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  1. Furthermore, if this has any truth, he should probably leave now. I am as excited about Luke as as anyone, but this whole scenario stinks to high Heaven. Frost will no6 be held hostage by the notion he may lose him if he does not start. Game over. I just had a hs kid transfer bc he may not be starting qb. The kid would have also been our starting lb on defense. As a coach, I didnt lose any sleep.
  2. HANC

    ILB Seth Malcom

    Nice observation. He is definitely leaning away. Almost like, "okay, you're invading my space"..... or in pure Fleck fashion, he probably did 1000 jumping jacks or push ups and is deodorant didn't hold up.
  3. Would have agreed a week ago.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised to see Iowa seal it this weekend.
  5. HANC


    Personally, I like the hire a lot. He has a great track record and Frost is comfortable with him. I have said many times, that he is a smarter hire that Joseph at this point in time. Joseph may become a fantastic coach, but after 2 losing seasons, Frost can not "gamble". Not sure what everyone wants. We have to remember, that as much as most of us love, live, breath Nebraska football, we have to come to grips that the glory years are far long ago. These recruits haven't even seen a very good program for over a decade. This goes for coaches too. Getting certain coaches to come here isn't as easy as we may want to think.
  6. HANC


    You are spot on. It is the stress and the fact that these coaches didnt spend time with their children before they were in their 30s and potentially providing grandchildren. The stress is self induced to succeed. Unfortunately families suffer the by product. There comes a time, graduations, marriages, grandchildren and health scares that begin to make coaches realize what they missed. This is when they stop to spend time with the ones they unintentionally due to the stress to succeed. But, coaching is in their blood, almost relatable to an addiction (not trying to minimize actual life threatening addictions), because the coach finds out that they are lost without it. This typically draws them back. So you are right, stress is the primary reason for getting out, but it is also the reason they need to make up for lost time with family, which in turn makes that excuse valid. Trust me.
  7. HANC

    Kudos to SF

    Question is...did Walters leave for another job or was he let go. The fact that another job hasn't even had smoke, I would guess SF realized we haven't had good WR play I really believe Lubick was his first choice. SF paid him for analysis last season, so he obviously values him and was giving him $ Not sure how it immediately helps offense. I agree with you there. His recruiting record will be an upgrade and as he teaches, we should see improvement. Again, wasnt awe struck with Walters anyway. Lubick hire was good. Only reason why Joseph was remotely "sexy" was because he is former player and LSU had success this year, which is more Joe Brady than anything. LSU has always had great WR, well before Joseph. He may be great coach, but Lubick has proven record. Better hire than Joseph at this point. No one is a bigger "homer" than me, but I am but I am not sure why everytime we have opening, former players get more love than proven commodities.
  8. Just put that in OL topic. Ha. Does this open more scholarships they can offer now for the Feb signing day or does it not count until next year?
  9. Raridon no longer listed on roster. Neither is lb Jefferson.
  10. I have been on the record on this board on support of Williams and others are not. With that said I would shocked if Williams is even considered. SF has thrown the previous staff under the bus so many times, it is obvious that he has as much disappointment as the fan base. I cant see him going back and hiring a member of that regimn, regardless of what the individual may or may not bring to the table.
  11. HANC

    Kudos to SF

    Spot on imo
  12. HANC

    Kudos to SF

    Regardless of how you interpret the moves, SF has parted ways with 2 guys he initially brought with him. In turn, basically saying that his initial plan didn't work as planned. Swallowed pride and pulled trigger. This is where some past HCs have failed miserably. I was hoping SF ego wouldn't get in the way, and apparently it hasn't! Good for him. Makes me even more optimistic for the future.
  13. On LJS. Being reported on radio and Journal Star.
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