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  1. Now we can make this guy look like a heisman candidate.
  2. NU: Purdue go ahead and win this game Purdue: No go ahead it's all yours NU: Nah it's all yours Purdue: It's all yours dog............
  3. I think no fear of failure line is doing the opposite for us. Can't we just use what they did at UCF Fast & Furious
  4. Enough cute s#!t trying to keep AM healthy. He's not any better than backups. At this point we need lots of QB/HB/WR runs with some passes sprinkled in.
  5. Any other coach pulls a player who can't/won't play well
  6. Martinez is looking like Eli Manning, who is throwing left handed
  7. Martinez is looking like a statue back there. He's so scared. Get anyone else back there. Frost is too loyal to his qbs
  8. He pulled away from 2 defenders for the first TD, he looked like he was looking to make moves when he was tackled from behind
  9. I know they're on suspension but I wonder if they will ever be back? I haven't heard that they are off the team but they were getting some praise in camp and may be able to help. Also I don't think we ever heard what they did to get suspended.
  10. It seems we have a lot of busts who should be contributing but are not seeing the field. I wonder if the staff will encourage people to transfer/leave after letting them know that they may not see the field and bring in another big class. I'm thinking about some of the receivers, running backs, lineman, linebackers, db's who seem to be busts. I think a lot of them are upper classman so some will graduate but it seems we have a lot of people who
  11. I wonder if they drop pickering after the season and go for a new kicker. He struggled early last year and he was a part of the reason for our 0-6 start last year. He came on strong late last year and his kicks helped in the win vs MI state. In his 1.5 seasons he's only been an effective kicker for half a season. He seems like a great young man but he just can't be trusted to do his job.
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