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  1. UFL Champion Adrian Martinez And championship MVP
  2. Why did you change your profile picture to a period stain?
  3. I mean what is their brand now anyway - they lost all the big name schools. Now it's the leftovers plus other leftovers conference. Maybe they should be sponsored by Tupperware - keep your leftovers fresh lol
  4. What is the Big 12's brand anyway?
  5. I get your point but estimated sunset time for September 7th in Lincoln is 7:48pm
  6. I imagine it went something like this
  7. But it sounds like it might be bulls#!t (my screenshot)
  8. From some screenshots I saw, the regular version is $70 like a normal game. But the special edition one was $150. Unless they're including tickets to an actual game, I ain't paying that s#!t for a video game
  9. ^^^^ Dafuq? Never mind. That's just the spring where we didn't add anyone and lost some guys who never played
  10. Nice! I had read some stuff about it, so it's been on my radar. I'll have to check it out
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