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  1. I believe that last play you are referring to it was Benhart who got beat on the right end. Your point stands though....if this young OL can become a unit of strength, the rest of our skill positions can produce better.
  2. Crackin' yourself up with your posts?
  3. This offense can absolutely go. But putting a bunch of 4* players together that are underclassmen still takes time.
  4. When I read posts like this that suggest Frost needs to reach out to a "guru" I shake my head and realize this is the internet. Who on god's green earth do you think helped hire him? And I think most everyone knows that Frost and Tomlin talk regularly.
  5. I think it's a bit premature to be claiming player development issues. Even at year 3 the upperclassmen are either Mike Riley recruits or transfers. In year 3, Mike Riley lost his last 3 games by approximately 100 points. I mean Frost has brought in offensive linemen who probably aren't truly ready.....yet they are better than the upperclassmen. And yes, ultimately it's Frost's responsibility.
  6. Might depend on what decision Dylan McCaffrey makes.
  7. Well, many (including you) were screaming "play the freshmen!".....so recruiting lower tier guys that need development ain't gonna help that. Our skill position players will look better once the OL looks better. Frost played up his undefeated season best he could for recruiting, but following the Mike Riley tenure at Nebraska was no picnic even with the UCF success. Foster and Farmer were Pelini guys....and the last couple of seasons we've seen the drop-off to the Riley guys. That's why Benhart and Piper played so much. They were better than the upperclass
  8. Yes, some have. As of yet, Frost hasn't at Nebraska. Next point?
  9. The NFL is a different beast than college football. Way different.
  10. We've changed something every off season for 20 years. How about we let this thing get built the right way?
  11. I would bet Frost had little to no idea of the OL depth when he was hired I believe Foster and Farmer were Pelini guys, the Frost gets to shoulder the responsibility for Riley OL recruits until guys he's brought in are ready Once some semblance of the pipeline gets developed again, it'll be better. Guys like Benhart, Piper and Corcoran could still be developing with older, talented guys ahead of them. But that isn't the reality.
  12. That's not the tone of any of the rest of your posts in this thread. But hey, it's the internet.... The OL is primarily what is setting us back right now. We have some young guys on the DL looking very good. Probably NFL futures for them The OL takes longer. And yes, Frost bears the responsibility for this but starting with his second recruiting class he is bringing in the body types and talent we need on the OL. Guys like Corcoran, Piper and Benhart are the level we need But they are very inexperienced. The DL doesn't need the experience
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