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  1. 'We don't have enough depth to put anyone on the field except dudes that are hurt but the scheme is the major problem'
  2. If we are talking about democratic candidates, none are more 'socialist' than these countries Frott Scost listed, and none of those countries governments are committing genocide.
  3. There isn't in the grand scheme of things. Some teams use it as a tool but its one of the lesser factors on determining the winner.
  4. Potentially because Ergodon was blackmailing him due to Kushner greenlighting the Khashoggi murder. That is unverified but very concerning nonetheless
  5. I'd like them to pay the same portion of their income as I do.
  6. Speier is nailing this line of questioning
  7. To be fair its a working plan not a bill so theoretically things like this could be talked about and included. I'm sure if people were willing to come to the table and make this work Democrats would be willing to compromise on those things you mentioned.
  8. even in the weeds they shoot themselves in the foot
  9. Don't know who it is but the Republican congressman giving an interview on CSPAN right now is TRIGGERED
  10. this is what the Republicans are clamoring about as Vindman, who was in on the phone call, confirms everything we already know about the situation. Isn't it possible they don't know who the whistleblower is but know who it could potentially be? I mean come on are you that stupid Mark?
  11. Yep doing it again today and they will do it again tomorrow and every other time they get a chance to do so
  12. Republicans deep in the weeds with their questioning. Muddying water is the only play they have
  13. Nunes is such an idiot. Do people not know what 'whistleblower' means?
  14. Lets hope, because I'm not seeing it. They can't shout 'hearsay' with these witnesses...
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