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  1. I've also noticed there is no more "Mark forum as read" button at the top when you do into a forum on mobile. I kinda liked that one. I will say the entire board loads so much faster which is awesome
  2. It definitely needs to be on set rotation so you get different teams every couple years. I get wanting marquee games like Neb-OSU or Neb-Mich but like you said it gets old. But I'm also in favor of the Power 5 (or maybe 6) breaking away and having structured schedules across all conferences.
  3. MACtion is back in ACTION: 



  4. Co-worker bought me a bottle of this: I was pretty hesitant because I do not like that OTHER sour mash whisky. This was pretty good. Little spicier finish which is right up my alley since my favorite to drink is:
  5. I imagine it's something like: "You can commit right now or, if you leave this room without committing, we will not hold a spot for you (or you're off our board or something)."
  6. Great. Now these poor bastards here in Fort Collins will have to sit through a 0-8 or 1-7 CSU season
  7. "If you vote for me, you'll get something really great. Stupendous even! Like nothing anyone has ever given you before." - Trump probably
  8. Scroll to the top of the page and it's on the right
  9. Yeah I do like the stat feature. It's a great way to see how much time I waste on here!
  10. This mobile version is giving me cancer
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