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  1. Gov. Polis Calls On Colorado To Adopt A ‘Strong Mask Culture’ To Fight Coronavirus
  2. My sentiments as well. The schools are closed is all. Looks like they are up to 3 counts now in Scotts Bluff county Here is a little blurb about their first case: https://kneb.com/regional-news/officials-scotts-bluff-county-covid-19-case-is-a-community-spread-case/ Here's all the places that person went:
  3. Can confirm. They still have everything open. People are still going to the bars and hanging out together, etc.
  4. We've been watching some old(er) movies lately. Watched Rat Race and Dodgeball the past 2 nights.
  5. & @knapplc I held off on watching it too because it just seemed like stupid nonsense TV. But I got hooked because of just how bizarre all these people are. I don't condone anything they're doing, but it's still fascinating to watch for some reason BTW, some of Joe's old Joe Exotic TV videos are still on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeExoticTV
  6. It's like watching a trainwreck involving multiple trains and they all suck
  7. Fiancee isn't big on video games, but we've been playing this together Brings back some good childhood memories
  8. I got an update from a local news app yesterday saying that 42 of the animals at our local animal sanctuary came from Joe: https://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org/ ^^This place is in Keenesburg, CO
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