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  1. I think we will take one more if Stevenson leaves. If he stays, I believe we will just hold onto it for another year unless it is someone you take no matter what. We will have a solid rotation and we have a few guys that are using free years. I think we save it for next year unless he leaves. Regardless, we can be as selective as possible with it which is a good thing.
  2. If he never would have reclassified its safe to assume Nebraska would have a top 10 class this year. I like his potential and what he brings to the table- can defend, shoot, and get to the rim. His semester at DePaul does not affect anything. Still has four years remaining and it is to be treated like early enrolling for football except he got to play in games. He also was going into a team with a solidified rotation. Fred has himself some depth and can use a lot of different guys out there. This shows our PG depth must be fine as we were rumored to be lo
  3. Do we know what happened or is it just a move on sort of thing from one side? The Missouri guard Xavier Pinson is looking better with Arkansas filling up and Auburn getting a PG grad transfer and they are still after TyTy. Not sure how Georgia's roster is looking but it might be down to us and them at the moment. I have also heard we might have moved on from him but that is just chatter and nothing official at the moment. Hearing we are after a new forward. Might have another spot open up depending on how people see playing time as we add players to the roster.
  4. I always wondered how our JuCo recruiting fared under Frost. Here is a nice for reference list I am compiling. Felt like the discussion was more suited for here rather than the main football forum. I put in walk-ons as well in case they were to contribute in some capacity. If I missed someone please let me know so I can be as accurate as possible. I believe all the scholarship guys are accounted for in each class. I can't remember if John Bivens went Juco or prep school but he is no longer on the team. I am grading them on a 1-4 scale. 1= no contribution 2= very little cont
  5. Held has some great Juco connections. However, when they get here the recruits get a reality check. Here's to hoping Manning can be all we expected him to be or heck even half of what we expected. Because most Juco offensive players have done nothing outside of Mills- who already had D1 playing experience. The reason you take JuCos are 1 You need to add depth and a ready to go mature player can slide in and give you depth or play right away. 2 No one at the position is ready to go so you are bringing in a player just as good or better than you have. The dow
  6. I know the coaches have talked about locking down St. Louis before. But it would be awesome to start winning more battles in the KC area. We have a few guys with connections to that area and it is a short drive close to home. KC area kids might need to be our focus. We can still get kids from STL but we have not got a foothold there. KC is a place we need to do better in as they have amazing athletes every cycle. I find it interesting we haven't taken more kids from there with the connections and distance. Long story short we need to win a few of these for the 2022 cycle. This kid
  7. Pierce definitely has some athletes. Talent is growing in football in the state and it is good for us. Now, we just gotta lock up our in state guys. The 2022 cycle could be rough but 2023 is a year we can get many of them. Benjamins size is nice and he could be another Austin Allen-esque player for us.
  8. I believe we picked up a Q1 win beating a team with a losing record. Let that sink in lol.
  9. If we don't at least make the top 5 that is just not right. Whether or not he comes here is one thing. If he doesn't at least list us that is a major problem with his talent. We need OLBs bad and to not even make top 5 of an instate player at a position of need would be devastating. We will see when it comes out.
  10. I believe we were going after a D-lineman from Northwestern, who was in the portal, but he may have looked/gone elsewhere. Thus, why I put it up there with Offensive guard. Still, I agree with taking another O-lineman and wide receiver. We could definitely take a younger DB if there isn't a wideout we need. We took a blow from losing a few of the Florida guys at those spots. However, it is still a solid group despite the attrition.
  11. Need to take 25 this year for sure. A couple options we have left. IF Avante signs. 1 Go after a D-lineman in the portal OR 2 Get a plug and play O-lineman to help with depth/start. Numbers on the D-line are fine, but another young guy would help. IF Avante does not sign(looking more likely) 1 Go after a young D-lineman for numbers. 2 Get an O-lineman that can pug and play after we have lost some vets on the line. Had a few transfer as well, but numbers at this spot are still really good. 3 Get a younger CB in the portal that
  12. OU was definitely clicking at the right time. However, that loss to K-State did them no favors in the end. If they only lose 1 they are in. They dominated Florida, but the game would have been closer without the injuries and opt outs. OU would have still won by about 10 or so points. Texas a&m would get dominated and even Cincy would too. Oklahoma would have competed the best with Bama but still lost. So again, it really did not matter because 4 was a sacrifice to whoever runs into the 1 seed. It is almost becoming like a 2 vs 15 in basketball where the better team wins with a
  13. He comes with some baggage. Heard he may have possibly hit a teacher and was kicked out of a few high school programs. He has all the talent, but can he put it together without causing trouble is the question. We took our chance with MoWa. I am not mad he is going somewhere else as he most likely would have left like the other Florida guys. His situation is similar to Zach Evans last year. I wonder if Maryland was the only team left willing to take him?
  14. But does he know how good he can be? /s
  15. Who would you have put in over them? Texas a&m would have been motivated but they had no great wins that the committee is looking for to get in. It also would have been a rematch from earlier and it would have been a blowout either way. If you put in Cincy, they get blown out worse than ND. OU would make sense, but they had two losses. Yes, ND was going to most likely lose, but who would have given Alabama a run for their money? They are just a step ahead of everyone not named Clemson or OSU.
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