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  1. To answer your first question, I was basing it on what I saw on Twitter, and the fact that following his visit he was not following any of our coaches or current players, which was very telling. Living in Louisiana, I know many people and coaches who have spoken to him and I know for a fact he was hoping for an LSU offer. I guess without that option he's going for the next best thing.
  2. I really think he was hoping for an LSU offer but it's looking more and more likely that he won’t get one. Just pray that Citizen chooses LSU because if not they may throw a last-minute offer at Allen.
  3. He's now following some of our coaches on Twitter.... The "he's going elsewhere" is my reverse psychology... I'm 2-for-2 so far
  4. Just noticed that Ajay Allen is now following some of our coaches on Twitter following their in-house visit with him yesterday....
  5. #6 in the portal is pretty darn impressive, all things considered. Adding strong recruiters has really helped our cause. I’m still holding out hope that we land Ajay Allen!
  6. Frost did better than I expected, and I’m happy with his hirings and portal gets. That said, I’m still concerned about our OL, and I expect the defense to take a step backward next year.
  7. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/rb-allen-talks-about-perfect-visit-to-nebraska-and-his-decision
  8. not a good sign when he can't even spell the state correctly
  9. We’re we’re currently #11 in the portal rankings, but our overall star rating is much lower.
  10. We need to come out strong at the start of the season - no lapses or letdowns. Two of my biggest concerns with this team have been 1) the sloppy, undisciplined, penalty-plagued play; and 2) the lack of "fire" coming out of the tunnel. Other teams look like wild animals being released from their cages, or horses chomping at the bit just waiting for the gates to open... we look like we're sedated. It's been particularly troubling in games with early kickoffs. If we can come out crisp and strong and win some games and get some confidence, then the ball will start rolling. If we're not 3-0 when we face the Sooners - a guy who Thompson assuredly has a lot of confidence against - it will be a huge disappointment. Everyone assumes we'll be 3-0, but just remember we assumed the same thing last season and then proceeded to get our butts handed to us by the Illini and their backup QB.
  11. Sad. Too late to the party on this one. He is going to give us fits in a few years.
  12. He's got his final 5 all lined up. Nebraska isn't one of them.
  13. someone let me know if Ajay Allen enters the directory
  14. Exactly. There is no reason - NONE - why we can't be on the level of Wisconsin.
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