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  1. No I can't imagine that, it will hurt too bad.
  2. Ok so do you think they will be able to do the same next week against the best team, by far, they have played all season? They have been exposed in the trenches 3 games straight. They are not there yet in that area. Maybe Shedeur can will them to a win. He is elite for sure but that only gets you so far if you don't have time to throw the football.
  3. I'll definitely be interested to see how their players react to losing. If they are coached well they will respond well. Time will tell.
  4. They were playing Colorado State, the fact they had to come back in the first place says alot
  5. I understand that aspect of it and from that angle it is smart. My thing is it could backfire imo. They have swagger when they are winning and proving the haters wrong. But what happens when the haters are right? How will they respond to getting whipped? They may be able to respond to the adversity, we will see. But imo the us against the world approach is a recipe for implosion. That being said, what do I know. I'm a random husker fan who has disdain for the buffaloes
  6. They have an elite QB and great skill positions. It will allow them to beat some of the weaker teams on their schedule. But if you've watched CU football this year you have noticed they get dominated at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. They are not a top 25 team and it will show when they play one. It's not even a dig, they weren't supposed to be great this year and I really don't think they are. It takes time to build the lines even if you are Prime and they are not even close to there yet. They are lucky Shedur rarely if ever makes a mistake. He is a special talent for sure.
  7. Their lines are awful and Oregon is going to run roughshod on them. They can be at the center of the cfb universe for now but implosion is coming. What's crazy is if they didn't draw all the attention to themselves people would still be talking about their turnaround but wouldn't be waiting to see them get demolished. 6-6 is going to be a disappointment when it should be an accomplishment if they can even get to that. Their schedule is brutal.
  8. We learned HH can be serviceable but I'd like to see him against better competition before I say he is the answer moving forward. Obviously better than Simms. Even though competition wasn't the same, Simms mistakes were so basic they could have easily happened in this game as well. The defense continues to impress. Our ability to create pressure is not a fluke and that will make us a D other teams don't want to play against. Been a long time since we have had a unit like that
  9. When was the last time we had 8 sacks in 1 game vs a p5 opponent?
  10. With brand ambassadors like Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes, how will Adidas survive?
  11. Who would have thought we would lead the nation in sacks after playing 2 power 5 opponents?
  12. Hasn't Deion coached Shedeur at every level up until this point? Watch him parlay this hype into being named the Dallas Cowboys next head coach and drafting his son first round
  13. Am I making fun of Colorado? I am laughing at the idea that someone doesn't have to coach even the great coach Prime. But yea we have devolved into making fun of those piss balloon tossing losers in Boulder.
  14. let's see how long that works out for him
  15. We had a decent start to the 3rd quarter too it was 13-7 with 6 minutes left in the quarter then we just got gassed
  16. Gaslight? You can't be serious lol. You are right I am wrong. Feel better now?
  17. Not saying it is there fault but even on the drive before this they were tacking better and playing with better energy. The last fumble was deflating. They have played a great game up until this point. What do you do when your QB is a sleeper agent sent to bring final destruction to cornhusker football?
  18. Defense gave up on that drive. Different energy
  19. We could come back but it doesn't change the fact Sims has gift wrapped a w for the Buffs at this point. Even if he puts the team on his back and brings us back out of this we cannot keep giving teams 3 turnovers every game. Don't care how talent he has.
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