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  1. swmohusker

    DT Jamar Sekona

    Husker CB from a Nebraska writer
  2. swmohusker

    Huskers Hosting Transfer TE

    Nice pickup. Take from a B1G opponent and beat out Iowa for his services. Think he will come in and be a force with Allen next year.
  3. Sucks, but it seems like it happens every summer. This news will be nothing here in a few weeks.
  4. swmohusker

    DE Joe Moore

    Probably should be decently high in the board. Recently upgraded to 4 star on rivals and stock has been rising
  5. swmohusker

    RB Sevion Morrison

    Missouri CB by ou insider
  6. swmohusker

    TE Tommy Christakos [California Commit]

    Committed to Cal
  7. swmohusker

    Huskers Hosting Transfer TE

    Brad Pitt went to Kickapoo too
  8. swmohusker

    OLB ZionAngelo Shockley

    It is one thing to be the huskies. But to put a Wisconsin picture on our offer tweet is a new low.
  9. swmohusker

    Huskers Hosting Transfer TE

    Coached against him in hs. Kid was a stud. Solid 2 way player but has a high ceiling as a TE. The Rutgers offer came late Would fit right in with what we want at TE. Also be nice bc Iowa is real high on him. Could get better at the TE position and keep him from joining a division foe.
  10. swmohusker

    S Myles Farmer [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Haha. Just messing with you. Baseball all the positions are the same but pitcher and catcher.
  11. swmohusker

    S Myles Farmer [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    They are thinking safety/ or maybe a hybrid like domann
  12. swmohusker

    RB Sevion Morrison

    I don’t believe either Oklahoma school has offered. That will probably change if OU offers.
  13. swmohusker

    WR Xavier Watts

    I believe it is bc People think he is going to Notre Dame. They were in the playoffs last year. If we go out and play well and win 9-10 games while looking explosive on offense, I think he might have a tough decision to make.