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  1. I agree. Heinrich is like a working mans trevor Lawrence (which is not a bad thing). Makes sense that Clemson was rumored to be sniffing around with him. Smothers can fly. Coach’s kid, played with cracked ribs, and has a pretty ball. He checks a lot of boxes. McCaffrey has a high ceiling too with legit speed. Not sure how well he throws yet but has the talent. AM was a Heisman dark horse until a myriad of issues hit our offense last year. Cant wait to see this play out and at the bare minimum I think everyone can agree out QB room will not be an issue moving forward. Which usually means wins will follow. Also appreciate the bold claim to steer the discussion to something more football related. 2020 sucks.
  2. Bold statement. Really like smothers. Luke and AM pretty good too.
  3. Arky must feel good about this. It would be like a second wife being reassured that these are my final vows.
  4. That’s crazy. We have been lifting, with limited numbers, but have been full go all June. No masks and small groups. We have had a few practices, but July is when we have about 14 contact days for football.
  5. True that. Living in the nations number 1 hotspot for Covid growth our city council just voted down mask ordinance. Unreal. We are just going to ride it out I guess.
  6. Cam was not a college TE. Or at least not nearly as good a TE as he will be a center. They made the right move. Fidone could be a freak of a TE at the next level.
  7. Fong bomb for N with a 7 confidence pick.
  8. Throw that article in the trash. It said our ILB play was a strength and our OLB play was weak. Both were not very good.
  9. It wouldn’t make a good 4x400 relay team. The weaker leg on our relay teams is around 53. It is solid for a LB body type. There is a HS kid from St. Louis this year that ran a 44 and had a shot to qualify for the olympics. Crazy to watch. He could beat some solid 400 meter relay teams.
  10. Can’t hold anything against a commit choosing to re open things right now. World is crazy and this is a big decision. I like Paul and think he is a baller. Fortunately we have been hot recruiting LBs this year. Wonder if this opens things up for martez thrower. Trade one Georgia LB for another.
  11. Might not have to worry about them. I have heard talk of only having a conference only schedule to shorten the season. Possibly 10 games. Would not be shocked if that is a direction that conferences go.
  12. Sharing the ball is different than sharing the field. If I am on the field I can get the ball. If I am not then I can not get the ball. Iowa runs a lot of 21, 12, and some 22 personnel. I agree with Ziebol that we will end up with better wrs in this class but if he wants to jump ship soon he would probably have a spot.
  13. Possibly, but I think we will be more than fine at the wr spot. He also spoke to the struggles of Nebraska and how much better of a spot Iowa is in. Would be hard to go back on that now. We will see, but if I was a wr I would have a hard time sharing time with a FB and TEs.
  14. Best of luck to this young man. Just a crazy situation but nothing is surprising anymore.
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