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  1. Sears named to two different All-American teams so far. 2nd team on both…. Highest All-American team honor for any Husker staring pitcher since 2003. I stated he would be one of the most decorated players in history. Not done, because Coaches team announced later this week
  2. Personally, I say “nothing”, as neither is Mason Mac….A lot of pitchers either don’t play or play only 1/2 season. Sears only played until the mid season point last summer, then some guys don’t actually show up until mid summer. The more concerning part is that rumor is that he may likely get drafted, so a decision will have to be made.
  3. This is fantastic. I am sure that if we don’t advance out of regional play, some will be pissy and badmouth this group and staff. You can’t ignore the fact that this team was picked 5th in the league, finished runner up in reg season and won the tournament title, have the Big 10 POY-Golden Spikes finalist (Sears) and Buster Posey finalist (Caron). I vividly remember, when the pitching rotation for the opening weekend was announced, many on different social media platforms said …. “This will be a long season “ and other doubting comments concerning staff… those same people are now eating crow as this staff has put up numbers we haven’t seen in a long time….. I am not saying that we should be satisfied at the University of Nebraska with just reaching regional play, bc that isn’t enough….but this particular group of Huskers deserves a ton of credit for what they did!
  4. This isn’t good. Florida putting barrel on ball. HR was product of ballpark, but still came on an 0-2 count. Sears doesn’t look comfortable with his normal fiery self. That would tell me he is tight
  5. As much as I may play it like you have laid out, hearing Sears will throw game 1.
  6. Let’s go!!! Congratulations!!! Brockett was outstanding and Sears deserved a chance to finish
  7. Brocket rolling! This is more than anyone could have asked for in a 6 game/6 day scenario from our pitching staff
  8. Starting pitchers typically have 6 days rest and rehab (bullpen sessions), to fully recover. Pitchers are also very routine oriented. This is for their effectiveness and health. Sears will lobby for time today, but more than likely they will not use him
  9. Just said the same thing. Way too many pitches up in the zone
  10. Brockett is the name circulating, but nothing official
  11. Lol, Sears says on Big 10, that nothing was working tonight. He only had a fastball. His other stuff was way off. Nice to have nothing working and get 9k and only allow 1 run
  12. Sears was great again after a little rocky start. Add another quality start for him! 9 k in 6 innings. Now it’s up to the pen. Christo on in 7th
  13. Sears is Big 10 Pitcher of the Year and first team All Big 10 Mason Mac second team Stone 2nd team Sanderson 3rd team and All Freshman team
  14. I don’t completely disagree with you. Makes total sense. I do know Sears is throwing game 2. Wed or Thursday would give him his normal break, but having additional days would not hurt
  15. Been saying that for about a week. Sears is pitching game 2, MM probably game 3
  16. Back to guessing the rotation for the tournament. I have thought for over the past few weeks that Sears will not start game one. I had heard rumblings that they won’t bring him back on consecutive short weeks, this time on 4 days rest. I am sticking to that. But based on MM throwing Friday and lack of success by a number of guys yesterday, my guess might be Clark
  17. On cue, I jinxed us a bit as Sparty ends a 13 scoreless innings with a run and guys on 2nd-3rd with 2 outs
  18. Mason Mac with another fantastic Saturday outing. Our Friday-Saturday starters have been a great combo this past month.
  19. Great win! Sears and Clark overcome our offense tonight! Let’s score runs tomorrow and let Mason Mac deal. Sears finishes regular season with a 2.05 era, nation leading sub .82 whip, 8-0…. Clark has been clutch the last 3 weeks and should have seen bigger role earlier, but rolling at a big time of season.
  20. Another quality and excellent start for Sears. 6.2 innings…. 1 run, 4 k, 1 bb ( iffy strike zone there). We just can’t score runs! Let’s go offense. Headed to top of 8 with a 1 run lead. 2-1
  21. Correct, try to get conference crown and push for conference tournament. They have played above predictions, but finish it with some form of title….make a regional and stick around as long as possible
  22. You may be right, but I was hearing yesterday that they would not bring Sears back on only 4 days rest. MM would have less rest. I guess it depends on how deep they go vs MSU
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