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  1. Nail biter. Great finish.
  2. https://www.espn.com/boxing/story/_/id/34597993/sources-errol-spence-jr-terence-crawford-agree-terms-nov-19-undisputed-welterweight-title-fight
  3. Ugg! At least we weren't swept.
  4. Damn, I hope we don't get swept at home. Stanford looks really good.
  5. Hope this wasn't already posted here.
  6. We might only win that one game this year. Damn, that's depressing.
  7. This might the worst defense I've ever seen in our history.
  8. GASO might have a 1000 rushing yards before the game is over.
  9. I forgot the game was on tonight. I turned it on in time to see us drop the 3rd set. It's been down hill ever since.
  10. Sam Foltz highway 56.


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