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  1. TT came to our school last fall to recruit our 3* DT, who went DI. We are nowhere close to California. He did a "decent" job here. He didnt knock our socks off, but I thought he was personal and left good impression. Granted, pretty sure our kid wasnt a HIGH target, so I know that under those circumstances we didnt see him go all out. Would like to see TT close a few big timers.
  2. I agree with this entire post. Lol on the KJ coincidence
  3. Just stating that the winning and losing may have played a major part as stated.
  4. Regardless of what he chooses to say publically, Keagan was close to Walters and when he left is when a shift occurred. Not saying that Lubick didn't sweep in later and left a great impression, thus off-setting the initial reaction. I am sure it played a part early, but can absolutely get behind the fact that results on the field are beginning to really hurt recruiting in certain areas.
  5. Dies this mean it isn't Nebraska. It doesnt cost 75k / year to attend UNL. A few schools on his list may be closer to that.
  6. We need to remember that none of these kids see Nebraska as a power house program. If the math adds up, ever since they have been alive, we have been basically irrelevant on the National stage. Kids want to win, kids want to dream of NFL. This program needs to win. It is a vicious cycle. In-state or not, the past and history means squat. Relationships!
  7. Lol. I friggin hate Iowa. Hopefully Frost can save this one.
  8. I absolutely agree with you. Just sharing what I have been told. I know it has gotten some play locally.
  9. Hopefully Frost will pull magic here, but maybe too far gone. By visiting with people close to situation, he had great relationship with Walters. Another thing that hasn't gone unnoticed among the highly rated metro kids is the "look" of the staff. Without stating the obvious, we fire 2, hire 2. Take a look at the picture. I hadn't put it together until it was brought to my attention. Whether we choose to go down that road or not,the local recruits have gone there and it has hurt a bit.
  10. I thought it was awesome. Fun to watch. Old names. Matt D was great. Only if some of those names where truly in the "spring game". Think the Frazier kid will be ok.
  11. Whether or not he is or isn't a major get or loss, the fact that we are struggling to lock up some of the most highly rated kids within a stones throw of Lincoln is a little concerning. Not alarming, but definitely worth noting.
  12. This Fidone's thread, so I will try to stay true to that. With that said, I am not using a friends or friends of friends for info. on KJ. Unless you specifically talk to him, I am notsure of your confidence. I truly hope you know him personally bc that would be awesome to hear he is heavy N. Just not what I am hearing from those very close to situation. Now, back to Fidone. I have no information at all here. I am just basing this one in gut feeling and opinion. Again, he grew up Husker fan, close to Lincoln. I just know what Iowa has offered and done with great TE from the local area (Iowa-Nebraska). This is why I say 50/50.
  13. It is pessimism. I friggin hate Iowa. I am pretty sure I am not wrong. It is situations like this that cause me to not put a lot of stock into CBs, especially this early. Makes me wonder who they are actually getting information from.
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