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  1. In DFW there was a direct correlation between how 'Christian' a company claimed to be and the number of complaints, either online, Yelp, or via the BBB. --- Modern day Christianity fueling the GOP is nothing more than a defective cult of personality, and these people that claim to be "Christian" or follow the "Seven Mountain Mandate" deserve to be pimp-slapped with the Bible repeatedly until they actually crack open and read the New Testament. Frankly, it's the behavior of so-called Christians in Texas, Nebraska, in politics and online, that has turned me away from the religion as a whole. Hell, even the cancer within Christianity (Southern Baptists and certain extremist-led Diocese of Catholicism...like what's in Lincoln and parts west) even admits to running ads about what Jesus taught (e.g. the foot washing ad during the Super Bowl) just to get people in the door so they can brainwash them to their perverted version of Christianity. There's a reason Christianity is at an all-time low, especially among youth. Making the USA a religious autocracy isn't going to fix that.
  2. Caught part of the radio, and I couldn't watch any of the linked vids or anything, but glad to see we executed across the board. Too early to say that we're better in all three phases this year...but even if we take a slight step back in offense and make a large leap in pitching, we'll reap larger dividends in the long term.
  3. This assumes a level of common sense, intelligence, and self-preservation that is lacking in the modern day GOP
  4. Oklahoma to the B1G was in the works when Oklahoma's former President was around. But as soon as he retired, the focus on improving academics at OU went out the window, and so did any desire to shack up with the B1G. At one point the Oklahoma to the B1G chatter was so strong, OU beat writers were extolling the virtues of the academically-sound B1G, including the education consortium, and how it would benefit Oklahoma in the long run. Unfortunately their meth-addled fans wanted the SEC...and be careful what you wish for... ...at least they'll get their inter-conference discount back now that they're in a conference with Mizzery again.
  5. Folks may have forgotten that aTm was part of the five team Big XII to Big Ten realignment from the late 00s that started this whole thing (along with Mizzery, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma). Problem was, aTm were being b**chy prima donnas and busted the agreement up because they didn't like the payouts. But the Big Ten already did their homework on this school (and others) and were willing to accept them then. My only concern is that aTm will still be a b***hy prima donna (despite not having done anything of consequence...ever) and try to be Texass 2.0 in the B1G. Granted, I don't think Michigan or Ohio State (or USC, or Oregon) will put up with that s***, but here we are. My takeaway question with all of this is if aTm moves to the B1G, who is their moving buddy? Florida State? Clemson? Mizzery? Also, will the SEC finally lock it's current teams into a GOR to prevent them from hopping beds faster than a Southern Baptist wife if they fail to get a better contract that the B1G again (which is looking more and more likely)?
  6. Already subscribed--that we get B1G Football and Basketball (and hopefully Baseball...) on it is great. Also, it's kinda funny/sad how quickly people forget we had to pay $39.99 for ONE FREAKIN' GAME when we were in the Big XII. One year we had something like three games (Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State IIRC) all on the Fox Sports PPV s**t. $39.99 for one freakin' game vs. $11.99 for a monthly sub that gets you a hell of a lot of quality programming? Some folks need to get some perspective...
  7. Alabama (and the SEC as a whole) is due for a correction. Unfortunately for us Nebraska fans, 'Bama's likely decline will come during Texass' climb in the (declining) SEC, so we're going to have to put up with Texass being whored out more than usual by ESPN in the near future.
  8. I'm sure they'll just recast Kang. He's integral to the story of the Fantastic 4 (well, not initially...) I've seen suggestions about getting Denzel Washington to play an older, ruthless Kang that wins the multiversal battle. He's got the chops to play other variants too, and he's still doing action movies. Seeing him chew scenery with Thor, Loki, Cap 2 (or Captain Carter) would be great. Also, 'What If' Season 2 drops tomorrow, and supposedly we'll see more than one character brought to life as main characters from these shows, not unlike Captain Carter in Multiverse of Madness.
  9. As long as we continue to develop our other QBs, I don't think this would be a bad thing.
  10. It's too bad we have such inept leadership (specifically--the regents) at DoNU that we can't get our academics up to snuff to get in line in front of a 5-7 Minnesota team. What happened to the pride of our academic All-Americans? We haven't heard **** about that in some time...
  11. Fixed for accuracy. Having worked with many aTm grads, it's a cult of perpetual ineptitude down there. Also I still remember aTm players punching our players in the scrotum (like Barney Cotton's son IIRC) in the bottom of piles during our farewell screwjob tour of the Big XII. There's nothing about College Station that a giant meteor couldn't solve.
  12. If Satterfield is allowed to stay this offseason, one more season of his incompetence is all that will be necessary to kill Rhule's tenure. Things move quick in recruiting thanks to the portal, and reputations are easy to obtain and difficult to overcome. Also, when just about *everyone* is saying the same thing re: Satterfield, and the same criticisms levied against him at South Carolina have followed him to Lincoln...it's not a coincidence. Cut bait and find a new OC (and WR coach, and maybe O-Line coach) to breathe life into this offense...preferably one that knows how to teach ball security. But the real question is, do we use the term Sattergrove or Cosfield until Satterfield (and/or Rhule) are replaced?
  13. Been calling this and other things they’ve missed out for a while now…but hey, it’s not “cool” to point out their gaffes when we want to slag on our OC…
  14. Jesus TFing Christ tap dancing on a MFing cracker, when Nuweasel is pitying us…things have truly gone to hell around here…
  15. So did Ron Kellog III. Beware the arm on beer belly QBs
  16. Already seeing Iowa getting more yards per rush…they’re gonna break one before the half is out if we don’t get them off the field… …s***, sucks to be right.
  17. As awesome as this play was…we still need to try and even out TOP to give the defense a rest in the 2nd half…
  18. Holy s***! We threw a TD pass! Against the wind!
  19. They’ve been annoying since before kickoff…
  20. Already have been—there’s two blatant uncalled holds, the lack of review on the TE reception two drives ago…
  21. Let’s see if we can get screwed on review—that’s an incomplete pass
  22. I am sooooooo done with these CBS announcers. And our OC.
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