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  1. I mean, I don't know what their factors are, but I imagine since he hired some guys with long coaching history that that would give them a good bump over their previous staff at sCUm. But this thread is about Matt Rhule....
  2. I actually missed that part. I was surprised how well Pittsburgh played considering how bad they have been lately
  3. 13:54 ish Says Nebraska has as good a shot as the other schools - Dylan is spending a lot of time here, not for no reason...
  4. Kinda what I thought lol I'm guessing some of our young/inexperienced assistants brought that down
  5. Snapped the Pens 4-game losing streak and snapped the Avs 6-game winning streak Put the Pens back in the 2nd wild card spot so they can get destroyed by Boston
  6. This does not meet B1G standards lol
  7. Isn't he only like 16? He could still grow a bit
  8. Try again! If you look at the puzzle you'll see that the U is already on there.
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