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  1. Mike Mcdee

    Trump and the Press

    This may be in the minority opinion, but there was a segment of the George Stephanopolous interview that I was let down by ABC. The whole guy coughing during the interview and Trump stopping them and wanting to redo it seemed inappropriate to keep in the final cut. That is something that felt petty to keep in in order to make him look bad. There were so many other things from that interview that reflect poorly him. Keeping that in, feeds the narrative that the press is out to get him. Politics aside, he granted you fairly wide ranging and open interview. Cut that interaction out.
  2. Mike Mcdee

    CJ Smith Enters Transfer Portal

    Some of the things coming from players who have completely bought make me think that anyone not willing to put in the work to make the team better in the off season are made to fairly uncomfortable. I seem to remember Mo Barry calling out Breon Dixon via social media. I hate to loose players but maybe it's a culture thing where the team is policing itself. Or he wanted to be closer to home and effort had nothing to do with it.
  3. Mike Mcdee

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    Dang it. We knew he needed to put on weight, but didn't think he would use the RG44 method.
  4. Mike Mcdee

    JD Spielman Concussion

    The problem is there is no way to prevent the brain from being jostled in the skull itself. That's where the brain injury comes into play. Yes it would be nice if science and engineering were advanced enough to handle this problem, but I don't know if we'll ever be there. Beat me to it.
  5. Mike Mcdee

    WR Xavier Watts

    F'n Domers.
  6. I think her vengeance was tempered a bit in the first half of the season. Jaime being let off was before she lost half the Unsullied, Half her Dothraki, another dragon died and her most trusted advisor is beheaded in front of her out of spite. All of those events were the culmination of her turn to being the new bad. I know this season has had it's flaws, and I'm clearly compromised as a fan, but there is good bits still to pick out and enjoy.
  7. So I listened to a podcast about how the turn that Dany took was an example of how good GRRM is at writing. He gives you this young princess who is first abused by her brother, then married off to a war monger and raped, then betrayed by a witch who kills her now loving husband and unborn child. This is all in just the first book/season. She later frees a city full of slaves only to have some of those same folks turn on her because they actually liked the way things were. George sets her up to be this sympathetic character. Someone who we as readers and audience members can root for with ease. The problem is her motivation. Sure she does some benevolent things along the journey back to Westeros. Heck she even looses one of her dragons/children in defeating the Night King and saving all of man kind. Her primary motivation is revenge. It has been since a child with her bother telling her stories about how her family was wronged and all the things they would do to those who tried to destroy their family. When she finally has battle won, she isn't content with just the throne. She seeks vengeance. She takes what is hers with Fire and Blood. The Hound even tells the viewers what happens to those who only seek to use vengeance as motivation. He warns Arya that there is only one way that path ends, in death. In the end, GRRM got us to see how a super villain is created: someone with unmatched power whose main goal is revenge. He got us to root for her, love her, and even name some of our pets/kids after her.
  8. Craster's babies were truned into white walkers. Viserion was raised from the dead. Bran was alive and not actually touched. Vladimir might be doing a bit of trolling.
  9. I did have a thought about the Dathraki charge. Some people are saying "That was dumb". The thing is, it's their go to move in battle. Many of them have never lost, so they know only victory in this tactic. Then add that they had their arakhs got lit on fire, they probably felt invincible. I will say the Arya library scene was awesome. The tension was good. She showed more of her human fearful side and wasn't this OP assassin Faceless Man. Then Mel snapped her back into it with the reminder of what we say to the god of death. I even had a thought that they would pull a twist that Bran realized he had to die in order to win in order to give Arya his face. Then she would kill the Night King in the Godswood.
  10. The Hound can't die. We have Clegane Bowl to get HYPE about.
  11. The chain thing bothered me too. I just had to take it as it was a chain recovered from Hardhome; the wildling camp from season 6 that was on the coast. There are leaps of faith we have to take, I've been willing to jump along with them because the show has been so good.
  12. This is one of those episodes that was great for show only folks and awesome for book readers. There were so many little "Easter Eggs" on the Easter episode. The ramping up to the big battle has been beautifully executed this season. That being said,
  13. The question was posed if they could live in warm climates. While GRRM has stated the seasons have a somewhat mystical base, he doesn't really get into what causes long winters, song summers and false springs. What we can see in the show is that where ever the Night King and his army are, there is winter. In the episode "Hardhome" you can actually see the winter storm preceding the army of the wights. I agree with you that winter isn't necessarily brought on by the Night King. So warm climates don't really apply to their survival.