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  1. The AD agenda from 2003 isn't even comparable to the current AD situation.
  2. I wonder how he could have possibly "out recruited" USC and Auburn for Rogers? One of life's mysteries I suppose.
  3. Agreed....overall we are much better off from a recruiting standpoint for certain. And Coach T is going to run out of players he used to coach as his recruiting pipeline soon.
  4. I'd say Joseph and Whipple not only brought in higher rated transfers, but they were able to bring in players other than just players they used to coach. The point being Coach T has not proven to be a strong recruiter.
  5. Speaking of bad takes, how would that compare to Mickey Joseph or Mark Whipple? ......to keep bad takes close to to home.
  6. In this case "development" is a circular debate. I've heard the players liked Coach T so this is mostly a no brainer for Roger's. Apparently Coach T still struggles on the recruiting trail though if this is his best method of getting players. From what I understand Frost didn't exactly beg Coach T not to go.
  7. Probably outta credit Frost for making the phone call to fix the snapping issue also. But "STFU" Husker fans.....amirite??
  8. NU and Frost made good decisions with Jurgens. It all worked out. Jurgens owes Frost a huge thank you.
  9. The vast majority of Nebraska fans are very happy for him. Jurgens owes a big thank you to Frost for the position switch. Jurgen snapping issues were a problem and Frost got those fixed too.......so let's not be divisive with a "STFU" comment.
  10. It's no biggie. An "ouch" to one is a "meh" to another. Thought I'd share.
  11. It's clickbait trash. .....anonymous clickbait trash at that. Whipple came here because it's Nebraska and he got paid. We want him because he's experienced, connected and has a good history with quarterbacks.
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