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  1. Not the way we thought but, this game may be a blowout after all.
  2. Something I didn't catch until watching again today: This moment right here when Betts scores a touchdown to make it 17-3, just one minute into the second quarter, would be the last time we score a TD on offense and only go on to score 6 more points offensively for the basically 3 quarters remaining. It wasn't just the second half trying to milk the clock that we had offensive troubles.
  3. By Schrodinger's cat rules, every player both simultaneously has a black shirt and doesn't have a black shirt until proven otherwise. Schrodinger's Black Shirts if you will
  4. Is telling Domann no one has seen his ceiling yet our strategy to get him to come back for a sixth year?
  5. He'll delete it within the next couple days
  6. Wandale Robinson. First Play: Luke McCaffrey hands the ball to Wandale. The offensive line, including Cam Jurgens, has a great push and he gets 8 yards. Our offense has looked pretty different in the two game sample size, why not? So either that happens or we false start.
  7. Of course Penn State is favored to win the game. You learn more from a loss than a win, so Penn State's accrued knowledge from their 3 losses obviously exceeds our two
  8. Fleming did actually play against Ohio St. towards the very end. I would be shocked if he didn't continue to play a larger role as the season went on.
  9. Northwestern is a decent team that might win the West for the second time in 3 years. All in all, we did a lot good or ok. Tied turnovers, had fewer penalty yards, more passing, rushing and total yards. We moved the ball well. Play calling wasn't awful - except in the redzone. That has to be a focus. Mills pounding the ball, Mills as a full back, QB sneak. All that stuff has worked well for short yardage stuff, hopefully we go back to that. How about true freshman Fleming leading the receivers in his second game? We know Wandale is great and we need to get him the ball more too
  10. I've been surprisingly unimpressed with Dedrick Mills. He might legitimately be the fourth best option at running back on this team. Luke looked good when he took handoffs. I think Wandale is better and should not completely play receiver and Thompkins looked more explosive from the limited amount against Ohio State. Mills has had two games and is still at 3 yards per play. I'm not saying he should get no playing time, but he clearly did not pick up where he left off.
  11. It was always more likely that we would start off 0-4 than 2-2.
  12. Everyone hates on Chin and of course they could be better, but I feel like the low hanging fruit of this team is finishing in the red zone and dumb offensive penalties. Second, I would say special teams. I think this year and last our defense played well enough for us to win a couple more.
  13. Is it really that important though? Alex Gordan already had like 7 golden gloves.
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