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  1. Certainly wouldn't be the first time (nor will it be the last) I've been wrong about a prospect. Then again, I only saw him at QB. He must be doing really well at camps on the defensive side of the ball. For the record, I also don't think Arch is the best HS QB in LA. He might not even be 2nd best.
  2. I agree - he looked kinda unmotivated and disinterested. Maybe they weren't showing much attention to him so he was thinking "what's the point?"
  3. This is the video LSU fans are referring to - highlights from his recent private workout at their camp. Apparently the staff was less than impressed with his performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CEZ7tskKOY
  4. Looks like LSU has decided to pass on Miller. Apparently they were unimpressed with his performance at camp... or at least that's what their sites are reporting. Their loss is our gain!
  5. I stand corrected on Allen. That said, there were still numerous other programs interested in the others mentioned, and he managed to bring them here. We don't know what Kelly's thoughts were on Crawford, or current target Miller. Regardless, do you really think any of those 3 guys we landed end up here if MJ wasn't here? Or Janiran Bonner, who I forgot to mention? No chance. Another guy I failed to mention was Washington, the transfer WR from Texas. I'd say that's pretty darn impressive so far.
  6. You’ve got to be kidding. He was the main one who landed Ajay Allen, not to mention Decoldest Crawford, Kaine Williams, & Trey Palmer… plus I’m probably forgetting some others
  7. The thing is, when you have majority 4* guys, when you lose some to attrition, it's not that big of a hit. We don't have that depth, and having primarily 3* talent isn't going to help stay competitive against the big boys. For the past 15 years I've heard so many Husker fans say "stars don't matter" -- how has that turned out for us? Ask guys like Saban and Dabo and Day and Kirby if stars matter. The only recruiter who has proven he's worth a damn is Mickey Joseph.
  8. Agreed. It's gonna be another highly-hyped class of primarily 3* guys. Only thing that can remedy this is a huge turnaround this fall. Become a hot brand again.
  9. It does? Curious as to what makes you think that.
  10. O-line was my biggest concern even before Nouili was ruled ineligible. Seems like the only recruiter who is of the caliber we need to be successful is Mickey Joseph.
  11. Oh, it's not just mentally. They looked like a bunch of 300-pound marshmallows
  12. Last year's O-line makes me wonder if it wasn't the RBs that were the problem. Heck even with Green or Rozier or Phillips back there, with that line I don't know how much success they would've had.
  13. We played against Decoldest a couple times and I was never all that impressed with him. Our DBs handled him pretty well. We had a pretty stout defense both years we played him, though. I'm just curious to see if he can be a solid D-1 WR. In my opinion Morgan was better coming out of HS but my opinion doesn't mean much.
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