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  1. Nebfanatic

    DT Jeffrey M'ba [Virginia Commit]

    In this league it is a huge advantage if you can go 3, even 4 deep in the middle of the line. Having a fresh guy who you trust late in games is invaluable.
  2. Nebfanatic

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/clinton-press-secretary-says-barr-lied-about-mueller-report-is-not-an-principled-man.amp Fox continuing to pivot. I understand they are not to be trusted but this switch is interesting to me considering I was seeing nothing like this on Fox prior to the reports release. Obviously they want ratings, but I feel as if they know the 'no collusion no obstruction' rap will hurt those ratings.
  3. Nebfanatic

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Is the narrative on Fox beginning to change? This is the second pro-mueller article I've seen this weekend from Fox. To be fair the first was an opinion piece penned by Tom Perez, but the fact they promoted it at all is interesting to me. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/nadler-says-there-is-plenty-of-evidence-of-obstruction-in-mueller-report-believes-don-jr-should-have-been-charged.amp
  4. Nebfanatic

    Trump's America

    It is exhausting and disheartening that this is falling on the people, but we must not grow weary. I needed that kick in the butt that tweet thread provides. You do a great job with the action items thread and I'm sure I'm not the only one who really appreciates it!!
  5. Nebfanatic

    Trump's America

    In the thread he says they are playing hardball, its about time the american people play hardball. Ring your representatives phone line off the hook. Lets form a protest in front of the white house. If the elected officials of our nation won't do what is necessary, we must! I'm tired of this non action from people who are supposed to be working in our best interest. Its about time we take matters into our own hands within the confines of the freedoms outlined in the constitution.
  6. I don't use MSM, but whatever you want to believe buddy.
  7. I don't like his lies and corruption. I don't like his racist and mysoginistic behavior. I don't like his narcisism and grifting. It has nothing to do with wbo he calls out or that he won. Its that he is nowhere near what our standards should be for POTUS. But at this point I'm through debating with you or anyone else who blindly follows this man. We will see how it turns out for Trump.
  8. Nebfanatic

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Who requested and began funding the dossier in the first place? The answer is the Washington Free Beacon, a republican group.
  9. Your far right source isn't reliable. Who are they polling? https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/439483-poll-39-percent-think-mueller-failed-to-prove-trump-did-not-collude this poll from the hill isn't quite the same as the spectator poll, but considering more people think the report DID NOT exonorate Trump than that it did, I'd say our polls contradict. As far as obstruction, he most definitely obstructed. Telling your lawyer to lie to congress, then telling him to deny that you told him to do that is most definitely obstruction. 1 of 10 different episodes. But you can go ahead and fall for the Trump line of 'no obstruction no collusion!' In the end your opinion on the matter isn't important. Trump will soon reap the consequences of his actions. Will you defend Trumps presidency when he is sitting in jail in 2020? Because this is only one piece of the pie. SDNY is coming too.
  10. Nebfanatic

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    How bout this excerpt from the report. Met with Russians to gather dirt on an opposing canidate then proceeded to cover it up. Mueller can't prove they meant to break the law, otherwise it would be against the law. In my opinion, our President shouldn't be engaging in these meetings. It might not rise to conspiracy, but its definitely not OK.
  11. Nebfanatic

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Collusion isn't a charge, conspiracy would be the charge. The report clearly outlines a relationship between Russia and the Trump campaign. Just because Mueller doesn't feel there is enough evidence to indict on conspiracy(a high bar and Mueller makes it clear in his report he won't indict Trump) doesn't mean there hasn't been concerning conduct regarding Trump and Russia. Its all outlined in the report if you would care to read. Its factual information that Russia interefered in the elections, preferred Trump as a canidate and Trump openly accepted their help. Its also factual information that TO THIS DAY Trump denies that Russia interfered in the elections even though the evidence is overwhelming. If you can read about Trumps relationship with Russia that is outlined in the report and say that its completely appropriate then maybe you aren't the patriot you think you are.
  12. Sorry to do so much commenting, but your post is contradictory. You say tye report is a hoax and that the FBI wanted the president overthrown, yet the report they assembled clears the president of all wrongdoing? Why would they exonerate the president if this was just a witch hunt to overthrow him? If the investigation is a hoax, wouldn't the results(no obstruction no collusion) be a hoax as well? Which is it man? Is it a legitimate investigation that exonerates Trump or a corrupt investigation that can't be trusted? I suppose that depends on if it is damaging to Trump or not huh?
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/19/opinion/mueller-report-trump-russia.html This misdirection by Barr is dangerous. Not only is he enabling Trumps brazen behavior, he is undermining the main findings of the Mueller report. Russia interefered in the 2016 elections and that is a fact. They will do it again in 2020 if we aren't vigilant, and with things like this we are just distracted from the main issue. Barr can investigate all he likes, but by ignoring the legitamcy of Muellers findings about Russia he leaves us open to greater danger.
  14. We will look at this with an open mind once you read the Mueller report with an open mind