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  1. It'sNotAFakeID

    Democratic Debates

    Swalwell is a bit of a jackass. When Jon Stewart showed up at Congress to talk about the 9/11 First Responders Bill, Swalwell was nowhere to be seen.
  2. Listen - I'm willing to bet 99% of managers/coaches would have made the same decision Erstad made to pitch Gomes. That's his role so that's who's going to pitch - matchup possibly be damned. I think the real error wasn't in pitching Gomes, but in throwing nothing but fastballs. Who that's on? I dunno.
  3. It'sNotAFakeID

    Multiple Husker Game Times Announced For 2019 Season

    I hope they win 55+ - 0
  4. And in 2017 they made the post season and lost 2 games. Maybe in 2021 they'll play for a championship and win 2 games in the regional.
  5. Honestly, it's probably the bats that he needs to find a way to get going. It seems like they have some pretty good plate discipline (perhaps too much - not swinging at good pitches).
  6. I'm not surprised with today's result. They were essentially eliminated last night. You don't recover from blowing a 5-0 lead or a 5-2 lead just needing 3 outs. The Red Sox didn't recover after losing Game 6 when they had a 5-3 lead just needing 3 outs. The Rangers didn't recover after losing Game 6 to the Cardinals after having a 7-5 lead needing 3 outs, then a 9-7 lead needing 3 outs. Mentally, it's so hard to recover from that sort of gut punch. Just unfortunate that the end of last night's game was mishandled and maybe mismanaged. 17 straight fastballs to one of the better power hitting teams in the country. Yes, Gomes's ERA was the lowest in the pen, he's our closer - all the traditional reasons why he should've closed out the game last night are fine. We weren't facing a traditional team last night. Oklahoma State was the best HR hitting team we've faced all season, by far. The next closest power hitting team we faced was Ohio State, who had hit 20 fewer HRs on the year and we were never in a save position in that game. The next closest HR hitting teams we've faced were Creighton and Michigan, both whom had hit 24 fewer HRs than Oklahoma State. But - it's baseball! So what're you gonna do? Things just happen. No need to try to learn from them!
  7. Let's see how these guys bounce back. Crushing collapse last night, can't let that loss beat them again. Win, and get a bit of revenge over the Pokes later tonight.
  8. Overall, this is a 6 of one, half dozen of the other type deal. We don't know what would have happened in the other situations because they didn't play out. Take the starter out early and the bullpen could've imploded. Keep him in and he could have imploded. Pitch Gomes and he could've sent them down 1-2-3. Pitch Schanaman and he could have given up the 4 runs. All that is known is that Nebraska lost after being up 3 with 3 outs left. The odds of winning at that point are high and they failed. Why they failed is anyone's opinion.
  9. Guess for me it'd be more about who was next up. They just needed 1 more out at that point. I know a HR is less likely but the dude is their best HR hitter, you just felt some nonsense was gonna happen.
  10. What are your thoughts on walking Boone instead of pitching to him?
  11. Good thing he didn't face OkSt all season!
  12. We knew OSU had those power bats and yet we still turned to a fastball-only pitcher. But that's baseball! I understand it's hard to break from roles (this is our closer he needs to close), but he was such a mismatch for them.
  13. If I'm allowed an opinion that's not MMQBing, I'm more okay with keeping Waldren in. He was pitching well and getting out of jams when he got in them. I think they would have been better off not putting Gomes in at all. Dude can only throw a fastball and that's something I don't think you want against one of the better power hitting teams.
  14. Not calling for them to lose, just saying they have a lot to overcome tomorrow and they just made that mountain harder to climb by shooting themselves in their own feet.
  15. No. They should have won. Period. Up 5-2 with 2 outs. Losing shouldn't happen, and it takes incredible man mismanagement to happen.