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  1. Although I think the defense takes a small step backwards, I still think our O-line will be the key. If they can be at least serviceable and give Thompson time to throw and give our RB stable just a little room to run, I think we'll be OK. I'm just not as confident in our O-line as some here appear to be.
  2. And yet he still chose Bama over LSU I don't blame him. I can't stand LSU and I live here
  3. GT has the inside track on Wynn. If he didn't commit to us this weekend I don't expect him to.
  4. That's all Mickey Joseph on this one. Mickey can land any kid in the New Orleans metro that doesn't have an LSU offer.
  5. With his strong Louisiana ties, Mickey Joseph can still land his share of Louisiana kids who aren't offered by LSU or who decide to transfer out of LSU. With NIL, we should be able to land higher-quality recruits than what we have been. I'm just sick of us landing primarily 3* guys, and fans saying stars don't matter, and then finishing at the bottom of the barrel and fans acting surprised. Gotta win this year and give potential recruits a reason to want to come here and be a part of something special.
  6. No offense but we've gotta start aiming higher than this.
  7. Exactly. The problem is that very time we land a transfer the local media (and even 247) hypes it up like the player is a future NFL All Pro/HOFer... but when you look in comparison to other teams, it's not all that impressive... it's the same with recruiting
  8. I saw on social media we didn't finish in the Top 10 of the 247 portal transfer rankings and a lot of Husker fans are upset? https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-football-transfer-portal-team-rankings-USC-Ole-Miss-lead-2022-cycle-after-deadline-to-enter-187380830/#187380830_1 https://247sports.com/Season/2022-Football/TransferTeamRankings/ Still plenty of time to land some more
  9. From what I've heard we weren't even in his Top 5. Sounds like he visited mainly as a courtesy to his dad.
  10. Last I heard, Smith didn't have the grades to transfer... he'd have to take the juco route
  11. I'd still like to see us get a couple more OL, if only for depth. Our backups looked atrocious in the spring game. What about Shor from Bama? Maybe he can make the trip with the other two... question is, would he be worth the risk, with his admitted mental health issues?
  12. If this happens - heck, even if we land 2 of the 3 - I'll be happier than a puppy with two peters. I know Wynn is good friends with McGowens (Husker basketball) but I guess that doesn't matter since McGowens is leaving. Williams is from Marrero (outside of New Orleans) which is prime Mickey Joseph territory. Pretty certain that Joseph and Williams are already well-acquainted with one another.
  13. I also wish we'd take a look at this kid... https://247sports.com/Player/Ezra-Dotson-Oyetade-46096582/
  14. If we can somehow land Lole I'll be extremely excited. Also heard there's a Texas WR (Washington) in the portal that we're targeting? I might have missed it earlier in the thread.
  15. Is Goods any good, though? He didn't do much at Florida. Honestly I'm more concerned with our OL.
  16. If we don't fix the little things, this season will be similar to last season. Can't make major strides until you get over the minor bumps.
  17. I'd still consider 7-5 this upcoming season to be a disappointment, given this schedule. I know that in our current state their are no "gimmes" or "guaranteed" wins, but still.
  18. You're setting yourself up for major disappointment. Our offensive line is still going to be a major Achilles heel
  19. The Longhorns will have something to say about that. I expect them to be the highest bidder.
  20. Frost better hit that portal with a vengeance and get as many OL as he can. It was hard to watch at times.
  21. "the way the offensive line has been coming off the ball and moving people"
  22. Quite a few of our guys fit that mold - Frost wanted tall guys, that he thought he could mold into shape. Hasn't quite worked out that way.
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