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  1. Nope. Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, aTm, and one other school (Mizzery? Colorado?) to the B1G. Would have happened except aTm got greedy on the dollar amounts and scuttled it all. This is per the OWH and discussions with current (as of 2011) Big XII ADs.
  2. LOL, and I’ve been one of them saying this for years since we moved over. The thing is, AAU membership doesn’t mean you aren’t bringing in research money. Nor is it an automatic DQ…especially when the networks will be driving this bus.
  3. They don’t. It’s Adam putting s*** out there to make it stick. Plus remember that ESPN isn’t above using its sports journalists to promote what ESPN wants to happen. If Fox is using their $600m to sway the B1G and OU/UT, then it makes sense ESPN would put this s*** out.
  4. Except that we know this is bulls*** because Oklahoma was part of the five team plan to move to the B1G that A&M scuttled because of their greed. Morons like Adam keep clinging to this when they don’t really care—they knew Nebraska was going to lose its AAU membership before we joined.
  5. As long as there’s a quorum, there’s a conference and a contract. Instead of the seven looking to bolt, why not make some quality additions to their conference and improve TV audience? Teams like Houston, Colorado State, and Nevada would love to be in a Power 5 conference and would bring decent to good football *AND* expand Big XII media markets. Tulane and Arkansas State would be similar additions, but in a lower tier. Then cap off the expansion to 12 with a Wyoming or SMU, and you’ve got a decent, expanded footprint and an opportunity to show you can get attention with th
  6. There isn’t. This is prime “throw s*** at a wall and see what sticks” time for sportswriters to get clicks and try to say “SEE!? I WAS RIGHT!!!” Also word that despite the about face from Kansas, there was discussion with leaders (and Legends?) in the B1G offices…just not with Warren, who was indisposed. Dunno why the about face, unless it has something to do with the Big XII sucking up to TX/OU.
  7. Maybe they should have thought of that before casting their lot with T. Boones Farms Pickens and his garbage family. I don’t think anyone will be sympathetic to them while they’re continuing to suckle at that teat.
  8. Yup. As was Georgia Tech and North Carolina from the ACC.
  9. To be honest, they’re doing research and communicating behind the scenes. They just want to make sure before they go public and put the SEC on full blast, they have their ducks in a row. And the commas are obviously Shatneresque.
  10. How about Kansas and Texas A&M? The SEC doesn’t have a GOR*, and members are free to go, after all. And A&M’s spite carried them to the SEC—it could carry them to the B1G just as easily. And the B1G was willing to abandon the contiguous footprint idea when it toyed with Georgia Tech and North Carolina as potential expansion targets, not unlike what we’re seeing with certain PAC-12 schools willing to talk. Plus A&M was part of the original five-team plan in 2010 to move to the B1G (until they got greedy), so they’re already a vetted quantity to the B1G o
  11. It's the reason that Miami, Florida State, or Clemson weren't added in the 2010 shuffle. The SEC defers to the school they already have in-state for approval. Also, if the SEC does end around this, A&M could bolt for greener pastures. The SEC doesn't have a GOR, so A&M can leave at any time. While landing Texass would be great, losing A&M to do it doesn't seem like a long-term plan for success. Especially if the SEC is still wanting to keep recruiting South Texas.
  12. That...wouldn't fix the in-state veto A&M has. Unless they can rewrite bylaws with that extra vote.
  13. Alamo? LOL, the one in South Omaha was great. Been their twice, and it's on par with the ones we have in DFW. There's a reason they're the gold standard in theaters. And they are opening back up August 13th.
  14. Yeah, I'm hearing that Oklahoma to the SEC is done. It's just a question of whether or not Texas A&M will block Texass. Considering A&M leaked the info and started this whole frenzy, something tells me A&M won't let it happen. That means the only viable Big XII target for the B1G, Kansas, will likely be next in line. And remember the SEC has been working on improving its basketball cache--adding Kansas would launch said cache into overdrive. Adding Pac-12 schools only make sense if it's something like, say, Colorado. I could see Colorado (population, footp
  15. Kevin Warren had Oklahoma in his lap and let it slip through. From what I understand, as soon as the former President at Oklahoma retired, a lot of the wind for moving OU (and Kansas) to the B1G died with him. But there was enough to press forward--Warren just had his head up his a$$ so far, he didn't bother reaching out or trying to rekindle the relationship. And since the Oklahoma fans have wanted to go to the SEC the whole time...the fans are gonna get their wish, because there's no counter voice of reason, nor is there anyone from the B1G working on this. It's s**
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