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  1. Sorry that group 5 team has 5 first round picks in the last 10 years, and multiple nfl pro bowlers. Just because they’re group 5 doesn’t mean they’re poor at evaluating talent. In all honesty, Frost is still flipping the roster and we need highly ranked recruits as well as the underrated talent, or under-recruited talent with a chip and something to prove.
  2. Talking badly about Boise... I would hope that we see the success Boise has seen the last 10 years. 7 bowl wins, 6 against P5 teams. 109-24, with a 6-0 start on this season and on their 3rd coach, granted the second coach was only one season. 7 top 25 finishes, and 5 conference championships. Oh and they also lost one of the best coaches in the country in Petersen.
  3. I understand what man coverage is, but when they throw a total of 13 passes, and finish the game with 322 yards, it’s time to play the run.
  4. I don’t know how noticeable it was on tv, but I can’t tell you how many times Jackson/Bootle would play themselves out of the run because of the lack of awareness. They would stay locked up with a receiver and wouldn’t even see that it was a run play.
  5. I do agree that they would perform better in a 4-3, but they’ve underwhelmed in the past couple games. Would like to see some of the younger guys get some time. Which may happen after the shenanigans Khalil keeps pulling.
  6. And you would think a thousand lbs on the DL would eat blocks and be good at run blocking. The Davis brothers aren’t good, and our LBs play themselves out of position constantly.
  7. Watch how often Alex Davis plays coverage... He’s a stand up DE. I also don’t know why you’d run a 4-3 set with 3 players that are basically all NT size. There’d be no pass rush generated.
  8. Interestingly enough, 3 out of 6 pro bowl tackles were listed around 6’5, and we know how professional leagues inflate heights. Just have to have good enough athleticism with a little freaky genetics in the arm/hand department. I still hope Benhart pans out to his ranking and that banks develops like they hoped.
  9. I can’t speak on the entire o line, but I was at the game this weekend. I know I’ve been critical of Hixson and his strength, but he’s a redshirt freshmen who constantly wrestled at state for Skutt. Staying on topic, I watched him make an amazing block on a stunt and Farniok misdiagnosis the play and get beat badly. He doesn’t have the athleticism to be at RT. I’d love to see him compete with Wilson next year and hope that Benhart can put on enough strength this offseason. Cam looked like our best blocker. Also, our pulls always look sloppy on the angles they take. I’ve seen multiples were they run into players, unsure if it’s the line getting blown off scrimmage or it’s just bad technique. I don’t think it’s Austin’s fault as he lost a guard whose in the 2 deep for the skins in foster and Farmer who I believe is starting in the CFL and was a true weight room freak.
  10. Lol, I figured that would be your response. I’m gonna go ahead and ask if you know how to program for every season of an athlete then? I’m gonna also assume you have no idea. Strength and conditioning while playing a college sport is completely different than just “working out” as an average joe. They have around 4-6 months to put on actual strength and then maintain. So to expect a strength and conditioning coach to turn something around in 10-12 months is ridiculous. Duval’s program, as well as his brothers are working and will take time. Nebraska has no glory in the B10. We aren’t an established dynasty and need to realize we are a complete rebuild.
  11. Have you ever actually worked out? Because I’m so tired of hearing the S&C comments. It takes years to develop players in that department and isn’t done in 1-2 offseasons.
  12. Including the play Wandle got hurt on
  13. Hope we get at least 3 OLB targets. DE is somewhere I’m actually currently comfortable for future. Stille will be a senior with his 3 year of S&C as such, and I think he’s played better than the twins. Thomas will be a junior. Jackson will be in his 4th year (I just wanna see him develop into getting on the field). Newsom and Robinson will both be in their second years. Rogers will be in his 3rd year? And Wildeman will be in his 3rd year. I like a lot of these guys and the athleticism/size they bring as DEs, mainly because I think the twins are out of position and are true 4-3 DTs DT is another thing though
  14. I think Tannor is starting to develop into someone who can make plays. He’s starting to show up. I also think Nelson has the motor for it, unsure of his athleticism.
  15. I think he would’ve beat out Hixson, but I also think Hixson can develop as his strength continues to get better.
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