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  1. MLB 51

    Omaha In The Major Leagues?

    I agree, Oklahoma City, Ok. seems to be doing fine with their NBA franchise.
  2. True, but they have nothing to do with my choice of fries.
  3. I prefer Burger King fries over McDonald's.
  4. I might have to drink more to keep that "Going To Do This" from popping up so much. BUMP
  5. MLB 51


    I burned my stash before my ex ever seen them. Huge mistake on my part.
  6. MLB 51


  7. MLB 51

    Going To Eat This

    Always buy bone-in. Never know what they might add to the boneless type.
  8. MLB 51

    Going to Drive This

    2013 Chevy Cruze. I like the gas mileage, but I would rather have a new Chevy Silverado 4x4.