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  1. Yeah that is true. I bet the staff is like, hey this guy is kind of small and not real good at football, lets offer him. I am not saying this guy is going to be Lavonte, I am just saying that someone that size can be successful at the position.
  2. Will Jackson committed 4 months after signing day in June I believe. We were his only offer.
  3. Lavonte David came in about 6ft and 210. He was a decent football player. Not saying that this guy is lavonte, but that size can be successful at the college level.
  4. Playing 9 conference games probably has some impact on those numbers. Pace of play has a large impact on numbers Defense has been so inconsistent. Not as bad as it was under Riley, but there are times when they just can’t get off the field. Other times they look like a pretty solid defense.
  5. Love Cam coming downhill with bad intentions. I would much rather have to teach hat placement than want to.
  6. We needed one stop?? What about the first half when it should have been 24-7 and the whole game changes bc of the deficit. Defense just isnt good enough to shut a team down the entire game. Played well enough for us to have a comfortable lead, and force Purdue out of their gameplan.
  7. Really excited about Henrich and Hannah. Think they are capable of being B1G caliber LBs. Barry and Miller are not very good. Will see who we end up with in this class, but not chalking it up as a complete loss yet.
  8. Regardless, Noah has to take care of the ball and we live to play another down. It doesnt even look like passing is an option bc we have lineman downfield, but Noah looks like he is pulling up to try to throw it away.
  9. Sure hope none of the coaches say that they had a good, or their best practice today.. That will throw the fanbase into a frenzy.
  10. No way we accept his commitment if he is only 100% committed. He only rejoins the fold if he is 1000% committed.
  11. It is (was) alright to be excited about him. He seemed to fit the Duck position pretty well. His first year was hampered by injuries, and the next class our top prospect (Wandale) plays the same position, and is much better than he is. It is unfortunate that he looks to move on, but that is life. Also, doesnt help than the incoming Freshmen Nixon looks like he could shoot past him on the depth chart. That should be expected in college football if you are doing a good job in recruiting.
  12. Chins has another year to prove his worth. Last game was rough but it is obvious the areas we are deficient in right now. OU got rid of Venables, and now he is a defensive mastermind at Clemson. Coaching defense is much easier when you get some horses to run the system. Offense is easier to scheme and get a lot out of a little. Defense on the other hand will get exposed if you don't have the guys to run it.
  13. Not sure what Robinson's measurements are, but Simmons was a 24 foot long jumper and a 22 flat 200 kid. Simmons has elite athleticism for his size. With that being said, Clemson has enough future NFL WRs to move Simmons to LB. We are just about as thin at WR as we are at LB. Hope Myles Farmer can be a kid that can grow into an OLB for us
  14. Maybe Woodyard and M. WIlliams. Would have thought they would have made a little more impact than they have. Especially with how thin those positions are.
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