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  1. He is. That is about the only thing I can agree with you about.
  2. I am pretty sure when the repayments froze the interest was frozen too. You were given the option to continue making payments if you wanted to.
  3. no kidding. Should we contact the Elite 11 and tell them that he has 2 good WR's on his HS football team? Did he take Hall and Mcmorris with him to qualify?
  4. Agree. Tweener type kid. Didnt seem to have the cover skills as a corner. Didnt seem to have the size and physicality of a safety. At the end of the day if the kid could play he would have seen the field. He played for a 4 win big ten west team.
  5. Kid has a great offer list and is local and some are disappointed with the news he could be a commit soon. Odd. Lincoln Riley had him Out for a visit and he is a decent QB evaluator.
  6. Great News. Gotta think this could help with Hall and Mcmorris too.
  7. 3rd string RB transfers from a poor rushing offense. Canes fans gotta be pumped. Especially being a state loaded with talent.
  8. What took so long on the offer. lol? Coop putting in some work.
  9. Kid is a freak of nature. You tell people about how dominant he is and it is just hard to believe until you see it. Mom and Dad were both Olympic throwers. Dad was a 5 time world champ in the shot and mom 2 time NCAA champ. Also scored a 33 on his ACT as a freshman too.
  10. I didn’t think they were that vanilla on offense. Ran a lot of RPOs, some qb run game, unbalanced formations, motions, mixed in some 2 back and ran some iso, FB trap, and screen that looked promising, got into some empty too. special teams ran a couple fake punts. defense was bringing juice. DL was moving all over the place, bring LBs, dropping nose tackles to the hole dropper. Mixed up our coverages too. As far as spring games go, this one was as close to a real game as you will find.
  11. Maybe mixed up where he is from with his first name.
  12. This!! Iowa produce Mackey Award winning TE's every other year bc their QBs aren't very good. They throw Naked/Bootlegs to TE and, check downs to backs/screens. WR are usually 4th or 5th on the team in reception.
  13. I don't think it will cause you to miss more tackles. It could allow for some more yards after contact, but attacking the back shoulder is more in line with the proper leverage you use when pursuing the ball carrier. When you track the hip and have to slide you head across to the ball side can cause you to overshoot your target. Just my opinion and how we work it.
  14. Think they just stayed Friday and bounced to ND sat. looks like The 5 star DE from LSN is at Ohio state today. Nebraska on Friday.
  15. We have to put all of our eggs in the Raiola basket. You can't go half in on a recruit like him and expect to land him. If we don't land Raiola, then maybe there is a scenario we could get back into the picture with Daniel. Mizzou is 17-19 in 4 seasons with Drink. If he has another below .500 season he could be on the hot seat this year. A huge gripe among Mizzou fans is that he has never had, or developed a QB. Looks like they could struggle at that position again this year, and in the SEC that could be trouble. They hired Kellen Moore's brother as the OC to call the plays and took that off Drink's plate. But hiring an OC to call plays for an offensive head coach usually is a sign of a make or break year for a coach.
  16. Could have a lot to do with completely overhauling the offensive philosophy..
  17. Oregon bringing in a Mauler from the 85287!!!
  18. Crazy fast. That 100m time is his Middle School time.
  19. After reading this thread I am not so sure. Probably won’t be able to play here and expectations will be too high. He needs to go somewhere smaller like Georgia/or USC where he can play and they will let him mature lol!
  20. Kid is a talent but that play didn’t require a lot of talent or skill. What coverage we playing there on the goal line??
  21. That worries me too. You couldnt blame a QB wanting to go play for Lincoln Riley. Pretty good chance you win a Heisman and are a top NFL pick.
  22. Maybe an Ed Mccaffrey type. Grinder. Deceptively runs past people. Traffic Catcher. He is white. Playbook Junkie. Great short area quickness. Pale. Great locker room guy.
  23. HS Super 6 1. Malachi- Elite Prospect. Hope he develops 2. Eric Fields- Missile on the field Good frame, great athlete 3. Van Poppel- Physical kid that should fit our scheme up front by being moved around on the interior 4. Ethan Nation- Like our corners that we got. He moves well and competes. 5. Princewill Umanmielen- Might just have an edge rusher here. 6. Gunnar Gottula- Big OL, decent feet. Could develop to a B1G OL and play multiple spots Sleeper- Track guys, (Turner/Loyd/Charles/Barnes) Bet 1 or 2 of these guys turn into players for us. Portal- Sims- Probably our Starting Q Jones- Instant starter at C Jeudy- Need big bodies up front and he fits the bill.
  24. Georgia offered a 24' QB out of Georgia recently. That has to mean they are keeping their options open and have doubts that Raiola is theirs to lose.
  25. How bout we beat them 42-0, but they make a bowl game played at 11 AM on Dec 16th against a directional school and hang 60 points getting his 25.0 ppg average and he receives an extension and a raise. But I would take you scenario too.
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