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  1. I forgot that was on today. Damn it!
  2. Just seen that. Hope he gets a shot at a roster spot. Raiders receiving corp is weak.
  3. Coaches were in Tulsa today. BA is a suburb of Tulsa. Time to check Twitter.
  4. Yeah, I wonder how much of this is purely psychological? There weren't as many expectations for him last year as there was this year.
  5. Unless they lose their CCG. That would be hilarious.
  6. You beat Webb City. That is a pretty big accomplishment in of itself.
  7. I'll bet that team is pretty loaded. It would be nice to pull some of those kids from the St. Louis area.
  8. Lexi Sun is tearing it up in this first set.
  9. There are some pretty good comments on there.
  10. That doesn't surprise me at all. ST has been s#!t for years.
  11. MLB 51


    I'd love to see this happen.
  12. Then he needs to sit. There is no reason to risk further damage in a garbage time game.
  13. He needs to put some zip on those passes. That ball was late and behind hie receiver.
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