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  1. HuskermanMike

    Replacements for Miles

    My number one was Musselman, but he has better offers coming his way. Oats is the man in my mind. You do not accidentally walk into Morgantown or the Carrier Dome and get wins. Especially with inferior talent to the teams you are playing. Also, they just put up 114, Nebraska could not dream of doing that right now. After that, I have no idea about who we would get.
  2. HuskermanMike

    DL Coach Mike Dawson Takes Job with Giants

    Why? How about we hire the best person available that can get the job done. You can recruit Poly players without being of their descent. We need to get a good hire for this one because QB pressure needs to increase next year for us to be successful.
  3. HuskermanMike

    DL Coach Mike Dawson Takes Job with Giants

    Former USC D-line coach needs a job. His name is Kenechi Udeze and he would be an interesting hire. Jerry Montgomery coached at UNI when Scott did and I am not sure of his role with the Packers. So he would be my way too early guess at this point. More info will come out but I do not know who we go after now that Dawson leaves in early February.
  4. HuskermanMike

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Numbers including Bland in my scenario- 30 Numbers not including Bland: 29 That leaves 1-2 grad transfers if the scenario below occurs. I thought we could take some grad transfers by back counting some of the EEs from 2019? And while we are at it did we not back count some players from the class of 2018 to 2017? We will definitely be able to take all the high school guys but maybe only 1 grad transfer on top of that.
  5. HuskermanMike

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I think we take Houston, Bivens, and Parker. Might as well fill the class up to its full potential. I say this because easily 4-5 guys will be gone after spring ball and then we can use those schollies for grad transfers. No reason to not try and fill the class in some way, but the coaches know what they are doing. We will for sure get 1-2 grad transfers and maybe even a regular transfer if we have the room. No need to self-sanction ourselves and have only 82 scholarship players on the roster at a time. Right now that is not true, but it might happen after spring ball.
  6. A high seed as in the 8 or 9 or 10. I did not want to put a lower seed as people may take that as a 3 seed which we cannot be. We seem to take advantage of when the conference is down, but can't seem to do anything when it is competitive. The Wisconsin game is huge, it will tell us whether we want to get an NIT 1 seed or make the tourney.
  7. We are on a tough stretch here with finding a way to win. The bad news is that these are all teams we should have beat and we can't shoot well at home. The good news is that this team can do two things: 1 Pack it in and make the NIT and move on. 2 Come out and play with pride and heart and beat Wisconsin and get back on track. We will get 19 regular season wins in my opinion and with that, we will need one or two in the conference tourney. The good thing is that we will be a higher seed in the conference tourney so we can beat a potentially bad team to get to 20 wins.
  8. HuskermanMike

    Frost & Asst. Coaches receive contract extensions

    I thought Callahan was his top target. He may have done bad here but he is definitely a great NFL O-Line coach. That was some time ago so you are probably right. I just want to have every coach make it through the 2020 season before we start seeing turnover.
  9. HuskermanMike

    Discontent in the AD?

    I have heard some things regarding Boosters being upset Moos said the facilities were 8th or whatever in the B1G. The boosters thought otherwise and thought they were fine. We will have to wait and see what we decide to do. I think we wait to see if we need new coaches in other sports. This next info is just some fodder/chatter but take it FWIW. I have heard Moos may leave soon but that was most likely baloney or not true. He is getting up there in age so he might only be here another couple of years.
  10. HuskermanMike

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    I think at this time it would be in this order. 1. Eric Musselman 2. Nate Oats 3. Dana Altman 4. Greg Marshall Altman and Marshall need to be on every list. I can't see us firing a winning coach for Greg Marshall who will be coming off a losing season. Although there is time for him to turn it around. Altman may need a change a scenery if he does not make it to the tourney. Everyone in Nebraska wanted him last year and so I will put him on there. Oats has had a lot of success but has little experience, so we take a risk with him. But it is high-risk high reward type, we either get a big time up and comer or we are still winning half our games. Musselman has won every season he has been at Nevada. He has a plethora of experience coaching at every level and would be a big get for us. He has spent time with many legendary minds of the game and he would do well here. This is why I have him at number 1 on the board, he made a sweet sixteen and his teams play hard and have talent. Eric also recruits well and can find grad transfers that are the missing pieces to a team. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of those guys on that list.
  11. HuskermanMike

    Bracketology 2019

    We win out at home and either win two on the road or win one on the road and in the tourney and we should be in. Every team will probably have a bad loss outside of Duke and the Elite teams. I wonder if we would get in going 20-11 or 21-12. Needless to say, it gets only tougher from here on out but these next 12 games will determine what team we have.
  12. HuskermanMike

    CB D.J. James [Oregon - Signed LOI]

    You win some, you lose some, just the nature of the business. Donte is a really good recruiter so props to him. Jamel Starks is probably the last DB guy on our board, as Fong has Mayo going to Iowa State. Starks could play either safety or corner for us. DJ James is a true CB and Starks is more of a safety but he can play corner if need be.
  13. HuskermanMike

    2019 Husker Football Schedule

    Nice post, except I might put Colorado in the 50/50 type games. Here is how I see the 2019 season playing out. I am going to put percentages by the number of wins we have a chance at getting. Note these are regular season numbers. 10 or more- 5% 9-35% 8-40% 7-15% 6 or lower-5% I think it is safe to say we will be in the 7-9 win range most likely. The schedule is favorable, however, we are replacing a 1k receiver and a 1k rusher. Also, the defense still needs to put pieces together. I like how we are going to be more athletic but we will be young. We are going to find out quick if talent can trump the experience of seniors from last year.
  14. HuskermanMike

    OLB Steven Parker [Kansas - Signed LOI]

    That is interesting because Kansas is his perceived leader-due to his relationship with the Tech coach. And it snowed just as much if not more in Lawrence. I bet his Nebraska visit is better than the KU one, as our facilities and commitment to football are astronomically higher than KU.
  15. HuskermanMike

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Thanks for the update Mav! Until I hear more I am with you on Bland, just don't think he will be in this class as he has been a question mark for some time. I hope he is though as he would provide immediate depth. But, Piper will be a solid guard to take his spot and develop. If we take Bivens signature I am not sure if that means Mills is out or if they are just concerned. I think we get one of Njoku or Houston or a grad transfer, maybe two of them. It will depend on the numbers. For the defense, Pola Mao would be a great addition to fill the NG spot and he can develop and see some time in 4 games. I would love to have Steven Parker, but for now, I think Dylan Jordan is who we will have to settle for. Out of the 4 DB prospects left, only DJ James is the true corner we have. Starks or NPG could play it but I see them more at safety, and I think NPG will play some safety in 2019 if he ends up picking us. We only will take Mayo if we miss on two of those three targets. If we get NPG and James or Starks we will have done really well in the DB class. I say we take 5 spots giving us 30 with Bland or 29 without him.