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  1. You should put NFL teams on notice you are the best scout in the game and are looking for a job. Seems like all of these hacks professionally scouting players for NFL teams just turn on Mel Kiper for there opinions on players. You would sure be a breath of fresh air. Hire you and in 3 years your team is looking like the Cowboys in the 90s
  2. "These are fair questions"
  3. I thought my use of concession obssession also signified a bit of jest but I guess I was wrong. My bad
  4. Except this is a deal where we are paying out money to retain services not the other way around. No money lost, and perhaps we will save a penny or 2. So looks like concession prices are staying the same for now.
  5. Whats with you and your concession obssession? This news has exactly 0 to do with concessions
  6. I think had our President taken the situation more seriously less money could have been spent, but to your point there isn't alot that could be done in terms of not spending a ton of money after COVID hit. Out of Trumps hands, to a degree. In 2019 Trump ran a deficit of nearly 1 trillion dollars and was on pace for bigger spending in 2020 before the pandemic happened. Now we are projecting a 1.5 T dollar deficit this year. Through 5 months we sit at 475 M so on a good pace there. I would say we are still feeling the effects of COVID 19 on money spent in government but I think we are doing what we can to reign it in at the moment given the circumstances.
  7. Trumps budget was running wild before 2020...also one could contend our President taking COVID seriously from the beginning would have greatly reduced the burden on our country financially.
  8. Now thats quite the assumption He's not the one you were talking to genius
  9. If only it were bulls#!t they were after, we'd all have a job!
  10. https://theweek.com/russo-ukrainian-war/1010801/russian-troops-in-ukraine-are-surrendering-sabotaging-their-own A ton of other sources reporting this as well. Maybe, but from an outside perspective it seems the only one for an appetite for further invasion is Putin. What is motivating the Russian people to keep pushing?
  11. Ehhhhh. Idk if Russian troops are ready for that plan of action. Already surrendering to Ukrainian forces without a fight and sabotaging their own vehicles. Its not going to get easier for them. Putin may want to keep pushing but will his forces? And this assuming they can take and hold Ukraine. Seems like a longshot to me.
  12. Weren't we expecting inflation and economic depression by May 2020? Pretty sure the wheels of our economic situation were set in motion nearly a year before Biden took office.
  13. They blame Biden. Why? Good luck getting a good answer. But its Bidens fault all this is happening because well...BIDEN!
  14. Been to that stadium and I can tell you the prices are reasonable which is awesome, but so are memorial stadiums prices. You will pay nearly the same both places having been to both.
  15. If thats the case I'd advise you to never eat out anywhere. These terrible resturants and food stands making a profit. How dare they!
  16. Didn't know going to the game was about the concessions. I've been doing it all wrong! How about we have the B1G make out Nebraskas portion of the check to you then you can eat concessions at current prices without worry.
  17. Cool vid bro. At the end of the day merchandise is less important and less costly than employee safety. Violence isn't always the answer despite how cool the militarty might make it seem.
  18. Technically you aren't supposed to confront the shoplifter, just get as much information as possible. Thats been the policy every store I've worked where this could potentially be an issue.
  19. Isn't that like, part of the job?
  20. Frankly at this point you are absolutely correct. I understand the virus is still moving around but the vaccine greatly diminishes the risks associated. Also 5 day quarantine for positive tests makes it alot easier to manage staffing when employees start getting sick. Part of the problem before is logistics. A highly contagious virus that will put out employees 2 weeks minimum made things extremely difficult to manage. It's not like that anymore.
  21. Curious that interest in the midterms is down considering the rise in interest in 2018 and 2020.
  22. How did we have any success at all on offense? Jeeze
  23. I'm as optimistic as anybody, love the moves we are making and think we can have a good season next year. But nah fam lol
  24. Does Air Force even run the triple option? Last I checked they didn't. Edit:they do run it. Shows how much I've watched AF recently. Didn't they run a spread style offense for a time?
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