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  1. The yellows don't matter at this point, they could still get one and not be out the rest of the game. For example, if someone had gotten a yellow in the first group game, they could still finish out the rest of the next game even if they got another yellow. They would then have to sit out the next game though. At least that's what I think is right after watching soccer very often for over 10 years!
  2. #1: Kentucky #2: Arizona #2: Virginia #7: Michigan State #8: SDSU #10: Ohio State #11: Texas #13: Harvard #13: UC Irvine
  3. I liked the old format much better.
  4. Tressel sighting at the women's bball game!!!
  5. Isn't Anderson able to possibly get a med-redshirt from last year? I can't remember what was decided with that...
  6. I don't think he has too much of a choice. Each time it's been the right call and the German defenders can't seem to keep up. We're heading into extra time now. Do they play the full 30 minutes always, or is it a golden goal kind of deal? Full 30.
  7. I haven't used it but I think it works alright. This is how I do it:
  8. Thanks guys! I use my belt sander to sharpen. I also have a leather strop to keep the edge sharp. I don't have to do more that a few passes on the strop to keep it sharp for a long time, I don't think I've resharpened it on the belt sander for a few months now. I test my edges using newspaper and phonebook paper, I find it to be the most consistent and it's easy to see if there are any imperfections in the edge.
  9. Those are beautiful. What'd you use for the steel? I've tried my hand at making knives from really old saw blades . . . but that sort of artistry/detail work isn't really my strong suit. Thanks man! I used 1084, it's not the best for kitchen knives because it's not stainless, but if you keep good care of it it's fine.
  10. Use a knife that you made totally by hand. It is very rewarding to use something you've made.
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