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  1. My coworker is a Colorado State grad and he's pretty pissed that Northern Colorado got a better coach than CSU
  2. Played in 8 games for CSU this year. He must not believe in Addazio either
  3. Are we looking at this guy? https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/robert-bobroczky/TBN32-HvEeiAxKkkK9HIDg/default.htm 7-7 should be tall enough right? Then the championships will be flowing in
  4. I wasn't really sure where to put this: State Rep. Anthony Kern: 'Do You Want LGBTQ Rights to Take Over?'
  5. Sooo... his lead recruiter at ND is gone now... Never mind. I see he confirmed with the ND Insider that he still plans to sign with them
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