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  1. The husker track record under Scott Frost after being doubted hard by everyone is to have strong emotional performance. If this were a top 10 team I would say that still wouldn't be enough, but against this team I think we win this one.
  2. I saw someone else post it a while back but I really like Wisconsin's defensive coordinator, Jim Leonhard. -Would really hurt Wisconsin to lose him -Came up with defensive plans to continually beat Iowa over his career -Regularly turned not top 25 classes into top 10 defenses Hire a solid OC and this seems like a great and believable option.
  3. That statement wasn't arguing whether or not he should stay it was saying every interview I've seen from Trev this year makes me think there will be another year regardless of what happens
  4. I haven't seen a Trev appearance that would make me think Frost would get canned this season. We probably have to also miss the bowl season next year in order to move on.
  5. If we're able to beat Purdue then we might finish the season 4-8. The same record as what was inherited four years ago.
  6. lol at the Nebraska wins but Min covers option. We're winning big or losing close.
  7. It also feels like it's windy with 3 feet of snow on the ground every time we play them, so it usually should be a solid strategy.
  8. A chance to equal our stride
  9. Will Przystup improved his punt from 7 yards to 84. If he improves by 77 yards every week he will be able to punt the ball 161 yards this week and 469 yards by the end of the season.
  10. Thank God special teams was a focus in the offseason otherwise we'd be in a real pickle
  11. Seems like a long shot to get a bowl this season even though I feel like we're talented enough to do it. If we pull the plug on Frost, then we have to assume another year or two of rebuilding. When do you guys think it will happen?
  12. I feel very confident about beating them this year. I feel very confident about losing to them to start next season.
  13. I agree with everything you're saying but steal one game later on? Up until now Scott Frost at Nebraska is - 1-2 vs Northwestern - 1-2 vs Purdue - 1-2 vs Minnesota - never beaten a ranked team We're playing those 3 teams and 5 ranked other ones. Every win after Buffalo on is at some level a steal. Not saying we can't, but to get a bowl game at this point is going to require bucking trends. Our back is very much against the wall right now.
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