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  1. Used to work for the campus parking patrol. I only worked after lot hours though so I was just looking for cars with no passes in dorm lots
  2. How is what they are doing not peaceful opposition? Peaceful doesn't mean nice.
  3. Coumo followed Trumps CDC guidelines in making that decision
  4. I disagree. Im tired of these privileged asshats not having to put their feet to the fire. Get confrontational. The republican side can yell and scream in LEO faces because they have to stay inside but people can't yell at a Senator when someone was actually murdered still without justice? Nah
  5. Also like still alot of time left for this to play out unfortunately. We won't reach those numbers but this is far from over at the same time.
  6. Because there are several studys showing many deaths could have been avoided had stronger action been taken. Also I only remember one person claiming it would disappear at 15 cases. Then lying over and over and over and still continuing to lie about the situation to make himself look better because he is a malignant narcissist.
  7. how do we know this? How can you be reminded of an event that is a complete fabrication?
  8. Hadn't seen that. I guess that's all I was getting at. Lebron has alot of control over whether they play or not realistically. If he and Kawhi said they were out that would be pretty much it.
  9. Not saying he is wrong, I don't know whats going on behind the scenes. I'm just of the opinion a playoffs without Lebron and the Lakers and Kawhi and the Clippers isn't a playoffs. And the thing is those guys have no need to play. They aren't going to lose a job. They have more money in the bank than most players in the NBA. Seems to me its gonna take real action to get them to play.
  10. 'Eventually' isn't exactly promising for the NBA playoffs. Yes alot of players want to play but the face of the league and 3 of the 5 best players on the 2 best teams in the biggest market don't want to play. They may hold more leverage. And I think they should continue using it.
  11. https://www.insider.com/lakers-clippers-lebron-james-boycott-season-meeting-2020-8 Lebron wants action from owners and Clips and Lakers want to end the season, leaving the meeting early. 3 of the 5 best players in the league on those 2 teams.
  12. Thats just fine but it is exactly your MO so I'd just thought I'd let you know you aren't fooling anybody. But then again, you aren't trying to
  13. Look it up on the internet. You can say 'her dur i really don't know if its a long gun or a gun thats long' all you want but that doesnt mean anyone here will believe you weren't being facetious. Its kinda what you do like all the time
  14. Sometimes your shtick gets old when people are actually being murdered. Its not really funny anymore.
  15. Also, is this a conspiracy? Ultimately the governor would be weighing in on decisions like this within their state. That seems completely normal. Also a governor putting public safety above money and entertainment also sounds fairly normal.
  16. Luka Doncic is absolutely amazing!!!

    1. knapplc


      Does he live on the second floor?

    2. admo


      I completely agree with you Nebfanatic.  Absolutely fun to watch too

  17. Right. Who gives a flying f#&% about the Clinton's! Who is the current president of the United States of America? Who are we talking about in all of this? What about what that person and their people did. Lets talk about that instead of bringing others into it. Defend on the merits not by comparing. Saying well what about this is essentially giving up the fact that the original thing was also wrong.
  18. I've signed probably 20 petitions, all with a good number of supporters, and I can't say that a single one accomplished anything
  19. We can see the impact now. Ultimately excess death kinda undercuts your argument. Why have 200k more people died in the US this year compared to average? Why is excess death consistent higher than average in every area in the world hard hit by COVID?
  20. Hospitals aren't recieving payment for reporting COVID deaths. Hospitalizations yes, deaths no. Why would they get paid for a death? They get paid to provide care. Unless you can dispute this fact that has been sourced over and over please stop making the false claim that hospitals are getting paid for COVID deaths. Its not true. https://www.denverpost.com/2020/05/20/coronavirus-covid-medicare-payments-hospitals/
  21. Articles have been posted on this subject ad nauseum. The CARES act gives extra money for COVID patients *on medicaid not COVID deaths. Hospitals get paid for services rendered not for dead people. If you really want me to link another article I will.
  22. I saw one instance of that in Florida but it was apparently corrected. Haven't seen any other reports on that sort of thing though that may be true. I know in Florida they were testing less due to hurricane concerns. Here is an article talking about the decrease in testing. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/12/accuracy-of-us-coronavirus-data-thrown-into-question-as-decline-in-testing-skews-drop-in-new-cases.html
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