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  1. Why do I feel like his tweet is ingenuous and is only meant to rile up a certain portion of the population? The people who don't understand how the impeachment process works. Or how any trial works for that mater. Some one should show Don that video of those lawyers who rap about not saying anything. It's super cheesy but applicable.
  2. I mean I think I know the answer, but why take trolling to this level?
  3. If he comes on his visit, I'm sure that's going to play well with the guys currently on campus. I know part of the recruitment process is a feeling out of fit with the player with the current team.
  4. I want to go in search of an r/askreddit to see if anyone has posed the question to military folks and how they feel about this. brb.
  5. No grandiose statement about how we are making America Great. No patriotism. No "America First" proclamation. This is them just saying "We can do as we want for our personal benefit...and you can't stop us". This can't be reasoned with because in a discussion, both parties have to be there to discuss. This shirt just just meant to troll.
  6. My pastor just did a sermon on this story on Sunday. It was a great sermon. He's very conservative by nature and tries not to get too much into politics, but this story was a perfect example of Luke 7:36-50 "A Sinful Woman Forgiven". In this moment, she isn't worthy of forgiveness, but that is why forgiveness is the perfect gift.
  7. Fong with a hunch is nice, but I'd prefer Johnson with a fax machine.
  8. If you he's in your area, and enjoy good music, go see Tyler Childers. Or just watch/listen to him in Red Rocks. 



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    2. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Guys like Childers, Sturgill,  and Colter Wall have more talent in their pinkie than the people you hear on the radio have in their whole bodies.

    3. Mike Mcdee

      Mike Mcdee

      There is a difference between what is played on country stations and these types of artists. 

    4. BlitzFirst


      I don't listen to the radio...so I can't relate to the comparison.

  9. Keef, your shirts not as long as you think it is.
  10. My hope is that Mills sees the field a little better. Shows some patience and finds the cutback lanes. Colin Miller on D.
  11. Strained my abdominal muscles from trying to take down a fishbowl by myself. Friends did the trick where they were acting like they were helping and I chugged the whole thing. Painted the porcelain red from the Red Snapper. Top 5 hangovers ever.
  12. He may not be anyway because of the weed violation.
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