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  1. I'm glad Matt Rhule has this opinion. We need to stop shooting ourselves in the feet as a program and as a conference. If the SEC and everyone else will together play 9 conference games and 1 p5 non con that's great. But they don't and because of that we shouldn't endure the consequences of wanting to do the "right thing"
  2. Today I'm probably at 6 wins. Practice reports and spring game might up it as we learn more about DR.
  3. I'm coming around to the 12 team model. -more teams make it so best players don't feel as compelled to go to same schools -regular season games still critical as bye/ home game is so powerful -players are paid so feel better about extra games -I actually liked that college football was different than all other sports and really it still is pretty unique. -other bowl games will continue to be diminished unfortunately
  4. I don't know why he wouldn't take it. He wants a HC job. This is a big ten school. That right there is enough to take it.
  5. Remember that time we made an alliance with both Pac-12 and ACC then stabbed the Pac-12 by taking USC/UCLA then tried to take ACC teams then finished off the Pac-12 with Oregon and Washington and then made a joint advisory whatever that is with the SEC
  6. Not a fan of Ohio State, but with Harbaugh out, if Ohio State hadn't edged us out yet for offseason national championship, this officially seals it.
  7. Hopefully, we get Ernest home. He already won a natty*, seems like a good time to come home to me.
  8. Curse only gets broken by stomping, not just beating, Colorado. Which we have a chance to do
  9. Ah yes. The turkey that believes everything that was will continue to be - is in for a rude awaking on thanksgiving. A bowl game by itself is a huge stepping stone for a team that hasn't been there since 2016 . Getting it in exactly the first six games and by the way getting it while we are currently on a four game losing streak would be unbelievable.
  10. I just can't believe 6-0. I like our chances individually in all of them, but we haven't strung four wins in a row together in the past 5 years. No way 6.
  11. Does Iowa need an OC? I feel like no matter what they are going to have an awesome defense with a horrible offense. They should just get a second defensive coordinator or a punting coach
  12. I can't believe Iowa played 14 games and was 10-1 in games they scored points
  13. While we're hiring everyone I heard Saban is available
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