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  1. Pour one out for the SEC teams that will actually have to play each other.
  2. His dad played in the NFL 8 years. He can be worse than his dad and still have an awesome college career.
  3. This would mean one more game against the B10. Would love a rematch against Indiana or an easy win over Maryland...So we'll probably play Michigan.
  4. Dylan McCaffrey waited his turn at Michigan to play and Luke will still have the potential to start for two seasons, so I think he'll stay in the probable event of being beat out by Martinez. I think a more likely beat out leading to a transfer would be post Martinez between Luke and Logan. If Luke wins, not a lot of QBs are looking to stay 4 years to play 1, so Logan probably leaves. If Logan wins, I guess we might be able to talk Luke into being a WR or something, but I bet he leaves.
  5. I guess it makes sense that he's leaning towards a school with warm outdoor practices.
  6. It's kind of amazing to think that we thought with a freshman converted TE at center, losing the leading rusher and WR that there wouldn't be any kind of regression.
  7. I could totally see this being coach Ferentz's last year. Somewhat similar to Urban Meyer situation with seemingly little blow back preseason and instead a quiet departure at the end.
  8. At 6' 6" and 300+ pounds both are pretty huge gets
  9. I never felt great about the guy. The way he quit on his team when he was at Wisconsin rubbed me the wrong way. Especially because he's from the state of Wisconsin, so you would think being a hometown hero would make it easier for him to show some loyalty to that brand. He is talented though.
  10. Does Les Miles name bother you? should be Fewer Miles
  11. 23:26 Why do you have a picture of just lake Superior in your apartment?
  12. Bigcat, the guy who does this, went to wisconsin. Would be surprised if he picked a big10 school that's not wisconsin.
  13. I have a somewhat nuanced and obscure fear about the situation: Martinez will be better but then will get slightly injured and a 70% Martinez is worse than a 100% McCaffrey, but we'll stick it out with Martinez hoping he'll play up to his initial higher ceiling. And we'll just be that much worse off because we're afraid to put Luke in. I could totally see us doing something like that.
  14. The crazy part is i'm not sure if that would be "By Bobinson" or "Bondale Bobinson"
  15. I get that it seems over the top but you're basically telling the kids that if they want to have a legit shot at valedictorian you can't be in band, take extra gym classes, take electives like robotics etc. The class above me in high school a girl won out valedictorian because she took a special pass/fail gym class over the summer, only because if it was during the year it would have been only worth 4.0. The people she beat out took it during the year did everything else right (not take band, not take unnecessary electives, maximum study halls, etc) but their GPAs were still deluded because they weren't strategic enough to take the special pass/ fail gym over the summer like she was. Seemed like a silly way to determine valedictorian.
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