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  1. Heck yeah!! A SWMO kid. We hook it up with them this Summer. Looks like a high motor kid with a good frame. Hope we kick his butt Lol!
  2. not great news because i like Trev and he seemed to be moving us in the right direction. I think all schools have movement in leadership, it is just magnified because it is happening here. Moves like this show how important leadership is, we have recently been poached by ohio state and A and M. Smart move by Trev, A&M just hired a football coach, so he has 3 years to see if Elko works and then he would get to make his hire which would buy him another 3 or 4 years.
  3. Classes in high school? I didnt go to high school to play school, lol!
  4. I would take him as a TE coach in a second. It would be gross for a second but would get over it. Not all great coaches are great coordinators.
  5. Kid can play. Transferred from Webb city, Missouri to play at Bixby OK last year.
  6. You think I am good at pushups and burpees, Wait until you see me jump rope.
  7. Roid guys are usually pretty cool, they will have a duffel bag and a gallon of water at all times. They might hog the mirror from time to time, but for the most part harmless. The scary workout warriors are the Crossfitters. They will tell you how they invented the art of working out and tell you about how awesome their Murph was this week. When you tell them that is neat and good for you, they will try to convert you and ask you to join their box and try a WOD to see if you like it.
  8. The fans. The greatest college football fans need a statue.
  9. For sure. Hard place to consistently recruit bc of the competition of getting those kids, but Desmet would be the school to get a pipeline too. CBC as well.
  10. Will be a dual sport football/track guy in college so that might help us here. Rhule and co have been all about letting guys do 2 sports.
  11. Sherrone Moore won a title and is the OL coach and OC. Are you mad out OC isn’t a QB coach?
  12. Michigan has not been a top 5 recruiting team in the country. Total talent rank according to recruiting is 14. Development and evaluation has been elite. They don’t get a bunch of 5 starts like Ohio state
  13. Ask any Junior High boy in the country and they would tell you that 69 is pretty freaking awesome!!!
  14. Heck yeah!! Wish I could have watched it. Had to Followed it online.
  15. Good question. Maybe a compilation of their position unit grades. Could factor in returning starters improving grades from prior year. Maybe number of starts and production.
  16. If I don't touch it, why would I have to wash my hands.
  17. Good. Now ferentz won’t recruit him bc he doesn’t like kids that transfer high schools lol!
  18. https://www.amazon.com/Bumpboxx-Bluetooth-Nebraska-University-Rechargeable/dp/B09LRGYMQF
  19. Don’t how well those OL or any pieces of that offense fit his scheme. Up tempo high octane offense doesn’t fit their overall team philosophy. They like TOP, good punts, no turnovers. Imagine their 265 pound QB that struggles to hand the ball off on outside zone running the read option out of the gun.
  20. Crazy game. They had to call the game with 3:00 left bc of personal fouls and ejections. CBC is a basically a college that recruits St. Louis well. Didn’t like getting their butt kicked and had multiple players get ejected. Embarrassing. CBC coach said it was a player safety issue why he wanted to forfeit. Lol! Liberty north recruits the upper KC area well too. They are loaded b
  21. SC is 2-4 and awful this year. I hope they are happy.
  22. Nixa is solid. Webb W will not be a great measuring stick for Class 6 though.
  23. 35-28 with 2:00 left. I will wait until the conclusion to rate my level of concern. Right now concerned regardless of the outcome of this game. But we can also win every game on the schedule.
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