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  1. Possibly why Nadab Joseph is a possibility
  2. Describing this as Frost "talking smack" is a bit of a stretch.
  3. Agreed. Anyone who doesn't think Frost's desire to win at Nebraska burns deep is kidding themselves. We're fortunate Osborne gave Frost the green light to come. The trickle down from Perlman is hurting the program to this day still.....
  4. It's good this stuff is coming out. Culture and buy in have been ridiculed at times.....but much of the success that Frost has seen in both his playing days and head coaching tenure have been when the accountability came peer to peer. And while I wouldn't want anyone on the team who doesn't want to be there, I can understand why some older players would be frustrated from all the decision maker shenanigans the past five years. Hopefully the players now entering their third season under Frost can step up with leadership.
  5. Again. Frost brings in new 'croots. Some current players may decide to "dump" Nebraska.
  6. Except in college sports there's a new 'crootin' class coming in each year. And Frost is bringin' in some dudes. So no, it's not really anything like your analogy.
  7. If he doesn't want to be at Nebraska for whatever reason or reasons, Frost is cleaning up the mojo. Other players have wished they had another season to play under Frost.
  8. Alante Brown Eteva Mauga-Clements It looks like each would fall under "other"
  9. Agreed about Wright on defense. I believe he's the one the staff has been complimenting for his instincts and football intelligence Again, I think we might be surprised how beneficial redshirting the majority of the freshmen was for their maturity.
  10. I think there will be several who break through. Redshirting the majority of the class was a very wise decision for the physical and mental maturity of the players. I like Ty Robinson on defense. On offense, my pick would be Rahmir Johnson. Fantastic burst.....
  11. I would agree that Ruud isn't the issue. The defensive side of the ball has had so many changes the past five seasons it's almost unbelievable.
  12. Ruud's name has come up in that way. Hopefully one or more of Heinrich, Hannah, and Mauga-Clements is ready to make some noise. My bet is Mauga-Clements.... And I think the staff is high on what Gunnerson can do at OLB.
  13. Domann isn't always assignment fit. Ironically "3 of best LB's" have a head coach in common ...... You don't think Barry had the opportunity to have 125+ tackles in Chinander's system? Cuz I do.....
  14. The D line will be fine. We need a linebacker to have in the 130 to 150 tackles range....which is where names such as Barrett Ruud, Demorrio Williams and LaVonte David ranked. Mo Barry had 89 last season.
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