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  1. These kids want to go where they have the best chance to make it to the NFL. Nebraska has done a poor job of developing players over the past several years, so why would any elite player want to play here? I think Frost is able to land a few here and there by making a lot of promises, but once they arrive and see that it's all just a smoke show, they're entering the portal with the quickness. On top of that, Nebraska is about as "Plain Jane" as it gets. The weather isn't good, and there's no swagger or flash. It'd be ok if it were hard-nose, rugged football and it worked, but righ
  2. A Top 25 national player, from our own state, at our #1 position of need, and we can't land him. Sad.
  3. I just hope this kid lives up to his billing. Sure would be nice to develop a Hawaii pipeline
  4. Looks like they used the "sick mother" excuse to soften the blow.
  5. Didn’t notice much offensive prowess this past season..
  6. ..:or they could just hire a legit OC to start?
  7. Sure would've been nice if we could've hired him. Definitely would've added an offensive spark.
  8. I think it's dependent on whether Fleck is offered & takes an NFL job. Let's hope that he's offered a position and he jumps. Even knowing that Fleck is a hot name in the NFL head coaching carousel and could leave Minnesota sometime during Dickerson's tenure could have an impact on his decision. I'm sure Fleck is doing everything he can to convince Avante that he's not going anywhere.
  9. That's not what I'm saying at all. All I'm saying is that when you have a top 10 recruit, who has interest, at a position you're struggling in, and one of his coaches is a huge Nebraska fan, and said coach reaches out to you.... shouldn't you at least make an effort to check on it?
  10. I currently coach at a HS with one of the top WRs for the c/o 2022, a 4* rated in the top 10 WRs in the country. He knows what a huge Nebraska fan I am and I've often spoken with him about the program, and I know for a fact that he had some legit interest. Before the season, and during the season, I reached out to various members of the Nebraska coaching staff, sent them film, etc. As the season progressed, the kid asked me a few times, "When am I gonna hear from Nebraska, coach?" Yet not one time did anyone from Nebraska reach out to me, nor him. I see now that he's released his Top 10, and o
  11. That's true, though none of the experts seem to be too sure with their guesses. I feel much more confident now that he'll be choosing tomorrow, as opposed to pushing his decision back to February, which had been previously reported.
  12. Chinander and Verduzco can both kick rocks
  13. No need to worry, folks. Plenty of 3-stars and walk-ons on the way. We'll be championship contenders next year for sure.
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