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  1. I don't think programs have sustained success after Meyer leaves them. We'll see with Day.
  2. Salsa Red

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    Damien Jackson is one scary mofo. Not only is he huge, his seal training means he knows he knows many ways to maim or kill!
  3. Salsa Red

    Mariota Highlights Video

    First Post, Saw this on YouTube and got excited about what Martinez and Frost can do. They appear to run a lot of the same plays/concepts and I think Martinez is just as skilled as Mariota but Oregon may have been more stacked at skill position than our current roster. I feel like NU is going to light up some defenses in the near future.
  4. Salsa Red

    ESPN College Gameday

    Hi first time poster, I don't think Gameday is ideal until we show we can show up for a big game. We've seriously choked and been blown out every big game for a long time. FYI I was on Huskermax but left due to the insane amount of ads, and now they require you to disable adblock.