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  1. It's a small sample, but the offense looked much more dynamic with Vedral and McCaffery against Indiana. Indiana doesn't rank out well defensively, but the offense looked so much more explosive than it did this week, and I think it was in large part because the QBs were a run threat. Adrian is more gunshy to take off and run when the pass isn't on Now he doesn't and shouldn't bare the full brunt of the blame; the offensive line is weak and the playcalling has been subpar. This game could have been wrapped up earlier had Nebraska scored 20+ on all the drives they had that started in plus territory. Instead, Frost rolled out some of the most bizarre playcalling which resulted in just 3 points scored when starting in plus territory. That's unacceptable and Frost should take accountability for that. The players were not put in position to win and when they were, they didn't execute. It's a sign of a dysfunctional poorly coached team that has trotted itself out there the past 4 years. This senior class are some of the most losingest players in Nebraska history and they play like it.
  2. Remember when Daniels intercepted the pitch and took it to the 3 and we proceed ed to go backwards and settle for 3
  3. I bet Frost says this one's on him after he loses get another game as Nebraska head coach. f#&% him.
  4. Seriously...can the press nut up and ask harder questions?
  5. We've ran like 30 plays that have been passed to the flat or a screen
  6. Flat enough for Purdue to score in 3 minutes and for us to go there and out
  7. Jesus f#&%ing Christ this f#&%ing defense is the worst f#&%ing defense I have ever seen
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