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  1. Scarlet Overkill

    S Titus Toler [Wisconsin - Signed LOI]

    I know - but i think the poster you quoted was being sarcastic.
  2. Scarlet Overkill

    Worst Call Ever In A Husker Game

    Worst in RECENT memory was at Northwestern. Take your pick from a myriad of non-calls against, and total BS calls for,, especially on their last two scoring drives.
  3. Some other team signed a guy we didn’t offer.  Will that come back to bite us?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Obviously bought and paid for by a bagman. 

    3. swmohusker


      Heard Moos isnt happy.  

    4. brophog


      They make them wear little plastic things in their mouth, and then mount a cage in front of their faces. Cut instances of biting way down.

  4. Scarlet Overkill

    S Titus Toler [Wisconsin - Signed LOI]

    Your sarcasm meter is broken. (Or mine is)
  5. Scarlet Overkill

    Most Popular Huskers of the 21st Century?

    Carriker, Ruud, Stanley Morgan Jr, Westerkamp, and Foltz
  6. Scarlet Overkill

    Offensive Coordinator Nomination Thread

    I nominate @Redux
  7. Scarlet Overkill

    Young Invited to NFLPA Bowl

    Was there any sort of Dedrick Young siting? I was late in tuning in, and didn’t hear his name.
  8. Scarlet Overkill

    Ozigbo to Play in East-West Shrine Game

    I never thought i’d say this, but i was disappointed in that TD because it was really so easy that my middle aged butt could have run through it and did nothing to showcase his abilities. But, then he showed he can move a pile shortly after, so we good.
  9. Scarlet Overkill

    Ozigbo to Play in East-West Shrine Game

    Almost untouched for a short yardage TD.
  10. Scarlet Overkill

    Ozigbo to Play in East-West Shrine Game

    I know! I’ve been disappointed so far. For all the high praise, can’t even get in on any of the series so far. Womp womp.
  11. Scarlet Overkill

    Dog People

    Sorry for your loss. Really sad.
  12. Scarlet Overkill

    JUCO Recruiting

    Question - the two guys (Watt and Canty) who went Juco last year — do we have to reoffer (if there was mutual interest)?
  13. Scarlet Overkill

    Pet Peeves

    I have a brand new pet peeve. People who work in our office on a part time (but regular basis), have badges and assigned seats, feel as though they are visitors and park in the visitors section right up next to the building. One person goes so far as to do even though she’s there full time every day.
  14. Scarlet Overkill

    RB John Bivens

    Once upon a time, it was said that he quizzes Frost on at least 100 plays before each game. So, he knows what the coach wants. Besides, like @B.B. Hemingway stated, Frost is the OC anyway.