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  1. His personal life was a wreck and his coaching suffered from poor choices in personnel and coaches until it was to late. Scott needs to get his mind right.
  2. The toad is reporting it's his shoulder.
  3. Diaco's defense didn't tackle in practice or in the games....and he still gets jobs.
  4. I can't tell what he's saying...is there a transcript somewhere ?
  5. Maybe Manning should attend practice and Yant shouldn't trip over his own feet. They might be pretty good players.
  6. Carl was the d-line coach but he was focused on the booster wives.
  7. Oh man the anticipation is killing me !
  8. Ruud used to get invited to Nick Bahe's wine podcasts with his brother Bo. They quit telling him about the pods because he drank all the wine that was intended for the show. Fact or rumor ? You decide !
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