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  1. I posted a few weeks ago about it trending that way but sounds like it is going to happen. I am out of state and have heard of kids looking. A ton may transfer.....but, flip side is that once the Big Dog falls, dominoes may follow.
  2. Omaha Public Schools set to announce no Fall sports. Superintendent informing Board of Ed today. Ouch. Not good sign for HS football in State
  3. I believe Omahs public schools just suspended all practices for fall sports until first day of school. Not a good sign
  4. Screw the stars..age old debate. His offer list says enough for me. Most of those teams are better than Nebraska right now nd if they offered.....
  5. It could be worse if he is paying his own way and not an OV. It's not like an easy trip down the road. This is the first time I am worried about him going anywhere other than Nebraska.
  6. We did not get a vote of confidence from our State association for HS football. Says proceeding as if we will play but that could change daily. Said they are working on plans for a number of things including late start, short season, stoppage during season or cancellation. Cited Big 10 and Ivy league. Add Pac 12 and Patriot league today.
  7. Paul Finebaum says 25% chance of season and that is with any good news in next 2 weeks. I understand he does not know anything, but he is in heart of sec country
  8. Correct ! Our HS team camp at local small college, just got cancelled today, just a week after the staff at the college sent emails insuring us they were ON. Todays message says medical staff and admin have great concerns. Not saying the college is wrong, just pointing out that regardless of hope and determination of things happening, when push comes to shove, no football
  9. Opens July 1 with guidelines of 10 or less including coach. Masks required if spotting or performing a spotted lift. With only a month to lift and most of that would be spent in the base phase, we are meeting outside and doing strong man stuff, and football related movements.
  10. I am impressed you have 2 beach houses. I just bought a lake hut and as you and I agreed on earlier, I would also bet my gut that the HS season will not see week 5. In fact, may not get started. So very sad. I just dont know about ncaa. At this time I say no. Definitely full stadiums will not exist. Medicine and facts will prevail over politics. My brother had it, so I know it is for real.
  11. You are spot on. With football being a contact sport, everyone is in close proximity of almost everyone else. Not only on your team, but opponents. One player from either squad test positive, more than likely both teams may have to quarantine. Let alone huddled, team meeatings and locker rooms that aren't designed for social distancing (hs). Parents have pulled kids and will pull kids to not only protect student/athlete, but themselves and other potentially at risk relatives. Dont want to sound bleak, but as far as HS is concerned, I am worried about the season taking place. This will be a player/parent issue more than media/politics.
  12. I am guessing we will begin our HS season and it will come to a screeching halt near mid-September. We went back to HS baseball/softball bc it is played in summer in Iowa. Teams have already dropped their team due to players contracting and rest of team in quarantine. In football a 14 day quarantine everytime a player or coach gets diagnosed, more than likely cost 2 games and 8 practices.
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