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  1. Fun fact: One year our company gave everyone a bamboo plant for their office... in Nebraska.
  2. We literally had one of our board members talk about how Biden is ruining the economy yesterday. His whole thing, being a really rich guy, was that he's gonna have to pay taxes and that's not fair and other Richie Rich's won't wanna do any more business stuff.
  3. Idk where else to put this but what an idiot
  4. How this human trash can is still in the league is beyond me And here's the (now-deleted) Twitter response from the Capitals official account:
  5. I'm still figuring out how these NFT's work. But $500k for that is insane
  6. Groundbreaking Live Broadcast: 



  7. Indeed https://sports360az.com/2018/12/ty-robinson-commitment/ Also, here's the celebration gif:
  8. GSG


    Because we play them on September 11, 2021
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