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  1. Nebfanatic

    Permanent Blackshirts away uniform ideas

    I think Frost knows the media will generally be focused on his teams offenses and wants a little shine on the defense. Could help in recruiting, but generally will be used to reenforce blackshirt tradition married with blackshirt performance.
  2. Nebfanatic

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    Very bold haha but we don't need that negativity ricky bobby
  3. Nebfanatic

    Maximum Football 19

    Updating rosters is a pain in the a$$ now that the servers are down and you don't get a playoff. I am excited to see what gameplay looks like. The customization will be very good with this game and I think the ability to play Canadian football is interesting. Sounds promising to me.
  4. Nebfanatic

    Fall Camp Notes

    I meant GAs not assistant coaches. There are alot of assistants in the program outside of the 10 official assistant coaches I would imagine.
  5. Nebfanatic

    Fall Camp Notes

    I completely agree with you but it doesn't hurt that everyone be on the same page and know the system. Can assistants be with them? I'm not expecting walk on scrimmages or anything but walking through plays/drills so practice runs smoothly once they are integrated is about what I would imagine.
  6. Nebfanatic

    Fall Camp Notes

    Sure but given Frosts emphasis on the walk on program and player development I wouldn't be surprised if they had some sort of mini practice and playbook study/film session. I'd be willing to bet we do more than most programs.
  7. Nebfanatic

    Fall Camp Notes

    Dumb question here but what were the walkons doing during fall camp? We have ~ 150 players but camp roster is 110. What are the other guys up to? Just curious if anyone knows though I think I have an idea.
  8. Nebfanatic

    RB Marvin Scott III

    Think we lock him down. Held is crushing RB recruiting. I'm sure everyone contributes, but he has to love what he has brought into his room the last 3 cycles.
  9. Nebfanatic

    Fall Camp Notes

    Some of our players are better than other ones!
  10. Explosiveness does not always equal risk. This offense and Oregons offense as well is designed to keep the defense in conflict and make it easy for the QB to protect the football.
  11. Nebfanatic

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    Bring back the eyeroll!!!
  12. Nebfanatic

    Fall Camp Notes

    You are mistaken he played against BCU and I'm pretty sure he took snaps at UCF because he didn't RS in 2017
  13. Nebfanatic

    Fall Camp Notes

    I agree. As long as Martinez is healthy there is no need for us to burn McCaffreys RS. The other thing to think about is if Vedral somehow gets knicked up. These are all situations you have to prepare for and I think the coaches know exactly what they want to do given any situation.
  14. Nebfanatic

    Big Ten regular-season win totals from Vegas

    I like Purdue as well but I'm worried about their defense and wonder if they need another year. But that said they pulled in the 24th ranked recruiting class this last cycle. Year before that they were 51st in the cycle they landed Moore. Before that they were recruiting in the 60s-70s so Brohm is flooding that program with talent. They will be a problem for sure.
  15. Nebfanatic

    Fall Camp Notes

    I don't think he beats out anyone just maybe considered an unofficial 3rd string if there is an assumption McCaffrey is taking a redshirt. I could imagine a scenario where Martinez has a minor injury keeping from playing the rest of a game we think we are in control of and Vedral loses a helmet on a play or something having Bunch in for a play as not to waste a game for McCaffrey.