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  1. Salsa Red

    Fall Camp Notes

    There's no reasonable reason we should keep mentioning Diaco, the strain is spectacular! Do you feel the strain?
  2. Salsa Red

    BTN Bus Tour - In Lincoln August 19th

    I hate to say it but I think Walters becomes a head coach somewhere soon, especially if the offense plays well this year.
  3. Salsa Red

    Fall Camp Notes

    That was satisfying to watch and it looks like the players were having a blast! Mo is looking really good, I think he'll have an awesome year (as long as he's cleared to play)
  4. Salsa Red

    Huskers in 2019....

    Personally I'm a bit worried Alex Davis is getting so much praise, he hasn't shown he can play. I hope I'm wrong and becomes a stud this year.
  5. Salsa Red

    Fall Camp Notes

    Isn't the saying don't practice til you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong. I think that was one of the reasons we used to be so consistent. We practiced the same thing for years and built off that.
  6. I think we hit 8-4, beat Wisconsin (I think they'll have a hard year), lose a last second game to OSU, Beat NU, but lose to IA, and MD plus one other on a flukey game. I think we may stumble down the stretch and get a bowl win to hit 9 wins. We barely miss out on the division by 1 game. To get over 9 we're going to have to get lucky or some other teams will have some injury issues. 2020 we're making the playoffs and winning a Natty! You heard it here first!
  7. Salsa Red

    Fall Camp Pressers

    When I think of stunts I keep seeing the Troy line running in unabated while our guys watched confused.....
  8. Does anyone know scholarship numbers going into camp. Are the numbers good even if Green makes it NU or are we going to have to "make room"
  9. We could have a bunch of walk ons say they identify themselves as females then, BOOM no more problems!
  10. Salsa Red

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Colorado (Game 2) **

    Here's a simulation of NU CU on NCAA 14 with updated rosters: Close game that reminded me of last years game a lot.
  11. Salsa Red

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I think he sits out for the non-conference games. Frost has to have some punishment for the terrible text he sent, otherwise the media could take this and make it a real big deal.
  12. If Frost wins a conference title we all send him our oldest pair of boxers. If he wins a nattie we send him our wives undies lol
  13. Salsa Red

    Another marijuana citation...

    Last time we had so many problems we were pretty good, hopefully the guys deliver it on the field so people forget about all the off season nonsense.
  14. Salsa Red

    Offseason Camaraderie

    I think it's Gebbia....
  15. I was thinking originally about guys that had injuries that forced them to miss most of the season last year. Martinez was hurt and probably not 100% all last year which is actually pretty awesome to think he could be even better.