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    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    If he can remain the 3rd best option then he could carve out a nice role for himself in this offense
  2. Nebfanatic

    Cannot overlook Illinois

    Every school fibs on the players height and weight on the game programs but the Illini tame it to a whole nother level.
  3. Nebfanatic

    Cannot overlook Illinois

    Geeze this stat is annoying. We are 4-14 in Rileys last season and Frosts first 6 games and 7-3 since that loss to NW. That is more telling imo.
  4. We had 3 fgs and a 2 point conversion didn't you watch the game??
  5. This election is about showing the GOP they are heading in the absolute wrong direction. They need to lose bigly to a left winger and hopefully that can help them see the light that maybe a more centrist approach would be better for them.
  6. Nebfanatic

    Cannot overlook Illinois

    Its not a warmup but it is a practice test and we need to get an A. We should take care of business easily, but we need to play crisp, and execute better than we have all season. Can't wait for OSU to come to town to figure it out.
  7. Nebfanatic

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Illinois (Game 4) **

    Technically that 2017 Minnesota game is part of our road losing streak I believe. Thats where it started.
  8. Nebfanatic

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Illinois (Game 4) **

    That Minnesota game is all time futile to me. Something like they hadn't scored a rushimg touchdown in 5 weeks? Their offense was awful, especially running the ball. We made them look like the BIG champs.
  9. Nebfanatic

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    Thats the crappy part about it all. People desperately want honesty but honesty doesn't win elections.
  10. Nebfanatic

    Illinois Week Pressers

    I'm with this. Give them a pitch count if they are able to go.
  11. Nebfanatic

    Offensive Play

    What's nice about this too is we really have great pieces for the 12 look. We can do so many different things with Maurice or Wandale at RB or go with a more traditional look with Mills in there. Our tight ends can be mismatches in the pass game but block very well at the same time. We aren't losing a ton by swapping Austin Allen in for another reciever, especially because of our versatility at RB.
  12. Nebfanatic

    Healthcare Reform

    I read somewhere over the last 30 years the number of physicians has increased 150%. Number of hospital administrators has grown 3200% in the same span.
  13. Nebfanatic

    Defensive Play

    Yea he stopped that center in his tracks. Impressive play
  14. Nebfanatic

    Bo Pelini positive achievements

    Ehhh, I love Frost but give me Pelini at 10-2 every time. Maybe not though because I know we would end up 10-4
  15. Nebfanatic

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Illinois (Game 4) **

    The line keeps climbing for this one. I think we win in blowout fashion. This is like a practice test before playing OSU next week and I think the team will want to show they are ready.
  16. Nebfanatic

    P&R Billboard Fun

    You are talking about shooting that trophy white tail so you can mount it on the wall. I understand where you are coming from but I will say a respectable hunters who kills deer for sport will donate the meat to families in need. Certain hunting, like deer and wild boar, is also good for population control. Now if you aren't hunting for any of these reasons thats kinda lame.
  17. Nebfanatic

    Gun Control

    Killing the NRA sounds pretty violent man /s
  18. Yes, I do. What about people who go to prison who didn't commit a crime but were unjustly imprisoned? Generations of fathers being wrongfully taken from their families, combined with social demonization, combined with systematic economic oppression would cause any population to struggle in a major way.
  19. Breaking news white people in power has greatly benefited white people. You say white people are no better off but that is false. White people havent been demonized for decades. White people haven't been targeted by hate crimes and discriminatory policing. White people didn't feel the effects of redlining which directly relates to education nearly as harshly as people of color. People want to talk about the black family, but thats not really a fair discussion when fathers have been being killed or wrongly imprisoned for centuries. To say that its 2019 and its fair for everyone is a slap in the face.
  20. I'd like to see you prove that one because I'd venture to guess most wealth is passed down. History built today. Money is still power today and all of the power belongs to white people because guess what? They systematically oppressed people. To say the slate is clean because its 2019 is extremely niave. Also if recent years have proven anything its that racism is alive and well. This isn't a racial utopia, people of color are still at a disadvantage.
  21. So you are telling me redlining, no minimum wage for people of color and people of color being excluded from social security is their fault becuase of their culture? Lol at you.
  22. yea the culture of white people to systematically oppress people of color? Because that culture sets the stage for everything else.
  23. She literally was talking about other things that impacted the gap other than slavery, did you even read the post? And those numbers don't seem that high when you factor land/homes/all other assets.