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  1. It'sNotAFakeID

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    They aren't our rivals.
  2. It'sNotAFakeID

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    I would love to play OU every Black Friday. Problem is - that's not going to happen until and unless OU joins the Big Ten. Rivalry games are more fun. They're more heated. There's more joy in victory and more agony in defeat. We need those kind of games. We have three trophy games in the Big Ten. It's crazy how that happened, huh? I think we had 1 trophy game in the Big XII - the bell. Now we have the Hero's Trophy (yuck) with Iowa. I think both fan bases hate it. We have the Freedom Trophy (what) with Wisconsin. I think both fanbases also hate it. Of course, we have the Chair with Minnesota, which is loved by the fans and not supported by the admins. These three games get me the most consistently excited every year. Yeah, we play Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State every now and then, and those are top tier matches. But Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin happen every year, and I want us to beat them so bad. It would be to our benefit to stop the self-righteous arrogance and call these three teams what they are: rivals.
  3. It'sNotAFakeID

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    Unless Adrian ran it, everything went along the sidelines. starting to have concerns over our ability to move up the middle
  4. It'sNotAFakeID

    BIG West

    We'll see. The two teams they've played have been without weapons. USF looks like a bit of a disaster this year, and Central Michigan is...well Central Michigan. Back to back shutouts are impressive, but maybe not a great indicator of how good they'll be come conference play. The Michigan game will be a real test.
  5. It'sNotAFakeID

    *** 2019 Game 2 "Expert" Picks: Nebraska at Colorado ***

    Looking back on this, we weren't the team predicted to win. And a lot of predictions were for a close game. Well...they weren't wrong. But the way it happened sucked.
  6. It'sNotAFakeID

    Stunts and Delayed Blitzes

    Two weeks. Two similar ways of attacking the defense. Two similar results. What about stunting the line and delaying the blitz causes this offense so many problems?
  7. It'sNotAFakeID

    Colorado Post-Game Pressers

    I'm sure he would have said nothing if his a$$ got steamrolled like it did in the first half.
  8. It'sNotAFakeID

    If that game felt familiar...

    We'll have our spectacular years, but those years will rarely result in playoff appearances. We won't ever be the powerhouse that we were, but there's no reason we can't be in the same light as Penn State.
  9. It'sNotAFakeID

    If that game felt familiar...

    Also. In 2018, Nebraska lost the turnover battle, 3-2. Today, Nebraska lost the turnover battle...you guessed it...3-2.
  10. It'sNotAFakeID

    BIG West

    It's hard to say how the conference will own out. NW won the West last year, and they lost to Akron.
  11. It'sNotAFakeID

    If that game felt familiar...

    I hope they can use this game as a wake-up call, that you can't take your foot off the gas no matter what. You're not good enough to sleepwalk through a game, even if you're up 17. Next few weeks are telling. Adrian has to be a better QB. He's the difference.
  12. It'sNotAFakeID

    If that game felt familiar...

    What came after the loss was good though, so maybe the same thing can happen again.
  13. It'sNotAFakeID

    If that game felt familiar...

    Just revisit 2018 Northwestern. Husker offense came out and scored 14 out the gates before cooling off and allowing Northwestern to make it a game. Huskers held the lead through the 4th quarter but have the ball to NW up 31-24, only needing to keep them out of the end zone. Unfortunately, the Wildcats scored with :12 left to the it 31-31 and force OT. In OT, Nebraska did nothing with the ball, Martinez had a costly mistake (INT). NW got it, kicked the GW FG, 34-31. Sound familiar?
  14. It'sNotAFakeID

    Defensive Play

    And Eric Lee didn't start.