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  1. It's too bad this thread is still getting discussed. I'm very curious to see how the team bounces back next week against Minnesota, but it's a really hard argument that Nebraska hasn't improved from the Week 0 dud against Illinois. And it's a really hard argument that they haven't improved from last year, or 2019, or 2018. It's funny, because all under Bo Pelini we clamored for a team that would take Oklahoma, Michigan State, Michigan - Top 10 teams - down to the wire.
  2. Also, listening to Adrian's post-game presser, you know he's taking this one harder than most. And I legit hate it for him. We're not in a spot to win the game without him and I imagine it's so tough being in that pile and having guys keep you up and tearing the ball from you.
  3. PJ Fleck knew this, which is why he let us beat Minnesota to get our first win that year.
  4. Nothing too interesting at that timestamp to me. Honestly this is the most open Scott's been after a game like this. Normally he sounds defensive. But his demeanor, the way he answered the questions, everything, just felt more relaxed.
  5. Loved the 84 yard punt. About the only thing that I didn't see last night that would have been cool would have been a field goal. But Culp hit all them PATs so that was good to see.
  6. Best performance of the season. Best offensive line performance of the season. This is a big week. Michigan is going to come into this one as a Top 10 team and they'll be playing it under the lights in front of a night crowd. Some of Nebraska's most memorable and best games of recent history have transpired in front of that same crowd. Michigan's defense is a clear step or two above Northwestern not only in the players on the field but also in their scheme. But this team has hung with everyone, they hung with Oklahoma in Norman, they hung with Michigan State in East Lansing; doesn't seem like this is a game or team that's going to be taken to the cleaners by Michigan like Wisconsin was yesterday. Michigan is going to find all sorts of ways to get Corum and Haskins, their lightning and thunder RB combo the ball. It might be the best rushing attack our front seven will face all year. But they're up to the challenge. They slowed down, perhaps even shut down Kenneth Walker III, Michigan State's and the NCAA's leading rusher - there is no reason why they can't do the same this week. And Cade McNamara is good, but I believe this will only be his second road game, and I'll back our night crowd to be a bit more hostile than the noon crowd supporting a 1-3 team in Madison. They absolutely can win this game and make a statement about where this program is.
  7. If the punter just punts right it doesn't matter that Michigan State has two punt returners on the field. None of the "trickery" matters if the punter does his job.
  8. Weird college football day. About damn near every home team won today

  9. Then no need to watch, right? Have fun doing whatever you're doing instead of watching!
  10. Sure. The D got gashed on one play in OT. The next two plays, negative plays for Walker. Given how they were playing, I really don't think Michigan State would have been able to mount a drive to get to the end zone and tie it. We could play this game all day, though.
  11. The only way to 6 wins is with a win over Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan, or Iowa.
  12. Have you ever thought of saying the positive thing? You seem to be right so maybe if you just spoke things into existence we wouldn't be here. I blame you now. /s
  13. 20 points was enough until it wasn't'. And it wasn't enough because the punter doesn't know his left from his right. You're out of your mind if you though Michigan State was going to score in the second half.
  14. This team could be 4-1 and should be 3-2 but finds itself at 2-3 because of special teams. Hell, Nebraska walks out of East Lansing 3-2 if the punter just kicks it the right direction. Adrian played a decent game, but he missed a lot of plays where the TE was open over the top, including one in OT that would have been a touchdown on the first play. Those opportunities were there and he missed them. Tough to critique like that but I guarantee that's the first thing he would think/say too. That INT in OT wasn't a bad throw/decision, Toure didn't run the best route, but I liked that Adrian at least gave the defense a chance to force a tough kick by hustling back. This is not the same team that lost to Illinois, and what a fluky game that feels like. Love, love, love the defense. I hope they can manage the emotions of these two tough road losses against ranked teams. I hope they can hold each other accountable without producing a lot of tension. They are so, so, so close. Culp going 2/2 on FG and PATs was good to see.
  15. Let me ask you something, If Scott Frost said the punt was supposed to go right, and by all means the team would have probably discussed which way that punt was going, and the boneheaded punter kicks it left...what the f#&% do you want Scott Frost to do about that? It's so amazing that the players just get a pass like they have no ability to do anything. That the coaches are just holding PS3 controllers playing NCAA Football 14.
  16. Michigan State had zero first downs in the second half. I don't think you know what you're talking about.
  17. The more I watch highlights/replays, the more I really, really like what I saw. Especially in the second half. Some of those play designs were *chef's kiss*. Had we not gotten in our way in the kicking game, they played well enough to win.
  18. Well it was a Big Ten officiating crew and they've called what, like 2 holdings on our opponents since we joined the Big Ten. To be fair, they only called 1 holding in this game and that occurred on a punt return. There was a lot to like in that second half. There has been a lot to like about Adrian's play this year. The last drive wasn't the best, but it was a difficult situation and he had legitimately no time on first down. But the throws he's missed, he's missed in the spot where you need to miss. I think having Verduzco on the sideline has helped. I think having bigger play makers has helped. If we can get the line to get just 10-20% better, I think we may find ourselves on the winning end of more games than we think. I think they're close.
  19. Excluding the last drive, the drives in the second half were very, very impressive, imo.
  20. Heavy is the head of a Minnesota Vikings/Nebraska Cornhusker fan.

    1. 308_Husker


      Not a Vikings fan, but that was brutal.

  21. Question - has Nebraska beaten a ranked team under Scott Frost? Because if they haven't, beating a ranked team on the road at night would absolutely count as a signature win.
  22. I think it's nice to have the weapons to attack deep. Big WRs like Betts and Manning, TEs like Allen and Vokolek, and a QB that can place them. Give Adrian some more protection and this offense could be humming.
  23. It very well was the same ref and I thought it was a BS call. The earlier unnecessary roughness on Jurgens was legitimate and stupid on Cam, but that one, that's just good blocking. Speaking of refereeing decisions, I know the block Stoops had on OU's screen on their first drive wasn't OPI because the pass was behind the LOS, but could it be considered a blindside block?
  24. Michigan State's offense will present a different challenge for the defense, like Oklahoma did today. The defense was up for the task this week. I'm sure they'll be up to the task next week.
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