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  1. Meanwhile in Scottsdale Arizona an unshaven, drunk, fallen Nebraska icon stumbles from a local drinking establishment is heard slurring “I could have done better”
  2. Agreed officiating was bad for both sides
  3. Scott isn't doing anything...maybe we can get him back
  4. Game management\play calling today was Frost like.
  5. Jeff Sims should be playing on the other side of the ball...if at all.
  6. Hoping to another onside kick tomorrow when we have the lead and momentum.
  7. Now, when I was playing college ball at Maryland, I found this taped to a locker. It means that the difference between good and great is that much. If you think you can't win, you won't. If you think you're losing, you've lost. If you refuse to strive to the limit, the limit's as far as you'll go. If you give in to the fear and pain, there are thrills you'll never know. We have all been put here by God as a test of our courage and faith. The rewards to his warriors are many. The rewards to the losers, disgrace. Some say winning's not everything, that competition has a limited place. But if that cowardly slogan is true, why did God name this the human race?
  8. I always thought his scholarship was over reaching. Thinking Emmett doesn't have what it takes for a big time school. PJ didn't show any interest,.
  9. I don't see it. Hill is a liability on defense and a loafer on offense.
  10. Probably not Rhule sticks with marginal talent
  12. Let's not forget Luben: Before Nebraska (Wahoo HS) Luben finished his prep career at Wahoo High School as one of the most productive running backs in recent Nebraska high school history. Luben totaled 4,741 career rushing yards and scored 474 points during his career. As a senior, Luben led the Warriors to a perfect 13-0 record and the Class C-1 state championship. He rushed for 2,136 yards and 41 touchdowns and capped his career with 41 carries for 268 yards and five touchdowns in the state title game. Luben was the honorary captain of the Omaha World-Herald's Class C-1 all-state team and also earned All-Omaha Area honors. Luben was also an all-state pick as a junior when Wahoo finished 10-2 and reached the state semifinal round. Luben also played on both sides of the ball as a sophomore for Wahoo’s 10-2 team.
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