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  1. Teams are only supposed to have one coach standing at a time but the way it is supposed to work is that a warning is given before the technical foul. It is also virtually never called. Watch any game and both teams have two coaches standing for about half the game.
  2. It's not surprising that they would play the same teams. The first two games were campus site games in the KC tournament.
  3. You wouldn't think it was about grades since he got through a two year JUCO in one year, but who knows. I would guess it was more about expected playing time (or lack thereof).
  4. ECisGod

    AP/Coaches Poll/KenPom

    Huskers may be at 28 but they have 41 points but Indiana is 27th with 131 points, so in the voters eyes there is a big difference between 27th & 28th.
  5. The NCAA is keeping the new formula a secret.
  6. Technically it's not the RPI anymore. It's the new and improved NET, but I (we?) get your point.
  7. ECisGod

    Ed Morrow Transferring

    So Ed had 2 turnovers & 1 foul in nine minutes as a starter in his first for Marquette. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/boxscore?gameId=401083244
  8. ECisGod

    AP/Coaches Poll/KenPom

    Huskers are in CBS Sports' top 25+1 today thanks to Ohio State beating Cincinnati. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-rankings-cincinnati-falls-out-of-the-updated-top-25-and-1-after-losing-at-home-to-ohio-state/
  9. SE Louisiana played LSU last night, so it shows that SELA is 0-1.
  10. On his post game radio show Miles said Thor's playing time will be determined by his willingness to play defense.
  11. Was nice to see Huskers get a lead early and keep the pedal to the metal. I've seen them too many times get up 20-5 and then coast for the next 30 minutes. Not much else to learn from the game. Thought this was an interesting (scary) quote from the AP's game summary: Mississippi Valley State returns three starters from last year's 4-28 team, aiming to build around the 3-point shooting of seniors Scott and Evans.
  12. ECisGod

    Bracketology 2019

    Lunardi has the Huskers as an 8 seed in Tulsa vs St John's. Winner would play Kansas. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology
  13. ECisGod

    Free Runzas for Crowd Noise

    I'm curious how it will work. Most of the time the Runza closest to my office (in Omaha) had no clue what the score was so I could get free food. I will be SHOCKED if they know if the crowd hit a certain dB level.
  14. ECisGod

    Bracketology 2019

    CBS Sports has the Huskers as an 8 seed playing Arizona in Tulsa. Winner gets Kansas unless there is another 1/16 upset this year. Eight B1G teams projected to be in the tournament. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/bracketology/
  15. ECisGod

    2018-2019 Season Notes

    Palmer is on the Naismith watch list. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211779093