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  1. Really don't know what the answer is for this team to turn around. I'd like to see a top end HC come in and see what they can do but they won't fire SF and who would come? If Meyer said no to TX no way in hell he'd come to NU. I don't see this team turning the corner next season. It's a big sh** sandwich that we are going to be forced to feast on for awhile.
  2. How's Urban Meyers health these days? Could use him on the sidelines.
  3. We haven't even pulled out of the driveway yet.
  4. Nah just tired of seeing this team struggle.
  5. Just scraped byban 0-3 Penn State team. Good win, team and coaching still blow.
  6. What did NU do in the 70s, 80s, and 90s that made them so good? Was is it all coaching? Why TF is it taking so long for this program to rebuild? This team is so boring to watch.
  7. I walked in to get some donuts I come back out and we've already punte??
  8. Haven't been keeping up with news, how's this Mccaffrey kid?
  9. So for those of you in the know, what are we getting with this guy?
  10. This....it's freaking Iowa? They are crap, can't believe they are ranked.....why didn't someone lay that kicker out?
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