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  1. I’m just gonna add that I don’t know how you can possibly say warmer weather may cause decline when it is already in warmer climates.
  2. In the actually post it says 295 clean/jerk and not deadlift. That’s a really good number for that specific movement.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.news-journalonline.com/sports/20190412/spruce-creek-falls-1-point-shy-in-boys-weightlifting-title-defense%3ftemplate=ampart he’s a state champ powerlifter.
  4. No, they must have 60% finished in their degree field. A major change would change the amount of allocated credits in said field.
  5. That is false. After 5 semesters, the ncaa requires you to declare a major. Also, meaning after at least 60 credits. They also must have 40% of degree fulfillment in said declared major in their third year and 60% in their 4th year or they will be declared ineligible.
  6. Dunno if that’s possible, most degree courses have a grade point average. IE. a business course requires a GPA of 2.5 and a c- for a required business course is a retake. I could be wrong and those are my recent changes.
  7. And what we have here is an individual who can’t hold an intellectual conversation. A narcissist who attempts to race bait and a grown man who is a child. You've repeated the same things over and over concerning his play, so here is facts: AMart sophomore season: 1,956 yards, 10 tds, 9 ints, 59.2% comp. rating and 37 less attempts... While playing an entire season with a torn shoulder. 626 rushing yards and 7 TDs. TMart sophomore season: 2089 yards, 13 TDs, 7 ints, 56% comp. rating. 874 yards rushing, 9 TDs. On 44 more rushing attempts. TMart
  8. Golden had a career in sacks coming off injury. Carter had a career high in sacks. Oshane had 4.5 sacks as a rookie. Actually, all of their OLBs had career highs in sacks.
  9. Believe he used the redshirt when he transferred from UCF to A&M.
  10. Have to wonder if James Franklin will be retained due to the ongoing situation.
  11. I was just listening to a podcast about this... They discussed how 01 Miami is overrated and a lot of their greatness is based on how their players did in the NFL.
  12. I was thinking more like Duck, Tiger, or Frog. Was once committed to TCU... Okie likes Rattler a lot, so don’t see that as an option.
  13. Wonder if Walters is being considered for WaSt over Grinch. Not sure of what current openings are out there other than that.
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