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  1. I thought all along that I remembered that wrestling had something to do with Title IX more than anything else. That was necessary with the move to DI. I feel better after reading that post that I am not completely losing my mind.
  2. Thought I saw on Twitter he was ranked 6th
  3. This is 100% why SF gets 2 more years, especially on the heels of paying Moos his retention bonus, even when he isn’t retained.
  4. Bingo !! But, that was then and this is now. Ideas and goals don’t change scenarios do. That is the way 10000% of the administration, coaches and fans feel. SF didn’t let the program slip to this level, others did, including ADs. No, SF has not brought us back to any extent, but I believe Trev gives him at least 2 years to see what happens. With this years schedule, who knows, next year will be put up time or time is up.
  5. Personally I had become a fan of Klassy and was rooting for him, but Trev is just fine. I understand that people close to the UNO wrestling program harbor I’ll will and I get it. With that said, anyone saying that programs here are in danger don’t have a clue. Some people b!^@h just to b!^@h. Completely different scenarios. I
  6. This is great news. Entire class in tact. If Hallmark stays, it will be prob best we could’ve asked for, especially with transfer
  7. Please be Trev or Klassy. Let Cook coach his top ranked recruiting class
  8. Indiana has it rolling right now. Agree with you
  9. Aren’t we building a brand new, huge facility that took tons of public relations and $$, we hired one of hottest coaches at the time in fb and bb, we got Bolt to come back, now Childress. All along watching the vb team win and recruit at a high level. Think Green and athletic department are doing just fine.
  10. Amen. After many years of coaching 11 man, we went to 8 player for a number of years and went back to 11 last year. We decided to implement zone. Our backs and team struggled mightily. Major adjustment
  11. Agree, not arguing, but maybe kid was set on playing offense. Truly wonder if Jurgens signs with Nebraska if they would’ve recruited him as a center
  12. See Micah Riley thread. Not a panic here. Really hate seeing awesome in state guys leave, TE is not a position of great need and I think kids also see that.
  13. Any school that can show athletes that they can earn a crap ton of $$ because they will get big time boosters to support their financial endeavors will have a DISTINCT advantage. Any recruit walk in and see that a successful player is making X amount here but only making a smaller amount somewhere else, will be a huge determining factor.. $$$ talks
  14. Funny you used “out bid”. I used the same wording in a conversation this morning. College athletics is now a bidding war
  15. 2 years in my opinion. We could actually be better and “make progress “ without an improvement on record. Depends how people judge improvement.
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