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  1. Nebfanatic

    The murder of Jamal Khashoggi

    It's pretty clear whatever the Saudis are claiming will be a lie, but that is a pretty sad one right there.
  2. I somewhat agree but I error on the side of giving Frost a longer leash than Riley based off of track record. I myself wasn't too hard on Riley anyway so I've been pretty consistent at least
  3. Both are terrible but the fact of the matter is we are reacting pretty mildly to Frost going 0-6. If this happened back in 2015 with Riley the mood would not be even close to as optimistic. There are alot of reasons for this and not all of them are justified, but it is the reality.
  4. Is Minnesota our most bitter rival in the West based on the Broken Chair alone? I think it may be.
  5. Nebfanatic

    I'm oddly encouraged by the winless season so far...

    Lol why would he have thrown it away in that specific situation? Throw it away, that is laughable! You gotta try and make a play on 4th down in OT. Throwing an INT into the endzone isn't any worse than not completing a pass at that point.
  6. Ok well thats your opinion but it isn't a well thought out one in mine. What difference is 0-6 to what we were going through? Very little. Yes people would have been kicking and screaming, but they already were. Why would Moos have fired Riley midseason? Its against his MO and it wouldn't have helped the coaching search. If he knows he is hiring a new coach there is no point in firing Riley midseason for on field results no matter how bad they get. It just doesn't make sense. The sellout streak was never in jeporady so there would have been zero reason to pull the trigger.
  7. And there were just as many like you who saw Riley as a failure from the start. If he would have started 0-6 this place would have gone nuclear. Its also one thing to start 0-6 after an abysmal 4-8 season the year before. But when the last coach got canned after a 9 win season 0-6 would have felt much, much different.
  8. Don't think that matters personally. Moos gonna Moos
  9. Nebfanatic

    What did we learn today

    Both Colorado and Wisconsin games our offense has let our defense down a bit in various ways imo. Don't get me wrong, offense has been great but they sputter at bad times. Just my opinion @Moiraine really nailed it down.
  10. Ehh I really don't think so. As it played out Moos was pretty clear he wasn't going to make an in season fire
  11. Nebfanatic

    What did we learn today

    Those saying 'if only the defense were better with this offense' must be forgetting the first half against Wisconsin and really most of the season. Our offense needs to be better early and stay consistent. Sometimes they hurt us when the defense is actually doing enough
  12. He would make it through the season to the next but the vibe around these parts would be much different imo
  13. Nebfanatic

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    Yea sure but I personally think all of this we need to be like 'x' program is stupid. We need to do our own thing. We aren't following anyones blueprint but our own and Scott Frost's. I get it with the hard nose, disciplined play whatever else but Iowa is no better than Northwestern. Why not say we want to be like Penn State? We recruit closer to what they were doing before the last 2 years then Wisconsin and definitely Iowa. Back to back 11 win seasons and a top 10 perception. Wisconsin is there too in terms of recent success but I don't know if they would look as good if they had to play in the East. Iowa not really even close and the only reason they had a big success in the recent past is due to our weak division. No heavy hitters, every team in our division is essentially the same. All tough in their own right, but not elite. We want to be elite.
  14. I think we find the acorn Saturday. The collegefootballnews guys summed it up pretty well. If we can start strong offensively I don't see Minny keeping up. Now can we start strong without a bunch of mistakes is a real question.
  15. Nebfanatic

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    Haven't seen any national championships won by these schools recently, or anytime for that matter....I get the idea but we do not want to be Wisconsin and we definitely don't want to be Iowa.