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  1. If they can’t beat us with Rondale Moore and David bell. We should be fine going against the B side version of Rondale. Would be weird to see him go a bit closer to home and play in a not so pro style offense.
  2. Horizontal spread is run or pass. Same concepts at times. He is not going to move safeties out of the box to respect downfield pass concepts. The key to a successful spread offense depends on all areas being threatened every play. We don’t have a guy on our team to stretch it vertically. Wandale can stress the LB and underneath coverage and run fits, but when it comes to the shell of good defenses he is not too big of a threat. Frost scheme does a great job of getting him in spots to be successful for what we have at the skill spots.
  3. Horizontally yes. Vertically not quite.
  4. Hope he stays. If not oh well. Much bigger deal that CTB and other important defenders are back. wandale is good but he is 5’6 and doesn’t have great too end speed. He is better as a component piece than the focal point of an offense. He is not the best wr on any team in the west but us and maybe northwestern and wiscy. We will be fine if Omar is able to play and brown, Nixon and betts get going
  5. Like our QB could do when he had Stanley Morgan and JD Spielman. I dont care how good you are, it is hard to fit the ball into our 5'5 Slot WR that has the whole focus of the defense. Also, it is a little harder to throw the ball in a league that actually plays defense, so maybe he should stay in the big 12.
  6. N!!! Oh heck yeah. Welcome. Great day with Domann coming back and a new commit. Now let’s get a W nebrasketball.
  7. Imagine going back to 2016 and telling yourself that 5000 cardboard cutouts will fill memorial stadium as our Huskers face an 8 game schedule in 2020. crazy stuff happens. This team Is close to turning the corner. Louisiana beat a New Years 6 Iowa state team by multiple scores. It is not a huge deal to be concerned about mid major teams with nfl talent.
  8. Maybe. But teams also lose marginal RB talent to the draft bc the clock is ticking for those guys. Most portal kids you will pick up are fcs or D2 kid.
  9. Bootle is better than Lamar Jackson. CTB is better than bootle. Regardless of who our DBs are, as long as Fisher is in charge of the room we will be fine. Dude gets the most out of his room and players maximize the potential.
  10. Good call by bootle. He is not going to improve his stock by adding another year. He was the second best corner last year behind CTB. I like him and he is going to get a look at the next level. Best of luck and thanks for the time.
  11. Our offense is still legit when they don’t turn it over or get penalties defense is on the come still. I am quitting my job and applying for the special teams analyst job. Our special teams are horrible. Never seen anything like it.
  12. I like this strategy. So when they get ejected for targeting, our starters can come in. We should have been doing this all year.
  13. Love that route combo.. We ran the crap out of it in HS this year and was very successful. Ohio State runs this very well, but it helps when you have 4 NFL WRs running it.
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