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  1. @seaofred92 nice input! Ball movement is very important, but player movement is also key. It definitely felt at times we had guys just standing around during the USD game. When we go on droughts scoring, why do we not run set plays or something like you showed to get more flow? I think we need to run more of these or just down screens like above to get open for an easy two or three. Hoiberg said he has a ton of plays so he should be able to get something ready to roll. It is really nice how having Lat out on the perimeter forces players to stick to him and allow for drives. I wond
  2. Wanted to get your opinion on this Mav but @seaofred92 can also chime in too. I feel like during this game and the Nevada game it feels we forced things a little too much. Early 3s in the clock or forced drives that led to turnovers and charges- which led to early foul trouble. I do not mind an early three but some were just way too quick and then the other team is going on the break in transition. Sometimes guys just drive right into the defense where if they kick it out someone will be open. Ball movement and assists make this team go and they need to get a few more passes to ma
  3. Luke can be a great QB he just needs more polishing and time. I say go with 2AM and put in some packages for Luke to keep the defense honest. I agree that he needs to see the field in some capacity. What I really want to see is all the trick plays or some creative plays against Iowa. I think a good play would be a qb option with Martinez and McCaffrey. Pitch to Luke and have him throw or fake it to Luke and have AM run. It doesn't have to be that play but a play similar to what Rutgers ran in OT against Michigan is the kind of play calling we have lacked. The creativity is not the
  4. He is not trolling. What reactions is he getting out of people? I just believe you do not like what he says and that is totally fine. Calling it trolling is not right and is taking this a little too far. From my view, the discussion is civil and has some nice back and forth.
  5. Offense is really good. However, the defense has been stout holding them 5 minutes without a score. A nice complete game through 30 minutes of action. We are finishing really well today.
  6. He can also switch onto bigs and he has length. Big guys don't just get an easy lay in over a small guy on a switch.
  7. That was an and one from Teddy. But they call offensive foul. Missed layup but Banton was falling down. We are hitting some shots. I like it.
  8. I am really excited for this season. One of the things I think will help us is depth. Many guys will be able to play that we will not have to worry about using a year of eligibility or redshirting. I believe it is a free year for basketball players as well so this should allow us to run many lineups. One of the things I am wanting to see is the growth of Ivan and Thor from year one to year two. Especially Ivan, because I can see a big leap from him.
  9. My thoughts on the qb situation. Adrian looks more comfortable in the pocket as a passer. I would put him as the starter against Iowa. When he starts getting the yips you put in Luke for a series or a special package type of deal once or twice a game. I think they need to roll Luke out and tell him who to pass to like he did against Iowa and Indiana last year. Get him out of the pocket and allow him the option to run if a throw is not there. Use Luke in the Taysom Hill role until he can prove that he can throw a consistent deep ball. Maybe put Verdu on the field to calm the qbs dow
  10. Here is some info from the scrimmage last week in PBA. It is coming a little late but thought I would provide some insight. Teddy Allen had 29 as Hoiberg said in his presser. He went 4-11 from three and 11-21 from the field. Kobe Webster scored 25. Lat Mayan and Delano Banton both had 14. Elijah Wood and Stevenson had 11 apiece. If anyone finds any other stats form the scrimmage feel free to add them. One team seemed to share the ball well with a positive Assist to turnover ratio of 20/10. I think this team will share the ball re
  11. ESPN making fun of Nebraska wanting to play football. No matter what happens it was the right thing to do for sure. We will see what these coaches and players are made of in these next few weeks. 

    1. 308_Husker


      Sure, it's easy to make fun of us at this point. They pick the lowest hanging fruit, which is us and we make it easy for them. 


      It's also incredibly lazy and s#!tty journalism.

    2. ladyhawke


      I stopped caring what ESPN thought about us and sports in general a long time ago. 

  12. I am a huge OKC fan. If this happened, I would be sad. No way this trade happens, but I saw it somewhere and it would be devastating. I just don't see Kyrie being traded. But thought I would share it with you all. Nets would become OKC east. It is a reunion with Harden-Durant-Westbrook. https://tradenba.com/trade-machine A more reasonable Rockets-Nets trade for Harden. https://tradenba.com/trade-machine
  13. In my view this is one of many problems. We do not have those star players that can change games. I am talking like Ameer who can go get you 10 yards or win you a game. Mills is one of those but he is in the doghouse or hurt. I also do not understand going away from running Scott. He was getting 5 plus every carry and then just disappears. Part of that was we were playing behind. But you still need to keep the defense honest. This loss looks and reminds me of Iowa 2013 but a whole lot worse. Illinois is not on the same level as that Iowa team that beat us.
  14. Luke has a pass touchdown today. He threw one to Betts. It didn't look like it but it is counted as a pass.
  15. What has Mills done to not get touches in the game? He seems to get 4-5 yards a carry.
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