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  1. 559Husker


    So for those of you in the know, what are we getting with this guy?
  2. This....it's freaking Iowa? They are crap, can't believe they are ranked.....why didn't someone lay that kicker out?
  3. Somewhat surprised about this but it's a safe move. Once Frost gets his own guys in there then we will see what kind of coach we truly have. I'm wondering when he will finally have the balls to start replacing coaches.. but again maybe we have to wait until we get better players to see where this entire coaching staff stands.
  4. This....if you aren't going to let him play then pull him. What's the point?
  5. Florida Atlantic put up 21 on OSU. Herbstreit must be secretly loving this.
  6. Still maintain Nebraska should of given Meyer a blank check when he came back before going to Ohio St.
  7. I don't know where to start but changes need to be made....Frost better do something.
  8. At least we won't have to see Fields in the second half.
  9. Jesus I thought that CO game was bad all those years ago in Boulder......this is an absolute joke and Frost and the entire staff should be embarrassed. Yeah Ohio St is better, we knew that but NU are playing like a Division 2 team.
  10. The thing about the Osborne era is that coaching staff turned walk ons into some pretty damn good players.
  11. Bet he sits Martinez at half.....71 can't even get a hand on Young.
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