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  1. Purdy will be a great addition to the QB room. This is the deepest QB room we have had in some time. QB depth as of right now in no particular order. Thompson Purdy Smothers Haarberg Masker Torres It has improve drastically in one offseason.
  2. I believe he has two years left. 2018- played at FSU 2019- Redshirted 2020- Didn't count 2021- Second year That leaves two years left for him. I believe we got him to not overload our numbers with our underclassman. Nice get! I believe it will be Johnson, Ervin, Grant, and some Yant as our RB rotation.
  3. My point wasn't he was for sure coming back, my bad on that. It was that if he did we would be done at OL. However, it looks like he won't so we will go after another OL in the portal. Not sure if there are any centers out there in the portal or if we have someone on the roster who could fill it well. Raiola definitely has some work to do!
  4. Thanks for the update and keeping track of that Mav! I think Oliver Martin will be a great receiver for us. He played really well before his injury during the season. You could tell he was not the same. I also believe a receiver from the 2021 class will emerge. I think we are going after the following: QB- Chubba NT- Miami NT Silvera would be a welcome addition. OL- Are we going after one more? If Jurgens does come back I believe we will be done here. If not, one more will help us. OLB- Are we still looking for a guy to be able to rush the passer? Tannor, Payne, and Nelson are all coming back but can they help get to the qb with one more year of development? We will also go after one more high school player. My list has five guys coming here. There is also a possibility we get one or two guys in the summer. Especially if a few guys hit the portal after they are down on the depth chart.
  5. Well, there is a coach for Florida who is a RB/ST coach, Greg Knox, that would fit our need nicely. He is the interim head coach for the bowl game for Florida. My guess is if it is Knox, he will be announced after that is over. If it is before Christmas it will be someone else. Florida already named a RB coach under Napier so he will not stay on staff. The only other candidates I can think of: Bill Busch- ST Coordinator/Defensive Assistant- probably our last option or we would have announced him by now. Mike Jinks- Running Back Coach. If we go this route we will have multiple staff members focus on special teams. Could stick with USC after the departure of their new RB coach to Texas. Andre Powell- Pittsburg coach who is also a Special Teams coordinator and running backs coach. Has a connection with Whipple and would get a pay bump to come here. Nebraska could take him but if they do it would appear we are waiting to announce until after he finishes their bowl game.
  6. Agreed. Might as well just take guys from the portal who are for sure things or have played at this level. Only a few JUCO players have worked out here under Frost. The vast majority have been busts.
  7. A Big Ten West team has still not won the B1G Championship. Wisconsin won it before there was a split. Since the East/West split B1G West teams are 0-8.

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I don’t see it as a problem at all. So far it’s just been a golden opportunity terribly squandered by Nebraska.


      Wouldn’t it be so nice to control and dominate the West? Our own ineptitude has been the only thing preventing it.

    3. Enhance


      @JJ Husker I think that's a bit irrelevant to his point as he wasn't explicitly outlining any benefit or detriment for Nebraska.


      Obviously, the fewer the obstacles to the B1G championship the better if you're in the West, but from an objective perspective regarding the balance of the league, one division is structurally and fundamentally better equipped to succeed.


      Having the weaker division doesn't mean much for success either. Same thing happened in the Big 12. Whomever in the north patty caked their way through that division would just lose to whatever elite team made it through the southern gauntlet. I don't really see that changing to often with the likes of tOSU, MU and PSU all in one division, regardless of how bad or good Nebraska is.

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Well I was replying to your @Enhance statement that it was a problem. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, but I also think it is advantageous for Nebraska if nothing changes with the divisions. It’s all a moot point as long as Nebraska keeps it’s head up it’s a$$ but our path to anything meaningful couldn’t be easier than it is now.

  8. I think he was saying Gabriel will want to go to Ole Miss. I have heard that Gabriel really wanted Lebby as HC at UCF. Now that he is at Ole Miss, it makes sense he goes there because they will be in need of a qb. I do not know what transfer qb we get but Gabriel probably doesn't come here. I am okay with that.
  9. I would say Jadan Blue is your first option. No doubt about it as he is the best available. However, almost everyone will be after him that wants a receiver. Pittman might like what he saw at Oregon under Frost and have some familiarity with him. Maybe he doesn't even remember him at Oregon. The other thing with Pittman is he is solid at retuning punts. Nebraska definitely needs help in that department and it would make the return game more dangerous. Here are some highlights of him.
  10. I would also add Mycah Pittman to this list. He did not get a ton of receptions at Oregon so his stats are lower this year. He is still a solid player.
  11. Kudos to Smothers. Played his heart out and really wanted to get us this game. I believe the play calling held us back in this second half more than anything. I won't fault him for that fumble as it didn't really lead to much and on the safety he had zero time to do anything before there was a guy in his face. Even on the INT it seemed the guy may have ran the wrong route or stopped when he looked to be breaking it to the endzone. But he was trying to make a play for his team and that is mostly due to inexperience. He could have maybe lived to fight another down but the pressure was on and I though he handled himself very well today. Whether he should start next year is up for debate but I liked what I saw out there from him. I still think we need a grad transfer to come in and take command of the offense as Smothers still needs some time to develop. I wouldn't be mad if we named him the starter next year, but I think there will be a better player in the portal.
  12. We do not have good playcalling with a lead. Just gave up on the run game after that blocked punt. We do just enough but not enough to finish games.
  13. Offense QB- If Adrian is gone we will need a guy who is ready to go and learn the offense. WR- after Toure was really good for us I like us to go this route again. TE- We lose a few guys and FidoNe is not ready to carry this room yet. OL- Would love to get that OL from Wisconsin. This oline could use an experienced guy to help out. Defense OLB- pass rusher is so badly needed. D-line- depends on who leaves. if Daniels leaves we will need another guy to man the nose spot. S- I like what we have but might see if we can get someone better. OLB- maybe a guy that can fill Jojo's role? Depends how we feel with Gifford or Wright when he is healthy. ATH- go after a guy who could play multiple positions and return kicks and punts for us. It is crucial we get somebody who is at least a threat to return kicks. Special Teams Punter/Kicker who wants to move up from G5 or FCS and get some nice NIL money or play at a P5 program.
  14. Some options to think about for Offensive Coordinator Graham Harrell- OC at USC. We need work on the passing game and he can definitely help us in that regard. I believe he would call plays that fit us and not chuck it all over. He has potential to be a head coach down the road and would bring in new ideas. Robert Anae- offensive coordinator for the number one ranked offense Virginia. He also coaches inside receivers and TEs. He would be offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach if we hire him. He also played and coached offensive line so he will know the importance of finding and elite oline coach. Really like what I see from him, but he has been with BM for a long time. We could out pay Virginia for him but he might be good where he is. Tim Cramsey- Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks at Marshall. His offense has put up yards and points. He has had both prolific passing and rushing attacks. Looks like a guy with lots of experience and an offense that does something. His job working with quarterbacks looks impressive as well. Andrew Sowder- Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Kent State. The offense has put up some impressive numbers including 605 yards per game in 2020. This year is about 475 a game. I really like what I see from him as many of his quarterbacks take care of the ball and put up numbers. The main takeaway is his offense finds the endzone. Tom Herman- he is an analyst for the Chicago Bears. We could easily hire him away- might want an AHC title or something like that. He had some great offenses at Houston, Texas, and OSU as a coordinator. He would love to get back into coordinating and proving his worth by calling plays. He could have some options at head coaching a G5 school. These are some guys that have had success at where they have been. Would not surprise me if Helfrich is hired if our other options say no.
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