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  1. AM stats were against much better competition too. Future is bright
  2. swmohusker

    LB Seth Coleman [Illinois Commit]

    U put alot of weight into services. They are pretty spot on rating obvious guys. Chins explained it pretty well today in his press conference if u would like to watch it. I stated that he has a great frame and speed. Evidence is him chasing a wr done from behind 30 yards down field and covering kicks and running down kick returnees. His great frame comes from the fact that he looks like a power forward on the basketball team. Take that for what it's worth.
  3. swmohusker

    LB Seth Coleman [Illinois Commit]

    Great frame and speed. Raw in his technique but kid could be a player.
  4. swmohusker

    Northwestern Post-Game Presser

    I don't think so. Last year's team was defeated around the minny game. This team has some fight left in it, they just has set the bar for finding ways to lose games. Quite remarkable
  5. swmohusker

    Beaver tampering(not the good kind)

    Well... They got a full year to teach him the directions North and South, otherwise he will just be an average player.
  6. swmohusker

    S Jalani Williams

    Maybe that will change after their trip to Tuscaloosa Saturday night.
  7. swmohusker

    ATH Jalen Cropper

    Adrian Martinez's profile says he went to Clovis West not Buchanan HS. Probably knows the kid though and doesnt hurt to have a Freshman from that area playing well for us.
  8. swmohusker

    2018 Season Record

    I agree, but if we can win those then Mich state is very winnable too.
  9. swmohusker


    That is why Prince and Dennard struggled a bit to adapt to the NFL bc they were very physical with WR running their routes. NFL you can jam at the line but after 5 yards it is hands off.
  10. swmohusker

    Jurgens to Center

    Not a TE in this offense. Could be a 5 tech but as athletic he is, I think he could be a srid interior OL. Never thought of him playing in space on either side. He will be a bigger, more explosive stille.
  11. swmohusker

    Good bye Greg Bell

    If we see HS kids transferring it would be a little different. A JUCO guy transferring is not that big of a deal. He came here to play right away, and when they opportunity was slipping away he transferred. We have recruited a boatload of RBs and that spot was identified as a weakness thanks to ol Reggie Davis and his recruiting. They took a JUCO to try and fill that need immediately and it didnt workout.
  12. swmohusker

    ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Iowa (Game 12) **

    How sad and funny would it be if we end it in Iowa City to knock them out of the B1G title game.
  13. swmohusker

    5 reasons we beat da Badgers

    I think we beat them too..... in penalty yards and turnovers.
  14. swmohusker

    Wisconsin Week Pressers

    Looks like a Strength and Conditioning problem. I see a lot of (Right) body parts that are getting injured. Must be overtraining.
  15. swmohusker

    Huskers Hold Players-Only Meeting

    This.... It feels weird, but I feel optimistic about how this will all play out. Watching our past few teams play I never thought we would be much better than average. Even when we would win a game nothing looked like it would ever amount to much. Seeing the guys play this year I see flashes of something that could be pretty special, but it is not sustained for very long. That will change and things will take off for this team. Maybe not as soon as I was hoping but I can see a unity of purpose coming on this team, and if your are not N then they will get off the boat. Plus we have a QB that is going to be pretty special, that always helps things out.