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  1. Frankly I'm not in the camp that believes we should get rid of Frost but if I'm playing the game why not Luke Fickle?
  2. Should have scored at least 35. Offense has been so frustrating to watch
  3. Can we just take a second and appreciate Reimer? This kid is a walk on Sophmore and has been one of our best players all year long. Walk on program has produced thus far.
  4. Being from Chadron I'm an Eagles fan first(kidding, though I do love CSC). In all seriousness, lived in Scottsbluff as well and its Nebraska all the way in those parts. Had one friend who was a Buffs fan and he was ridiculed endlessly. He cried at recess one day in middle school because there was like 6 kids raggin on him for being a Colorado fan. I don't condone bullying but I can't say I feel bad about it
  5. Sell Memorial stadium to Iowa for 5 dollars and a pack of juicy fruit
  6. Johnson has been blocking that QB power play to perfection. Its been one of our go to plays. He missed the block on that one but its not hard to see why we went with that in that situation.
  7. So someone else made a mistake other than Martinez??? Oh my lawd this is crazy I thought Martinez was the only one who made mistakes on our team
  8. No one said yours weren't good. We s#!t the bed against Illinois. The last 3 games we are better than we were in week 0. I think thats pretty obvious to anyone with eyes. No numbers neccessary.
  9. Yea I don't think thats even true.
  10. 2 very different circumstances. Alabama just lost to an unranked opponent for the first time in 100 games.
  11. Ok well if thats how you feel that can be the end of our exchange. Have fun being the realist.
  12. The entire reason why we played well last night was due to coaching staff. These are Frosts guys and they are coached to play like this by Frost. There were many times where we looked like we didnt deserve to be there under previous coaches
  13. All the failures are all his fault and no other player contributes or crumbles or doesn't do their job. I get it, he is the quarterback. But this idea that all of the offensive woes in crunch time are on him is so myopic. Does he make mistakes? Yes, but most of the time thats because we ask him to do it all for us imo. This offense struggles in the crunch and Adrian gets all of the blame.
  14. Again, this isn't even about what you are making it about. Its not about making "those citizens" more comfortable. Its about making a girl more comfortable in selecting a nerf gun that she wanted or making a boy more comfortable in getting a doll house he wanted. Kids have fun with all kinds of toys and we shouldn't make them feel like less of a boy or girl for wanting the wrong toy. Its funny how you see the term gender neutral and immediately go to "those citizens". It illustrates your grasp on these issues
  15. "Nobody in their right mind" could have faith in our best player. If that mindset is being realistic then you can go ahead and be the realist. I'm good on that. I'm not writing Martinez off as a choke artist. He is a good player who consisently plays well enough to have us in games with top 10 opponents.
  16. Companies have mandates on how they market their goods all of the time. If you'd like I can go through some other examples of government mandates on how products are marketed.
  17. Like instead of "this is the girl toy aisle" and "this is the boy toy aisle" it will just be "this is the toy section". Lots of girls like legos and nerf guns and hot wheels. No need to make them feel like its not a girl toy. Frankly boys like to play with their sisters doll houses as well but thats not a boys toy.
  18. Yea those two headlines aren't the same. All this bill does is put things like action figures and dolls in the same section rather than seperating them by gender. Because action figures shouldn't just be for boys and dolls shouldn't just be for girls. Doesn't seem that crazy to me.
  19. How is he twisting numbers? He stated a fact. We've lost to our last 3 opponents by a combined 13 points and those 3 opponents are a combined 18-0. Seems like factual information that can't be twisted. You act like this is just nonsense but frankly its useful information. People look at margin and opponent record all of the time to help determine the strength of a team.
  20. Losing like that over and over really sucks but man that was a hell of a football game. Any unbiased observer would tell you that was a fun entertaining game to watch. Don't know how many times we've been on this stage and embarrassed ourselves. At the end of the day we were not expected to win this game. Many thought after week 0 this game would be ugly in Michigans favor. If we could beat the teams we are supposed to and play the other teams like this we will be getting back to where we want to be.
  21. Its just sad you think this way. Have some faith in the best player on our team for a change instead of s#!tting on him every opportunity you get
  22. 5-1 ATS this season. Have to actually watch the game
  23. What a joke. One player can't do it all. Milton or Mariota wouldn't make the offense much better honestly.
  24. And there are 10 other players on offense who share the blame for those point totals
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