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  1. He left Nebraska because he didn't want to play as an undersized 5, but then didn't spend his transfer/redshirt year working on his ball handling or outside shooting. He was playing about 11 minutes a game and averaging 3.4 points & 3.4 rebounds per game & hadn't taken a three all season.
  2. I'd say 8 easy, probably 9 will have really good cases. Teams 10 & 11 will have borderline cases.
  3. Over under is 139. That means the bookmakers think OSU will score nearly 80 points when they haven't scored over 60 in their last four games.
  4. Someone who can make free throws. What a novel concept.
  5. If his shot isn't falling it affects his whole game and his shot hasn't fallen since he got back from suspension (even in warm ups).
  6. I found him. He's in section 117. Took a pic but it's too big to upload.
  7. I saw it at 2.5 last night on ESPN and 3.5 earlier. Apparently all the money is going on Rutgers.
  8. I'm not sure Arop will leave. He had to know coming in that he needed to work on shooting and strength and probably wouldn't play much. He really should have red shirted this year.
  9. Huskers missed two free throws in the last minute & gave up an offensive rebound with two seconds left and fouled the rebounder who made both free throws to tie it.
  10. OWH has a nice article about the three sit out transfers. Not sure if it's behind the pay wall or not - probably is since it's interesting.
  11. Does anyone know that Green did? I haven't heard anything.
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