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  1. Earlier, I felt he was and should be gone. I also refrained from posting it. Now, based on facts surfacing, I believe he should NOT be cut from team. Suspended yes, just like other violations. Coaches jobs are to help turn boys into men. Not always easy. Lessons learned. Again, this is based on if facts keep moving in this direction.
  2. Also, she still hasnt reported it as an assault. Her parents are just now "thinking" about pressing assualt charges. This very well could be a video guys sent him out of spite bc it was his ex. We dont know. NO WAY am I trying to say she is not a victim, but I also am in NO position to say he was completely in the wrong....any more than tons of teens with nudies. Imagine Washington seeing everyone INSTANTLY turning their backs on him without knowing entire story. Family?? Again, IF he is guilty of malicious intent, or malicious felony, then narrative changes, but how about innocent until proven guilty !
  3. After reading a handful of updated articles by writers, I have softened my stance a little. Let's remember that he dated her, received a video of some sort, which he apparently didn't know was claimed to be non-consensual. The guys in video were NOT charged with assualt, even after everything came out. She contacted him, he pursued her and he was pissed, so he immaturly, sent video. As a teacher in a hs, these type of pics are sent daily, meaning, if caught, many,many kids would face the same felony. I am not excusing him, nor supporting him, but I can not believe people have thrown him out already without knowing what actual intent. The kid who actually participating in the act and actually filmed it, sending it to Washington only got probation. Some are acting like he should be locked up. C'mon, get some facts and think about entire picture.
  4. People asking about Minnesota. They finished strong, may beat us if they make qb change earlier in game. They were missing arguably their 2 best players. Missing their best db, whom may make tackle on 2 long runs where db took horrible angle on Devine. We also play up there, which hasnt been good in recent trips. I think we win, but those discounting Minnesota are drinking way toooo much koolaid, laced with vodka.
  5. Cam will likely redshirt due to his injury. I know that he threw at State meet, but had to adjust everything because he isn't healed. They will not "risk" further and possible career effecting injury by hurrying him back. Hampton is curious? A lot of factors. Maybe he wasn't good fit. Maybe he didn't show SF and Co. the work ethic on/off field that they wanted, maybe off field, academic concerns, ....... Just maybe, he was a perfect fit and did absolutely everything right and just feels like he wants to head closer to home. Any of the above is probably the reason, but fact is, he is no longer here. Wish him luck !
  6. Both "should" be back. Neither one will be a first round pick. JPJ may possibly sneak into late first round, but won't be projected there. I am a huge Hoya fan too, so I have followed Copeland. He isn't ready. JPJ may leave, but Copeland would be making huge mistake. Neither will transfer again, so I am predicting that at least 1 is back and a strong possibility that both return.
  7. Not the day we needed, but not going to even begin to analyze it until we win tomorrow. Irrelevant if we dont take care of business
  8. Win next 2.... in Go 1-1 in next 2... iffy at best Lose next 2....NIT This seems to be sentiment among most local and Big 10 hosts
  9. Probably has been pointed out somewhere in the last 10 pages, but to further "complicate" matters, Nebraska really needs to benefit from "favorites" winning their conference tourney. Upsets, that let lower level schools gain automatics will kill any chance we have. Nebraska needs the conference tourneys to hold status quo.
  10. I really think it is the offensive line. I know that not many new faces, but they will develop the talent that is here. 2 years ago, we had a fantastic offensive line class. Time for them to show up. I think this staff will actually reap the benefits of the prior staffs recruiting at this position.
  11. You are correct about recruiting a JUCO to not sit the pine. Question is..... how good is he? Frost and Co. haven't even seen Wilbon, Ozigbo, Bryant other than film. I would venture to guess that 1 of those 3 would be a top ranked JUCO back if they went that route. Who is to say that those 3 aren't better than Bell. If Frost and Co. are saying they will play the "best" guy regardless of age, then it seems to me that every guy will get a fair shake, regardless of how and when they were recruited.
  12. This probably sums up my thoughts
  13. This is probably talked about elsewhere, but I didn't see the obvious thread. Interested in seeing people's opinion. I was listening to USC on 1620 last week and this discussion came up. They debated on whether or not Miles needed to make the tourney to save his job. At first, I was a bit shocked to even hear this discussion. One guy, said that there was way too much upside to this season for Miles to be gone. We were picked near the bottom of the Big 10, yet have worked all the way to at least the "bubble", currently 4th in Big 10. He was "iffy" in his arguments, but stood with Miles staying. The other guy was STRONGLY opposed to keeping Miles unless we made the tourney. He said that every year, it is the same song and dance. Everyone is always looking to "next" season. With the Big 10 being down, and the possibility of Palmer and Copeland leaving early, that this may be their best chance. He was stood strong on saying Tourney or bust for Miles. I am not sure what to think. I believe that this team has proven to be much better than predicted. Miles has held this team together through distractions on the inside and out. The schedule wasn't kind with games stacked and then long lay-offs. Again, I think that we should expect to be in the dance each year. Opinions ?
  14. 1 Memorial...... Stadium address He got news on Caleb Tannor and tweeted that.
  15. YESSSS ! This is huge. At least we got one of our guys to get after QB !!! Welcome to Nebraska !!
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