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  1. Smothers is getting jobbed. Started out with that moron coach Harry Potter ended with that moron Mr. Whipple., I hope he shines at his next stop.
  2. Smothers moved up the depth chart and didn't practice this spring.
  3. So Mick caught some dude giving his wife the salami ?
  4. I wish him luck and hope he gets drafted. Some of last years player learned the hard way about the draft.
  5. Always questioned his judgement at Nebraska....suddenly it's making sense.
  6. You are correct, Congratulations to Mr. Thompson. Don't think he's coming back, bit I wish him all the best in the future.
  7. The kid is gone and I wish him well. Time for all to move on.
  8. I'd say Trev got exposed and there's plenty of shrinkage.
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