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  1. That's what having a system in place can do. Their head coach is a better Riley than ours was. By leaps and bounds.
  2. Why do you think fits are so important? Look at the thread on defense, there is some in depth discussion starting there. Stretch plays will create those wider gaps. We're going to see teams running a bit of those the rest of the season mebets.
  3. Absolutely true. The scheme is in place for our LBs to be tackling machines.
  4. Barry can give all his effort and he still wouldn't be the tackler a Demorrio Williams or a Barrett Ruud was. Understanding eye placement and fits is necessary too. And Frost backed off his statement that the DL got pushed around.
  5. Lack of ability to execute is a bigger problem than lack of effort. Barry is amongst the leaders in the conference in tackles.....but he should be the leader.
  6. I am less concerned about fire in their bellies. If they understand run fits and technique better than the upperclassmen, it'll be a good thing.
  7. I'm doubtful that critical posts on a message board make Frost's job more difficult. So carry on.
  8. As much as John Q Public might want Frost to say we just aren't very good, that is never a good message for the team to hear their coach say. Frost is smart enough to know that.
  9. The message to the team always needs to stay within the team. The media can pound sand.
  10. He could, and probably should, be leading the B1G in tackles if his eyes and technique were better.
  11. One issue that I think plays into it is the selected captains have not been proving their leadership on the field.
  12. As awesome as the playbooks were, I'd take the players.
  13. That's actually below market rate for taking over a Mike Riley led program.
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