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  1. LSU will be pursuing Riley. Again, he's a coach who can pick and choose where he wants to go. No way would he come to a lesser job at Nebraska, knowing of all the disadvantages here.
  2. With our O-line it doesn't matter who you put back there -- we could have Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, and Walter Payton in the rotation, and every one of them would average under 4 ypc.
  3. From the posts, it seems like some people think that the only reason our ranking is so low is because it's a small class.
  4. Why would Lane Kiffin leave Ole Miss for Nebraska? Fickell is also out of the question Campbell? Doubtful, but make him say no. My Top 3 are still Chadwell, Petersen, Calhoun Jeff Traylor has intrigued me also... 8-0 at UTSA
  5. This makes zero sense. If the class is smaller, you need to focus on quality. Should be primarily 4-star guys, with maybe a few high 3-star guys. The rankings aren't based solely on class size.
  6. These last 4 games very well may make or break Frost here at Nebraska. I'm eager to see how his players fight (or don't fight) for him.
  7. He's a smokescreen. They have zero interest in Tucker. The AD has made it pretty well-known that the only minority candidate he's interested in is James Franklin.... and that's because he knows Franklin is a PA native and will never leave PSU.
  8. You're out of your mind if you think we're gonna land Cristobal or anyone remotely similar. Guys like Cristobal, Fickell, Meyer. etc. can pick and choose. Nebraska isn't exactly a top coaching destination anymore. Our recruiting disadvantages are obvious. Our best bets would be a guy like Petersen who maybe you could lure out of retirement for big $, a young up and comer like Chadwell looking to take the next step, or a guy looking bounce back, like Herman.
  9. Can't fire someone unless you have his replacement 100% on board. We learned our lesson from the Houston Nutt debacle. If we DO keep Frost another year, that tells me that none of Trev's targets were interested.
  10. I want to believe in Frost; I really do. I'd like to believe that he can stay for another season, and make some staff changes, and perhaps things will turn for the better. But it's a tough predicament, because it's hard for a coach on the hot seat to find quality coordinators. For that reason, if we finish with 4 (or less) wins again, I say you've gotta reach out to Chadwell (and Petersen), and if either is interested, you have to pull the trigger.
  11. They had one bad game and that cancels him out? He runs the perfect offense for Nebraska. Truth be told, if we played App. State at their place we'd likely lose, too.
  12. He'll be able to pick and choose where he wants to go. It won't be Nebraska.
  13. The good thing about Chadwell is that with the offense he runs, there aren't too many big-time schools that will be interested in him... meanwhile, Nebraska is the perfect fit for that scheme.
  14. I do like the idea of Peetz, even as OC... also would like to see Corey Raymond return. Do you mean Mickey Joseph as WR coach?
  15. I mean, you can’t really blame people for having a gloomy outlook. Despite all of the supposed progress, there still hasn’t been any change in the win column. For a fan base that was raised on guaranteed 9+ win seasons, it’s depressing. Top it off with our #80ish recruiting class and things aren’t looking too promising.
  16. What exactly does that mean, "easy to recruit to"? The guy has pulled in top classes every place he's been: Miami, Tennessee, Syracuse, Ole Miss, USC, LSU. He landed Joe Burrow, something we didn't do. As far as coaching you can always label him "Associate Head Coach." All I know is we need someone, because what we have isn't cutting it.
  17. I know people aren't keen on Orgeron, but like him or not, he's one of the best recruiters in the country. I say bring him on board to help with recruiting. HIs ties to Louisiana talent wouldn't hurt, either. He's already expressed interest in being here in the past. Recruiting is the lifeblood of the program, and right now our blood supply is running low.
  18. My Top 2 picks would be Jamey Chadwell & Troy Calhoun. Both run offensive schemes that Nebraska fans would embrace wholeheartedly. They're also unique schemes that would attract HS athletes that other schools won't be targeting as hard.
  19. It hasn't worked... yet. The coaching world is a constant revolving door until you find one that works. It's not just Nebraska, it's everyone.
  20. Yeah, this is laughable. While they hope to avoid having to ever pay a buyout, they definitely can afford it. The football program is the top revenue earner at the university, and it's not close.
  21. Remember when we hired Frost, and ASU hired Herm Edwards, and everyone was clowning ASU? Good times.
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