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  1. Husker football through 4 games: 101 points


    Husker basketball through 1 game: 102 points



  2. One of the higher-ups in my organization has been downplaying COVID since the get-go, almost parroting trump at times. Well, now she's tested positive for COVID, had loss of smell/taste, and cold symptoms. So what does she do? Goes and gets tested 2 more times to make sure
  3. SIAP but I didn't know we were changing up the uniforms
  4. Speaking of wearing masks during the game... I give you "The Whistle Mask"
  5. You're supposed to remove the plastic packaging first before you wear them
  6. Well now Larimer County, where I live, is going to red level on Tuesday at 5pm
  7. Mistletoe is a parasite

  8. This is the county where my wife teaches:
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