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  1. Why the hell doesn’t frost have his team together making plans for next 3 plays. Just stupid
  2. i agree....crap kicker(s). defense is playing strong if you dont make it....and what the hell do you have to lose? winning this game should be the only chance frost has to stay at nebraska.
  3. i have watched a few ohio state games...funny how they always seem to get a call or no call when they are in trouble
  4. it sucks to see the huskers piss away another opportunity to get on the right track but how many of you really believed we would be within 24 points right now???? i know i didnt
  5. a piss poor play by the QB you recruited and have refused to replace
  6. i just dont know how you can be supportive as a teammate when the kicker keeps missing short kicks...just stupid
  7. What benefit is there to keeping a coach for 3 more games that will likely push more talented kids to the portal. How many has he lost already??
  8. I get tired of seeing posts about why people still come to the games. Or we should let the streak stop to prove a point. the only thing we have is that streak. It is the only thing we have to offer a new coach or recruit. We don’t have talent for a new coach. We don’t have winning tradition any longer for recruits. What we have is 90,000 passionate fans with hope or at least loyalty to the team. And that should not stop because the coach sucks. Or the players aren’t getting it done. The streak is our only commodity right now. and hell, memorial stadium is still a magical place to go no matter what
  9. Shocker Britt couldn’t catch a ball on special teams
  10. If Scott has any integrity he negotiates a nice settlement that earns his family nice money but yet leaves some on the table to better his “home state” team’s chances to get someone else. Plus it helps Nebraska if it is a mutual separation. That would be the honorable thing to do.
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