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  1. another no bowl game year....who cares who leaves...i havent seen anything on the field in the past 4 years that makes me think any of these players have football intelligence or the will to compete.
  2. Agreed. He has shown he can do it other places. I would think Nebraska has better resources than temple and Baylor so hopefully he has those Texas contacts still to help with recruiting some big boys for the line
  3. I hope mickey stays on as a WR coach. He is a good coach. Keep Busch. Screw the rest.
  4. I honestly just think it is horrible ignorant players.
  5. Is there anything these damn players can do right. Why don’t they know how to play this game.
  6. That kid couldn’t catch a std in a Mexican whore house
  7. Keep running the ball. Been so successful so far
  8. And what is stupid is we r a 3 win team who cares if you lose at this point. You may as well go all out for the win.
  9. I get tired of that excuse. When a ball hits ur hands you catch it. You are a D1 level player just ridiculous.
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