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  1. Jags don't have a fanbase like ours. Nattys confirmed
  2. 'I kicked the kicker? No, no, no, I showed the kicker how to kick!'
  3. Just have a bad feeling about it. I know he is a great coach and has won at alot of places but to me this scenario seems more likely than playoffs in 3 years.
  4. Does getting close to 60 make it ok to kick a player or look the other way when your assistant coach is acting completely out of line?
  5. What if we pay Urbs 11 million a year and he comes here and fails spectacularly? This idea that Urban will just come here and flip us around is a very optimistic take imo. He could absolutely have success here, but its also a possibility that he doesn't.
  6. 'I'm a better fan than you' is how this came off. Just curious, were you there when we lost to Syracuse in 61? Since you've been to all the games. If its so hard to do stop going its pretty simple. I'm sure there is someone else who won't find it so difficult.
  7. Seems like a good coach but I don't know anything really. I'm sure there are many other great candidates besides him. We need someone who is gonna want to build this thing from the ground up because it seems we have a ways to go.
  8. Not sure who I would task to fix this situation but Mark Stoops, Chadwell, Rhule. 2 of those seem pretty unrealistic gets but who knows what big money can get us. Im sure there are other quality candidates
  9. What results? We have had the stars to win our division since we got into this league yet we've only managed it once. Obviously stars matter but clearly talent isn't our issue when on paper we should be the best team in the west year in year out. A guy like Benhart that people are crucifying was a highly touted 4 star lineman. He was an elite recruit. We have quite a few of those but frankly you look at the results and they don't match up with the talent we aquire. Stars matter but when you have the recruiting stars to win and you don't clearly other issues are at play.
  10. 15-17 and leaving on your own accord is far different than 2-11 and getting fired midseason. Like not even close at all. Nuff said.
  11. Saban didn't fail out of the NFL. He chose to go to Alabama. Urban was ran out of Jacksonville. Big difference. The scenarios are far from parallel. Saban was a good coach but not a college legend at that point. Urban Meyers legacy in college is set as an all time great if he never coaches another game. I'm not saying he can't win here but to me with the current state of the program it would be a big time risk for him to try and right the ship. If he gets it done then yes it further adds to his legacy as an elite college coach and possibly vaults him into the same sentence as Saban. But if he fails to bring us to national prominence he will be more remembered for his failures at the end of his career than for his success early in it. High risk high reward but the thing is he is in a position to quit while he is ahead. If we can land the guy whatever I will support him and our team it just doesn't seem likely at all to me.
  12. At the time it was offered that was alot. These things are relative and in 2017 5 million annual was top dollar
  13. Absolutely and I'm saying failure here drives him even further that direction. He probably does want to go out a winner but he can't afford to lose again IMO. He would be better off as a college legend and NFL failure than a guy who can't coach anymore. Just my 2 cents
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