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  1. Had we got that safety.......
  2. Our pass rush was actually better than what I was expecting. Tannor even got one. And had we got that safety......
  3. The reason yesterday looked different mainly because we are starting to see the fruits of redshirting and S&C. Recruiting is improving, but we are not landing true freshman talent like an Ohio State or Alabama We look greatly improved from a physical standpoint on both lines of scrimmage. That alone means we finally have an opportunity to win against any remaining opponent.
  4. One is a captain. One isn't Culture and leadership.
  5. We are better. Period. Redshirting and S&C are showing significant progress as Frost establishes the program. Martinez and Warner are captains. Warner has to catch that TD and Martinez can not fumble. We have the opportunity to win every game remaining.
  6. Luke isn't transferring. But another McCaffrey is.
  7. His head coach said he hoped he's be playing game 1.....not "this fall".
  8. These aren't dark times Harvey Perlman used to be in charge. Those were dark times
  9. Neither of their careers will be shortened. .....and McCaffrey wants to play in this offense There was a time when Nebraska's two deep was NFL talent. Frost has us heading back in that direction
  10. Neither will transfer
  11. Staying off the board is "putting your money where your mouth is?".....
  12. So Frost hasn't been accomplishing ANYTHING the past two offseasons with the team to make you think we might be better?..... Why do you think Frost redshirts every player possible? Cam Jurgens doesn't look the part physically of an offensive lineman compared to when Frost arrived? A year's maturity in the weight room and with the playbook hasn't helped Luke McCaffrey immensely? Same could be said for Bryce Bemhart, or Keem Green, or...... Give Frost some damn credit that he is making this team more physically ready for a DI season.
  13. Not that it compares with tOSU talent level, but Frost getting former 4* walk ons isn't a bad deal......
  14. Would you say most of Osborne's great teams were grinders or big play?
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