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  1. Coleman showed up for an unofficial visit again this weekend after his initial meeting with Rhule, which is a positive. I read somewhere that Hausman wasn’t interested in returning, regardless of what Rhule has to say. A local beat writer put that out there
  2. My take…. if you are deciding “if” you want to retire or come back, you can’t give the effort you or the program deserve. Anytime the going gets tough, you will have that thought in the back of your mind that you should have retired and begin looking forward to the end of the year…. Trust me on this !!!
  3. Here’s the deal, IMO… If we do not announce anyone within the next two weeks, pretty much let everyone know that we are getting someone coaching in the CFP. Cannot recall any DC, not announcing before a regular ball game.If we do not announce anyone within the next two weeks, pretty much let everyone know that we are getting someone coaching in the CFP. Cannot recall any DC, not announcing before a regular ball game.
  4. That is too bad. I was hoping also. Must have had his mind made up, or just didn’t get a good vibe with first meeting. Makes no sense to some,including me, but my opinion means nothing. I was hoping as a home grown Husker, we had a shot here.
  5. Probably also will not happen, but I wouldn't be shocked if TA doesn't find a place for BB in the admin office of some sort. This is a guy who is GOOD for Nebraska and has done a tremendous job, more than once.
  6. Sorry. I guess maybe I shouldn’t be so lazy and type out Matt Rhule. You are right MR or HCMR sure brings back horrible memories. Lol
  7. People are using the words “gone”. Yes, there is a great chance they are gone, but these kids at doing EXACTLY what they shave doing. They were not recruited by this coach or staff. Who is to say that MR even wants some of these guys….do they fit his schemes, do they fit the type of athlete. They SHOULD enter the portal and let MR re-recruit them if they fit the bill. That is so much smarter than just sitting idle and finding out later they don’t fit, this costing them precious time. If MR wants these guys, he will go after them .
  8. It sure sounds like you were trying to compare our situation to the Baylor situation in regards to Rhule being able to overcome the negativity. Do a little research then because this is a molehill compared to the MOUNTAIN at Baylor. You can comeback with personal attacks about vocabulary, which really means you have no other facts to back up your opinion, so easy way out is to attack a person rather than the opinion. Says enough
  9. Scandal??? Dumpster fire yes, but not scandal. There is NO cover up here. 1 man, not even on staff made a horrible mistake. Recruiting will always take an initial hit with a coaching change. Why are we acting like we are shocked or that it is the end of the World
  10. Please tell me that the whole 3rd person and someone mentioning it was Steve Taylor is just a nasty rumor on twitter !!!
  11. As much as you may be right, don’t forget that Matt Rhule walked into a MUCH, MUCH worse scenario and conditions at Baylor. That scandal is 10x this and it was within the program, this isn’t. MJ May have still been employed at the University, but not officially as a football coach. Baylor had 45 scholarship players and 1 commitment. Yes, he struggled Year 1, but we are light years ahead of that storm
  12. To me, this really has nothing to do with Matt Rhule. He is at a clean break and he hadn’t even officially offered MJ a gig, in fact may not have. It is a horrible look for the university, but like we didn’t already look bad. I feel horrible for the family, but as far as Rhule is concerned, it is now full speed ahead without worrying about dividing the fan base if he didn’t keep MJ
  13. I am sure it is rumor, but bc Riley left for USC, I don’t think he would have to sit a year. I could be wrong though
  14. I agree with you… would like to add though…. Food for thought. The Grant that we saw early was not the same….why? Easy answer would be to say coaching, which I think maybe some have hinted. That may be the case. I may lean to the fact that he took an absolute beating in those early games when he was a north and south guy. Our line was pathetic. He may have been nursing some form of injury, not allowing him to be the same type of runner.???
  15. Exactly ! This kid IS Nebraska. I can see him just "checking" about what his chances are at the next level, even as a free agent signing. What I can't see, is him wearing another college uniform. I think it is a chance for him to stay and hopefully take on himself to help usher in the new era of Husker football.
  16. Fair enough. I just think Wiscy has a foundation in place that we do not. I think this program is at a complete rebuild mode and Wiscy isn’t far removed from double digit wins. Their rb was beat up with a shoulder injury which makes a ton on difference. Like I said, I was a Fickell guy too, but I will wait to see year 2-3 before I decide, but I get your point. Good post!!
  17. Kind of a weak answer unless you forgot the sarcasm. I was a Fickell first guy. He wa my top choice. How do you know it was one sided??? You don’t. Fickell may have interviewed but maybe wasn’t that interested. What did you expect Trev to say??? Matt was our 3rd choice. Furthermore, Wiscy is in such a BETTER position to succeed next year than we are. This is UNIVERSALLY known and has been discussed. Fickell has a MUCH easier job in the short term. To judge Rhule based on the first two years solely on comparison with Wiscy is absolutely absurd. If it was sarcasm, I apologize.
  18. The tough part is the contract. Typically, the OC/DC make the most money. If MJ is asking 1mil + (1.5 rumored on HB), there is NO way that we re going to pay 3 assistants that much money. Will there be animosity on staff if the WR coach makes more than a OC/DC?
  19. I would speculate that MJ may be mentioned for the Tulane job that just came open. He is a Louisiana guy with obviously strong ties to the area. If MJ wants to be a HC this is the right time for him to take advantage of the situation.
  20. Yes, I hire people I trust and understand my philosophy. I have brought in many assistant coaches whom I know well. Frost brought his staff, after going undefeated… Rhule is going to bring people he knows, that isn’t the point.
  21. If you read my post, that is what I said, almost exactly. I said, if he continues to load up his staff with former Carolina guys, THEN I would struggle. Basically what you said. Some guys just look for reasons to pounce.
  22. Not what I said, but ok. Didn’t everyone criticize the last coach for bringing his old staff???? Said nothing about hiring “our buddies”. In fact I reread the post many times and can’t find it. I typically avoid conflict on HB, but obviously others like to seek it out, even when it isn’t there.
  23. The voice of the Badgers said on the radio Friday morning that everyone assumed it is going to be Leonard. He said NO other name had even been mentioned strongly enough to be taken seriously. Said It was Leonard’s job to lose and that he had proven that he was the guy. I guess if you lose the Axe trophy, you are out.
  24. I am ok with the Rhule hire and have been doing my best to point out the positives…..But, these would be the 3rd assistant coaches hr brought from Carolina…. If he is just going to bring buddies, I will struggle to stay as positive. Football ptsd when a HC brings buddies. What happened to the DL coach from TaM
  25. That is a little bit of a negative sign towards a Mickey. I thought recruiting coordinator may be included in MJ title if he stayed
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