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  1. Watch us win the division next year lol I feel the sentiment but what if we pull a Northwestern? They have an awful season then bounce back when everyone thinks they are gonna be garbage and win the division. Thats what I see for us next season
  2. Is Prystop (sp?) Right footed? Not that that is an excuse
  3. What a uniquely upsetting season. We are more competetive than we were under Riley in so many ways but we are so bad at winning games its actually comical. So many epic moments in the making this season and we didn't capitalize on a single one. It was hard to watch knowing it was going to happen again in the 4th. Gut wrenching stuff if you are on that Husker sideline for sure. Couldn't feel worse for the players. There were moments to be proud of but in the end it wasn't enough time and time again. And now I'm not mad anymore. Thanks knapp
  4. Frankly 13 carries for 44 yards isn't great.
  5. Through 3 quarters Smothers was like 10-12. How is that trying to pass and it not working?
  6. Not sure what that has to do with why Martinez is at the top of offensive records at Nebraska but yes having solid execution helps you to be better.
  7. Just a product of the times really. The game has evolved
  8. Hard to argue any one thing has cost us more wins than special teams this season. Most games we really do enough in 2 phases to win but its that 3rd phase that bites us in the a$$
  9. What is our record ATS this season? Better than our actual record by quite a bit right?
  10. IlRumor has it the boosters have decided on a secret Frost Alberts exit plan that involves linking the pair to Carl Pelini in an attempt to void the buyout all in an effort to make Tom Osborne acting AD, head football coach and offensive coordinator. Chinander and the defensive staff will remain on board. As AD Osborne will enact radical change within the athletic department, cutting all sports programs besides football and implementing a womens football team. This all in an effort to show we take football seriously at Nebraska
  11. Some posts are a bit longer by nature. If you don't want to read it then don't but it was a great story and a worthwhile post if you ask me. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I feel you but also 2021 Nebraska would whip the s#!t out of 2017 Nebraska
  13. Not trying to make comparisons just pointing out that while Brohm did get a winning season and 2 bowl games his first 2 years no one would have said he had them in an upward trajectory after last season.
  14. Year 5 for Brohm. Last 2 years he went 4-8 then 2-4
  15. Watching Ryan Days post game on youtube really gave me some perspective. People in the comments really want Day fired after the terrible offensive performance. According to them OSUs offense sucks despite being the best statistically in the nation. It was actually comical.

    1. BigRedBuster


      What???  Fans might be unreasonable?  Interesting.

    2. Nebfanatic


      Not very interesting but definitely pretty funny

    3. jaws


      Most OSU fans don't understand how good they have it and how lucky they are with the last 3 coaching transitions. Most don't understand how good Justin Fields was for OSU and how difficult it is to play redshirt freshman at the QB position with little experience behind him and a true freshmen running back as the feature back. 

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