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  1. I hope Trev is aware of this.
  2. The AD reports to someone That hierarchy is very different now than when Pelini was fired.
  3. Understood. I don't agree that the offense is horrific and I think the scheme is pretty good. I think everyone is aware of the one score losses under Frost.....iand ronically......I'm old enough to remember when our biggest complaint was blowouts. ......but many won't acknowledge progress Fortunately......at least from my perspective.....we have leaders and decision makers who do see it
  4. I'm sure with Nebraska's resources we could outbid LSU for a coach that currently coaches in Louisiana
  5. The O has two really big issues.....sacks allowed and red zone efficiency. The O is and had been among the leaders in total yards and rushing yards. Gotta figure out how to protect better and put points on the board
  6. Yeah, there are......and I think Frost has done a pretty good job getting transfers. Building the OL is the toughest unit. I think two transferred out before this season and two or three more might after this season.....which is perfectly fine B1G defensive lines are stout.
  7. It is kinda funny how quickly our receiving group got better. With transfers.
  8. That's obviously the goal. Getting the OL where it will have to be is the biggest piece of the puzzle.
  9. He's a 2024 recruit. We need to get our OL better way before 2024 then we might start getting in the conversation.
  10. Yes....Frost has been unhappy since Michigan State got 7 sacks against us. And Frost has said a most troubling stat is we are by far last in the league with sacks allowed.
  11. No disagreement on the kicker.....and we now have several examples of why Yant wasn't seeing the field as much. But if Martinez touchdown is given the play before Yant's carry never happens. I'm simply saying the primary issue is the OL. A better OL and our offensive stats are waaay better.....including PPG.
  12. I don't know this for certain but I do think Frost is mostly referring to the OL....and especially the right side. Two of our worst stats are sacks allowed and red zone efficiency. We get those stats better and we've won every close game by 10 points.
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