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  1. Well... guess I should have actually watched the video lol
  2. Where the hell is 2AM's mask?!
  3. The only reason I drop our ballots off is because I'm too cheap to use a bunch of stamps
  4. Do they not do drop boxes? That's how we've always done ours. They mail us the ballot and then I either drop them off at the courthouse or at the grocery store on one of the drop-off days
  5. This is kinda funny: Amid Racism & Abuse Claims, Did 'Depressed Fan' Sniff Out Colorado State Coach's Twitter Burner Account?
  6. Just saw a Suburban all painted up with "DO NOT FEAR COVID. FEAR TYRANNY" and "FREEDOM FROM MASKS" on my way back from lunch.
  8. So a couple weeks ago I went to Scheels with my buddy and my wife's cousin. Wife's cousin is a huge donkey's fan but lives in California and wanted to get some ugly donkey gear. Anyway, I'm looking through the Husker gear and not really finding anything I like. I see a computer on the wall to search the Scheels website. Search "Nebraska" and find a hat I like and decide I'll go back online later and buy it. Now I can't find the f#&%ing hat anywhere. The closes I can find is this: But the one I wanted was red with a mesh back and had a younger looking farmer. If anyone finds it I will give you a day's worth of +1s
  9. I've been wondering and maybe I just missed it, but what party ticket is Kanye running on? I'm hoping it's the fish sticks party
  10. Ranking the new Big Ten schedule from 'Cakewalk' to 'Brutal' Somehow we landed as "average"
  11. Well, I just had 2 coworkers tell me that they won't get a COVID vaccine (when available) because of something about Bill Gates, tracking people, and population control
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