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  1. Crazy stats. Seems like a good pick up. I would say Number 4 from Raleigh HS is a better player. He stood out in Malcolm's highlight tapes.
  2. That is a tough one. I would say Larry Johnson DL Coach.
  3. Probably tired of losing in state kids to A and M bc kids want to go play in the sec. Big enough brand for SEC to double up state of Texas.
  4. I agree. Also don’t think farmer would start on our line now. Might slide into that last guard spot but probably not.
  5. Not sure i see Nash pulling or climbing to second level defenders. I do see him being tough to move and penetrating double teams. Not to say he might not be good at OG, but think he could be a great interior DL for us.
  6. Big frame, good feet. Does a good job of fitting up on the second level. Big boy trying to skip pull and keep his hips squared up. If this kid didn’t need the weight room we wouldn’t get him. We are young and experienced up front with 4 of the 5 spots. Get a kid that needs to get stronger and can develop.
  7. It will be interesting to see how this effects the amount of money schools receive from boosters. Why give to the school when you can give directly to the athletes and get advertisement from your contributions.
  8. His offense will work in the B1G. Adjusting the personnel and tweaking the system is better than an identity change. Big year coming up. Hope it is a good sign for the WR room that captain and starter Kade Warner probably doesn’t see much fame time this year. The WR and RBs were deficient last year for any offense.
  9. If they were that good they would have went to bama.
  10. If he goes there he will have to learn how to fake being injured. Our DBs get ejected for trying to injure people. Easy choice here.
  11. Yep. Been close and outplayed all 3 of them at times. What has not developed?? The whole team? Every position is bad and not developed?? DBs, DL, LBs much improved OL, TE, OLBs improving WRs. Not great, but KW Left a size able hole in the roster. Talent there just young. RBs- not improved. Head scratcher really. QBs - TBD. Have been great when they have playmakers. Been avg to bad without. Big year for them.
  12. This class looks no different than a lot of Iowa, wiscy, and NW classes. They have been pretty competitive lately
  13. I know. Chiefs should have never drafted Mahomes. Didn’t win enough at Tech.
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