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  1. He beat #2 Louisville while at Western Illinois. Was their Friday guy. Tried to battle through minor arm injury and era inflated a bit. Went Juco bc he wanted to play bigger. Fastball jumped from 88 to 95 with great spin rate. Had interest from many Big 10 schools, plus others. Probably be mid inning guy to begin with.
  2. To finish or to be near Top 40 with the low numbers to begin the cycle, along with having a horrible run with our record, is somewhat amazing. Only about a month ago, the sky was falling in regards with recruiting.
  3. You guys are right in theory. We haven’t shown we can beat Illinois, Purdue, etc…. But realistically, although Rutgers and Maryland aren’t gimmes, they are “easier” and more winnable than OSU, PSU. With OU, Wiscy at home, the schedule is “easier”.
  4. Any word on if Allen showed up this weekend and if so, how visit went?
  5. I may be dead wrong, but this is exactly how I feel also. I honestly can’t believe that smothers is even sticking around for the spring rather than getting his foot in the door somewhere else
  6. This is exactly why some of us said weeks ago Purdy already has leg up on Smothers. He is Whip’s guy.
  7. You have valid examples. Can anyone give specific examples of how or when Casey Thompson has neglected these? The point was CT was too cocky
  8. Frazier to this day was the cockiest QB we have had, and to this day may be the greatest. Most of his teammates weren’t fans bc of his arrogance and cockiness. It did end up affecting his coaching career, but not as a player.
  9. Based on how you finished with the ….Hmm, you sound concerned? Don’t be. Nothing to see here. Honas was going to struggle seeing time and Wynden was a Tuioti guy. Not surprised at all with him leaving.
  10. The Big 10 will have to adjust to us.
  11. I truly believe the SF has two years. His hires need at least two years to teach and implement. Trev is smart and understands this. Nevertheless, if there’s a repeat of 3 to 4 wins, There will be a lot of outside pressure to pull the trigger, rightfully so. I also agree that a bowl game should be the lowest bar, and I am a SF supporter.
  12. Allen is now visiting? My goodness, how many rb are we going to grab. I say, 1 more, if Allen wants in. He could be prize get.
  13. That is a correct way to explain it. I am not sure if Purdy is better than Smothers???? But, if they don’t get him, they may end up with neither, if Smothers bails if he isn’t starter. I think they are covering bases, which is NOT what they did when they went after Luke. Lesson learned. In today’s world, you better plan on kids taking off rather than sitting around
  14. The thing with Purdy is that according to reports, he understands that he is the guy of the future. That doesn’t mean that he won’t come in and bust his a$$ for the starting job, but if he is number 2-3, will stick around. Smothers would be on his 3rd year on campus and if he isn’t number 1, not sure I see him thinking it is ok to sit behind Thompson for 2 more years. That would be year 5. I think the staff believes this and is building depth, thinking that Smothers bails if not number 1. I am not saying that he won’t be the starter, but if not, he is leaving, which is why they need Purdy.
  15. Wonder if he will still sign, then show up in Summer like some of the other recruits
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