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  1. Agree ! South Dakota State May very well beat us this year and past 4. I follow them extremely closely. Their QB is better than anyone in our room. I hope he decides to transfer after this year, bc he would fit our system perfectly.There is a reason Neb and Iowa bought out the current and future contracts with SDSU. Local P5 teams refuse to play them right now
  2. I am a long time football coach in the state of Iowa, and I absolutely hate the Hawkeyes with a passion. With that said, Phil Parker is the best defensive coordinator in the big 10 and has been for years. What he has done over a long period of time is Fairly amazing . I believe his defense only allowed two rushing touchdowns all season this year.
  3. Where did you hear/read that he interviewed? Not arguing, just interested. Really, the only place I heard a connection was on HB. Not saying it wasn’t there, but I never once heard a major outlet mention him as a candidate
  4. Foundation probably not laid yet, so I would agree with you. That said, listening to the players, the culture is changing. The fact that Ty and Nash (likely) are returning rathe than bolting for nfl. Both guys would be on a roster next year but have chosen to return bc they like the direction.
  5. I know that it is not a criteria or factor into bowl eligibility, but as much as I hate Fleck, they did beat us, so that is one team no one can complain about. Plain and simple. This team had multiple chances against subpar teams and didn’t get it done.
  6. Bowl selections after conference championships next week
  7. Correct! I was going to mention the bowls, wasn’t sure how many
  8. Must be too young to remember Nebraska fans calling for TO to be fired when he could not be OU. There was a time when we were that crazy
  9. Post game yesterday call in show, I think they said we were in the 60s. They basically said this thing isn’t going to happen. Season over
  10. It may be a reach but our play at QB was so poor all season, I would like to think that his loss was extremely impactful. But not the thread to discuss it and derail to OP
  11. Casey Thompson was by far the most impactful loss
  12. Is there a list of who is “walking” tomorrow
  13. While I am as disappointed as much as anyone and agree with your assessment…. We can’t ignore the fact that we have played many many games with 75-85% back ups (some cases 3rd string guys) that 1. aren’t as good as the starters 2. weren’t ready for Big 10 competition 3. Probably didn’t get rep ( in season) I understand, and am embarrassed by our inept offense, but I truly believe that we pull out a few of those close losses (MSU, Maryland, Wiscy) if we were remotely playing the number 1 guys. If we just pull out 1 game ( even with depleted offense) the tone and mood on here is completely different!
  14. Personally, I haven’t and am not referring to injuries when referencing SC. I am solely talking about power, push, finishing plays
  15. Agree on both accounts. SC doesn’t appear overnight! Hopefully good things to come…. Now for Iowa… they have allowed 2 rushing TD all season. Yikes. Miserably cold weather, with our ball security issues in warm weather, combined with that defense and Iowa ST doesn’t bode well.
  16. No one is getting fired after year 1 IMO. Rhule basically fired back when asked earlier about making a change. He responded with asking the reporter how firing coaches has worked out recently at Nebraska!! He will point to all of injuries, especially the inconsistency at WR and OL due to the enormous amount of players being called upon to play way earlier than projected. All of those points are valid. He will overlook the inconsistency in play calling and clock management (which is on Rhule).
  17. So, who starts Saturday? Listening to “Severe Reaction “. Sipple and Severe at a loss on who takes snaps. Apparently, Sean Callahan eluded to Sims???? Sip says Purdy has had significant groin injury all season (which may require surgery at end of year). HH is now on a bad ankle and has been really, really inept, Sims is a turnover machine and looks shellshocked, and they are very concerned about Purdy’s health!!
  18. I vote NO. We have been abysmal all season on offense, and have been bailed out by the defense and also playing really poor teams . Our best opportunity was this past week, as MSU is a mess and had one of the worst secondaries in the country. HH couldn’t hit anything. Special team was a disaster and our defense finally looked vulnerable in the passing game. We made a very sub par QB look good, as we weren’t able to pressure him. Maryland’s offense is better than MSU and will definitely put points on the board. More than our anemic offense can put up. Wiscy at on the road at night. Jump around all night. Zero chance here Iowa, as another poster said is the BEST team we will see in the final three. Their offense is as poor as ours but their defense and special teams are better than we are. They win 2 phases of the game, with the 3rd being a push. Really frustrating that we laid an egg against a poor 2-6 team to get to a bowl. I really like Rhule and the future is brighter than the recent past, but with our new conference and schedule, don’t expect miracles bc we will be scratching to reach 6 next year. I am not a pessimist, just a realist who almost got caught up in thinking we were MUCH better , but reality says our opponents just got worse… Illinois lost guys to nfl, Purdue’s QB started a game in nfl, NW with Fitz probably beats us. Rebuilds take time
  19. Just my opinion. I personally don't trust the portal to get a "great-good" QB. Maybe a grad transfer could fit the bill...... This isn't going to happen, but I really like the kid from South Dakota State. Mark Gronowski..... All he has done is win at a high level. He has played 2 seasons and led them to a NC game, in which he tore his acl in the first half, or they win that game. He took a year recovery, then comes back and leads them to a NC. This year, he has them undefeated and ranked number 1, and very possibly can lead them to another NC. That would be 3 years as a starter and 3 National Championship appearances. I have watched many SDSU games and I believe he is better than anyone we have on the roster. At 6'3, 225, he is fast, powerful and throws the ball extremely well.
  20. Agree wholeheartedly! I basically said same thing a few posts back…. Without the Blum comparison (which is a good comparison)
  21. I am not in this boat. I have coached football in Iowa for 24 years and am familiar with him. He obviously has great size and has produced at camps in order to garner the offers he has received, but I truly believe he is a project at best. He would be a "good" get, but I wouldn't call him a "must" get. His high school coach is a tremendous coach and former ISU player, so I know he is getting coached up.
  22. Serious question that I "should" know the answer to , but don't. When Rhule was rebuilding Temple, he didn't have to worry about the portal, so kids were willing to "stick" around and develop. When he was at Baylor, did the portal exist, or is this the first time he is "building" a program while trying to convince kids to not dive into "greener" pastures. Maybe he built Baylor under the same conditions, I don't know.
  23. Easy knee jerk reaction is HH. I too was calling for a change during the CU game. Sims WILL be the starter when he gets healthy. We can debate it, but it is very clear that Rhule and Co see more upside with Sims. HH played well enough to beat a min power 5 school at home. You can’t compare that to 2 power 5 schools on the road. He did not drop a snap or throw a dumb pick, which is a HUGE upgrade. He also missed a handful of zone read’s which would have been big plays. I actually hope that Sims is healthy enough to play next week, so we can all compare apples to apples…. Because if he turns ball over at home vs non power 5 team, then it is an easy decision and the arguments for Sims should be put to rest.
  24. You may be absolutely correct, but I will push back a little. I have coached for many years, and my philosophy is that the HC (or in this case the OC) needs to take the blame in public and hold guys accountable in the locker room and practices. I would cringe listening to SF throw his players under the bus in the press. Good LEADERS know when to take the blame (even if it isn't deserved) and when to deliver it. I see this statement as great leadership skills rather than a negative. He actually points to Sims in the final sentence, which is very clearly states that Sims plays a role . Now, we don't know what is being said / done in meetings or practice, so for what it is worth, you may be right.
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