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  1. I get your point but estimated sunset time for September 7th in Lincoln is 7:48pm
  2. I imagine it went something like this
  3. But it sounds like it might be bulls#!t (my screenshot)
  4. From some screenshots I saw, the regular version is $70 like a normal game. But the special edition one was $150. Unless they're including tickets to an actual game, I ain't paying that s#!t for a video game
  5. ^^^^ Dafuq? Never mind. That's just the spring where we didn't add anyone and lost some guys who never played
  6. Nice! I had read some stuff about it, so it's been on my radar. I'll have to check it out
  7. Big Ten Championship on CBS this year. Ending Fox's run from 2011
  8. I keep seeing it on Disney+. Might have to re-watch the original animated series first just for fun It's pretty funny and the action is decent. Kinda has some cheesy 80's action movie vibes
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