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  1. Dordt has a solid basketball team for NAIA. The GPAC conference is loaded for that level. Concordia would have won again this year and they have some other really good teams as five were ranked and one was receiving votes.
  2. In 2018, Fant had 519 rec. yards and Hockenson had 760. I think you looked at rushing instead of receiving. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/iowa/2018.html
  3. We need to show we can use our TE's. Stoll needs to take that senior leap and Vokolek needs to show not one but two TE's can work in this O. And I agree that progress needs to be shown and in my eyes that is 7 plus wins.
  4. The real question: what is the percentage of our free throws?
  5. Thinking he might play off the ball sometimes. Could have Dalano or someone else bring the ball up when he is in the game. Should add another element to our offense!
  6. I believe Thor will return. Burke isn't 100 percent gone according to Heady but he will assuredly grad transfer. He knows he will be coming off the bench if he sticks around. Arop may get processed but we will see who all they can get. Cross should stay and develop. This was a throw away year anyway and he hung around out there despite never lifting weights until he came to Nebraska. He also played way out of position because he isn't big enough to guard fives in the Big ten. Next year he will play more of his 3 and 4 spot and might even bring the ball up. I see him staying because it was his first year and he now knows what it takes to play big boy ball. He will get a reduced role next year so that could be a reason he leaves. Nothing is guaranteed though and maybe he surprises and can get 20 plus minutes a game.
  7. Here are some highlights of him. It is mainly Indiana but you see him making some nice plays.
  8. Would not mind his teammate Jamarius Burton who averaged less but shot at a higher clip from three and the field. If Erik came to Nebraska I bet we would improve his 30 percent 3 point percentage over the sit out year. I would take either because Hoiberg will improve transfers and Erik shoots close to 80 percent from the line, a welcome addition.
  9. Well, he knows OU is getting bounced in the first round of the CFP if they make it. So he might as well try and go to a team that can win it all with a Heisman caliber quarterback.
  10. I really want Cam back, but if he does not have a spot I see him going to a smaller school in Texas. He is in a tough situation though because he most likely has to sit a year unless granted the waiver to be closer to mom. Right now my evaluation for him is a bench G league player. He reminds me a little bit of Malik Henry. Now, Cam is not entirely a me guy like Malik but his pattern of behavior reminds me of him. This is something that can happen during a losing season because it can be difficult to lock in when you lose as many times as Nebraska did. He has some growing up to do. Also, I know a player who's JuCo coach told players they can show up 15 mins before games. It's crazy. I doubt that was Cam's JuCo but just wanted to give a little perspective on where some Juco players may not completely grow up in JC.
  11. We are really going to try and get that Western Illinois grad transfer or the guy from Harvard to run the point. Might also see Carter Whitt get in the mix- if he reclassifies to 2020. I expect us to do this whether Cam is back or not because he won't make the League and might not have a spot on the team potentially. Someone had to tell him he had no shot at the NBA and he barely made a draft board while he went on that tear in late December and early 2020. We will have 2 scholarships open and one more if Mack leaves. He may leave to be closer to his mom in Texas or that might be the reason
  12. Next year is going to be a lot more fun than this dreadful season. I pray we get one more win just so the players can enjoy it. One thing about next year is we are going to finisher stronger at the paint and hopefully be an improved free throw shooting team. We are also 5 schollys short of players this year so depth is going to be huge in the coming years. 3 sit outs 1 left 1 hurt Year 1 does not mean anything and year 2 will be a vast improvement.
  13. Yes, this team really struggles to guard. They let bad offense affect their defense as well because when they miss shots they play lazy defense. This is not only a Nebraska problem because so many teams have this issue as well. Another issue is we have no depth at all and when we are worn out(see MSU game) we just can't finish games because we are tired. Year two will be a vast improvement for sure but we need to finish with two or three wins to the year somehow to get these guys believing for next year.
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