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  1. I believe this is the first time Lincoln Riley's Oklahoma team has been held below 27 points in a game. EVER! Look at all the elite DC's they have went against in the past, and we did this on the road in Norman nonetheless. I get wanting to blame someone, but Chins ain't it dude.
  2. Yep, put up some really good numbers this week as well. Nebraska needs to offer before another area school scoops him up.
  3. Forgot to login to your burner? Either that or is it fun to talk to thyself? Think he could have got in but not with an official.
  4. As long as it isn't Adrian as our leading rusher. I expect 2-3 backs to have more total rushing yards than him. If not, we might be using him too much in the run game. Adrian can have lots of yards, we just can't design so many runs for him this year. He needs to have running backs getting good yards because we cannot afford AM to take a bunch of hits.
  5. This is just a sad situation. Now, she can't go back to her country.
  6. I didn't think he had a chance at getting drafted at all. What a great decision by him to bet on himself to get drafted and see his name get called! It is really cool that he got drafted by his home city, that has to mean a lot to him.
  7. Some notes to share with everyone. From sports nightly with Fred Hoiberg tonight. -Breidenbach is a lot better than expected it seems. He is now back after his injury. Can play a few positions for us and has done well since coming back from the injury. Will allow us a small ball five but mostly play the four and can stretch the floor. -About 5 or so practices left of player workouts before they are sent home for a few weeks. -Bryce Mcgownes is a great basketball player. He can take over a game at times and can completely dominate on the floor. -Verge has been a solid addition to the team. So far so good on that front after losing Dalano. He gives us depth in the backcourt. -Hoiberg likes the continuity of the team and new adds to the year for depth. We are doing things off the court to build chemistry. -Tominaga will be used this year and his spacing will free up other players. If teams do not guard him he will make them pay as he is a volume shooter that shoots it very well and can have a big role. -Trey Mcgownes is focused on making the right plays and finding the right players- which he is doing well in. Was trying his best to get Bryce the ball when he hit a few shots. You can tell Hoiberg is loving his leadership and everything about him that he has done over the summer. My take on Trey- He is going to allow his brother to play freely by getting him the ball when he is hot. Trey will also stand up to any dude trying to trash talk or get Bryce off his game so Bryce can focus on making plays. Trey will still score the ball but will have to be more of a facilitator at the point guard spot with lots of talent around the team. I would say from what I have heard he is definitely the leader on this team. Trey says he could play football if he wanted to because he is very confident in his abilities. Hoiberg told him no way as we need him this year. All in jest of course but thought I would share as it was funny.
  8. It is a couple days old but I found some info on Isaac Traudt and Jasen Green. You have to scroll down as Green is the last one talked about in the article. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/cassidy-s-takeaways-day-2-of-the-under-armour-association?ga_source=cm
  9. The only school I can see the B1G adding is Kansas. Notre Dame makes sense, but they have the NBC TV deal and get a share of ACC revenue for the other sports. So if they were to join a conference in football(they won't) the one that makes the most sense for them is the ACC. Iowa State would make logical sense location wise but they bring nothing to the table that we don't already have in the B1G. Maybe Oklahoma State, but I am not sure if they are an AAU school- might not matter anymore but was important at one time. Texas Tech is another option but they aren't a big enough market and are very far away from many conference teams. Basically, we are left with Kansas and somebody else. If WVU wants to got to the ACC and some other school wants out of that conference, we could maybe pick them up. But so far, nobody is leaving the ACC. However, that might change if someone wants to make more money in the B1G and are unhappy in the ACC. We may be the B1G and left with 15 schools. Kansas makes sense to add as a basketball power to a very good conference in basketball. We can be selective in who we take and let it play out. This is why 15 makes sense instead of rushing to grab 16. If a team wants out of the PAC, ACC, or SEC, we can offer them that spot if they expand the B1G market and are a bigger brand than just settling on a team to get 16 in the conference.
  10. He turned down a two-way contract with the Charlotte Hornets before he decided to withdraw from the draft. He bet on himself that he can improve and hopefully get drafted next year! For those wondering what two-way contracts are I have a link. I was familiar with them, but didn't realize they were for players with under four years of experience in the league. https://gleague.nba.com/nba-g-league-101-two-way-contracts/
  11. Giannis is a wholesome dude. What a series!
  12. First championship in 50 years!
  13. I think much of their anger is because he went 0 fer on those kids. Had we landed one or two it probably makes up for it. I think it was more of a case of many of them wanted to get out of the area and they happened to be in the same class. Back to Pastore, I think he will be a good lineman for us if we land him. I also think that he can play a couple spots on the line for us.
  14. That play was amazing! He made a move right away to get past his man and find Walker for the easy lay in. My only concern with him is I saw shades of Teddy in his highlights. There are times he dribbles for 10 or more seconds before making a move to the rim or shooting. I have to believe with him being a late add they aren't going to let this fly. Last year, Teddy got away with ball hogging cause we needed him out there to score. This year I believe if you are a ball stopper you will have someone good enough to replace you. Not to take away from that amazing play though. I really hope he meshes well with the team because he can be a double figure scorer for us.
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