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  1. The pitching has been horrible—had we decent pitching all around, the San Diego series box scores wouldn’t have looked like it came straight from Ron Burgandy’s (or specifically Champ Kind’s) news desk. When Bolt was hired I was concerned about not hiring an actual pitcher (and instead going with former Catcher Christy) for pitching coach, and we’re seeing a definitive lack of coaching on the pitching side (for example: lack of situational awareness, balks, poor development). Our hitting (save for RISP, which was already covered) looked better than last year, as did our defense. I would suggest Christy is our weak link currently and (if pitching doesn’t substantially improve this year) should be replaced with an actual tenured pitching coach (e.g. Silva).
  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has been underwhelmed with the position coaches and coordinators being brought on. Then again, we settled with the Rhule hire and we could/should have done better, so I'm not exactly jazzed about what's going on at Memorial Stadium as a whole right now.
  3. What. A. F******. Idiot. Yeah, pretty sure he just guaranteed a hostile takeover (a la Notre Dame in 2001*) *May have been 2000…it’s been a while. Now if we can put this game away early and get the student section so pissed off they get ejected on national television…again…
  4. One of the announcers made it sound like that was intentional--like that was a coaching decision based on film of the kid? Not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth. Just want to know if the kids can ride that gift horse towards some mediocrity (at least) this season, or if this win is fool's gold.
  5. Well, we were *closer* to mediocrity than they were this season...so there's that. I guess.
  6. Deion is telling current players to go jump in the portal and GTFO. The GTFO is implied, of course. But yeah...this is looking more and more like a Colorado s*** show. Then again, with the street value of those mountains in Denver, I'm sure Deion will be fully energized to coach Colorado to mediocrity.
  7. Was out and about last night and watched the game on replay--loved how the officials really called things loose and allowed the game to happen (unlike, say, our game vs. Baylor in the NCAA Tourney with Miles and an official who made every game he oversaw about him). Kids fought hard, love the defensive look of this team, love how gritty they played. Not sure if Creighton deserved to be #7 (or Top 25 TBH), but it's always a great day when DoNU shows up against Creighton, regardless of the sport. My concern going forward is how much of this win was Creighton just not being as good as advertised, and how much of this was the kids scrapping and hustling. I really hope it's the latter, and we'll find out soon enough. A tough, defensive-minded attitude and gameplan will (hopefully) go far for this team in the B1G.
  8. Well f***, what am I going to do with this kilo of pure Colombian uncut that I was supposed to bring to the stadium? Oh well, guess this s*** isn't gonna snort itself...
  9. This x1,000. I don't care what Rhule's record is anymore. The fact that his hire got the reporters mic'd up is a win over almost two decades of fans having to guess what question the reporters were pissing the coach off with.
  10. Pretty sure there's a BioEngineering program in a campus basement somewhere that's working on this right now.
  11. Agreed. The hire of Rhule looks rather pedestrian and sad in comparison.
  12. Yeah, if Fickel to Wisky is legit, this makes our hire of Rhule look like a damn joke.
  13. This Matt Rhule hire is great… …for me to poop on.
  14. Craig Bohl, just because I want to see the world burn. That, or he hires Solich as OC and the curse is lifted…
  15. This is a disingenuous argument at best. None of those teams had an offensive line that executed the Matador blocking scheme as effectively as ours. Plus these teams had sufficient talent on the lines and 2-Deep. Nebraska OTOH...
  16. But some of the anti-Mickey crowd can’t just come out and say “he’s black” as a reason (as much as they want to) so they come up with unreasonable expectations and incoherent comparisons instead. And yeah, I’ve heard from certain members of the fan base (that think because I’m a 2A guy I’m automatically in the MAGA camp) who find it unacceptable Nebraska would hire a black man to be it’s (interim) head coach.
  17. Um…I know of at least 10 homes in our neighborhood that have away full-sized candy bars. It happens quite frequently anymore… …but edibles? Yeah, the GOP wishes someone would give away edibles.
  18. Yup, it was kinda like this. Even did a jig with the ghost of Bob Devaney on the table until I was told it was just my shadow…
  19. Pictures of these so-called "massive dorks":
  20. I died from candy-colored fentanyl. But I quickly took a marijuana gummy bear from my kids' stash and got better.
  21. Looks good. Also looks like it will answer a lot of questions about the TVA and Loki.
  22. Look, I get we're all for bringing back the 1980s and 1990s around here...but this *SNIIIIIFFF* is going a bit too far. BO? This BO (seen below after sitting on a whoopee cushion full of ghost pepper hot sauce)
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