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  1. Add Texas A&M to Ashton Bethel-Roman poll. Add Tulane to Zycarl Lewis poll. Thanks!
  2. Just got a Runza meal myself, the Runza being free as it was 0 degrees today.
  3. All up to date. I can’t wait to see how these transfers fit in, all of them coming in at positions needing depth and experience. Great last few days for the Skers!
  4. Making Recruiting Noise => Getting PR => High-Level Recruit Interest => Getting Guys on Campus => Connect Commits with Recruits => Commitments => Young Depth => Experience => Developing into High-Level Starters => Wins We have had most of these steps during the last few years, but the Raiola noise is the loudest in recent years. However, we have lacked the bolded step, which is definitely the most important. I trust that Rhule is building this program and emphasizing development. Not to mention we have really struggled with the last step, which is a result of the lack of development.
  5. I have a feeling that Dylan may have let the staff know about these two…
  6. Yeah, I went through the 2024 commits earlier and completely forgot he was even in the class. Rhule is going to start to weed out the “reaches” based on athleticism as the Raiola news hopefully keeps drawing more talent (Frazier, Baker, etc.)
  7. This just means that 100% of the Crystal Balls (which is only Schaefer's at the moment) point McCord to N.
  8. That is a loaded All-State team. Glad to see Keelan is highly thought of in Missouri.
  9. @Mavric Edit: Carlon Jones decommitment
  10. Updated with today's commit/decommit...
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