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  1. Agreed. Though in the 90s Spurrier and Fulmer had high scoring offenses that we performed well against defensively
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if during the 90s run the defensive side of the ball had many of the best athletes as well.
  3. You have quite the unique view of things
  4. Going into year 4 no quarterback is going to be our savior until other factors like the offensive line get taken care of.
  5. Frost wanted more size from the time he arrived, especially on the OL. It's fun to say Frost is having to adjust, but he's not changing his long held concepts.....he's just having more success recruiting what he's looking for.
  6. Thank you for the info and for repeating Bill Parcells..... We are our record. Duh.
  7. You'll see whatever narrative you want to.
  8. Because it shows improvement Remember when Iowa destroyed Mike Riley's team by 42?
  9. Yes. It's been discussed since Frost's arrival here how many UCF guys were NFL talents.
  10. I'm ok with it if the next coach after Frost blames Perlman too.
  11. We definitely added to the coaches who shall not be named under Perlman's leadership. We are absolutely a more competitive team under Frost. We have lost to Iowa by a total of 12 points with Frost as coach ....and again with missteps such as the Illinois performance and the Minnesota performance. The other thing we still need is leadership to emerge. If you look at what Jaimes has said to the media for example, it's pretty evident he wasn't that interested in being a leader
  12. We are doing the best with what we have. And what we have is slowly getting better With some missteps along the way.
  13. I hope we're close now. As I've said, pulling in talent like Corcoran and Benhart hasn't been done at Nebraska in a long, long time. But we can't expect them to be All B1G level right away.
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