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  1. Deion goes from having a significantly more talented team then everyone he is playing to having a less talented team than everyone he is playing. Even doing his best recruiting job he will only have marginally more talent than most of the teams he plays. The gap narrows so much it is what seperates the men from the boys in the coaching game.
  2. Only bad part for Deion is he is in the Pac. Its about to be B1G, SEC or bust
  3. If it was Snow why not announce it already. Snow also has been quoted as sayong he was gonna retire before Carolina
  4. At the end of the day we won't be in a worse position than Baylor was
  5. I think when its all said and done we are going to have a staff that will make high school prospects think "dang, these guys are going to turn me into an NFL player"
  6. We both know it was alot more than the chaw buddy
  7. Rhule is more professional than Frost. Period. That much is already clear. And frankly anything Rhule does or doesn't do has absolutely zero bearing on Frosts lack of professionalism.
  8. While this is true his results as an actual coach haven't been great imo. His lone year as OC for LSU they were bad on offense. Derek Carr is the best QB he has coached as an actual QB coach and the year he coached him was a bad year for Carr. Not super enthused about Peetz myself but he has been around some good coaches and he is young. Time will tell I suppose.
  9. Not trying to be a hater, but why is Peetz so highly regarded?
  10. Actually think he would get an exception for his last transfer due to coaching change so not sure he would have to sit.
  11. This is big time overblown imo. If Mickey stays he will be bought in to the new HC and if the players want to be a part of this team they will be too.
  12. Profile pic football also has hudl linked. I don't know the kid but seems like maybe he wants to play football?
  13. Good for him can't wait to watch him crush it at the next level!
  14. We just hit triple 7's with Rhule!

  15. Lmao what a joke. Urban got rejected from the NFL harder than Rhule!
  16. You were the one who mentioned pulling tail first man. YOU made that assumption first and that is the reason this whole conversation started in the first place.
  17. Came in strong just tired of the nonchalant attitude toward that behaviour but I understand jokes are just jokes Came in strong just tired of the nonchalant attitude toward that behaviour but I understand jokes are just jokes
  18. Just don't think the comment 'if he can get tail at 58 grind away' is appropriate considering he is married. But thats just me. Frankly him physically assualting his players is more concerning to me as a football coach.
  19. Except for the fact he has a wife. Wtf? Why would you say that?
  20. So that #1 class are all freshman then. You need at least a few of those types of classes back to back
  21. Is that why they get AA status, go to the NFL and stay in the NFL at a higher clip than 3 and 4 star guys? Obviously they can't hold a candle to the 2 star and under crowd but pretty sure 5 stars actually have a pretty high success rate when you actually look at the numbers
  22. Who is your suggestion? Urban Meyer?
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