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  1. I wasn’t disagreeing with you. Absolutely agree on the masters degree. I regret not staying and getting mine. If you can get it free then take advantage of it. Just thinking that at his age, injuries, marginal nfl talent that he is probably done but your point is 100% spot on
  2. Is he after his master’s ? If so, go get it for free. He just passed the torch of walking with a wheelchair participant during the Team Jack event to Nick Heinrich. They both walked walked this year but interview sounds like Nick will be the participant’s walking partner for upcoming years. Kind of hints that Honas will not be a husker next June.
  3. I get the 6th year stuff but he will be looking at being 24-25 years old and probably very marginal nfl talent at best before coming off of major injury. He would have to really love the game or be extremely intrinsically motivated to want to take on those challenges rather than moving on with his life. With that said, I feel horrible for him and as a fan, would love to see him back for a 6th season. Not sure I see it happening though
  4. Not sure he will come back. Wasn’t this year in question bc of his extra COVID year? Next ear would be year 6, yes or no
  5. Correct. Those who want Bolt to stay, which I would assume is almost everyone, should feel fairly secure. Things would have to go south in the coaching search for Bolt to be considered, IMO. As others have pointed out, rumor is that he isn't on their short list. They are looking for a splash hire and will check out many bigger fish before falling back to Bolt.
  6. Meh.... I hate losing guys, but in reality we only lost 650 yards of production ! Mills graduated like everyone eventually does. Almost everyone on here didn't think Robinson belonged in the backfield and McCaffery was a QB. Thompkins generated a whopping 24 yards. I was (am) a fan of all of these guys. I truly wish each one of those guys were still on the team. Thompkins is snakebitten, and that stinks. Time to develop a true RB and create a stable that will feed itself year after year. Too much time wasted on experiments with Robinson and trying to utilize Luke as a QB, w
  7. This may all be related to "expectations". Everyone has/had high hopes for Smothers and probably still should. Maybe he isn't as ready as some had hoped and with a class C level athlete at Nebraska, especially at Quarterback, many think "project". These assessments may be relative to expectation level.
  8. Any other info on other early enrollees at LB?
  9. That schedule was pretty easy, with being mostly lower tier DI schools which included northern teams such as NDSU and SDSU. The California team we played, was in Lincoln. Once we hit the Big 12, we took a pretty good beating. I for one thought we would move into the Big 10, with other schools located in the north and dominate.
  10. I would expect this year to be our best start. Typically we travel to the south and west coast and play better teams who have been practicing all winter. By the time we reach Big 10 play, we are saddled with a losing record and a confidence issue. This year, that couldn't happen.
  11. Do I want Nebraska to play OU. Absolutely ! For my own selfish reasons. Did I initially think it was a bad look? Absolutely ! Now, for reality. For everyone on here (including me), pi$$ing about the optics, that also know that we are not close to OU's level, please don't flood the board when we get smacked. Yes, in order to be great, you must beat the great teams. First, you must learn how to win and that rarely happens on a consistent basis if you always line up against the best (which the Big 10 is typically loaded). Nothing wrong with getting teams on the schedule that are
  12. Absolutely no surprise. Writing on the wall for some time now. Best of luck to him.
  13. We will be above .500. There is my optimism. Hey, if we "run" from OU and schedule Iowa Western CC, then I become even more optimistic.....YUCK
  14. If true, I just don't understand !! I would say that yes, OU will beat us handily, and I am the one that gets hammered for being optimistic. I would say that 99% of HB says OU will destroy Nebraska. That is NOT the point. Play the game. Step on the field against anyone, regardless of potential outcome. Wonder what the "buyout" of the contract would be? Obviously $$$ talking here, because any AD or Coach would not suggest this on a competitive basis.
  15. With names like Leipold, Fritz, Norvell, Holtz on the list , Held will NOT be the first option.
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