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  1. Are they going to come out crisp, fired-up, ready to prove something? Or is it going to be another comedic show of ineptitude? This game will be quite telling.
  2. Michigan State's now ranked 20/21 in the polls... sure would be nice to beat a ranked team. Hopefully our confidence is up following the OU game and the guys will come out fired up and ready to play. No more moral victories; we need wins.
  3. My mistake. I honestly thought it was Year 1. Not sure what you mean with, "Good try though" but whatever.
  4. Michigan State is playing better in Year 1 with Mel Tucker than we are playing in Year 4 w/ Frost. They play smart; they play disciplined. If we can go to East Lansing and pull off a victory I'll be impressed. Edit: my mistake - YEAR 2
  5. My head is telling me this, but my heart is telling me to prepare for a letdown. We don't need a close game or another moral victory; we need to WIN.
  6. Exactly - and this year's recruiting class is NOT good. We can't afford to "skip" a year when it comes to recruiting, but it looks like we've done just that, which will set us back even more in the long run.
  7. More of what we already know: our O-line and special teams are our Achilles heels. Until Frost makes a serious and concerted effort to address them, they'll continue to be our downfall. Can't expect to make any big strides until the small things are in order.
  8. You said the same thing earlier in the thread, and I'm going to respond with the same: the reason there were no staff changes to this point is because Moos didn't force his hand, plus everyone got a pass due to the Covid situation. After this season, I assure you that Trev will force Frost to make some staff changes, whether he wants to or not.
  9. Piper should never play another down for the scarlet & cream
  10. How we bounce back next week will be telling. Now we're getting into the "must wins" on the schedule if we want to go bowling.
  11. IDK who the top HS kicker is in the country but whoever it is Frost needs to be on the phone tonight offering a scholly and starting position Day 1
  12. Very proud of (some of) the team's performance today. Offensive line and special teams will continue to be our Achilles heel until we get them fixed.
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