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  1. In the instances you cited, the "soul searching" was bringing in a better player. Seems Frost is doing a lot of "soul searching"........
  2. Didn't you say recently you didn't watch the games?
  3. Be happy for Burrow. As great as he looks, his supporting cast at LSU is as good as it gets. Frost has other more important roster flipping to worry about than the quarterback position.
  4. Frost knows about the calls for McCaffrey. In the presser he said something to the effect of the entire state of Nebraska loving Luke. Frost was very complimentary of Smothers too......
  5. Let's keep getting better talent and take our chances.
  6. Green, Moos, Osborne and donors....don't want Frost going anywhere There's $150 million facility in the works.
  7. That's true. But along the same lines I think what Frost is building is going to surpass Wisconsin very soon. And I know KJ is OLB, but I couldn't be more excited about our ILBs now.
  8. Any posts that indicate roster flipping wasn't needed are mostly worth ignoring. Riley's final farewell was a 42 point loss to Iowa. Good times..... Like most others, I wish a couple of the one score games this past season would have went in our favor, but they didn't. Frost's first recruiting class has also turned out less than stellar.....but they are doing what seems to be a great job now at identifying position need and highly rated players to fill those needs.
  9. You should probably ride that pony while it's still true.
  10. I think the entire coaching staff looks forward to that.
  11. Frost had said he appreciates what Farniok did this season playing out of position......Frost would call that putting team first.
  12. You can believe what you like.....not something I want to go back and forth about.
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