldn't be shocked if Trump showed up in blackface and served it while saying 'Oh Lowrdy' the whole time. Pfffttt...who am I kidding. Trump would never stoop so low as to do physical labor. Bone spurs, you know.
  15. VectorVictor

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    House? Yes? Senate? No, McConnell is gonna turtle his ignorant, piece of excrement self into oblivion before he allows a vote on a bill to supersede Trump's authority.