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  1. Could probably run faster if he had some competition jeeze
  2. Hate to say it, but shouldn't the football team be practicing football? Awesome job by the staff to create a fun but competetive environment
  3. Went to the NFC championship game yesterday in Philly and it was AWESOME!!

    1. suh_fan93
    2. admo


      That's LIT !!! chuckleshuffle


      But... Did yall bring extra batteries to throw in case you didn't win?  Or convert a 3rd down

  4. To me this is a signal of offense change. We landed 2 qbs in the portal last year to fill out our room with guys that fit the offense. Something tells me Sims may not be the only addition at QB. Think we are going to be bringing in at least 1 more to create competition between guys who actually have the skill set to run this offense.
  5. Subtle Raiola on the back of the jersey
  6. Ok I understand now. Yea Riley would take this guy. Question is will Raiola go to USC where a 5 star 2023 player is committed, if that was truly a part of the deal with OSU.
  7. This is being overblown right now. I think every coach can find a way to make one of the best players in the country work. Trevor Lawrence wasn't considered a mobile QB but he was/is obviously mobile enough. Talent wins out at the end of the day. This kid is a take 10 times out of 10
  8. Rhule is a college coach who tried the NFL not the other way around
  9. They are people not tomato cans. All of this derogatory language towards OUR players. I never understand it.
  10. I'll make sure to store this one away and perhaps we can revisit it in a year.
  11. Guarentee you if we played a schedule like Temple or Akron does all of our players would look alot better than they do. Worst stats in the country does not mean worst team in the country as strength of schedule has to be considered. What @Deckedsaid is far more accurate imo. Bottom of power 5 I will give you but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if some of these guys turn it around under new coaching. They have physical tools and Corcoran in particular is still pretty young.
  12. How about you take off your s#!t colored glasses and come back tp reality. Do you grade out offensive lineman across the nation as a whole? My guess is you don't and this statement is beyond flawed.
  13. I'd rather Rhule take his time putting together the right staff over trying to rush things for the sake of recruiting
  14. That would be a strong selection to say the least
  15. Deion goes from having a significantly more talented team then everyone he is playing to having a less talented team than everyone he is playing. Even doing his best recruiting job he will only have marginally more talent than most of the teams he plays. The gap narrows so much it is what seperates the men from the boys in the coaching game.
  16. Only bad part for Deion is he is in the Pac. Its about to be B1G, SEC or bust
  17. If it was Snow why not announce it already. Snow also has been quoted as sayong he was gonna retire before Carolina
  18. At the end of the day we won't be in a worse position than Baylor was
  19. I think when its all said and done we are going to have a staff that will make high school prospects think "dang, these guys are going to turn me into an NFL player"
  20. We both know it was alot more than the chaw buddy
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