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  1. I hit no, not because I like prefer 4/3 but because I don't prefer either. Really just want to see quality defense
  2. umm we're like 40 bye weeks from this off season being over..
  3. Another random thought: It's interesting to think that we thought we had an easier schedule because our hard games Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio state were at home and our "easier games" were away. But if you knew we were going to lose to all of them anyway, the easier schedule would have been to play Purdue & Colorado at home and those losses to be away.
  4. I think we might set some kind of record for both teams total missed tackles in a game
  5. Well glad my weekly punch in the face is over and i get to enjoying the weekend
  6. In the grand scheme of AD decisions at Nebraska this even close to bad
  7. This could get ugly if we don't clean stuff up. I really want to be wrong about this: Purdue- L Scott Frost is 50/50 in season openers and Nebraska has been 1-3 against Purdue in the last couple years. Purdue has had a lot of injuries this year, I think they bounce back next year and start off with a win Central Michigan Chippewas – W Nebraska takes care of business. Though we have lost this game before. South Dakota State – W Nebraska feeling the heat of the state pulls together a win here at home, but it isn’t easy. This is the team that should have beat Minnesota this year. Cincinnati- L Cinci is a top 25 team at the moment and has and will take care of lesser P5 opponents. Nebraska under Frost has yet to beat a top 25 team, I think that continues here Northwestern – L It will be close, we know that for sure. SF is 1/8 in away games I think Pat Fiz has a bounce back year and we fall short Illinois – W Illinois playing well now and we should have lost to them this year, but I think at home we pull it out. Rutgers – W Nothing says we’ll lose this game Ohio State – L Lost to them consistently for almost a decade Penn State- L they’ve looked like a much better team than us for half a decade Iowa – L Lost to them consistently 4 in a row potentially soon to be 5 Wisconsin – L Lost to them consistently for almost a decade Minnesota – W we trade blowout wins with them. I think they don’t need the win and don’t take us seriously, and we walk out with a W. Would a 10 point+ loss shock us though?
  8. Just looked at next years schedule. Very believable that we lose to Purdue and Cincinnati to start the season as our record is very poor against both Purdue and top 25 teams. We also have South Dakota State that was a fumble away from beating Minny this year. Things better click for this team or we're going to get off to a very poor start again.
  9. I'd believe Epstein killed himself before I believe we upset Wisconsin
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