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  1. Well to be fair 7 P5 offers isn't that impressive. I'm not trying to downplay Bell as a prospect, he turned out great for us. But we need players that have 20+ P5 offers on the roster too and some of those types of players will be splitting hairs with their decision. Facilities are another hair to split.
  2. Coronavirus aside I think anyone with a brain saw this coming, it was just a matter of when. Economy will be the x factor in the 2020 election that I think ultimately will be Trumps undoing.
  3. Someone doesn't understand marketing
  4. How much did Oregon really want him though? I don't know, I wasn't around these parts at that time but there is a difference between a team being interested in you and being a teams top prospect. Regardless, if you don't think better facilities have an impact we will have to agree to disagree on this one.
  5. Ehh I kinda agree with Hilltop. Bell likely wasn't being courted hard by multiple high level schools. When you have so many options as a top recruit these things (facilities) can get a school eliminated if they aren't on par or better than the rest.
  6. I'm glad we have his brother but man do I wish we had this guy for another year. He was so solid at nose this year I'd love to see him with some great linebacker play
  7. Must have been listening to Rush Limbaugh
  8. That's interesting because I have been getting the sense Florida may flip
  9. The proposal I am referring to is simply an education center on this subject and government loans designed to help employees accomplish this sort of sale without devaluing the company for the owner. I like that idea. I think I fall into @Landlord's camp on this whole thing. I don't agree with everything Bernie is proposing in that arena but I certainly can see why it is being proposed and I think there are some good ideas that can be taken from the plan.
  10. Yea that seems a bit extreme for even a dem controlled congress. But there are some other proposals in his plan that I think could and should pass like education for retiring business owners and employees on how to sell the retiring owners business over to the employees I think that is a really good idea.
  11. I'm not sure how you gathered that from absolutely anything that has been said in this thread, but you should go for it.
  12. I think people should read the employee ownership plan beyond the ownership stake portion. Alot of good ideas in there. One particular idea I like besides the banning of stock buy backs is the idea to educate retiring business owners and employees in employee ownership and working to help retiring owners sell businesses to their employees with low interest government loans. I think that is a very solid idea personally.
  13. Taking a break from Mardi Gras festivities so my online sarcasm meter is off at the moment
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