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  1. Real freaking icy this morning and all the transplants are driving like moronsĀ 

  2. Nope. We were all talking about Deion but you wanted to s#!t on Rhule. Good try though!
  3. The Guardians Christmas special on Disney+ was pretty good
  4. Good find! Just FYI for anyone who doesn't have Apple, this episode is from October 23, 2019
  5. I could see Deion making them decent enough to get himself a job somewhere more high profile - SEC/ACC, which is all I think he really wants
  6. What does that have to do with Deion Sanders at Colorado?
  7. Seems like in CO it goes: 1. Denver donkeys 2. Denver donkeys 3. Denver donkeys 4. Denver donkeys 5. Denver donkeys 6. Avs/Nuggets/Rockies 7. High school 8. College sports The Avs won the Stanley Cup and the biggest thing in CO over the summer was signing Russell Wilson
  8. This x 1000. This guy is going to be working in the office not calling the defense or anything. JFC
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