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  1. cheekygeek

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    I think it is pretty clear that Moos’s comments indicated he was going after Childress. Only after Childress publicly said we wasn’t going anywhere did Moos go to Plan B (and save the university some money in the process).
  2. Will Bolt expected to be named new Nebraska's next Baseball Head Coach today, per texags.co

    PS...Not that it matters a hill of beans, but how do I go from "Blackshirt" status to "Scout Team"?

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    2. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Isnt he high on the wish list?

    3. VectorVictor


      @man eating mastodondepends on who you talk to. There are some folks that want a proven entity, like the Oregon State or Virginia coach, and there are others that are willing to give Bolt a chance since he's had head coaching success at a lower division, he's a Dave VanHorn disciple, and many of the schools making it to the CWS the past few years have been turning their programs around with coaches that have resumes very similar to Bolt's. 


      Personally, I'm loving this hire, but I can understand why someone may think this is a letdown. Some of this may depend on how much money Moos and the AD office are willing to throw at baseball--if Moos wasn't willing to open the purse-strings a bit, then Bolt may have been all we could have realistically picked up (and probably why Childress stayed at aTm). 

      I am hoping that Bolt does keep Silva on as the Pitching coach, regardless...

    4. GSG




      See @knapplc's post here for the new "rankings"  


  3. cheekygeek

    Baseball Coach Search

    Posted 45 minutes ago: -Source: https://texags.com/s/32584/kendall-rogers-talks-baseball-coaching-carousel-fsus-storybook-run-to-omaha
  4. cheekygeek

    Baseball Coach Search

    One thing that no one seems to be talking about is buyout numbers on prospective hires. Part of that may be that salary and buyout numbers seem to be harder to come by for NCAA Baseball head coaches. https://athleticdirectoru.com/articles/2018-p5-baseball-compensation/ I still feel that O'Connor might be the best fit because he and his wife may want to come home, particular now that he has earned his stripes at Virginia. Even if he didn't particulary desire to come home, Nebraska is a great destination - given how set up Erstad has left the program, how Nebraska's facilities are top notch, and how the Big Ten is ascending in both money and NCAA baseball (thanks to climate change ). EDIT: Childress is reportedly OUT, unless he is fired and paid his contract. Is there a chance that Moos is hoping that happens and he can be hired sans buyout?
  5. cheekygeek

    Baseball Coach Search

    The source article is 2 years old, but provides some (2 year old) context. https://www.postandcourier.com/sports/usc-s-million-dollar-question-how-much-are-gamec$%ks-willing/article_76aab36a-4bfa-11e7-8320-b70963103eb5.html
  6. cheekygeek

    Baseball Coach Search

    I found a Washington Post article that states Brian O'Connor's parents still live in Council Bluffs and it was also where he met his wife. That's a lot of prospective relatives that would be happy to see them closer to home. In another article, he gives credit to his dad for his love of baseball and says having all 3 of his kids present at the CWS in Omaha is special (not sure where his kids live or their ages). This is from a June 2014 article: Anyway, my point is, if his father loves baseball and is getting up there in age, being able to see his son's team's games (and his son & family more often) might be a big draw back to Nebraska (along with a better salary/lifestyle).
  7. Moos is really making a name for himself by undoing the bad choices made by his predecessors. Nebraska is fortunate to be getting a "Take 2" when they are. Makes me wonder if Erstad made his retirement decision AT LEAST PARTLY because he KNEW Childress was looking to return to Nebraska (get dissed by Texas A&M people) and the Moos would be open to Erstad's recommendation?

  8. cheekygeek

    Baseball Coach Search

    Rumors with "elite sources" according to the poster. Note the dates of the two tweets.
  9. cheekygeek

    Baseball Coach Search

    Big Ten has historically lagged behind the other conferences in what they pay their Baseball Coaching Staffs. But we've been getting a bargain for years with Erstad and have the resources. I say we steal Iowa's Rick Heller and pay him what he would get from one of the other conferences. The success he has had at Iowa (taking over a less-than-stellar situation): https://www.goiowaawesome.com/iowa-hawkeyes-baseball/2017/12/2422/iowa-extends-rick-hellers-contract-through-2024 https://hawkeyesports.com/coaches.aspx?rc=1765 What he did at Indiana State: https://gosycamores.com/coaches.aspx?rc=386&path=baseball
  10. Moos has the chance to continue the resurgence of the Nebraska Cornhuskers "brand" if he can manage another "splash hire" at Head Coach for Baseball. Snagging Scott Frost for football, Fred Hoiberg for men's basketball, and now putting his stamp on Nebraska baseball has made him one of the most active Athletic Directors in the country. Timing is right, as the headlines of the Big Ten's being awash in cash is probably making a lot of good coaches in lesser conferences eye spots in the Big Ten with dollar signs in their eyes. It's a good time to be a Big Ten school shopping for coaches, especially if you are Nebraska.

    1. TonyStalloni


      If Moos gets the Triple Crown of coaches there needs to be a statue of him at the stadium,  at Pinnacle and Hawks Field. 

  11. cheekygeek

    Erstad gone

    Let’s hope Moos has an envelope with 3 names in his desk drawer that he’s been keeping updated for head baseball coaches. “In Moos We Trust”?
  12. Facepalm. Not at how the game ended. At the pathetic comments here once the scoreboard flipped. Proud of this Huskers team. You “fans”? Not so much.
  13. cheekygeek

    2019 NCAA Division 1 Baseball Tournament

    And 3 seeds went 4-0.
  14. cheekygeek

    OLB Coach Jovan Dewitt has Throat Cancer

    In honor of this great news, I move that we change the thread topic to read: OLB Coach Jovan Dewitt HAD Throat Cancer Do I hear a “Second”?
  15. So otherwise, how do you like the football games in Boulder?