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  1. Are we recruiting him as an OT or DT?
  2. Need to actually try to tackle instead of trying to strip the ball.
  3. OU getting whooped right now. :D

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    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      OU still can't play defense.

    3. NUance
    4. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      They had OU down 28-3 at the half. Baylor let them back in it.

  4. The fact that he only takes a 4 yard run at it might be a problem.
  5. How big would this be for recruiting if we pull this off?
  6. Defense won't need to rest if they don't see the field.
  7. Huh, we've been laughing at you for quite some time now.
  8. Yeah, me too. Hope is such a dangerous emotion when it comes to Husker football.
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