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  1. New UFC Heavyweight Champion.

    Damn good fight. I thought Cormier was winning to that point.

    1. C N Red

      C N Red

      I thought Stipe won rounds 2 and 3, although round 2 was close. And he was definitely winning round 4. It was a good fight though. Surprised DC didnt try to wrestle more. Think his ego and wanting to go out with a bang, with an actual interesting fight, may have gotten best of him.

  2. Diaz v Pettis. Who you taking?

  3. MLB 51

    Demornay Pierson-El

    Just had really big punt return, but it was called back for holding. I hope he makes the roster.
  4. MLB 51

    Team USA Wrestling

  5. I post early in the buzz to avoid having to self-censor.
  6. I am disappointed that people aren't bumping this. I shall endeavor to do my part.
  7. MLB 51

    Team USA Wrestling

  8. BUMP!!! Dragon's Milk- Stout and Sam Addams- Oktoberfest.
  9. MLB 51

    2019 Season Notes

  10. MLB 51

    Nebraska Wrestling

  11. RIP Nick Bouniconti