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  1. HuskermanMike

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2019

    The 22nd, 26th, 27th, 3rd work best for me after about 7pm.
  2. HuskermanMike

    Huskers in 2019....

    Why do people say this? Every team in America has somebody they have to replace with a new guy. Alex either shows up and plays well and that helps the defense or he doesn't and that could hinder the defense. If he is good enough to play and is the best available, I will believe he is ready. I believe he is just a tad a bit ahead of Tannor right now. Both of those guys will see significant snaps, but what has Caleb Tannor or any other OLB done that makes you worried for a senior to figure it out and step up? This position is wide open and we need someone to consistently step up and take it. I trust Alex has turned a corner and is getting coached up well enough to be good for us this year.
  3. Yea, I kind of had a long post. I figured you were loyal to the staff because of the way you talk about Frost in other posts that I vaguely remember. I would love to be a 10 win team or more if that happens. Some of my expectations of 8-4 are due to the fact I need to see it on the field. Coaches can say a lot and Frost tells it like it is but other teams are also working hard and trying to win as well. Now, we can definitely do well this year, if we stay injury-free and play our hearts out every game it should be a fun year. I am also not trying to obsess over a win total. If we play better football, smarter football, and tougher football I will be proud of my Huskers. This is one more thing we have sort of missed through it all. Being proud of our team because we know they gave their all on the field and did their best to win no matter the circumstances. The rest will take care of itself and I believe everyone in the program is ready to prove that they aren't just talk and they will put 50 on you if you aren't ready to play.
  4. Nice insight here man. I do have a couple of questions I might ask just to start us off. If we fall short of 10 wins(plus postseason) will you be disappointed and say we underachieved? Also, will you question the staff because they fell short of said expectations? These are just some talking points. I want to see where you are at in terms of these questions. My expectations for this season are 8-4 or 9-3 and an exciting bowl game. I say this because below are the teams we have beaten since 2017: Arkansas State, Rutgers, Purdue Illinois-twice, Minnesota, Michigan State, Bethune Cookman In total, we have won 2 road games and 6 home games. However, the last 6 games of 2018 showed that we are not far off from doing some big things this year. The question will be if our young talent with less experience exceeds the value of our veteran players we lost with lots of experience. I believe in a few years we will be ready to not beat ourselves at all. This year you will see some major improvements in this area. I also believe the era of show up and you get 7 or 8 wins might be over as well. Who knows what will happen this year but I believe 8-4 or 9-3 would be a great improvement and a strong step forward. On paper, we might lose to teams we should beat, but sometimes teams can play out of their mind and defeat you and that is okay. An example would be Purdue blasting Ohio State if Purdue plays out of their mind or some lesser team does I would not be disappointed if we lost. Now, if we were to give them the game and they blasted us that would be a different story.
  5. HuskermanMike

    ESPN: Which coach is ready to make the Year 2 leap?

    Oops, fixed it. If I could have one game where we get that many yards it would be against Iowa this year! Yep, every team has big shoes to replace on offense and defense. Heck, Ohio State has how many passing yards to replace this year? Our players are being coached and developed properly now so we should see some improvements at Wideout and Running back. I also believe with a more athletic O-Line and some more speedsters at RB we can get players to take it to the house more often. We should have had a couple more rushing TD's last year, but the RB could not beat the safety to the endzone.
  6. HuskermanMike

    ESPN: Which coach is ready to make the Year 2 leap?

    I believe we will probably we around 37 or 38 points per game. But if you look at last year we left a lot of points on the field that I think will be cleaned up in year two. So yea, 40 points per game could definitely be achievable with this team. The next thing I am looking for on offense is how well we can spread the ball around. If 10 or more guys can get 250-300 plus yards of offense during the season that will be huge. I also think we will not need to run Adrian as much this year, but he will still have similar rushing numbers to 2018. I believe the O will make a leap in 2019 just because we can expand the playbook and everybody knows where to be. We should also have more playmakers on this team compared to last year.
  7. HuskermanMike

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2019

    So when are we doing the draft? @Mavric @The Murphinator
  8. HuskermanMike

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Minnesota (Game 7) **

    Can a mod fix the formatting on my post above? It will not let me edit it for some reason. @Mavric@Enhance Thanks!
  9. HuskermanMike

    OLB Tyler Berrong [USF Commit]

    Yep, it could be anyone in his top 5 really. Not sure who it will be so basically we just wait and see who he picks.
  10. HuskermanMike

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Minnesota (Game 7) **

    It has nothing to do with Minny, more or less just providing facts. You told us about total yardage against conference opponents which is correct. I gave us a fact about our defensive to add to the discussion. I can see the confusion but yea my post had nothing to do with the goofs. They claim to have a good defense but when we meet them again we will lead another defensive coordinator to unemployment.
  11. HuskermanMike

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Minnesota (Game 7) **

    Yes, offensively we were killing it in total yards. However, defensively we struggled mightily with pash rush. Also, our defense had 5 chances to stop an opponent from scoring a game-winning drive and 4/5 times we failed to stop other teams. MSU was the only team we came up and got the stop we needed.
  12. HuskermanMike

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    Yes and no with this comment. Coming off back to back 4-8 seasons I would be ecstatic for 8 wins. Losses happen, it may be at Purdue or a home game to Northwestern, OSU, and Wiscy or Iowa but we should see more improvement in year 3 in the win column. I would love to be 8-4 as that means we are learning how to win games again but just not quite over the hump. It is year 2 and arguably you could make a case that it is like year 1 for this season. I love the excitement for the program but until I see the results we will probably be more of an 8 win team this year. I am happy with that. On the other hand, we have a favorable schedule but that hasn't meant much the last few years. Outside of 2018, 2015-2017 were all favorable schedules in my mind and we did nothing with those years besides winning a bowl game and land coach Frost. People are hungry for results, but I am willing to wait it out and see team improvement like the last 7 games of 2018. A trip to Indy is probably not going to happen yet, I would say our ceiling is definitely an NY6 bowl game and our floor in my mind is 7-5. A disappointing season to me is 6-6 or worse this year. It is prove it time this year. Lastly, my fandom wants me to say we do better than we actually do, so this year anywhere between 7-5 to 10-2 would be awesome for me. Especially coming off of back to back 4-8 seasons.
  13. HuskermanMike

    Dedrick Mills

    You are correct, Mills wore number 26. He is shown gaining a nice run and scoring the TD at the goal line. He is also shown in the locker room after Sims is ripping them a new one at the half and he emphatically says "yes sir" like every other player.
  14. HuskermanMike

    2020 PG Zaire Wade

    Yea that High School team is going to be loaded. I bet we have a chance with Zaire but in the end, he probably goes somewhere else. Of course, a roster spot could open up for him but I still have a feeling he will go to a bigger name school toward the end of the cycle. I hope I am totally wrong on this one.
  15. HuskermanMike

    Last Chance U

    Hmmm, I am pretty sure it is Dedrick. Here are the stats for that game. The only people with rushing TD's are Mills and QB #11 David Moore for Garden City. It is impossible to see and I rewatched it like 5 times to double-check to make sure it was Dedrick.