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  1. They're just targeting me, as usual. I don't know why such supposedly highly intelligent men don't just use the ignore button.
  2. Hey bro, remember back in 2013 when I said we were going to lose to Minnesota and that we were dangerously close to a downward spiral and you said, "We aren't gonna lose to f'n Minnesota." Good times
  3. but I'm not fighting any battles. That's the point you're missing.
  4. If you don't still see/hear a LARGE portion of the fanbase saying they still want Mickey, then you're either in denial or not looking/listening very well.
  5. if you don't see the large contingent of folks who still are clamoring for MJ, idk what to tell you.
  6. I'm not fighting anything; everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just don't get it.
  7. Yeah except some have said that Trev doesn't want to pay "too much" which I don't agree with at all. Pay whatever it takes to get your man.
  8. I've always preferred Calhoun over Monken. Every time we are looking for a new HC I mention Calhoun.
  9. and yet social media is still overflowing with folks who want MJ to be named full-time head coach... what am I missing here?
  10. that was the big knock on him at LSU... drops too many balls
  11. Smothers' decision-making is questionable, at best. That said, he's still better than Purdy.
  12. "The announcement is... there's nothing to announce"
  13. Offering Chadwell the OC position would be a slap in the face. If I were him and they offered that spot I'd hang up on them.
  14. What announcement would that be? There's nothing to announce.
  15. I'd be ok w/ that... definitely him over Monken, that's for sure. I just don't think he'd come as an OC, only HC
  16. I've seen quite a few posts on social media that his plan is to eventually announce MJ... if so, we're going to enter the point of no return.
  17. Living in South Louisiana, the knock on Mickey has always been that he doesn't have enough between the ears to be a head coach.
  18. If Trev's current plan is to hire MJ, he better come up with a new plan, and quick.
  19. Welp, I said back in the 1Q that Minnesota would end their 32-game streak of losing after trailing by 10+... easiest prediction I've ever made.
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