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  1. That first clip is a joke. That DB should be ashamed of himself. What in the world was he doing. 9 yards off the ball and just drives the hitch. Looks like he has LB help short too and no one over the top.
  2. Thanks for posting the top schools up top. I don’t like watching those videos. Appreciate your work Mav!!
  3. Not failing and getting eligible for college are 2 entirely different things. Kids get low, but passing grades the first couple years of high school and then they can’t raise that gpa when they get older. Happens a lot with our kids. Really sucks when the kids don’t have great support at home and they can blow their opportunity with decisions they made when they were 14-15 years old. Lower the gpa the higher the ACT needs to be. Farther you get into Hs the harder the classes are that you are taking.
  4. Yes. Higher gpa the lower your act can be. I think if you raise your act by too many points (like 5 or more) you have to retake it to prove it. At least that is what I have been told regarding one of our athletes.
  5. It just show that there are many reasons to pick a school. Relationships, proximity, scheme, family connection to school, coaches, facilities, etc. etc. etc. Iowa has consistently produced good TE. We have a wide open offense and a staff he seems to have solid relationships with. I like our chances with Fidone. I think we can do better than Brecht but liked him as a prospect too. TE is a harder position to find than WR.
  6. Then you could make the argument of why would Brecht go to Iowa. Been below average at that position for quite awhile and depending on personnel they may only have 1 or 2 WR on the field at a time.
  7. If practices are pushed back and Omar manning is on campus for practice then it would be an advantage for us.
  8. Not quite. Jurgens was largely seen as an athlete who People weren’t sure where he would play at the next level. Some saw Jurgens as an LB,Te,DE, Fidone is a true tight end. Both were highly touted though.
  9. Not sure he would need to take an SAT. Most schools require gpa and act. ACT could follow suit though.
  10. What are the chances we have anymore spring practices this year?. I would say it is doubtful. I believe Duke and Kansas have already suspended athletic activities.
  11. You betcha. That would be a solid left side with Jamies and Farniok.
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