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  1. Give me a break. If Hillary did what Trump did you would be screaming bloody murder Trump is scared
  2. If you didn't have time to listen or do better reading, a great thread on the contents of the Fruman/Parnas tape. It is very long so be prepared for that. Very interesting at multiple points not just the Yovanovitch comments
  3. Congress should ban a President testifying under oath? That is a strange position to hold. The President isn't above the law
  4. What an idiot. Don't lie on somebody if they have the receipts
  5. It's strange how he has been sorta championing for Bernie on twitter lately. Reverse psychology?
  6. Well considering it says specifically on the bottom of each page that it is NOT a verbatim transcript I know what I wouldn't call it.
  7. It goes much deeper than the perfect call. A thread
  8. Without a doubt. Incredible how disrespectful they are
  9. Kinda crazy Mills is the returning leading rusher in the west. He should improve on his numbers a fair amount one would think.
  10. I think he does have a solid plan to execute his ideas but your views here are entirely fair and well thought out. Thank you for sharing.
  11. An interesting article from the Kyiv post about Rudy Giuliani and the Ukranian 3 amigos https://www.kyivpost.com/article/opinion/op-ed/sergii-leshchenko-by-helping-giuliani-ukrainian-politicians-help-russia.html
  12. I mean WTF can be done about something like that? It is insane really and if nothing is done sets the stage for further abuse in the future.
  13. The timing of it is also pretty interesting
  14. I'm not sure if him telling Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman ""Get rid of her!" is what the voice that appears to be President Trump’s is heard saying. "Get her out tomorrow. I don't care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. Okay? Do it."" is referring to replacing her professionally. I think ABC just wants to be careful. But those words seem to insinuate more than firing.
  15. This is amazing. Fox and Friends is trying to protect Rudy from burying himself but he just keeps digging
  16. That recording could actually be really big. Apparently it came from Fruman which could imply he is also willing to cooperate. Obviously Republicans are oblivious to the evidence but it may be hard to bear corroborating evidence from Fruman as well. Who knows what he has on his phone if he was recording meetings in 2018.
  17. Right. I guess the only situation I could see where you could be cloned without your consent would be through illegal means so in most cases the clone should have inheritance rights of the donor. It is interesting though because what role does the scientist doing the cloning play in all of this? Specifically if that person is cloning people without their consent, that person should be liable.
  18. Depends what we mean by parent. If someone is letting themselves be cloned I'd say that's far different than hooking up with someone. You know full and well what the outcome will be as compared to wanting to just hook up with someone. The motivations are entirely different.
  19. I didnt vote because I'm not sure. I mean I suppose clones should have rights just like anyone else but I guess I have a problem with cloning humans in the first place. But that isnt really the fault of the clone themselves. Interesting topic. By parent do you mean the person being cloned?
  20. Yes but according to Trump defenders this morning it's coming from an anonymous source therefor it is made up fake news
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