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  1. Anyone else uneasy about this guy? Kinda feels like Mo Washington 2.0
  2. Not only that but our foot has been in our mouths the whole time too which makes shooting it all the more dangerous
  3. I really think Martinez will be a lot better too. I really like the new QB depth. Everyone tries to have the attitude that when a spot is for sure yours you'll work just as hard without a number 2 breathing down your neck, but it's human nature to find that next gear when you think you could lose your spot. That plus healing from injury and I think he'll rebound just fine.
  4. I'm often on the pessimist side, but I think our offense will be amazing next year. Unfortunately, I think the defense will take a step or two back and we won't be a ton better overall.
  5. I mean if we're going to keep missing bowl games it should at minimum be offered
  6. unfortunate name for Nebraska prospect
  7. Wisconsin loses a ton. Maybe this is the year we beat them.
  8. They used to not have minuses! I got murdered by those my whole career. A- = 3.67 now and B+ = 3.333
  9. A couple of things might explain this: 1. We lost a ton of players, so our rankings for those years are very inflated if you count people who stayed. 2. Star ranking doesn't take into consideration how well a player will fit the needs of a team, just how good the player is. Switching offensives and defense every other year makes the players recruited less helpful relative to established schools like Iowa and Wisconsin who use their players exactly as anticipated. 3. And I hate this one. There might be a tendency of players with higher star rankings who pick lesser schools because they don't want to work as hard to get playing time. So the 5* who chooses not to go to bama and instead goes to crappy other school might be because he doesn't take football as seriously, but still wants a basically guaranteed starting position. How hard they try/ how seriously they take the game obviously can't be accounted for in the star rankings. Just some thoughts
  10. I hit no, not because I like prefer 4/3 but because I don't prefer either. Really just want to see quality defense
  11. umm we're like 40 bye weeks from this off season being over..
  12. Another random thought: It's interesting to think that we thought we had an easier schedule because our hard games Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio state were at home and our "easier games" were away. But if you knew we were going to lose to all of them anyway, the easier schedule would have been to play Purdue & Colorado at home and those losses to be away.
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