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  1. Looks like I did not remember Rahmir getting hurt. Now, I remember that at Minnesota as I rewatched pat of that game. (Credit to suh_fan93) There was also something with Yant where he refused to come in and so the coaches did not like that. It may have been when Ron Brown took over or right before so that affected his touches some. A 1-2 punch of RJ and Anthony Grant with Yant for goal line/short yardage is what I believe will happen. What do you think the rotation will be Mav?
  2. This is where we have to be better. Luckily, it is getting ironed out in fall camp. However, during the year we cannot have these demoralizing turnovers or drivers where we get 60 yards and turn it over or miss points. Another thing is there will not be as much qb run in the redzone as we saw last year. With Adrian it made sense but with CT the staff has to find other ways to get the ball in the endzone. Most likely bigger backs like Yant or rpo to a TE leaking out etc.
  3. Rahmir was our best blocking back last year. That is why you saw him on 3rd down or obvious passing situations. You are correct about his receiving being the best out of our RB room. I don't know who the best back is but you can be sure Rahmir will be on the field the most out of the running backs because of his utility, and trust/ experience as Big ERN said. Anthony Grant is most likely the #2 back and Yant/Ervin will battle it out for reps as the #3 back. We also do not want to be predictable so rbs need to be able to do it all out of the back field. I also think we will have a clear 1-2 punch and not a lot of musical chairs like we saw last year. This will get the best guys touches and they will get in a rhythm.
  4. Iowa is not harder to beat. We have played them closer than Wisconsin under Frost. They are more beatable and I think we are due for one against them. If you meant why is Iowa easier to beat. Look at the scores below. They are much closer to beating Iowa under Frost then Wisconsin. 2018: 31-28- Lost off a game winning field goal 2019: 27-24- Lost off a game winning field goal 2020: 26-20 - Nebraska was driving until a Martinez fumble at midfield 2021: 28-21- Nebraska was in the red zone and in scoring position to win/tie until a pick was thrown by Smothers. Under very unlikely we win, I have Wisconsin. We have only been close one year against them (2021) under Frost. They have dominated us at the line of scrimmage but we have hung around and put up yards against them. They have just been better than Nebraska. Defensively, Nebraska has struggled the most against Wisconsin outside of OSU. This is why Wisconsin is more difficult to beat.
  5. I still see us as 4th in the West, which puts us middle of the pack. I think 7-5 retains Frost. Why? Because he will be 5-5 versus p5 competition. The other two games he is expected to win. I think for every bad loss he has this year (Illinois or Indiana) he has to have a big win (Iowa, Wisconsin, OU). I am riding on the 7-5 train. If he can't do that this year we deserve to go out and get us a coach that can. The schedule does not get easier for him. You should find 5 wins against Northwestern Purdue Indiana Rutgers Illinois Minnesota Iowa Very unlikely Wisconsin OU Michigan
  6. In Economics, the ceiling is the floor and the floor is the ceiling. Talking about price floors and price ceilings of course. I am of the belief that you cannot really predict how the season will go until after the Northwestern game. It can make a huge difference on the outcome of the season. Confidence is key as the team will come back fired up after a win or sluggish after a loss. We have lost six straight games and that needs to be ended right away so there is no doubt on the team we are better this year. A one score loss would be an absolute nightmare for this team.
  7. There are so many ways/variables that could impact how the season goes. 1 Wisconsin- I believe it is Wisconsin's to lose again- last year they lost it by laying an egg against Minny. 2 Iowa- Think they find a way to sneak into the top 3 this year. Could be lower if they do not upset some East teams. 3 Purdue- Easier schedule helps and they may take a step back some. Do they get some spooky win this year at night? 4 Nebraska- Does Nebraska beat themselves? Could make us higher or lower. I have us in the middle. 5 Minnesota- No qb, a wildcard this year as they were close to making it to Indy last year. 6 Northwestern- Not very confident in them to do much better but they take a small step forward. 7 Illinois- Took some teams by surprise and that will not happen this year. In my mind, 2-5 is interchangeable. Heck, 3-7 could be in any order as well. My prediction is for Nebraska to go 7-5.
  8. Well, its a stepp in the right direction to get it down to that number.
  9. Yes, and most of the broadcast will be about the future of Westbrook, LeBron eating snacks, where is AD, and look at the new Lakers coach Darwin Ham. I mean it was bad the first game they did with LA. Panning to LeBron and co all the time. However, he is the money maker for them haha. Hope Bryce can build on his last game and continue to do well. He had a great debut!
  10. Sadly, the Thunder kind of filled up and decided to go in another direction. OKC has too many wings and longer players they can use. The Thunder are my favorite team and I was very hyped to see Roby do some amazing things this year. The Spurs will be a great fit for him to develop and learn from coach Pop while they rebuild with a younger core. I think he will excel and wonder how he will respond when Pop gets on him for making a mistake. At the very least, he has the best coach in the league coaching him and that can take his game to another level.
  11. This is not the end to expansion and one of the Power 5 conferences will fold. I would expect Power 4 Conferences, a next 2 conferences and the rest. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. If the B1G expands anymore we could take Notre Dame and probably Kansas or an ACC dark horse. Power 4 1 Big Ten 2 SEC 3 Big 12 4 ACC Next 2 5 AAC 6 Mountain West G4 7-10/ The remaining conferences
  12. He is also on a four year deal still. The Nets can get an absolute haul for him. The other catch is they have all the cards so they can drive up his value by leaking things to reporters. I think he ends up a Phoenix Sun. They can give a big haul for him while keeping CP3, Book, Johnson, and other guys. They could also sign a few vet minimums to fill out their roster. Outside of Phoenix, it would be Miami, Minnesota, possibly Portland or Chicago. Memphis has a lot of assets, but I'm not sure they want to trade all of them to have Ja and Durant. The ripple effect is going to be huge because after Durant is traded, Kyrie is next on the block. The Nets could still get a solid team out of trading both guys.
  13. It was a fun series to watch. I wish it would have went to 7 but I believe the Celtics just ran out of gas. I would love to see a Buck-Warriors Finals before Curry is done. That would be a fun watch in the future. I believe they could easily make it back next year. I wonder if Lebron moves to another team to try and not let Curry beat him in number of Championships.
  14. I am not sure if there is a perfect landing spot for Bryce per se. However, the best fit for him in my mind is the San Antonio Spurs. They are a young team that is rebuilding and they have proven time and again that they can develop players. He would also be getting coached by one of, if not the best coach in the league. The proven track record will give him his best shot at making it in the league for a long time. Another team would be the Golden State Warriors as he would learn to move without the ball and play together. He would get some time on that team as they like to rest their starters during the year.
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