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  1. Trev had his chance to shoot his shot with UM but likely never did it because he doesn't match the character/integrity/morals (or insert other BS word here) of this great state. I think he probably has his guy already picked out and it's likely Campbell although I think Rhule could throw a monkey wrench into things. Kiffin leaving his current position to come to Nebraska would be a step down. And again, the whole "lack of integrity" thing.
  2. Pretty safe to say that if Leonhard doesn't work out, Leipold is their guy.
  3. If I had to bet on who I think the next coach will be, I'd bet on Campbell. I also think Rhule is a wild card.
  4. no I wasn’t trying to pat myself on the back or anything like that. But I guess you can interpret it however you’d like
  5. I didn’t mean it like that. I meant that they were on my list of guys I thought were good candidates.
  6. Auburn interested in Tom Herman and Todd Monken, two guys I had on my list.
  7. Matt House is a guy who is growing on me. Checks all the boxes.
  8. Word on the street is that Leonhard will be given every opportunity to salvage this season and win the permanent job but if he fails to impress Leipold will be their top target... Aranda may be on their radar as well i just hope that Trev has all his ducks in a row and has a plan that’s already been set in motion. We had a jump start on the coaching search and I hope he took advantage. The Auburn job will be open soon with plenty more to follow
  9. In other news, Matt Rhule's Panthers lost and dropped to 1-3 as his seat continues to warm up. Jamey Chadwell's Coastal Carolina squad beat Georgia Southern to move to 5-0. These are two of my favorite candidates, should MJ not work out.
  10. People are jumping on the Leipold bandwagon way too soon. He's gonna be this season's Mel Tucker
  11. Wow - and people thought we'd be criticized for getting rid of Frost Welp, guess we can scratch Leonhard off our list of candidates Bryan Harsin's days are numbered as well
  12. I'm not talking about the summer. I'm talking about last night, specifically. It has nothing to do with "validation" -- it has to do with the point that I called for it, literally minutes before it happened. It has to do with the fact that even though we're all Husker fans and all want the same thing - to see this team and program succeed - there are some fans who still treat others as the enemy.
  13. That in itself is understandable, but to lie about the situation to purposely try to discredit is another level.
  14. Totally untrue. A search of his name shows that the last time he was mentioned on this board was August 9. I made the call last night right before he came in the game and started making plays. Why is it so hard for some of you to give props to fellow Husker fans?
  15. No, I saw him in HS and right before he came in I said that I'd like to see him get in the game. One of the coaches must've been reading the thread
  16. I learned that this team has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The spark has been ignited... now it's time to feed the flame. On another note - was I right about Malcom Hartzog, or was I right?
  17. Trust me - I live in South Louisiana and I'm very familiar with MJ. He has the New Orleans area on lockdown. My school produces a lot of talent and my classroom is decorated with Nebraska stuff. He actually recruited Shazz Preston (now at Alabama); it was just too late in the process. I sure would love to send some of our kids to Nebraska.
  18. The most important thing about MJ is that he is an elite recruiter. He has strong Louisiana ties and can pull in talent that LSU isn't interested in/doesn't have room for (i.e., Ajay Allen, Trey Palmer)
  19. One thing is for certain: the players love him.
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