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  1. He committed to Michigan. https://247sports.com/college/michigan/article/michigan-state-starter-jaden-mangham-commits-to-michigan-football-231868551/
  2. BTW Red Five, thanks for the updates man. You are doing some great stuff keeping everyone updated! Thinking this is a list of guys we want most with 4 scholly's remaining. 1a- F William Kyle (JR) 1b- F/C Igor Milicic (SR) 3 C Malique Evin (JR)- if we miss on one of our top two I think he fits in here nicely. 4 G Brendan Hausen (JR) 5a G Connor Essegian (JR) 5b Depth at guard or forward - I think Fred will not take another HS player unless it is a late bloomer we find similar to Diop last year. - Outside of Milicic, it looks like we will be targeting guys with 2 or more years of eligibility left. - I still believe we can get both of Kyle and Milicic, will be interesting to see what happens. Also, still waiting to hear on Mast. - An absolute need is bench shooting and Hausen fits that role- would be a great get for us. - As I said before, it will be interesting to see how many guys may come here to possibly sit for a year and play a lot more in the coming years. - Nebraska is going for guys that fit what Fred wants to do as opposed to NIL bag getters.
  3. Some potential other names, as some players we get will understand they will have a limited role this year to get a bigger one next year. Nothing confirming these guys, but they have connections and could end up here depending on numbers. PG Josiah Dotzler- Creighton (Does he want to develop for a year to play 2/3 years in the future?) F Gus Yalden- Wisconsin (Has ties to the state and would play a lot more in the coming years. In a similar boat as Dotzler) F Max Murrell- Stanford ( Unlikely- would be a culture fit guy similar to Coleman this year) The bolded players are the ones that would fit really well for us. Griffiths is now N! Fidler I want but doubt he accepts a bench role. If Nebraska gets Milicic and Kyle it means Mast could miss some time next season.... Joshua Ola-Joseph gives Nebraska some athleticism and depth- but does he want a bench role is the question. Nebraska is going to have to get players that will accept bench roles now for bigger roles in the future. Think Hoiberg goes to a 9 man rotation by conference play and potentially 8 man depending on who he gets.
  4. Let's not have a lot of pre-snap penalties and get the ball snapped before the play clock runs out. If turnovers are cut down significantly Nebraska will have a winning record. The offense should average 7 more points a game. This would bring the total to 25 points per game. This gives us 7-8 wins this year. The offense must improve because it can't get any worse than what we saw in 2023.
  5. Army will need 7 wins to reach a bowl since they have 2 wins over FCS opponents. Navy would be bowl-eligible with a win. We are mid 60s in apr. We will not be making a bowl sadly.
  6. Is GM a code word for official bag dropper?
  7. They also hired a new D- Coordinator to be the interim head coach. He has been there the least about of time, so it makes sense for him to take the reigns. As opposed to the longer-tenured assistants that have been with the program.
  8. Northwestern really messed up. They made so many mistakes handling this situation. I also wonder if some admins get axed. 1) They gave him a 2-week suspension. He has a good case to win in court- not saying he will. Because they decided to put a timetable on it and then fire him a few days later. Therefore, Fitzgerald can make the case they didn't believe his actions were grounds for dismissal until the Daily article came out. Why did they suspend him in the 1st place? Especially after they had a 3rd party investigation? A case could be made that NW had enough evidence to fire with cause. 2) They have an amazing journalism school. It is insane the school Newspaper went after him and brought him down. No national news outlets did this- the student newspaper did. Kudos to them for continuing and getting all the details right. With all the headlines and such being a part of journalism, they did a fantastic job. 3) Fitzgerald has a really good lawyer backing him. He is not messing around. I don't see NW being able to get away with not paying him at least something. Here is a link to his bio. 4) Overall, this is a sad state of affairs. I don't see NW ever becoming solid again in football unless they get a really good hire. Fitzgerald has all of their bowl wins. They do have some nice facilities coming their way, but the ceiling for them is Stanford. What great coach wants to come into a situation where you are way behind the 8 ball? Especially with a program that has high academic standards?
  9. There is a very good chance he is not coming here. Would be a solid addition if someone from the RB room departs later on. However, now that most of the class is filling up it would not surprise me to go after some big fish and see what Rhule and co can do. Edit: The second link did not have us in his top 5. I am not able to read the article so I meant to quote that link. My bad.
  10. For the remaining spots, we are looking at 4 or possibly 5 guys yet. OT- we would take both Brix and Tauma. But we may only get one of them. LB- need to add some bodies here. DL- could use a DT to add to the room. Edge- if we can land one this class, that would help. Are there any other positions I am missing?
  11. It could be true he had a top three. Once he released it Bama could have told him to commit by a certain time or his spot would be taken. Since Bama is an elite school that is tough to turn down he decided to commit. It doesn't matter he focused on three teams and decided to commit. It really has nothing to do with any of us. This player got a very rare opportunity and took it. Good for him. Nebraska will have to recruit a different LB.
  12. He may not have known he was going to Alabama. Then, they probably gave him the talk about committing to them, or his spot would be taken. After that, he decided to get his spot and commit. You have to realize a lot of these things are fluid and can change real quick. At the end of the day, these players make decisions that will impact their lives and their future. Another thing could be he was looking around before he decommited and decided that if Bama had a spot for him he would go there.
  13. The thing is he brought in guys to be here longer than one year. It's not like we are relying on unproven freshmen to move the needle. I do hope Nebraska does bring in one more guy and then gives Sam H a scholarship. I am not sure who Nebraska is on right now. Best players in my view *Subject to change as we haven't seen some of these guys yet. 1 Tominaga 2 Williams 3 Mast All of those guys I am putting as starters. Those are the best three players on the roster right now. So Nebraska loses one of the top 3. I can see Allick as a starter for sure. It all depends on what Hoiberg wants to do. I just don't consider him a top 3 guy. Juwan Gary, I would even put in front of him. However, if he is a top 3 guy I believe that means Nebraska is having success because he will be scoring close to double figures along with the 2-3 other guys I mentioned above. Time will tell.
  14. I think this will get all the haters to shut up. He can recruit your kid and date your wife! In all seriousness, this was a quote from a parody Husker account- Ballsack Skers. I can't link it at this time via Twitter. This guy is killing it on the trail. Now, if he can develop them he will be looked at as a steal of a hire. Edit- I do not know how to make the image smaller.
  15. The only seniors are Tominaga and Allick. Everyone else has 2 or more years. I actually think that is a good idea because we have constantly got guys that were grad transfers or only here for a year. This roster will have some continuity going into the next few years that sets Hoiberg up well. If he get can them to play together and build on the 2022-2023 season. Seniors- Tominaga and Allick Juniors- Gary, Uhlis, Wilcher, Keita, Mast, B. Williams Sophomores- Lawrence Freshman/Redshirt Freshman- Rice/ Lloyd Available Scholarships- 2
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