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  1. Webster & Thor could both come back since the NCAA has decided that this is a "free" year. I would be shocked in Yvan stays. I agree that Andre & Wood will stay. Arop & Stevenson are toss ups. I think both could be helpful next year, but probably in limited minutes so they may look for a place where they can find a starting role.
  2. Wait, you have to go to class? When did that start?
  3. Maybe, but you'd have thought he'd play when the scout team came in.
  4. Yvan didn't play tonight - even in junk time. Anyone know if he's injured or just in the dog house?
  5. Maybe we should start a new tradition. Senior night is the next to last home game.
  6. Players back: Banton T McGowens Mayen Walker Stevenson Lakes Andre Wood Arop Lakes I wouldn't be surprised to see Webster or Thor back since this is a free year. I'm sure they'd like to play in front of fans for their final year in college. Neither is going to play in the NBA or the G League. Before today, Allen was in this group because he only had two real options - NU or pro ball overseas. Incoming players: Breidenbach B McGowens Tominaga Gone/probably gone: Allen Ouedraogo
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