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  1. 35-13 Irish before the half. With how important this hire is, no way Nebraska takes a chance with him. It is a hire where you swing for the fences and get the best available or best fit that can get elite coaches here.
  2. I would get behind this hire. His DC that he has had everywhere is interesting as well. Phil Snow runs the 3-3-5, wonder how that would do in the B1G? He knows to get elite assistants like he did at Baylor to make it work. If he wants to go back to being a head coach, it will be at the college level because NFL teams won't take him. Those tweets show a coach who wants to be physical and win the battle of front. Which is exactly what we have not done since the 2016 season.
  3. Exactly why it would be an out of left field hire. No one would expect it or the guys runningblind named.
  4. I think an out of left field hire would be Ed Orgeron. He has talked to Mickey and could get a lot of his coaching staff back together from 2019 LSU. He would know what he is walking into having talked with Joseph and would get elite coordinators here. Who knows if he wants to coach again. Obviously, would prefer him as a DL/AHC. As to the two coaches you named, Locksley is not going to leave after a 6 or more win season and Harsin will go be a coordinator or G5 coach somewhere. You could be right though and it could be a hire no one is expecting.
  5. I don't think the president of the university's Twitter following list shows much. He will follow whoever it is when they are hired. Him following Kiffin does bode well for my number 1 choice though!
  6. That could be a possibility. However, that list has plenty of coaches who Nebraska could go out and get. None of them are unattainable. Who do you think Nebraska hires?
  7. It is very rare that interim coaches are given the HC title. LSU did it because they had an experienced coach in Ed O- with prior HC experience able to go out and pay elite coordinators. I would say Nebraska's situation is similar to Ole Miss and Matt Luke. He had to go 6-6 to be given the job. Afterward, his team did not make a bowl and he was fired. Mickey is not going to get us to a bowl game and should not be retained as HC. What should happen is Mickey is kept with the next staff. That way he has relationships and trust with players and can help the team give buy in to the next coach from the get go.
  8. My updated Top 5 List: 1 Lane Kiffin- The best realistic hire we could get. He will run the ball and has a great offensive scheme. He has matured a lot and can coach. 2 Dave Aranda- A realistic option that has made an impact everywhere he has been. Checks all the boxes Trev talks about. The question will be can we outbid BU? 3 Matt Rhule- He has moved up my list lately. I can get behind this hire. NFL success does not equate to CFB success and vice versa. He will bring elite assistants here. 4 Kalen DeBoer- He has only been in Washington for a year. He has Midwest ties and would come here. His teams play hard and smart. 5 Lance Leipold- If you can get Kansas to bowl eligibility, you can coach. Most likely wants to stay but we can pay more for him. Sleeper- Bill O'Brien- Looking less likely, but wonder how he would do after Saban's school of coaches who don't coach good. Two good examples came from it LK and Sark. Second Sleeper- Gus Malzahn- Likely staying in the South. I really like his offense and philosophy. He could get us back to relevancy.
  9. Lane Kiffin would get elite coordinators and coaches like Mickey to come here and do their job. He lost his DC because Ole Miss would not shell the money to keep him. He also lost his OC and the offense is just as good. They are running the ball effectively and that would get a lot of people on here excited if Nebraska could run it half as good as they did tonight. Kiffin would bring an elite staff from the get go to give Nebraska success. He runs an exciting offense and brings some drama, but he has overall matured enough to be ready for this job. It might be difficult to get LK, but a lot of things he complains about at Mississippi would not happen here. Like paying coaches enough to stay, fan attendance, NIL among others. On top of that, he would not have to go through the gauntlet of the SEC West every year.
  10. If Mickey does get the job, he is definitely going to need to hire an elite staff. I think he knows that and will get some of the best that he can. However, he will no longer be seen as the interim putting on the band-aid. He will now have his own program that he will need to lead and turn around. I just don't like the idea of a first time HC being the man to try and turn us around. A bowl game would be welcome, but very difficult to achieve. Mickey is more of an ace recruiter and WR coach. Nebraska should give him AHC and a raise for getting the guys to play hard in a difficult circumstance. He should also be retained as any HC would be stupid not to.
  11. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/34800443/dikembe-mutombo-starting-treatment-brain-tumor-diagnosis Don't think coaching is something he will focus on after this. Just an fyi in case you did not know.
  12. Mark Turgeon could be another name to watch. He has a lot of ties to Nebraska and has won everywhere he has been. I don't know what Fred needs to do but I think .500 saves his job for one more year. The main thing he needs to do is show improvement and that would at least show a step in the right direction.
  13. Fair enough, BOB has a great resume. He is getting carried by superior athletes. But the defense is arguably worse with said athletes. Not my first choice but he makes the list with that experience. The real difference is he has been with Saban and that experience should change him for the better. I don't get the take on Mullen. Was really close to beating an unbeatable Alabama team in 2020 and was a DC away from still being at Florida. He got fired way too quick. It would have been like us firing Frost after 2019. Although, I think he would have been a better hire for us in 2014 and it seems he may still want some time away from coaching.
  14. The big question is when will the decision be made? It would have to be the first week of December unless said coach is in a conference championship game. My updated list. 1 Lane Kiffin- He would be a home run for us. One or two losses do not change that. 2 Dave Aranda- He fits the bill for a coach that Trev wants. 3 Bill O'Brien- He coached with Nick Saban. Many of his coaches do better after they are done with his schooling. 4 Lance Leipold- most likely staying put but would be a solid hire. 5 Dan Mullen/Chris Petersen- could happen but both may enjoy their TV gigs. Sleeper: Kalen Deboer- He has ties to the Midwest and may want to coach in one of the top conferences closer to home. Second Sleeper Gus Malzahn- I think he likes the South and stays. However, money talks and that could sway him.
  15. A name I would recommend is Chris Mack. He had a great run at Xavier and made a final four and a few elite eights. Louisville kinda gave him the short end of the stick and he had to deal with the covid year as well. He has a 67 percent win percentage as a head coach and a 68(Xavier) and 62(UL) percent win percentage in conference. He also has a solid record in the NCAA tourney.
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