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  1. Easy knee jerk reaction is HH. I too was calling for a change during the CU game. Sims WILL be the starter when he gets healthy. We can debate it, but it is very clear that Rhule and Co see more upside with Sims. HH played well enough to beat a min power 5 school at home. You can’t compare that to 2 power 5 schools on the road. He did not drop a snap or throw a dumb pick, which is a HUGE upgrade. He also missed a handful of zone read’s which would have been big plays. I actually hope that Sims is healthy enough to play next week, so we can all compare apples to apples…. Because if he turns ball over at home vs non power 5 team, then it is an easy decision and the arguments for Sims should be put to rest.
  2. You may be absolutely correct, but I will push back a little. I have coached for many years, and my philosophy is that the HC (or in this case the OC) needs to take the blame in public and hold guys accountable in the locker room and practices. I would cringe listening to SF throw his players under the bus in the press. Good LEADERS know when to take the blame (even if it isn't deserved) and when to deliver it. I see this statement as great leadership skills rather than a negative. He actually points to Sims in the final sentence, which is very clearly states that Sims plays a role . Now, we don't know what is being said / done in meetings or practice, so for what it is worth, you may be right.
  3. Just as a few have pointed out, he isn’t trying to recreate a rival, but he IS playing to the fan base who still hates Nebraska, just like our fan base dislikes them, or Texas for that matter. It is a big game for them, home opener, and he is bringing back the type of stuff that McCartney did, which their fans loved. PS- I agree with JJ…. Let them lose every game, each and every year…lol
  4. People seem to love Rhule’s grasp of, and willingness to lock onto Husker traditions and researching the glory days. Amusing that when other coaches do it, we question why, or poke fun. This is Prime reaching back to McCartney days, hence their glory days. This is straight out of Mac’s rebuild of CU. I hate CU, they are right behind Iowa on the puke meter… but can’t fault Prime for doing what we applaud Rhule for doing.
  5. I truly understand the sentiment from the OP…. But I gave pretty much the same argument as @Mavric earlier this spring/summer when someone posted a tweet from Joel Klatt suggesting that the Big 10 may consider kicking teams like Nebraska out… not happening!!! Period…for the exact reasons pointed out. Fan bases = viewers…. Viewers = $$$$$… bottom line, regardless of record, the fan base will continue to bring in $$$$$.
  6. Iowa is currently on their “Dead Week”, with absolutely no school sponsored events of any kind. Most kids and coaches use this time to vacation, especially those kids who play summer sports. Next week will involve many schools put on their own “camps”, which a legal way to kind of begin the process before the season officially kicks off Aug 7
  7. Yikes! This isn’t good from any opposing team. This guy can coach defense!!! Any team and staff would benefit. He will only be there a year, but he joins a team that has become fairly scary in the recent past
  8. Interesting though ! That is pretty early. Due to weather assuming?
  9. This is the same as Iowa. We run same schedule, with a small few playing week 0, which is the week prior
  10. Agree, but he hasn’t even been here a year. All of this is in about 7 months.
  11. Absolutely!!!! With the oline being horrible, happy feet is a survival technique
  12. Sounds like a LOT more up than down. Currently second after day 1 isn’t too shabby. Still on pace to getting his 4th *
  13. Pretty sure it’s Nebraska. Some rumblings about this possibility quietly surfaced a few weeks back..although, it was still a surprise to see it come to fruition. Those same rumors were suggested last season too, so people were holding their hopes to a minimum. She automatically puts us in the mix. With a 1.0 career era against better competition than what she will see a majority of her time here, means that if we just manage a 3-4 runs a game, we will have the chance to be really good
  14. In his project starting line ups there are only 4 sr… 3 on offense and 1 on defense. Didnt realize that we were so young
  15. Not trying to be argumentative against you personally, but has any former player other than Joel Klatt even mentioned this asinine theory? Klatt, was an average quarterback, and played in a completely different conference . He has absolutely zero influence among media members, especially as far as the Big Ten is concerned. He even mentioned that the whole thing is not very plausible. I do agree that in this day and age, no one knows what goofy things will happen. But one thing for sure is that money will always prevail, and the type of revenue that Nebraska Fanbase brings to the table makes this entire notion completely ridiculous.
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