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  1. Mike Mcdee

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    Is this in reference to following on the twitters? Not sure I quite understand. Like Mills and Robinson followed Washington, Martinez and JD? I'm not on twitter.
  2. Mike Mcdee

    The Angry Violent Left

    One thing I thought of when throwing out labels of right and left. @BigRedBuster is a right leaning poster. You are to his right and he your left. It's an over generalization to label everyone left of your belief system as the angry violent left. There are extremes on both sides. I'm sure as someone who leans hard right @HuskerNation1, there are those on your side that lean harder and are more radicalized. I personally don't ask you to account for their actions. I'm personally a centrist and can't boil all of my stances into one party. Found this article today which seemed fairly on topic. https://www.yahoo.com/news/smack-talk-politicians-trade-charges-whos-being-uncivil-042351028--election.html Both sides have stoked these fires. Though he may not have been the one to invent these tactics, Trump sure embraces their use.
  3. Mike Mcdee

    The Angry Violent Left

    Can we just agree that there are people on both sides that have been $h!tty? One group started this whole thing off and that gave rise to Donald Trump as a political figure. It wasn't Republicans, Democrats, Liberals or conservatives. There was a group whose business model was built around fearmongering. They whipped up this position we are in, stood back admired their creation, then questioned why they are being pushed back against. "An eye for and eye leaves the whole world blind." -Ghandi biographer Fischer.
  4. Mike Mcdee

    The Angry Violent Left

    I'm pretty sure that Gabby Giffords was shot at and hit with real live bullets from a deranged right winger. She lived. There were 6 other people that didn't, including a child. Again, I don't really blame the GOP for this guys action.
  5. Mike Mcdee

    The Angry Violent Left

    Again, this is out of context. I don't think either side is behaving in a way I'd want my children to emulate. I hate "what-aboutism" and "but he started it", but this did get particularly nasty when Donald Trump started acting this way and was then reinforced by cheering crowds.
  6. Mike Mcdee

    The Angry Violent Left

    I want to start by saying that these tactics are irresponsible in some cases and reprehensible in others.
  7. Mike Mcdee

    Tyjon Lindsey No Longer a Husker

    Dude must love ice cream.
  8. Mike Mcdee

    Trump Foreign Policy

    If anyone is good with meme creation, I've got an idea for one. It's a 2 cell meme. Cell 1 is Nicki Haley on Fox n Friends w caption "They were saying Booo-urns". Cell two is just the South Park pic of them yelling "Simpson's did it". NM.
  9. Mike Mcdee

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    So if this is correct, does the White House get to pick his replacement with the understanding that the special council and his investigation will be ended?
  10. Mike Mcdee

    CB Tiawan Mullen [Indiana Commit]

    Is it just me, or is he "Throwing the Bones" in his commitment photo?
  11. Mike Mcdee

    CB Tiawan Mullen [Indiana Commit]

    Is he "Throwing the Bones" in his Pitt photo?
  12. Since they aren't refunding the money to ticket holders, I'm thinking the game would already be "soldout". They would just be reissuing the tickets.
  13. Mike Mcdee

    Troy Week Pressers

    Damon Benning said this morning that Bell has been playing hurt throughout fall camp. You could tell on some of his runs where he had open field. HCSF stated those need to be 6 points instead of first downs.
  14. Mike Mcdee

    Dirty Hit on Adrian Martinez?

    This was the one I saw Saturday night that made me think it wasn't just our fans complaining like Chad May. There's a throwback reference.
  15. What information should we use when trying to make a prediction on election results? That's the heart of this. Most if not all media sources use polling. Most if not all polling showed Trump would not win. You are asking to be shown where a media source went against their own polling information and interjected their own opinion. I recognize that journalists do have biases, but reputable ones attempt to keep said biases to a minimum. I think what you are asking for doesn't exist, which is why you are asking for it.