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  1. Nope. Putting in people cannons instead. Cheaper. Faster. Safer. Gonna be huuuuge
  2. I saw some of the highlights. Taking care of a pregnant lady is my main job right now (outside of my paid job lol)
  3. I'm gonna have a newborn at that time. Maybe in 2022!
  4. @JJ Husker Sorry for bumping your game onto ESPNU lol Pretty wild (and long) game last night
  5. Seahawks-Buccaneers on November 13 in Munich
  6. It was definitely the Queen part for me lol
  7. But that's when Trumpy bear goes to church!
  8. Okay, I'm gonna have to see a video of him pooping, two forms of government ID, a police officer there to verify the whole thing, four or five of my buddies and Neal taking notes, and his grandma to confirm his identity.
  9. Probably for all the rock concerts
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