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  1. HuskermanMike

    2018-2019 NBA

    So the Kawhai Leonard trade pays off. He will most likely resign with them now even though it was not a preferred destination. Taking gambles on players is something you have to do even giving up franchise players like Demar. They never get to this point with Lowry and Demar so this move turned out to be brilliant. Uriji made some moves to make this team better all season and it worked. Now that they won I would be shocked if Leonard leaves.
  2. HuskermanMike

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    Well, that did happen. I am hearing something within the last few days. I don't want to get into much more detail than that.
  3. HuskermanMike

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    I found a daily crime log for UNL. MoWa's is the first one of the day on June 4th. I bet someone either reported him or the cops walked the halls and caught him. Either way, he needs to be better. We took a chance on this kid and hopefully, he learns his mistakes reflect not just himself but the team. Also, heard Caleb Tannor did something bad with fraud but nothing to confirm just yet. But for now, it is just a rumor. Link to the UNL crime log on June 4th https://scsapps.unl.edu/policereports/MainPage.aspx
  4. HuskermanMike

    Moos Contemplates Bringing Alcohol To Memorial Stadium

    I remember when they were renovating East stadium getting to South stadium seats was an absolute nightmare. Having sat in both north and south stadium, I feel both need more exits. Both sides are usually stuck waiting in line. I usually sit around and wait the crowd out and talk with my family or other people around waiting for the rush to end. So you either leave early or late or wait with the crowd. I am usually not in a hurry after games but I know some people are and that may be a factor why I do not mind waiting around. Long story short both could use more exits.
  5. HuskermanMike

    The Running Back Room

    I think the main thing with this is that Frost now has his three guys he can keep fresh. On top of that, he can put Wandale and M. Jones to get some carries as well. This is assuming that MoWa is good to go which who knows what will happen with him. Having fresh legs allows your running backs to be able to sustain hits and get adequate rest for the season. It also allows an opportunity for the hot hand to get more carries depending on who has it during the game. Being able to find those mismatches on LB'ers with our Robinson, Jones, Washington and potentially Johnson will put lots of stress on the defense. Not being able to substitute either is something we need to see more of this year as teams won't be able to adjust their personnel. We may not have Stan or Ozigbo back this year, but we should have more weapons on the field with more depth this year. For as good as our rushing numbers were last year, I think they will be better in 2019. One of the other big questions is the interior O-line. Will we be better there or worse inside this year replacing some seniors? That could be a factor in how good our rushing numbers will be in 2019.
  6. HuskermanMike

    Huskers in 2019....

    The Huskers in 2019 need to catch some breaks and have a few things go their way. There will be a vast improvement with this team talent wise and the familiarity of the scheme will help. If we get a couple of players to develop well that will really help us in 2019. Offense QB- Adrian will be great this year and hopefully, we see some of the backups in a couple of game this year. The depth is solid at this position. -RB room is figured out with Washington, Johnson, and Mills. Might see some of Wandale and other back here as well. -TE-more people step up and get some yards, especially in the red zone -WR- replacing Stanley won't be easy. However, we have many capable players and someone will be making plays here with JD. Oline- The center and guard spots need to improve. Adrian cannot be taking 5 high snaps a game from the center position. Hixon looks good but how well will he do against B1G foes? At the same time, this offense will look scary. Wandale motions into the backfield while Mo goes to the slot. We will be running circles around some defenses if we can get it figured out. Overall, we need to be better at being consistent on Offense. No spurts of 10 or so minutes without scoring. Also, it's great to get 500 or so yards of offense, but we need to turn those into touchdowns. Defense DL- They have to be elite this year. We need to get pressure and be much better at stopping the run. The talent and depth are there this year, so no excuses with this group. ILB- Mo Barry will be on another level and can Collin Miller step up and Honas stay healthy next to him? How good will Hannah be when he steps on campus? OLB- Tannor and Davis need to step up. Ferguson will be solid if he stays healthy and Garrett Nelson will play this year and can give us some depth. This group must improve! CB- This group needs to be elite for this season. Between Bootle, Jackson, Taylor and Pola Gates, they should be really good. They should be ready for the challenge. S- Some question marks with this group but some solid pieces. Williams and Dismuke are solid. How will Eric Lee adjust to adding depth to this room? Will CJ Smith be healthy? JJ Domann will also greatly help this group out so we look good but not great. However, if everything goes our way this group will be very good. Overall, turnovers are key for this group- force two or more a game and we will be really good. Now that guys know where they need to be, we should have the confidence to make plays and be hungry to force turnovers. Improvement of the pass rush and stopping the run this year will get the defense off the field. Limiting big plays is another thing that will improve with familiarity and it being year 2. Special Teams Punter- we have a competition with the MSU punter and Armstrong Kicker- Barrett should continue to improve his game and gain confidence down the stretch. I also predict we take a kickoff and a punt return to the house. Something we haven't really seen since DPE freshman year. If we get an improvement with this unit that can help us win games. Look what good punting did for us the last seven games when Armstrong was inserted. Good special teams play can be the difference in close games. 2019 will be the first year we start and finish the season well. This is something we haven't seen in a long time. It might be too soon to make it to Indy but anything is possible My prediction: Huskers will go 9-3.
  7. Correct. Many of the guys I listed were four stars on ESPN. We will see more and more of our highest rated players on 247 in the future because Hoiberg and co will just bring in great talent that we haven't seen in this program.
  8. HuskermanMike

    2019 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    Nebraska is 41st on 247 for the 2019 class. Not too shabby Mr. Hoiberg. You can check out the full team rankings below. https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Basketball/CompositeTeamRankings/ Also, we are 3rd for the 2020 rankings!
  9. Are you talking about high school recruits? Because Tom Allen was a solid four-star from what I remember. Also, I believe Tai Webster was a solid four star. Glynn Watson and Ed Morrow were four stars. Jeriah Horne might have had a similar rating as this guy. David Rivers was also a four-star and there are many others I am missing. I am remembering ratings off of ESPN but other sites may have different ratings.
  10. HuskermanMike

    Roster Outlook for The 2019-2020 Season

    I updated the OP with Derrick Walker. Really good job by the staff getting some solid players here in a short amount of time.
  11. HuskermanMike

    Potential Transfers

    He visited St. John's in 2017. He only scored 25 points last season for the Vols which was the lowest of all their starters. I think a change of scenery will help this guy out. He needs to work on his free throw shooting as he shot an abysmal 26% from the line. Granted he was only 5-19 but he needs to knock em down. He will have a whole year to work on that. Solid get by the staff. For the last scholarship, I would not be surprised if we just hold onto it for a 2020 recruit or transfer. Unless Joel Notambwe wants in, you take him no matter what. It depends on what Roby does but in my opinion, he is all but gone.
  12. HuskermanMike

    Roster Outlook for The 2019-2020 Season

    I updated the OP. Hoiberg wants to win now and if we can get Stevens eligible we have a solid group of guys. Team chemistry will be lacking but talent will not be this year. We are not where we want to be yet but I am overly impressed with what this staff has done in a short amount of time. Robin Washut also broke down the scholarship numbers in this link below. Nebraska Scholarship Chart
  13. John Beilein to the Cavs! I am actually shocked by this move. Cavs want to try and win now without LeBron.

  14. HuskermanMike

    RB John Bivens

    Nothing much, he has been tweeting Nebraska stuff and rumor has it that he might walk-on. That was stated by the above posters, not me. He hasn't committed anywhere yet so we will wait and see.
  15. HuskermanMike

    Roster Outlook for The 2019-2020 Season

    We are also in on two bigs in the 2019 cycle. Jayce Johnson would be a welcome addition because he is 7 feet tall. If Cam Lard doesn't get drafted look for him to be a sit-down transfer we go after, I believe he is 6'9.