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  1. Burrow is at probably the best place for him. Truly happy for him and he will be set for life. It would not have happened at Nebraska. Frost and his bosses are still digging out from the damage of the trio of Perlman, Eichorst and Riley. Again, truly happy for Burrow. It's better that he's a LSU right now.
  2. You sound hopeful for Frost's failure......
  3. Management material in my opinion BB.
  4. Could you please post this in each thread at your earliest convenience?
  5. If nothing else, he seems to be a sure tackler. We need that at the LB spot. He has good TFL stats and was the defensive POY in his conference.
  6. Wasn't just Moos. Frost has significant backing.
  7. Just like our roster wasn't the same in 2018 and 2019, it will also be different in 2020. And yes, Frost is gonna be here a long time. Moos and Green are both involved and on board with Frost's short and long term plans.
  8. We need Ty Robinson to do the bullying. We need Mauga to have fit responsibility and be a sure tackler. It looks like he is.
  9. I'm good with the direction "we're" headed. Thanks.
  10. You've got many years of rough waters ahead.
  11. The opinions I'm most interested in are those of Jason Peter for example. He has a good idea what goes on behind the scenes as Frost gives him access to practice. He's a credible voice that wants the best for the football program. While you might spend your time twisting in the wind about what's going on, there are some very credible men that believe Frost is headed in the right direction with the program. Nearly every former player that I've read or heard has said Frost can obviously improve as a coach, but the talent level he's working with isn't there yet. The 2019 season is done. If you want some optimism, which you truly might not, take an occasional glance at the what's happening on the recruiting trail.
  12. I think there's a good chance you're way off in your assessment of recruiting.
  13. If a few of those faces can get to the quarterback, and most of them can tackle, defensive improvement will be significant
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