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  1. ......there's already a thread (or 6) about it....but you're correct about keeping it controlled.
  2. The issue with posts like this is you're really referring to W/L record. Understandable But statistics show "reasonable progress" is being made
  3. It was the offensive side of the ball that was less than interested iim another game.....and subsequently transferred out
  4. You damn well know if a coach at Nebraska consistently wins 9+ games they are soon to be canned
  5. "some injuries and covid" had the running back room nearly shut down for a while last season.
  6. In the B1G it might take longer than that Frost's early classes were absolutely mediocre. His first one was less than mediocre. It's getting better Do you think 4* players were chomping at the bit to come play football at Nebraska? Good gawd man......
  7. Frost is going to have a few bad losses trying to build a roster that has talent across the board to compete in the B1G.
  8. The last Mike Riley's coached team got destroyed by 100 points over the last 4 games. But yeah, let's talk about what Frost hasn't replaced yet.....
  9. I'm not sure the Moos "retirement" falls under the fiasco category. The athletic department was absolutely full of drama during the Perlman tenure though
  10. I can at least see Frost's building blocks. I couldn't see Jack Crap from Riley.
  11. Speaking of when Ohio State wasn't threatened by us...... Remember Mike Riley's tenure?
  12. Other than the contract itself, Moos had very little to do with Frost coming. It was Davison, Osborne and Green.
  13. Frost will have a significant influence in this hire "behind the scenes".
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