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  1. Don't care that they lost their QB undefeated P5 champion should have a chance to win it all every time
  2. Luckily gang tackling and physicality is tough to counter. As is pressure on the QB. That is what stood out to me about this defense
  3. Best defense we have had in over 10 years by a wide margin. I get this season was painful and our offense was atrocious but frankly I saw more hope this season that we could actually be good than I have in a long time. We are a QB away from being an 8 win team just because of the defense. I want to see what we can do next season
  4. If you aren't in the B1G or the SEC you can kiss any hope of having a great football program goodbye
  5. I could have thrown a touchdown on that one geeze
  6. Hate that we fumble so much but we are winning in spite of it and the coaches are actually taking responsibility here. Let's try something different for this problem since the solutions we had before aren't working. Gotta stay with the process through good and bad but never a bad idea to tweak things here and there.
  7. Make him a Taysom Hill type guy
  8. And luckily you get to see him work often! Iowa knows how to get the ball into their best players hands that is for sure.
  9. How do you have such a bad offense practicing against such a good defense every day? You'd think that would be some of the toughest D they would face. Also how in the hell do you actually get good on defense going against this turd of an offense in practice? The Iowa paradox
  10. Last in FBS in penalties against if I'm not mistaken Edit: I was mistaken, they sit 132 out of 133 teams for penalties per game right in front of Colorado St. Michigan is first in the country with 2 penalties a game.
  11. And just west of that you may find Ogallala and if you drive fast enough from Kearney to Ogallala you can time travel
  12. Only every day Our defense is legit and we play in the worst P5 division. That alone is enough to have us close by years end. The West really does suck so anything is possible. Shaping up to be a fun season imo after the craptastic football we have been subjected to the last 5+ years. At least we can stop the run against teams that aren't Michigan
  13. How many times have we lost a game like that over the last few years? We pulled out a victory when our O was trying to give the game away. Think this team can go bowling if we can put some semblance of an offense on the field. Can we maybe even win the West?? Given the state of the division I would say it's absolutely possible
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