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  1. The checkbook was opened for Whip and he's OC and QB coach with excellent credentials.
  2. You and I agree more than either probably lets on.
  3. Of course he was retained mostly because of his relationship with Nebraska power brokers. His resume' was better than good though. An undefeated season in your second year as a head coach will skyrocket your stock.
  4. If you have an undefeated season as a HC you're not looking to become an OC as a "next step".
  5. It's probanly more impressive that it was against Indiana based on the number of offensive plays they average per game.
  6. Keyboard warrior type comments
  7. I'm sorry the refs and coaching caused Martinez' turnovers. So am I stupid or dumber?
  8. .....the other gives more than an ample ratio to Bo Pelini.
  9. If you find the Riley hire defensible at the time, then you view the Nebraska football program with approximately the same importance as Harvey Perlman.
  10. Why wouldn't boosters have much of a say? .....you are aware of how Mel Tucker got bank at Michigan State I'd assume?
  11. How money should be spent or how other people's money should be spent? I could care less about your attempted grammar deflection.
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