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  1. This is our bowl game and we get to got to Iowa City...What could be better ?
  2. Give Wisconsin the wind in the 3rd quarter
  3. What kind of chance has he been given ?
  4. Whip has a workers compensation injury and should milk it. It's a win for him and a win for the program.
  5. Agree here. It would be nice if a coach would commit to Smothers for a couple of weeks.
  6. Not sure about that, he was limping when he came out the last time.
  7. Chubba is not good and has no idea how to run, pass or slide.
  8. Could someone help Whipple off the field ?
  9. Why retire ? Let them fire him and take the contract pay out.
  10. The guy made a mistake that could happen to anyone, let's move on.
  11. What did he have to adjust ? The 2nd and 3rd quarter were horrible with Chubba going 3 and out.
  12. Agree but it tells me the OC was the AD's choice...and he wants the HC to be a CEO
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