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  1. HuskermanMike

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Ideally, we would love to have all of these guys. However, that may prove to be difficult. Above I had the positions with the numbers and below are the players we will take and I will rate them accordingly. 1. Ty Robinson- must get as he will be a fantastic player and has the family ties here. 2. Lloyd Summerall- he has game-changing pass rushing ability that we need 3. Noa Pola Gates- Top DB and will be a solid player for us. 4. Demarion Houston- We need a replacement for Stanley and this guy will just add to the speed we are adding at receiver. 5. Matthew Poa-Malo- A NT that will provide depth and could turn out to be a solid player manning the middle. 6. John Bivens- A really solid back who would fit well in this offense. We will have to wait till February but I would love to have his talents. 7. Jamel Starks- great tackler in space and I bet the staff wants him badly. 8. Amare Barno- need this guy if we don't get Sumerall, he will be ready to go immediately. 9. Tony Wallace, a solid player who is high on us right now. Would love to have his services and someone on here really likes him. 10. Chares Njoku- a big bodied receiver that we are missing currently at the WR position. 11. Tavian Mayo- we will take him if we miss on Starks or Wallace. 12. Jimmy Fritzsche- This guy will be a project but he has the possibility of being a contributor down the road for us. 13. Brant Banks- Down the list a ways and he would be a solid take on NSD if we have room. Miscellaneous- Marquese Bell- I am not sure where to put him at this time. Not sure if he is looking around still or what. He would be in the 8-10 range if he was more interested. We shall see. If I am missing anyone or you disagree with my take on where players are at feel free to tell me. Note: I am rating players by the best to worst, not by how bad we need them this is the best to worst in my opinion. If we can get 5 or 6 of the top ten we will be solid for this class as we will not be getting all of them.
  2. HuskermanMike

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2018

    For sportsmanship purposes, I will give you a preliminary 5 +1s as a good luck for the game. You can too if you want. Good luck and let's play a fair and clean game.
  3. HuskermanMike

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2018

    Do you want more? I meant it to be 20 total points Wanna do 50? 25 upvotes and 25 +1s.
  4. HuskermanMike

    WR Charles Njoku

    Dawson with those Northeast connections was a big addition to this staff. It is no Florida or California but there are great players in that region as well. Really nice to have that connection on the team as some Husker greats have come from that region. He definitely fits the bill for the bigger bodied WR we are after. A slim to no chance we are going after him as a TE because we are full with enough bodies there.
  5. HuskermanMike

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2018

    Who woulda thought after the trade we would both be in the ship! It should be an exciting round. Want to wager 10 +1s and 10 upvotes? Regardless, good luck Murph, it should be a good one!
  6. HuskermanMike

    When Does Frost Get His First 5 Star?

    Xavier Betts. He is a fifth star in our hearts, no service will give it to him either. Agree with Garcia, he will be a great player but I think he will only be a four star. I would say either 2021 or potentially 2020 if we win the CCG. One can dream.
  7. Tim finally gets a win against McDermot. Only took him what 14 or 15 tries. Anyway, about time we beat these guys. Basketball can be weird you can be up 17 and up 10 in a span of one minute. That is what makes this game so exciting in my mind.
  8. HuskermanMike

    Merry +1 MAS 2018

    Very grateful for this assistant coach for getting me in the recruiting spirit. Tis the season for pointing.
  9. HuskermanMike

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    My take on who we have left on our big board. Offense 1 WR Houston and possibly a grad transfer if some young one's transfer 1 RB- Bivens is the only guy we could take imo. Might be given the green light in January depending on the numbers. 1 OL-possibly two with the Bland situation, but if he is good to go we take Fritzsche and we are good here. Defense 2-3 DL- Robinson and one more DE with one nose seems to be the consensus here. We need a young nose to go with Piper because he could play either spot on the D-line. 1-2 LB- We really need an outside linebacker who is ready to go. Could take two if we get someone we just cannot turn down. 2-3 DB- Probably one safety, one corner, and one hybrid I think it will be Gates/Bell, Wallace, and either Mayo or Starks. We do not have room for four at the moment unless we get someone who is a stud. It will also depend on who leaves and when. I believe after signing day we will see some people on the team move on. I would assume 4-5 or more could move on after Christmas break.
  10. HuskermanMike

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    I really liked this player. He had to work his tail off to try and get here and tired his best. Wish him the best wherever he goes. Definitely, a great person and must have fallen short on a couple credits so we moved on.
  11. HuskermanMike

    WR Arjei Henderson

    I might be mistaken but this kid has some academic issues. Might be headed the JUCO route or to the SEC where they could probably get him qualified. It really sucks how students can't graduate when they sometimes are getting their handheld to get through.
  12. HuskermanMike

    WR Winston Wright [West Virginia Commit]

    Tweet deleted. Can someone fill me in on this or have a picture saved?
  13. HuskermanMike

    2018 College Football Playoff Rankings

    Georgia is definitely a top 5 team in the country. I think if they could have forced OT or lost on a last-second pass or terrible call they could have snuck in. I think OU at #4 is how it should be and here are my rankings 1. Bama 2. Clemson 3. Notre Dame 4. Oklahoma 5. Georgia 6. OSU 7.UCF 8. Michigan And so on
  14. HuskermanMike

    WR Luther Burden

    Should be put in the 2022 thread. Just a heads up as you are doing great. You have made a lot of threads on recruits lately so don't be afraid to pass the torch to some guys if you need something done.
  15. HuskermanMike

    Looking Back....

    I found some things interesting that I didn't quite understand. 1) Still baffled we didn't try and redshirt Woodyard. We basically wasted a year of eligibility for him. Need some playmak6rs at the wide receiver position for next season. 2) I am also surprised we did not use our twin tower tight ends in the red zone a few times. Throw it up to them and watch them grab it over a 6'1 corner or safety. 3) We need to blitz better and I mean a lot better. Delayed blitzes can work, but when you struggle to get to the quarterback you need to send guys from the sidelines so the offense has to account for everything. I think some timely corner blitzes would have worked with Bootle. Should help with an immediate pass rusher potentially and Tannor and Thomas getting up to speed. Now for the good stuff 1) This offense is really hard to stop when it gets going. It gets guys in space and gives them the opportunity to get yards. 2) 2AM is super fun to watch and he will continually get better. 3)If the defensive backs and linebackers continue to improve we can be solid back there. Now, we need to get some pass rush on the D-line so that we can get some more sacks. I enjoyed watching this team progress and improve over the season. Any bad losses that happened were fine because it was year 1 and those things happen. We lose a lot of experience, however, if the talent is upgraded that can sometimes beat out experience. One more full offseason of Duval without having to hold back workouts should really help us out and put us ahead of other teams going into next season. I am excited to see who else we bring in and what grad transfers we get. Three positions that could use a grad transfer- safety for depth, Wide receiver for experience, and depth and finally a solid pass rusher that can get to the QB or at least be a threat to free up other guys to rush the passer.