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  1. The fact that the Democratic party can't seem to get their s#!t together is frustrating.
  2. Nebraska beats Iowa and Purdue but loses to North Dakota and UC Riverside. They have simultaneously been better and worse than I thought so far this year.
  3. This is a team with no returning starters with zero chemistry and familiarity with each other before the start of the year. Yeah, no moral victories and such. But if they can keep improving as much as they have in the first 10 games, there should be a ton of reason to be exciting.
  4. Instead of blasting Frost, Tommie needs to focus on blasting his midsection, quads, calves, etc.
  5. Brain says there should at least be a competition. Gut says it's 2AM for 2 more years...
  6. That game wasn't a 16 point game and could have really tilted on a few big plays. Wisconsin returned a kickoff for a TD. 2AM with a late read leading to an INT that set Wisconsin up with good field position to make it 24-14 Missed FG Twice unable to convert after getting into scoring range.
  7. Alright, now I can go back to whatever the f#&% it was that I was gonna do
  8. It's a small sample, but the offense looked much more dynamic with Vedral and McCaffery against Indiana. Indiana doesn't rank out well defensively, but the offense looked so much more explosive than it did this week, and I think it was in large part because the QBs were a run threat. Adrian is more gunshy to take off and run when the pass isn't on Now he doesn't and shouldn't bare the full brunt of the blame; the offensive line is weak and the playcalling has been subpar. This game could have been wrapped up earlier had Nebraska scored 20+ on all the drives they had that started i
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