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  1. I hate to say it but Adrian probably gets dinged again in the middle and we drop 1-2 games depending on when. I think we'll still get a bowl though.
  2. This is the internet not a tailgate you don't have to be nice.
  3. If we served wine Bob Diaco would have been drunk every game and our defense would have been elite.
  4. A wiser man, (Chinander), once said you're either a sinker or a floater, but either way you're still a turd.
  5. Seems fitting he would transfer as well. It seemed like Houston and Nance were always mentioned in the same breath.
  6. Nebraska football has only ever landed two five star recruits by 247 composite - Marlon Lucky class of 2005 and Chris Septak class of 2000. Only the top 30ish high school kids in the nation are 5 star recruits.
  7. HOLY SH!T. I didn't realize it was possible for two people to have a respectful back and forth with interesting points and no one getting snarky.
  8. The take that Wisconsin is worse off with Alvarez retiring is getting way more hate than it deserves. It's long been rumored that he has much more control than usual for an AD. It was speculated that after having great seasons with the badgers, Bret Bielema and Gary Andersen left so that they could have full control over the team that they ran without an AD forcing his system on them. Here are the stats for the last three head coaches: Paul Chryst HC at Wisconsin: 56-19 HC at other teams: 19-19 Bret Bielema HC at Wisconsin: 68-24 HC at other teams:
  9. Would be shocked if Stepp didn't start right away. Under Frost we've brought in as running back transfers Bell and Mills and both started as starters. In fact it took a couple games to move away from Bell. Based on those transfers and how underwhelming the group was last year, he would be my odds on favorite.
  10. "Frost has faced on average 4 top two tier teams per season while Mike Riley squads only played this level of competition 2.67 times per season." The article called tier two teams 11-25 and the Big Ten West has been killing it lately in that department and I no longer think this is a good thing. It's good for the big ten but it's making getting over the hump a lot harder and recruiting against these teams harder. It doesn't really feel like it's going to go away quickly either.
  11. We kinda already have. Dedrick Mills often played full back when on the goal line. I bet Marven Scott takes that role next year.
  12. That quote is so dumb. Of course if you're stronger and faster than everyone else you'll be better off. Duh.
  13. "The Pender native spent the last three seasons working at LSU as a safeties coach under Ed Orgeron." Did anyone else just learn Pender was a real place? https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/nebraska-names-former-lsu-and-nu-assistant-bill-busch-defensive-analyst Was the dredge real too?
  14. We're more likely to figure out how to go 0-15
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