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  1. I went to their website and have never heard of a single on of those podcasts/shows, and I listen to a LOT of podcasts. Anyway, congrats, I guess?
  2. 2-1 on the weak, 10-8 overall. Nebraska -3 at Buttgers Mechicken -21.5 at Indiana NC St -3.5 vs Free Shoes U
  3. Are you accusing @Decked of being an intern at Kansas?!
  4. I would also think the lineman would want to at least put a hand on Robinson, not just let him go flying past. Holy s#!t lol
  5. https://www.purduestadium.com/seating-chart/ Visitor Seating The primary Visitor Seating area is in Section 101-105. http://purduestadium.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/ross-ade-stadium-seating-chart.gif
  6. Nebraska 31 Buttgers 27 Rush 189 Pass 269
  7. Just for fun: Wagner is 0-4 and has been outscored 45-200 lol (31 of their 45 points came against Fordham)
  8. Is there a clip of Robinson's sack? That looked like a whiff our o-line would do
  9. No stripe on the pants in the first picture
  10. You forgot fictional TV and movie football coaches
  11. Just click the little clock next to their name in their profile
  12. CU fires their HC



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    2. admo


      But.... the season isn't half over yet ?!? :)




    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I’m surprised anybody in Boulder noticed they were 0-5.  How long does the CSU coach have?

    4. GSG


      It's his first year but he's not off to a great start. I'd say 3 years minimum

  13. Buschini on the street lol https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRmXwgkQ/
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