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  1. Not enough soap in the world to wash off that stank
  2. If the undefeated teams win tonight, you gotta go Michigan, Washington, FSU, and Texas. Otherwise you're telling teams that head-to-head results mean nothing
  3. No, he was fired cuz he sucks. Not a great coach like Coach Slime
  4. DJ Uiagalelei back in the portal. May try the draft though
  5. Kinda wish Huskerboard worked like that
  6. I've made the mistake a couple times when someone posts a link here lol Isn't it full of popups too? Reminds me of some other ad-infected places
  7. Bump. Can we get this one pinned again?
  8. Does it really matter who we get? You guys are going to b!^@h about it no matter who it is
  9. It was decent. I feel like they left some stuff out from a few articles I read. Just kooky people thinking they found God/god in some charlatan
  10. That was my thought as well but wtf do I know lol
  11. From some of the responses it sounds like people are saying it's because Nash and Ty are coming back? I'm not up on the scholarship numbers but I would think there are plenty of other guys leaving to make room?
  12. Idk, I guess it could be. I just don't think you open your recruitment at this time. I think since he's been getting a little more praise for his play this year that he's already got something lined up somewhere else.
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