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  1. Because they all sound the exact same? I can tell when my husband has binged fox without even seeing him do it. He sounds exactly like the coworker I’ve mentioned who watches nothing but Fux news.
  2. Not sure where to put this, but for those who want to rewatch the game, there’s a guy who takes the radio broadcast and syncs with the video of the game. You can find his work here: Mobile Link Note: I watched the 1st quarter last night, but he may be redoing it because I don’t see it now.
  3. Based on yesterday’s performance you may want a third option
  4. Just do a search of this site for the word ‘vanilla’
  5. The ESPN predictor thingee went from 60% Husker win to 51% CU
  6. You don’t know that. He could have 750 carries.
  7. What I really learned today was that a 2 TD margin of victory can some times feel like a loss.
  8. I wonder if they just had no motivation to play this particular team, thinking they could just show up and get the W - I thought that was in the past, but now, thinking it isn’t. I can recall that even in a loss, the CU game last year was at least fun to watch the offense work. This was about like paint drying.
  9. Hard to get creative when they can’t execute the basic things very well.
  10. Says every fan whose team just played a close game against a vastly inferior opponent. Not really knocking you, but I see this every year from someone (not necessarily always HERE).
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