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  1. We do have a punter on the roster- William Przystup. He will compete with Cerni for the #1 spot.
  2. Supposedly good to go academically. Can commit at any time now. Expected to be here in mid to possibly late July if he commits to N. Hearing we are the leader but nothing is a for sure deal until the player makes the decision. A nice pick up by the staff if he is N. This would give us two cycles in a row we get a solid JuCo addition in the summer and he is a great replacement for Gray if he takes our open 2020 spot.
  3. I found a nice article for those that are interested in the numbers left for the 2021 class. https://hailvarsity.com/s/9701/big-red-recon-huskers-heating-up-on-recruiting-trail A few things on his numbers on certain positions. -I think we take 2 more WR's. -We are done at O-line- outside of Geno VanDeMark who you take no matter what. -I think we take 3 DBs as we graduate a few but the room is fairly stocked. -Everything else looks spot on to me.
  4. I know numbers are not in great shape to take another Offensive lineman. Geno is one I believe we just cannot pass up on if he wants N. I do not see us taking anyone else on the O-line, so if we miss on Geno we will be done recruiting O-line for 2021. I think he would make a great center and that is a possible position where he can learn under Cam for 2 years and claim that spot. His versatility stands out as to which position he can play and he would be the best lineman in this class. So if he ends up at Center, Guard, or Tackle I want him. We are behind Rutgets as Mav said, but if he commits I still see us go after him because they could have a disaster season for year 1.
  5. I would gladly take this guy, but not sure how much of a chance we have. If we do not land him he might head to Baylor if they have a spot.
  6. I have said this before. He is the #1 target on our defensive board. Pair him with Tobin(who is underrated) and a solid NT and that is a wrap for the D-line class. I also think it is important we lock up the KC area because they have tons of talent that we have not taken recently.
  7. Mbow may have a chance if upperclassmen move on. But we are still very stocked if 1 or 2 people leave or transfer. Ezra has a very nice frame and most of it is in the upper body, which is good for an OT. He possibly could play inside for us as well but I definitely see us using him on the outside. He is also a walk-on( will get a scholarship very soon) for this school year. For 2021, we have other needs then O-line to take care of to spread the numbers out. The evaluator in his profile did a nice job explaining what he is good at in the link below. One thing I like is his run blocking is solid. However, his pass blocking was not seen a lot because of the offense he was in, but can always improve with the right coach for someone his size. https://247sports.com/player/ezra-miller-46035446/
  8. I still think we take him. One of the seniors next year will probably be told to move on. Bando, Sichterman, Hixon will all be on notice if they do not make the 2 deep. Regardless, we are where we need to be on numbers for offensive line. I am just saying if someone leaves, retires etc. he might have a spot available.
  9. Well, let's see if we are stocked at lineman. Not trying to play gotcha just trying to provide some insight. Seniors- Gaylord, Jameis Farniok, Wilson- 4 Juniors- Sichterman, Bando, Trent Hixon(should renew his scholarship)- 3 Sophomores- Cam Jurgens, Nouili*( will get a scholarship imo) W Farniok, E. Miller*(if he is on scholarship)- 4* Redshirt Freshman- Anderson, Lynn, Banks, Benhart, Piper, Fritzsche- 6 Freshman- Conn, Corcoran- 2 2021 Class- Yager, Lutovsky, Prochazka-3 Possible commits- Mbow, VanDeMark-possibly take 1 So even without 2021 we are at 19. Nouili has a scholarship waiting for him and Miller is too good to not get one anytime soon. In total my numbers are at 19. Without Nouili and Miller we are at 17. We are exactly where we need to be in terms of lineman as you need a three deep plus a few more for development. This is not counting a few walk-ons who will provide solid depth as well. I would argue we are on the brink of being overstocked, but we can't just throw out many more scholarships to lineman. Other spots need to have good depth as well. In my view, we are pretty full but that is just my take on things as other positions need help- such as linebacker. *Pending scholarship as we are under and can give a few away.
  10. So are we moving on from him? It seems like he wants N and we could possibly take on more at O line depending on which guys decide to call it quits this year.
  11. For OL I would say Spencer Long was a hit. He had an injury midway through his senior year, but he was arguably the best olineman we have had since 2010. He was our last All Conference offensive lineman.
  12. Read somewhere that he applied for a couple jobs around Lincoln and didn't get them. He probably doesn't have much to go home to sadly and probably is training around Lincoln where people will let him train in certain facilities for free I would assume. Outside of that, this is very sad as I thought Nebraska had the opportunity to turn his life around. He is just one of those kids who if they do not meet you in the middle, there is not much that can be done and we parted ways. He has all the talent in the world and I hope they find him and he gets the help he needs.
  13. Peru would be an insult to injury for them, but they would get money that they need. UNK would probably just forfeit and take the money or just not come out after warm-ups.
  14. If true, SDSU would probably be the only OOC game we play. Since they are so close to us. Also, in state rivalries would continue for those who are in different conferences- Utah-BYU, Iowa-Iowa State etc.
  15. From what I have seen, Thrower may be a Kentucky lean as of now. Things can change and we are still in on him. I would welcome Wynden in a heartbeat and he has nice size to play OLB or ILB. We getting a HAUL at linebacker this cycle.
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