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  1. People wonder why they dont allow more access to practices for fans and media. 1 glimpse at practice and we fired a possible backup QB who is 19 years old and never really been through an offseason camp at this level. Logan's skillset is different than other QB's. He is a state level sprinter, so has some serious wheels. From all accounts he makes good decisions and gets the ball out quick. With talent around him at the skill positions he could be more than effective as QB at this level in our system. That is not to discount Haarberg or say he is better than Masker, but I am not willing
  2. I will take it. Bet it is low bc his recruitment might take off a bit after camps and whatnot.
  3. 100M is important, but I have seen the 200M help show who has top end speed. We have had some burners that arent great out of the blocks but are better 200m guys (11.1 kids but 22.00 200m). 400M shows who has a pair. Cant be a wuss and be a good 400 kid. I think 400M down is valuable for football kids. The LJ might be the best indicator for explosive athletes. Combination of speed and explosiveness to get vertical. .
  4. Not sure he is good enough to play there. But he is a hard worker
  5. Lol!! 100%agree. Dumb fans are everywhere. A few Mizzou players said that they had the worst fans in the league. When teams are struggling it doesn’t matter what you do fans are going to point fingers and complain about coaches, players, recruits, ADs, team sponsors, media members, Nike, under armor, etc.....
  6. haha.. LOL!!! Took me a sec.
  7. For sure. Also the best way to blow off some steam is to party it down and those were probably frowned upon bc your team might have to cancel games games. Just a weird year.
  8. We get to our second bowl In a row baby!! We politely declined our bowl bud this year. Don’t win the west but beat either Wiscy or Iowa.
  9. All for playing OU, but with tOSU, Mich and Mich St as crossovers this might not be the year to play them. This year is so important to get the win total up. We will have more than enough opportunities to play against the big boys this year. No need to also take on a game against OU.
  10. Option a: FB can block a guy from the other team. Option B : I can put an extra WR on the field and just read the guy the FB would block.
  11. Hard stances while acknowledging the strong counter argument. 1st year is the Best offense bc Riley recruited skills better than lines. OL is just getting its footing. Bobby d defense was not what you call moving to a 34 as in how it is coached. Maybe in recruiting it gave us a leg up. I think we had to reprogram those kids after the diaco disaster. Riley was worse than what we had. If pelini had rileys first year I think we have a shot at Indy with that schedule. Frost is better than what we had. Frost best year was bc of skills not OL but already s
  12. - Bc more than likely those big time arms are more than likely not from the Midwest. Can be, but more than likely coming from a coast. Bigger cities have bigger talent pools and also have some of the highest level of coaching. Some Big city programs (not all) will have a full varsity, JV and Frosh staff. Most Midwest areas you get what you get. - I have coached a RPO offense at the high school level. Simplify things and play fast. Make the defense react and make them base out. Not rocket science but can be complex with how you put people in conflict. We ran a pro style offense in college
  13. -Inexperience at the OL and DL was not his choice. Flat out didnt recruit at those positions well enough and it showed early on. -Not flying in year 4 may be a true statement. I will let year 4 play out before I make that judgment. -Coaching? I believe in our offensive system. When we execute and we are pretty good. Defense has been a pleasant surprise and am very excited for this season. Deep and talented and they are fun to watch fly around. This group has a very high ceiling. Special teams I will admit have been just awful They have been around here since Pelini took co
  14. I guess by Pro Style I mean bringing in a pure passing QB and OTs that can pass pro consistently. Harder to find a good enough QB that doesnt run and can just chuck the ball around. Also, Pro Style offenses have A LOT of verbiage and a much more difficult learning curve, so it harder for younger guys to play early bc of not only the physical demands but the mental too. A lot of NFL qbs are single side of the field readers and if they struggle to progress and work through the reads of pass concepts imagine how hard that is to do for College guys. Using a spread simplifies the game for the Q
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