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  1. You must not have been here THIS preseason. I prefer REALISM to either pessimism or positivity. They say when a Pessimist looks into a tunnel they see the darkness. An Optimist sees the light at the end of the tunnel. A Realist knows that light is just the next train (challenge) coming.
  2. Concerned? I thought you were gonna jump off a bridge 3 or 4 losses ago?
  3. And I thought **I** could write some too long posts . . .
  4. I’m sure any opponent would take such a stat to go with a 16 point victory on the scoreboard.
  5. So you are saying: two “name” programs trending in the wrong direction.
  6. This got a lot of reactions, but I’m genuinely curious why no one asks if the LB coaches are any good at coaching? Ruud is a Husker legend and nobody questions his knowledge, but isn’t this his first experience as an assistant coach? How has their recruiting been so far? Do we have better linebackers in the pipeline?
  7. I don’t know quite how to say this, but my biggest concern is our head coach’s detachment from the defense. He delegates and there seems to be no accountability other than “we’ve got to do a better job as coaches” (and players and equipment managers). His curt “I don’t call the defense” answer sticks in my craw like a dry, unbuttered biscuit. I feel like Frost is an OC and not a HC and that is costing the team in multiple ways. I also am starting to feel like his evaluation of some of his assistant coaches is colored by UCF’s magical undefeated season, which made him believe he had the greatest assistant coaches in the world. They are not translating well to the BigTen so far and, while I can see some playmakers wanting to play in Frost’s offense, I see recruiting Blue Chip defenders as a huge problem until we get a defense that isn’t going to showcase embarrassing games and make mediocre teams look like world-beaters.
  8. You said "Championship play" NOT conference championship play. By the way, that is called "Conference title" not championship (see the key in the graphic above). My point is that he fulfills what you were asking for.
  9. I think this much is a pretty accurate take. “Culture” is a mystique that be can blamed when things are going badly (without throwing individual players - or coaches - under the bus). Culture is a mystique we can say we are “building” to boosters & recruits. “Culture” is a PROXY for what is really the problem that can’t be said out loud (at least not yet).
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