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  1. He pulled away from 2 defenders for the first TD, he looked like he was looking to make moves when he was tackled from behind
  2. I know they're on suspension but I wonder if they will ever be back? I haven't heard that they are off the team but they were getting some praise in camp and may be able to help. Also I don't think we ever heard what they did to get suspended.
  3. It seems we have a lot of busts who should be contributing but are not seeing the field. I wonder if the staff will encourage people to transfer/leave after letting them know that they may not see the field and bring in another big class. I'm thinking about some of the receivers, running backs, lineman, linebackers, db's who seem to be busts. I think a lot of them are upper classman so some will graduate but it seems we have a lot of people who
  4. I wonder if they drop pickering after the season and go for a new kicker. He struggled early last year and he was a part of the reason for our 0-6 start last year. He came on strong late last year and his kicks helped in the win vs MI state. In his 1.5 seasons he's only been an effective kicker for half a season. He seems like a great young man but he just can't be trusted to do his job.
  5. We play best when we get 1 or 2 first downs and get into a rhythm. Problem is guys keep dropping balls, getting penalties, and the line allows tackles for loss on first. It seems when we get a few first downs and don't have penalties we score more often than not.
  6. It was pretty obvious that Martinez is the better QB. Congrats to Vedral for making plays in the clutch
  7. That hit was within 5 yards of the LOS, so it was legal.
  8. Are some of our problems on offense a lack of capable receivers outside of JD and Wandale? It looks like the staff doesn't trust too many of the receivers and we have a bunch of busts there. I know we were thin bc Keith Williams couldn't close many recruits but we have brought in a bunch of guys, it's hard to believe none of them are capable of being serviceable.
  9. I think we're seeing the best team in the country tonight
  10. We need some lightning to come down on the osu sideline and stun them, no permanent injuries...
  11. We should all start praying for lightning!
  12. Well I'm glad I didn't make it to the game. Hope they can get it together or this will resemble maryland psu last night
  13. I think the staff has been planning for this game all summer. I think we show lots of new looks and go up big early and fight to hang on the the W. My prediction is 49-48 win in 2OT!
  14. I like to look at body language and generally Frost hasn't looked his best this year, he's looked tired with bags under his bloodshot eyes. This week he's standing taller, the bags under his eyes are less, and his eyes aren't as red. Also him standing with his arms on his hips is a good sign of confidence.
  15. I could be way off but Frost appears very confident in his presser and Day looks uptight and tense. I feel like we're going to shock the world on Saturday as long as we get out of our own way. Even if we lose I think we turn in a good performance.
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