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  1. Like McCaffrey and Smothers, Mooney's arm strength didn't impress me. IDK if they're taking these guys thinking that it's a fixable issue or what. Heck, there's another kid in the same district as Mooney named Rickie Collins who impressed me more than Mooney.
  2. I just feel like some of the guys we're offering are reaches... not a good sign
  3. The one I think is overrated is Reese Mooney. My daughter went to his high school (Denham Springs) and I saw him play last year a few times. I had no idea he was supposed to be anything special. Didn't stand out at all to me. Only QBs I saw last year in Louisiana that stood out were Arch Manning and Zeon Chriss.
  4. Terrible? In his very first start against South Carolina, he was 17/21 for 265 yds. and 2 TDs. In the weeks that followed he played two top 10 teams (Bama/A&M), along with Auburn and Arkansas. In 5 games he went 80/140 for 941 yards. I'd hardly call that terrible, considering the competition he faced. He's 6'6"/245 and has a stronger arm than anyone we have, that's for sure.
  5. Like McCaffrey, I don't think Smothers has the arm strength. That's something that should have been apparent to Verduzco when he was recruiting him.
  6. I wish we'd give TJ Finley a look. I thought he played fairly well last year for LSU as a true freshman QB who wasn't expecting to play.
  7. I think some folks confuse negativity with reality. We've heard the same thing year after year, how great the team looks in spring and summer, how much progress they've made, blah blah blah, and then the season starts and it's the same old sloppy, undisciplined, mistake-prone play. No fire, no excitement, no passion. It's hard for many fans to be optimistic after so many seasons of disappointment. I think many of them - including me - expect the worst so that when things do go bad, we've already mentally prepared for it. That doesn't mean that we don't want the team to turn the corner and show
  8. A lot of people on social media are complaining about Martinez's performance, saying he still looks rotten. Kinda contradicts what I read here?
  9. Maybe they realized the mistake of bulking Adrian up too much prior to his sophomore year. He has much more wiggle and elusiveness at a lower weight.
  10. My daughter graduated from the same HS. I saw him play a few times and didn't think he was anything special, but I'm certainly no expert. Struggled against decent competition.
  11. These kids want to go where they have the best chance to make it to the NFL. Nebraska has done a poor job of developing players over the past several years, so why would any elite player want to play here? I think Frost is able to land a few here and there by making a lot of promises, but once they arrive and see that it's all just a smoke show, they're entering the portal with the quickness. On top of that, Nebraska is about as "Plain Jane" as it gets. The weather isn't good, and there's no swagger or flash. It'd be ok if it were hard-nose, rugged football and it worked, but righ
  12. A Top 25 national player, from our own state, at our #1 position of need, and we can't land him. Sad.
  13. I just hope this kid lives up to his billing. Sure would be nice to develop a Hawaii pipeline
  14. Looks like they used the "sick mother" excuse to soften the blow.
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