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  1. This may be one of my favorite posts ! I couldn't have expressed it better (or I would have Sat - Mon)
  2. I dont disagree with your thought process.
  3. Not sure why Vedral didnt play. His back up got a nice win, so we may not see him.
  4. I think we are pretty much on the same page. I do not like his pressers....blaming players,living in past,etc....I also question play calling, emotion, etc. Absolutely coaches are able to make more progress with less. It is time to start seeing something. His biggest mistake was his staff. It will come down to how willing he is to make more changes.
  5. I did not read or hear this officially, but I think someone mentioned the Big 10 will try to avoid rematches outside if the championship game if possible. Is this the case?
  6. I think it is well documented that I am not a Scarlet glasses wearing person. I also said in a post that I would not die on this sword because I don't feel extremely strong either way. I just think that there's not enough to say Mel Tucker is a better Coach right now. I do realize I misspoke saying to went 2-0 because he was only there in 2019. I am just not sure the sample size is large enough. He had the luxury of having one of the best all-around players in college football along with a fifth-year senior at quarterback. Michigan State was a dumpster fire when he took over this year. I don't
  7. I am not going "die on this sword". I wont firmly argue, I too think it is way too early to say Tucker is definitely better. Time will tell. I explained my philosophy about the NW and Iowa games....I think each game is independent of each other to some extent.....home-road, rival, let downs
  8. Under this this philosophy, Don James is a better coach than Tom.
  9. Understood. Yes, he had won both head to head. If AM doesn't get hurt....a lot of circumstances. I like how we base conclusions on such a large sampling.
  10. Not sure I would go there yet. MSU has gotten run out of the building by Iowa, a team that we played toe to toe with in a rival game....yes they beat NW and we did not. If you look at NW game, we had every chance to win. Play calls weren't reason, in game execution by players. This week, NW coming off emotional win vs Wiscy, let down on the road. Just because a record is better doesnt mean coach is better. We have been much more competitive than MSU. If you go back to SF first year, we were even more competitive then...so, no, I wouldnt anoint Tucker, unless I was just making pure
  11. Nate was out. Hopefully ok. Sloppy fight as you expect from celebrity. That us when people get hurt.
  12. Looks like Nebraska vs Rutgers or Nebraska vs Michigan
  13. We might in the crossover. I dont believe they allow rematches, so no psu
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