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  1. Matt Lubick has a fairly good track record as a coach. Recruited well when he was at Washington. Was an OC and Passing game coordinator before at Oregon. Also, coached up some good Duke receivers en route to a 2012 WR coach of the year. I know he was out of coaching in 2019, but he is not that far out that he just forgot everything. I believe we need someone to coach up receivers and he can definitely do that. He will be able to recruit at a high level too.
  2. Gotcha. Timing with the transition could have been off too with Fred trying to put together a roster he wanted. I just think with a year to recruit him he might have taken him. Thanks!
  3. What are your thoughts on not taking Max? Is it a fit issue or are we just full or wanting better system players?
  4. Yes it was. North Dakota State won the FCS 'ship again.
  5. Dewitt has been the ST coach since he came here. Dawson was just the Dline coach. I agree quit being conservative and return kicks. However, we need a dangerous return man and sadly Brody Belt isn't it. Also, the punt return game needs work. Either play for the return or go all out and block it.
  6. If you are in Teach's super secret PM we have some juicy rumors over there. If not, that's lame and you should totally ask to be invited because we have the best source on this board. Mike Dawson will be your OLB/ST coach and I like that hire. Some will say it is the "safe hire" but I really want to see how well his ST do. He also taught K Davis to sack a QB so I would hope he can get other guys to do the same at a higher clip. Our OLBs need to be getting sacks not the DLine. When he was with Boston College he had not one but two kickers set school records. I believe an improvement in ST will get us 2 extra wins this year. If we cannot kick the ball out of the endzone, we need to try something new like kicking it to the up-man like we tried later on in the year. I would love to see an onside kick in the middle of the game like we tried at OSU in 2018. Special teams creativity can really help your team out when things aren't going your way.
  7. I know he had an offer from The Citadel. He might have had another one but it might have been a D2 school and I can't think of it.
  8. Yes, I do recall that now. He would have been a great hire at the time. Now, I am not sure how I feel about it. If he still has something that Frost likes I would not mind him one bit. He has won some awards as well for his coaching but if he left coaching to be a businessman would he really come back? I also am not sure he would be Frost's first call but he would definitely be a top 5 candidate for the job.
  9. It was Helfrich who was fired from the Bears. Bringing him in as OC would be interesting. He would have to also coach the receivers. Matt Lubick is not involved in football anymore as he is a businessman. Source Another name is Jeff Nixon. He is the dad of Nebraska EE William Nixon. Jeff is the Co/OC and RB coach at Baylor- who just lost Rhule to the NFL. Looking at his resume he has no experience really coaching the wide receiver position. His main role has been running backs his whole career. Schaefer bought his name up as someone to watch for potentially.
  10. Yeah I'm a little slow. It took me a minute to see who he was referring to. It would have been better if he gave him the nickname KAD as those are his initials.
  11. Athletes have to meet you in the middle when you do all you can for them. Unfortunately, Mo did not meet what was expected of him and so we are now parting ways. I wish this guy the best and hope he lands at some school to play football. He really needs something like football to turn his life around and keep him out of trouble. His past is not pretty, so I really hope he can get it together somehow. Best of luck Mo!
  12. Who is AD? Anthony Davis plays basketball and he would definitely be the big bodied receiver we are looking for. Just imagine he lines up in front of you and you are 6'1 corner and he still towers over you. Also, he can wear number 83 when he comes here.
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