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  1. In excited for all Final 4 teams. Anyone winning is going to be great. Michigan State last won it all 19 years ago. The other 3 have never won it all. 

    1. TonyStalloni


      All four made it to the F4 by not fading in the spotlight.  None of them flinched against great competition.

    2. spurs1990


      I dislike the SEC but I think I'm probably rooting for Auburn. Super fun to watch and just outed a team without one of their top players. Now that we have Hoiberg, I wouldn't mind his son winning at MSU either. 


      You're right, there really is no wrong choice to root for it seems like.

  2. I'm bummed James Palmer or Glynn Watson didn't make it to the dance.
  3. Dammit, dammit, dammit. I hate that we're going to have to fire Tim Miles the person. I'm okay with firing Tim Miles the coach
  4. It'sNotAFakeID

    Replacements for Miles

    Keep Miles.
  5. Dammit, I don't like having to think of Tim Miles possibly not being the coach.
  6. It'sNotAFakeID

    Replacements for Miles

    I dunno...people said Kemba would go cold for UConn during their run. Who knows?
  7. It'sNotAFakeID

    Two (small) silver linings

    Maybe Copeland being out will open up some things. Sometimes having too many options is a bad thing. I'd imagine Miles will go Watson-Allen-JPJ-Roby-Borchardt. We'll need Akenten Borchardt and Heiman to step up, but maybe moving Roby to the 4 will be better for him.
  8. It'sNotAFakeID

    Copeland's College Career Over

    And the injury happened for such a dumb unnecessary reason...
  9. What a mentally weak and entitled team.
  10. It'sNotAFakeID

    Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots

    On February 3rd, if watching the Rams play the Patriots in the Super Bowl evokes some deja vu, it's because the Rams and Patriots played in the Super Bowl 17 years ago on February 3rd, 2002. It was Brady and the Patriots first Super Bowl. We've come full circle.
  11. It'sNotAFakeID

    2018-2019 Season Notes

    Reminder the year we went to the tournament, we started 0-4 in the conference. I think, at times, this team puts too much pressure on themselves and starts forcing things or trying to make the big shot or big block. They are a really good team, KenPom says it, NET says it, opposing coaches say it, they look like a good team. Honestly, last night could have boiled down to a few of those in and out shots falling. That's unlucky. I think theyll go into Rutgers and put up a comfortable win, then pick up a few in a row. The Big Ten is really good this year, as shown in non conference play. It sucks that the year we have our best team, the rest of the conference is also on a high. If this were last year, we'd be flying through the conference schedule.
  12. It'sNotAFakeID

    National Championship - Huskers vs. Stanford

    That's a tough call at the end. Not sure I would have made the decision to overturn. Altered the game, but that's how it goes. Great championship match from a team that has done the university and the state proud. 3 finals in 4 years, 2 national championships, 4 straight Final Four appearances. Foecke and Maloney should go down with some of the absolute greats in Husker volleyball.
  13. It'sNotAFakeID

    National Championship - Huskers vs. Stanford

    Service errors are so frustrating
  14. It'sNotAFakeID

    National Championship - Huskers vs. Stanford

    Stivrens is having a night so far
  15. It'sNotAFakeID

    National Championship - Huskers vs. Stanford

    Think it may be a mental thing for Sun.