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  1. Mike Mcdee

    WR Demariyon Houston [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    What you did there, I see it.
  2. Mike Mcdee

    The Republican Utopia

    This would go about as well as the "Strange Brew" drinking game. No thanks aye.
  3. Mike Mcdee

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    As a member of the press in that situation, how do you not audibly laugh? Maybe that's a section taught in journalism schools around the country. Like the rubber chicken exercise with the Honor Guard.
  4. Mike Mcdee

    DE Michael Lockhart [Georgia Tech - Signed LOI]

    I'm always a little leery of visitors who schedule the last weekend of recruiting. Those are kind of 50/50 on actually making it campus for said visit. But he's at a position of need and would love to have him get a look at DONU before he decides where to go.
  5. Mike Mcdee

    DT Matthew Pola-Mao [Kansas State - Signed LOI]

    I think he is visiting after the Poly game. If his signing here, I'd look for any kind of a commitment after the visit.
  6. Mike Mcdee

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    If you have an o-lineman of Bryce's size, they can sometimes be very stiff. Bad hip flexion, pad level, and footwork. Wrestling will help improve many of these issues with him compared to a non-wrestler. Plus there is a mentality that wrestlers have that is transferable to football. Like was stated before by @Hedley Lamarr, the silent mean assassins were the worst to play against. It's like playing against the Hulk, the secret is, they're always angry.
  7. Mike Mcdee

    S Noa Pola-Gates [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Isn't Helton on the chopping block after this upcoming season? I thought it was a foregone conclusion.
  8. Mike Mcdee

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    PLEASE don't read into this as a negative. I've heard Bryce give a few interviews. He often comes off as uncomfortable. I get the sense he has a "Please just let me get out there and kick somebodies a$$" mentality. A lineman that enjoys hurting people. A guy I'm glad is a Husker.
  9. Was Mills really an academic casualty at Georgia Tech? I thought he was more of a team rules violation guy and went to JC instead of sitting out a year.
  10. Mike Mcdee

    DE Ty Robinson [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I think I read somewhere that he and Mosai Newsome had a pretty good friendship built a while back. If wrong, I'll wear the cone of shame.
  11. Mike Mcdee

    ILB Jackson Hannah [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Not gonna lie. I'm pretty excited to get both Hannah and Henrich. Both have high football IQ and what they hit goes down. Ruud is stocking himself up some fellas.
  12. Mike Mcdee

    Worst Recruiting Class in Husker History

    or, Riley: It's ice cream sundae time?!
  13. Mike Mcdee

    Schlesinger leads hall inductees

    This guy was my hero growing up. When he was student teaching at Park Middle School, I had him for a teacher. The class was transportation tech. It's where we got to build CO2 race cars from wood. He made this really intracately designed car that looked like the frame of a Nascar car. Basically like a skeleton. His got one run and splintered. Like six weeks of beautiful craftsmanship turned into toothpicks on one run. Anyway, this honor is well deserved. Congrats 40.
  14. Mike Mcdee

    Bunch transferring

    I think he had family that played for DONU.