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  1. swmohusker

    JUCO DT Jahkeem Green [Nebraska Commit]

    This. Coach Tuoti said he felt really good about 6 guys, but would like to have 8 guys that are ready to go. I dont think Daishon is going to be one of those guys, and Wildeman and Rogers are on track, but Green could fit in nicely to our rotation.
  2. swmohusker

    Way Too Early 2019 Depth Chart

    I usually agree that RB is the easiest position to come in and play, but in our offense the curve is a little more steep bc ideally our RBs can play a decent amount of WR too. Being able to play with great tempo and be locked into your assignment for a couple different positions and various motions will make it more difficult to learn than a typical offense. With that being said I think we will be as good, if not better at RB this year than we were last year. MW will take a big step, Mills can take some carries and Rahmir will be able to at least come in and perform similar to MW last year. Another piece that will help this group will be the guys blocking for them upfront.
  3. swmohusker

    QB Logan Smothers [Nebraska Commit]

    A time like that is pretty darn fast for a small meet in the middle of March. Usually time really start to drop as you get closer to conference, districts, sectionals, and state. We havent really done any speed training yet for our guys, we are just focused on building our base and working technique. Although I am not sure how much he will drop his time bc he is coming out of his indoor track season and should be in pretty good track shape.
  4. swmohusker

    OT Turner Corcoran [Nebraska Commit]

    OU CB from Demetric Warren
  5. swmohusker

    Big announcement coming?

    NW and Minn have brand new football facilities. NW's is beautiful. Iowa has a upgraded practice facilities. I think we have the a top 4 stadium in the conference, but the other areas are pretty even to the rest of the conference.
  6. swmohusker

    Spring Practice Notes

    I personally think LJ has came along way under this staff. He is not perfect, or a complete player yet, but he is bought in and only getting better. Just the fact that he is a player that younger guys look up to is a huge start from where he was. The hardest thing to do when teaching a corner to tackle is for him to want to tackle. Now that he is wanting to tackle, the rest is just a matter of time.
  7. swmohusker

    Spring Practice Notes

    Brant Banks looks like he could become a monster. Makes the rest of that group look short.
  8. swmohusker

    OT Roger Rosengarten

    Didn’t he visit us today?
  9. swmohusker

    Spring Practice Notes

    Did he have an ankle brace on?? JK!!
  10. swmohusker

    Spring Practice Notes

    Crazy how our Helmets only practices look more physical than Riley's full padded practices
  11. swmohusker

    WR Xavier Watts

    Curious what Iowa’s recruiting pitch was. Hey come here and play, sometimes we have 2 wrs on the field at the SAME time. Crazy
  12. swmohusker

    Huskers And The 2019 NFL Draft

    Nice 4.53 40 by Stan. Figured he would run mid 4.5 to 4.6. Look at what top recruiting classes can do Ohio st 3 wrs campbell 4.31 mcglaughlin 4.36 Dixon 4.41 rb Weber 4.41
  13. swmohusker

    ATH Justin Baker

    Weird school name. Kennedy Catholic, Wide Receiver, Cornerback must specialize in skill players.
  14. swmohusker


    Would be sweet. Raiding the big 12 for defensive talent with Daniels and kelly . Bold strategy.
  15. swmohusker

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    Confused? Kid has had 4 years straight of getting injured, but it is the strength staffs fault for putting on too much weight. Guy was 250 in his and was reported 270 now. That is not a crazy amount of weight to carry. What do we want the staff to keep him at TE? Not a space TE like the guys we want to feauture in this offense. Hope he he recovers well and wish nothing but the best for him in his future.