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  1. Still missing a true point. Until we get a true point, we will struggle. Banton isnt a point, not a great passer. No true point coming in at this time. Put Marcus Zegarowski on this team and it would get real interesting in a hurry
  2. UNO may win the Summit?? My nephews play for Western Illinois. They aren't a power house by any stretch, but I just watched them beat #4 Loiusville, and play the other two games tough. Summit could be interesting.
  3. Dont disagree, but I really began to wonder when FH cleared bench and he didn't play. Made me think injury or doghouse too
  4. Purdue 2019 They played without any of their offensive weapons, including almost down to 4th or 5th QB. Injuries during game. We had ball inside 2 yd line and cant get an inch. This was pathetic Purdue team and it was horrible loss. Maybe the worst team we have list too.
  5. Someone must have told him he could be the next Lamar.
  6. Playing much better. Doing the things Cook said were the difference. Not allowing as many aces and blocks.
  7. I asked about him in another thread a out a month ago. I wont be shocked if he doesn't end up back here at some point.
  8. If we were winning, these "Omaha kids" would grow up dreaming of playing in Memorial Stadium. The fact that they have not seen a winner in their lifetime, combined with all the turnover and negative talk by local media, national media, and social media have led them to dream different dreams. Plain and simple.
  9. Ha. Good thought, but they wont even let me float across the boarder to fish, I dont even want to step on land there, just float on boat. Canada may be the last place to let people in.
  10. We all want to win the local recruits ! But, we also need to remember that these kids have not seen a winner in Lincoln in their lifetime. Furthermore, they hear all of the negative rhetoric from everyone. In this time, unless a kid grew up in a Husker loving family, they really have no strong ties. It comes down to winning. It also comes down to kids who want to play for Nebraska, regardless of their home address.
  11. I dont disagree, but I said last year that some of his former class/teammates have said he isnt interested in Nebraska. One thing I o know is that the BW coaches are very honest with college coaches. They told SF that Johnson was going to Iowa. My guess is they have basically told SF, that Riley isnt interested. Knowing what we have in the 20 class, he isnt in a panic. Would be nice to land the best local players though.
  12. Thank you for doing my footwork. Prob just being antagonistic over nothing.
  13. I wish, but that happened once, whereas Wiscy has run us ragged basically everytime out. Not sure your correlation
  14. Oh, I absolutely see progress, just wanted to point out that no matter how good or bad Wiscy is, they are guaranteed to put up unreal rushing numbers against us.
  15. We also didnt play Wisconsin, who typically hangs 500 rushing yards on us. Lol.
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