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  1. HuskermanMike

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    I learned that in a blowout win we still left many points out there on the field. Field goal, potentially TD but the ball goes through a TE hands off the blocked punt, extra point blocked. However, with all these miscues we still found a way to stay composed, focused, and blow them out. This was refreshing. The O-line needs to get better but they had no penalties and gave up zero sacks. The D-line is as advertised. The entire defense has made some serious strides and is looking really good. The team has improved every week so far this season. As long as that keeps happening we will continue to get better and win games. Barrett Pickering needs to come back by OSU. We can't leave easy points off the board in the kicking game.
  2. HuskermanMike

    The run game

    Yea we need multiple guys getting carries. That way our RBs will be fresh in late October and November. I bet you will see one of those two(Jones, Johnson) get a couple carries today. Right now, we need production and sometimes throwing guys out and seeing what they can do could possibly allow a player to show he is ready to play. I am also interested to see what other receivers we get the ball to. Players need to start stepping up and going out there and making plays instead of worrying about playing time.
  3. HuskermanMike

    *** Northern Illinois Prediction Contest ***

    Nebraska 45 NIU 21 Pass: 302 Rush: 252
  4. HuskermanMike

    The run game

    We will probably see some Wandale at RB some today. I also want them to let Rahmir Johnson and Miles Jones give it a go. RJ is fast and can maybe give the O a spark. Rahmir and Miles Jones have the speed to at least give each of them a few carries and see if one of them can possibly break one. This game we need to spread the ball around and get in a rhythm. It is crucial to do this now because conference play is right around the corner.
  5. HuskermanMike

    How to win

    And that garbage tutelage has the best record of the last 5 years. He is also one of the best receivers in school history so I think he has a good read of the situation. He has no panic and we shouldn't panic either. All of our goals are still in front of us for the year. We still need to learn how to win better. It would help if we could just put teams away so we don't have a close game. Hopefully, this team will turn the corner after an OT lost like we did last year.
  6. HuskermanMike

    If that game felt familiar...

    Recall that Texas last year lost to a mediocre Maryland team and everyone was freaking out. That Texas team beat OU in week 5 I believe and look who we have in week 5, OSU. Frost is the coach that will get us back to relevancy. I believe we could have a similar bounce back. I don't know if Nebraska can get to a NY6 bowl win but I think you will see the team bounce back and get better. This game doesn't matter in us making it to Indy but I wanted to win it bad. The season is early and we have plenty of time to get better and better.
  7. HuskermanMike

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    Oops thought you meant coaches. That is what most people say when talking about jobs. It is all good and let's get back to winning games. Also, to be that guy AND THIS IS SARCASM. Bo never lost to Colorado.
  8. HuskermanMike

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    Frost will never fire anybody in the middle of the season. The loss was on him today. I honestly don't think he will fire any of his coaches at all after 2 years. I learned that year 2 at ucf does note equate success for year 2 at Nebraska. My 8-4 season is looking better but I am still amiss that we lost this of all games. I also learned Frost still has not won a road game. Illinois is looking like his first but it has been 2 years since we won on the road. That is just unbelievable.
  9. Maryland offense looking good. That will be a tough game come November. 

  10. HuskermanMike

    *** Colorado Prediction Contest ***

    Nebraska- 38 Colorado- 27 Pass: 302 Rush: 154
  11. HuskermanMike

    What did we learn South Alabama?

    Frost definitely did not open up the playbook and he even said as much in the presser. We simplified the playbook to run basic plays and we just couldn't do it. Usually, we would have screens or other plays to help out the offense but they weren't being run on Saturday. Frost is also not Osborne, while they have many similarities they aren't going to do things the exact same. I am definitely fine with that. You are not wrong though in that we did not live up to the hype. I fully expected Martinez to smash his passing yards last year and so far he is off to a bad start. There were 3 or 4 receivers who should have gotten touches that didn't, so expect us to share the wealth more instead of hone in on certain players.
  12. HuskermanMike

    Is Noah Vedral healthy?

    Kade Warner was also in sweats. I think we might have actually seen some of him if he wasn't hurt.
  13. HuskermanMike

    Offensive Play

    Something I did not get was Wyatt Mazour does not have that second gear that I have seen in his time at Nebraska. I believe Rahmir Johnson has the gear he does not have. Or Miles Jones for that matter could fill it in better. Despite this, Mazour may show more consistency and that may be the reason he is out there. Not really, it is mostly a toss-up between him and W. Farniok. I chose Raridon because he has paid his dues. Whereas W. Farniok has been here very shortly. I also think Hixon would fit at center better than Raridon in the 5 I put up there. Jurgens is a forced O-lineman who after the first game, showed he is not ready yet in my eyes. I also think W. Farniok and his unit could have done a lot better with more of a rhythm. But they were completely stagnant and couldn't get much going. So reworked best 5 with W. Farniok- Jaimes, Hixon, W. Farniok, Wilson, M. Farniok Best 5 with Raridon- Jaimes, Raridon, Hixon, Wilson, M. Farniok
  14. HuskermanMike

    Offensive Play

    Outside of the center position, did we rotate any lineman? I just don't understand forcing Jurgens into action after an injury. It sort of feels he was thrust into the starting position instead of earning it, but maybe he did in fact earn it. In my opinion, Nebraska's best O-line are these 5- Jameis, Hixon, Raridon, Wilson, M Farniok. However, I am not sure any of those guys can adapt and play center. Tanner Farmer was able to last year though. Next would be Bando, W. Farniok, Jurgens, Sichterman, Benhart. Losing Gaylord prevented us from moving Farniok to guard with more confidence. Benhart is not ready just yet. This coaching staff knows a lot more than I do but last year the offense took off once we made an adjustment to the center position and it feels the same could happen this year. The good news is it is only one game and we can figure that out as the season goes on.
  15. HuskermanMike

    CB Tamon Lynum [Nebraska Commit]

    He's probably the record holder in INT's and doesn't want his record to get broken.