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  1. ... A shoulder injury from lifting heavy would be from the S & C. Should’ve had him focus on staying around 215, instead of ballooning up. A bum knee can be from improper form when heavy lifting too. By the way, the athletic trainer leaves injuries that can be played through up to the head coach. If your quarterback is already heavy enough to take hits from what was a terrible OL at the start of the season, tell him to work on the accessories important to him being healthy... A la what Alabama did with Jalen Hurts.
  2. I think it implies, “make what looks like a good coaching choice, and I’ll be back.”
  3. Or they just fell that far behind in HS and were struggling to catch up in JUCO.
  4. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but coming from the person that uses 4 periods for an ellipsis? The irony is real.
  5. What has been our weakest point on defense? The linebackers. Who were the lowest rated recruits on defense? The linebackers that are currently starting.
  6. Sorry, but... Mo Barry, composite .8397 Collin Miller, composite .8496 @ OLB. Alex Davis, composite .8058. DiCapario Bootle, composite .8280. The older players on the field have not developed well, and people really need to realize other than Lamar that there isn’t a single composite 4 star who honestly will probably play safety in the nfl.
  7. I agree that it wasn’t Hixson’s fault. I was trying to figure out how it could be when the LBer was a spy. Also, Wilson is definitely the weakest link.
  8. He wasn’t paying attention. The play Martinez loses 20 yards and doesn’t throw the ball away. It definitely wasn’t Hixson’s fault. I also can’t imagine why they would bench a RS SO who has been given 9 starts, if anything he’ll compete with Wilson at G.
  9. Didn’t have a chance? Guess you didn’t see this where we showed 0 interest.
  10. Probably because Wisconsin and Michigan both have ugly losses
  11. Uh... Lane didn’t get fired, he became a HC. Saban has an alcoholic on his staff that didn’t get fired and just went to the NFL as an OC, who than got fired and he brought back as an analyst or OC again?
  12. You’d be wrong Bell, Karlaftis, etc. Brohm has flipped that roster and has a lot of young talent on that team, which is why they’ve struggled this year.
  13. I wish this would’ve been Lamar playing his natural position.
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