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  1. Buying the potential vaccine is one thing, getting it out to everyone is another. I wonder if it will be free/at cost(4$ is affordable enough).
  2. I was responding specifically to claims made in 84s post. Also, maybe it would be better to learn from 1918 rather than repeat everything that they did then. What was the impact of the games on the spread of the Spanish Flu? I think that would be more worth looking into rather than just saying well they played in 1918 so we should today. Imo the best thing for the season would be a delay. I don't think the season needs to be cancelled, but I also don't think the time it is normally held is going to be the best time to do it as it stands now. Things can always change though.
  3. I'd be interested to know the public health harms caused by COVID response. Also ask Sweden how much not shutting down helps your economy during a pandemic. Or Philadelphia in 1918. The pandemic is what is causing economic hardship, not the response.
  4. Beyond being upset about restrictions, this has definitely brought the tin foil hats out. And the ignorance. Im getting pretty worn down by all of the people who think we just need to get back to our lives. Im about ready to say have at it and just keeping to myself about all of this. I just keep asking myself at what point do people start taking this seriously? How many deaths will it take before people realize maybe we didn't need to get back to it so quickly? It seems to me by the time everyone starts to get on the same page about how big of a threat this is it will be far too late. Its already too late. I'm disheartened to say the least
  5. I mean Trump was trying to buy the vaccine research for the US and the US alone so does this come as a surprise? If we can just throw money at it then we are fine, we are great at that. Things that take actual planning and leadership is where issues arise
  6. Well he doesn't have the power to issue stay at home orders so that wouldn't work
  7. Oh whatever. He loves the attention, he loves the power over the DOJ and he loves the ability to grift government funds. Thats how his dad got rich, he's just playing the same game on a bigger scale, which is exactly his dream in life. He wanted to be bigger and better than his father and he has done it. @Fru when does a congress person's term end and the newly elected person begin? I have a feeling many of those GOP senators won't be senators much longer
  8. I don't think he would be successful but I really wouldn't put it past him to try. He has made too many swipes at presidential term limits and off hand remarks/tweets of being in office for life for me to put that past him
  9. I understand that but I'm curious to see what that solution is because as far I can see the options are limited. It will be interesting to see how other sports leagues that are starting up do. Soccer in Germany isn't the best comparison because their situation is better than ours but still one to watch. I think MLB has the best chance to do well because there is less close contact in that sport. I'll also be watching to see what the NBA does. I think basketball has the hardest hill to climb as far as this goes. Smaller rosters and more star dependent.
  10. While this is great, I still think the fundamental question is going unanswered. What happens when a player tests positive? How will that impact the season? If players have to sit out until they are negative, the season is on the brink of a stoppage at any time. Some people test positive for a month then test positive again for 3 weeks after being negative for 2 weeks. As contagious as this is, if 4 teams in a conference have a small outbreak, that could put the season on hold right there. Alot of questions that still need to be answered. Edit: players may need to take extra precautions outside of football activity so they can stay negative. I wonder if they could set up online classes for all players to limit contact for them.
  11. Truthfully I think the crying was an act to try and get what she wanted. If you've ever worked in a high end restaurant or country club, you know the type.
  12. Tears coming out of her eyes crying. It was ridiculous. But it WAS her birthday, so I guess she can cry if she wants to. It was the grandma, I think she was turning 60 something. 100%
  13. A lady at the restaurant I work at began crying real tears because her party of 7 couldn't sit all together and had to be seated at 2 tables next to each other. Cried for a good 20 minutes about it. Generally I have seen good things but I've also seen alot of childishness
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