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  1. Georgia offered a 24' QB out of Georgia recently. That has to mean they are keeping their options open and have doubts that Raiola is theirs to lose.
  2. How bout we beat them 42-0, but they make a bowl game played at 11 AM on Dec 16th against a directional school and hang 60 points getting his 25.0 ppg average and he receives an extension and a raise. But I would take you scenario too.
  3. Track kid that can run. Ran a wind-aided 10.69 100, wind-legal time of 10.76 as a junior in Spring 2022. Ran 200-meter times of 21.67, 21.86, and 21.87. State qualifier in both events.
  4. True, but spending a year on georgias scout team is going to prepare him well to take on the big ten west. He went against NFL players everyday in practice.
  5. If he is 6’5 300 like his profile says, this kid might be a player. On his film he moves well for a big guy. Makes plays outside the numbers and he can re establish the line of scrimmage. Competition must be legit bc he plays for the top team in the country.
  6. Yep, the 100m would be pretty darn close. Turner could be a sub 21 200m kid this year too. That is Tyreek Hill fast.
  7. Turner. He has ran a 10.25 100m and a 21.04 200m. I think Lloyd is around a 10.4-10.5. Coleman is right about the same as LLoyd. All 3 can roll.
  8. I agree. Not a knock on Coleman, just pointing out the emphasis put on speed for our skill players in Rhule's first class. Turner would have placed at the B1G conference meet as a JR in HS. It will be fun to watch these guys develop on the field and on the track. Coleman seems very raw with unlimited potential in both football and track.
  9. He is crazy fast. With that being said he is the 3rd Fastest incoming Freshman on the football team.
  10. Still not a bad percentage. We probably don’t win a game without Palmer and Thompson. Pretty important.
  11. Portal kids are a lot less risky than JUCO players, and teams have leaned on them to fill rosters for years.
  12. Last time that happened was every DB coach Pelini ever hired.
  13. I dont think the Defense staff should be in over their heads teaching the Defense. Just making sure each level of the defense knows their responsibility and communicate to be on the same page. That is not specific to the 3-3-5, that is for any defense. Bob Diaco struggled for many reasons, personnel (going from 4 front Pelini and Banker to 3 Front), practice structure, adapting defense to style of play, etc..... Tony White has talked about it but personnel will dictate your defense. If we dont have good LB's and are good up front you will see more 4 front alignments. It will be White's Job to structure his install, drill progressions, meetings to inform the assistant coaches what needs to be taught and how to teach it. You reevaluate this daily. For the Texas HS coach. He was a Head Coach that ran a team and was in charge of the performance of players and coaches from all 3 phases. He is not being asked to call the offensive plays. He will be teaching his TE's how to operate in the Run and pass game. I am sure he is 100% qualified to teach what is asked from our TE's to perform in the offense. I bet he brings a unique background knowledge from all of his years performing his HS duties that can come in handy too. There are some very innovative coaches at the HS level too. Also, Nebraska has had trouble recruiting Texas since joining the B1G and this may be a guy that can get us back into one of most talented football states in the country. I would consider that a win.
  14. I think all of them have experience for the job they are taking. Might not be a lot of years, but they have coached. Position Coaches have to be great teachers, develop relationships, and understand the game. Head Coach and Coordinators have to make sure all the coaches are on the same page and teaching/drilling everything the way they want it executed. All of these guys are familiar with what Rhule wants, his scheme is and how he wants it taught. That is just as valuable as bringing in a guy that has coached a position (maybe a different way/philosophy for 10 years). This is how you have coaching trees that branch out from a Head Coach. Great coaches produce not only great players but great coaches. Hopefully Rhule will be that guy for us and we will be upset in a few years when some of his unknown assistants move on to other jobs.
  15. Saw some smoke on Twitter from an Iowa guy saying they are out. Didnt see them as a good fit. Don't know how to post that stuff on here. @PatHardy twitter posted it. Nebraska and OU battle??
  16. Had a similar response to a couple kids who committed to Arkansas and Blake corum announcing he is coming back.
  17. Other teams in the top 10 might have guys that didn’t contribute or didn’t make it too.
  18. I don’t think that is just a Texas thing. Lot of coaches in the larger classes here are making 6 figures easily.
  19. I agree with Michigan. I think those might be his best positions, but he can play anywhere for us. Isaiah Simmons type kid.
  20. Highlight tape is fun. Dude closes on the ball.
  21. Agree. Like if PJ Fleck as a former nfl superstar. Exhausting.
  22. I agree. We don’t play for awhile so we got time. As far as recruiting goes. We already have a QB coming in for a visit without a qb coach
  23. Yep. What a selfish jerk. Going to a place that puts LBs in the NFL and just had a Butkus winner. We will be fine, he will be fine, the Iowa offense on the other hand (YEEESHH!!). Maybe he can play QB
  24. RPO can be more about QB decision making and quick release/accuracy than QB size and running ability. A lot of NFL teams have modified the RPO game were it doesn’t necessarily have to be QB run oriented.
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