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  1. You got me! Proven program builder at the college level vs guy who kept a job because he's an old white guy in the NFL. They're the same! Pretty sad that you joined just to fellate Deion and his "accomplishments." I would say I expected a better troll game... but I did not.
  2. @Toe Where are the orders being sent out? I thought I found the sub-Reddit yesterday but now I can seem to find it again
  3. Because Joe Biden has D next to his name
  4. Has anyone been down that way to take a look or take any pics?
  5. Sorry, I (obviously) didn't read the thread.
  6. Wasn't it the USFL last year that was using the chips in the balls to determine first downs and whatnot?
  7. I'm all in on the Bengals. Hope everyone else steps on a Lego
  8. I'm a glass blower who committed fraud in Brazil. I led my college's sack race team to the championship.
  9. Yeah I'm pretty used to it by now lol
  10. I think his experience at his previous schools combined with the NFL experience of the "win now" mentality is giving me hope that he find a blend to get some W's next year while building a solid foundation for the future. I got a kick of the part where he was talking about how most schools fans want you run a spread offense and score a ton of points, but Nebraska fans want you to own the LOS and run the ball. Feels like a good marriage. I'm hoping it works out. I've had enough coaching searches.
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