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  1. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard the Tight Ends were going to be a bigger part of the offense.
  2. Exceedingly low expectations are part of the problem. It is hard(er) to recruit top talent when your AD is out there (admittedly while trying to provide cover for his Head Coach) saying that he would call 6 wins in a season a "success". Then saying "8 or 9" for this season. It doesn't matter to me if it is "realistic". You've got to dream before you can accomplish and I don't want anybody in that locker room looking at their schedule and already marking off a game as a "L". It starts with having "unrealistic expectations" and then getting the people and building the program that will make it
  3. I haven't read all 17 pages of this discussion (sorry) but I think that Nebraska's moving on from Moos is in order to attempt to "make amends/clean start" with the Big Ten/NCAA because of their "renegade" position with regard to being vocal about wanting to playing football last year (and schedule their own opponents to come to Lincoln). People seem to have forgotten how Nebraska "stood alone" back then and I think it should be obvious to anyone (especially after the ridiculous punitive regional that [Big Ten conference champ] got in being placed in the #1 Arkansas Regional) that Nebraska is i
  4. Not sure if the new proposal for expanding the Football playoff to 12 teams is being discussed anywhere yet. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/college-football-playoff-working-group-recommends-expanding-field-to-12-teams-with-six-conference-champions/
  5. If big programs reward this sort of behavior they are just asking to see more of it. However, it is at least possible this says more about the disarray of the Louisville program than it does Luke McCaffrey. https://kentuckysportsradio.com/football-2/qb-luke-mccaffrey-transfers-from-louisville-as-soon-as-he-arrives-on-campus/
  6. I hear its the only kind of homework they do.
  7. I'm guessing the Cornhuskers come out in their Honey Badger colored uniforms tonight.
  8. Wind won't be a huge factor tonight (around 5 mph) but what there is of it will be blowing directly in the face of the batters. Winds out of the SE all game long. Some HR balls might be caught on the warning track.
  9. Interesting. On a Razorback forum earlier this afternoon it was said that "Wiggins gets the nod for Hogs.". https://www.secrant.com/rant/arkansas-sports/official-2021-arkansas-razorback-baseball-season-thread-we-back-edition/94677275/page-269/
  10. So I just ran the short range weather model showing simulated radar (reflectivity) for Fayetteville tonight. The first frame (says 23z in upper left) is 6 PM CDT. I have Fayetteville's approximate location marked with a red X in extreme northeast Arkansas. I hope this verifies! https://imgur.com/ucE6Saq
  11. Regarding weather concerns, got this from an Arkansas forum: "They can reschedule for tomorrow. If they can't play tomorrow it goes to head to head record (tied) and then it goes to the higher seed. So we'd advance if it got to that point."
  12. Some Razorback fans are sounding a lot less confident than they were 24 hours ago: https://forums.hogville.net/index.php?topic=730566.0
  13. I just checked the WX models and, while I can't rule out a shower or two, it appears that Fayetteville will be NW of the more widespread and heavy rains that are predicted for central and southern Arkansas through Tuesday. Also, there are no Supercell parameters anywhere around Fayetteville, so hopefully lightning will not be a big concern either. Just glad that Fayetteville is in the extreme NW corner of the state. These two sentences completely contradict each other.
  14. I was referring more to the TWO must win games, back to back, not just the win over #1 Arkansas. I think it is encouraging that Nebraska was able to win even with handing them two runs on a single wild pitch, and being burned by running into so many outs (and, ironically, one run that could have been getting held up at third base. It turned out to be an out at home anyway.)
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