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  1. 1. No 2. Frost says he was. I will just have to take your word on it. 3. Doesn’t change offense but can challenge frost ideas and with ideas that fit into the concepts of this offense. Will be nice to have a wr coach/pass coordinator focusing on the pass game and austin focusing on the run game. Frost can be the bridge between the 2 to make decisions to best fit the offense. 4. I agree 5. Maybe. His resume is probably not as impressive as Lubbick. Not an OC. Recruits athletes to LSU which has never been an issue.
  2. Heard Dewitt is leaving too. Might bring back Dawson from the Giants.
  3. I think it is wrong. If you look at the list he is number 51, but is says 6 next to his name. edit. Nvm. I am an idiot.
  4. SWMOHUSKER Next make a petition to get rid of advertisements. My house can't possibly store anymore chlorox.
  5. They might try Lamar Jackson trying time guard Ja’mar Chase once. Couldn’t end any different than what has been happening.
  6. Sideways passes are a thing of beauty when you have the personnel to do it. But, what does most college coaches in the country know about attacking a defense
  7. Maliek was unbelievably quick and athletic coming out of HS. Nash should be a monster 2 gap, block eater.
  8. I say we grab. Bruce Read Aka (450) aka ( jump offside on field goals), aka ( too many men on the field)
  9. He had a hip procedure and isn’t released yet. He is there in attendance but not playing.
  10. Woof on this take. Take athletes over hitters any day of the week. Btw most athletes can hit too, similar frame to Keyshawn Greene. Tired of watching our LB grabbing air in space on outside zone on or looking like pigs on ice in pass coverage.
  11. We do use a FB. It is called the read key. Instead of blocking the end, we read the end. Instead of leading on and iso, we run a RPO. When you a bring a FB in the box, the defense brings in another player to defend the box. By being a spread team you can account for the FBs guy by reading a defender. It is riskier in the NFL bc teams don’t want to run the QB. In ncaa you can run the qb without as much risk of injury.
  12. Day is a good ball coach. I don’t know if he could have got Ohio state to where they are at talent wise, but I think he is good enough to keep them there. Going undefeated and having the type of season Fields had should hep attract top tier talent.
  13. Be interesting to see how mizzou does in the Lou now. I believe they hired Coach Luper who was involved in cam Newton’$$$ recruitment to Auburn to handle st Louis. Zeke Elliot had parents heavily involved. Lovie has tried by getting the HS coaches on staff. Not sure if you can maintain integrity and win the state of St. Louis
  14. Not true. Jamies was our best blocker and cam and Farniok would probably been right there for the next guy up. Our troubles were at guard. There are plays when he gets to the 2nd level and covers up LBs. Maybe he doesn’t pick them up and throw them over his head, but his athleticism flashes and you can see great potential in this one.
  15. Said Cam’s snaps were so bad that they lost him and AM not only the starting spot, but their positions, and quite possibly their sport. It is not outside the realm of possible that both of them are on the basketball team next year.
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