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  1. Tax fraud is the least of his worries but in this case, actually yes.
  2. Morrison is the exact same type of back for sure. Dynamic workhorse
  3. Always felt like Thompkins would find himself near the top of the RB depth chart. Out of all of Frosts RB recruits, he is the most complete back imo.
  4. Used to work for the campus parking patrol. I only worked after lot hours though so I was just looking for cars with no passes in dorm lots
  5. How is what they are doing not peaceful opposition? Peaceful doesn't mean nice.
  6. Coumo followed Trumps CDC guidelines in making that decision
  7. I disagree. Im tired of these privileged asshats not having to put their feet to the fire. Get confrontational. The republican side can yell and scream in LEO faces because they have to stay inside but people can't yell at a Senator when someone was actually murdered still without justice? Nah
  8. Also like still alot of time left for this to play out unfortunately. We won't reach those numbers but this is far from over at the same time.
  9. Because there are several studys showing many deaths could have been avoided had stronger action been taken. Also I only remember one person claiming it would disappear at 15 cases. Then lying over and over and over and still continuing to lie about the situation to make himself look better because he is a malignant narcissist.
  10. how do we know this? How can you be reminded of an event that is a complete fabrication?
  11. Hadn't seen that. I guess that's all I was getting at. Lebron has alot of control over whether they play or not realistically. If he and Kawhi said they were out that would be pretty much it.
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