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  1. Kleimann. Go pay Hazelton from mich state to be the DC and let’s be the NDSU of P5 football and run A gap power.
  2. As a coach I cringe hearing a player talk about what they have been preparing for with the media (even front). Personnel is fine but talking about what coverages you have been working against and what base front you are expecting is too much to share. NW has a week to tweak plans or it reinforces the wrinkles they have been practicing. Like Illini coming out in the a different front than what we practiced against all camp and us being lost last year. Nit picking, but it is nice to se he has a basic knowledge of his opponent.
  3. I would take that with a grain of salt. Chins has faced frosts offense for many years and knows it inside out. The wrinkles might come from being unfamiliar with the offensive bosses next move. But it is nice to have new ideas implanted into the offense.
  4. Recruiting thread is getting hard to read around here. Very little pertains to Malachi Coleman.
  5. 500 mile kid. 2026 Jackson Cantwell from Nixa, Missouri might pop on everyone’s radar soon if he decides to play football at next level. He is 6’8 260 incoming frost that benches 355x3 times and throws a discus 200 feet. Could be a P5 kid in three sports bball, track and football. Freak athlete. Both parents were Olympic track athletes I believe.
  6. 6’3 210 as a SR in HS. Coleman is still a JR. could easily push 200 by SR year and keep getting faster. Has an additional inch or 2 on his frame.
  7. He could play wherever you need him. Isaiah Simmons at Clemson was a tall athletic HS WR that played anywhere from Safety to a stand up rush end in college.
  8. He is an edge player. A flex DE slash OLB guy. Doesn’t need to be 265. Nice twitchy long athlete.
  9. Ridiculous athlete. Would be a huge time get
  10. What?!? Guessing or have you heard something.
  11. Not saying Casey and Ratter aren’t comparable, but rattler only played 5 games and some change. So Casey should have about twice as many.
  12. Big time get. Coached against this kid. He is the real deal.
  13. SEC sniffing around pulls out the Husker Offer. We just offered too,.
  14. Already the case in High School. Why change it for college? We aren't there to play school.
  15. Yep. They are led to believe that they invented exercising and have the right to tell everyone about their workouts.
  16. Big time get. My outlook was pretty bleak when Rogers and Riley left. Wasn’t sure of how we would hold up for an entire B1G schedule. I think we came out on the better end after adding the 2 DTs and Mathis. If OL can improve, even marginally and we can not suck in special teams we can win some games this year. Now let’s get Marcus Washington and then we can get to work.
  17. Kid is an athlete, but it is not like he is going to another D1 school or even Ndsu/SDSU. So every school in the country missed on him. At his size if he is stiff in the hips, or not long, it would be hard to project where he would play at the next level.
  18. From the sounds of it he just got the grades that he needed to be eligible. Mizzou has offered and other schools are picking up interest in him. I think with the transfer portal it has to hurt JUCO recruits who are usually coveted as plug in play guys, who are now passed on by nabbing a player from the portal who has P5 experience. This offer doesnt carry the swagger of an Alabama Transfer, but it could serve its purpose to add another solid DL so we can hold up in the trenches this year.
  19. Are you willing to take one for the team? I apologize in advance, but I really hope you poop your pants tomorrow.
  20. That isn't that big of a deal really. We would take recruits out all the time and get them hammered and show them what a weekend in college is like. Then drop them off back at their hotels and laugh at them when they came up and met with the coaches the next morning. Our signing rate was top notch when it came to hosting recruits. Doesn't mean those kids were bad kids or didn't love football.
  21. Notre Dame included? Would figure the land of 2 million dollar coordinators (SEC) would represent close to 8. So that would leave 11 spots for 4 conferences. 5 is pretty good.
  22. Small class 3 school in St. Louis that is loaded with Division 1 talent. They would have probably won the Class 6 State Title this year. Would be great to get an inroad with St. Mary's, CBC, Lutheran North and Desmet.
  23. I guess by bash I meant display publicly your disapproval. I feel like when Wan'dale and Luke left there was some animosity between the people in the program and the players that left that leaked out. Not so much with this transfer.
  24. That is what happens when you break up. Nothing personal. Just gotta move on and dedicate your time and energy to those around you. They could have went out and bashed him on social media, but they didn’t have any reason too. Mutual break up. Beat of luck to both parties.
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