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  1. Just like last year. Feel free to post any news on this thread... Will be edited frequently. Pro/Graduated QB - RB - Anthony Grant WR - Billy Kemp IV, Joshua Fleeks TE - OL - Nouredin Nouili DL - Blaise Gunnerson LB - Luke Reimer, Nick Henrich DB - Quinton Newsome, Omar Brown, Phalen Sanford ST - Timmy Bleekrode, Marco Ortiz Transfers IN QB - RB - WR - TE - OL - DL - LB - DB - ST - Transfers OUT QB - RB - WR - TE - OL - DL - LB - DB - Javier Morton ST - Decommits CB Callen Barta (Kansas State) RB Kewan Lacy DL Carlon Jones Commits (* = in-state) QB - Daniel Kaelin* RB - WR - Dae'vonn Hall*, Isaiah McMorris*, Quinn Clark TE - Ian Flynt, Keelan Smith, Carter Nelson*, Eric Ingwerson* OL - Gibson Pyle, Jake Peters, Landen Davidson, Preston Taumua, Grant Brix DL - Ashton Murphy* EDGE - Willis McGahee IV, Jaxon Lee LB - Braylen Prude DB - Roger Gradney, Mario Buford, Evan Taylor, Donovan Jones*, Rex Guthrie, JD Crisp, Caleb Benning* ST - Kamdyn Koch ATH - Jacory Barney Jr.
  2. Huskers 16 Squawkeyes 12 Rush 162 Pass 134
  3. Huskers 13 Badgers 10 Rush 174 Pass 89
  4. A Chance to Do or Dare
  5. Huskers - 24 Terps - 20 Rushing: 221 Passing: 117
  6. Huskers - 27 Spartans - 10 Run - 147 Pass - 230
  7. CB for N! From 247's Blair Angulo, who is very accurate with his predictions (94%!)
  8. That much?!! I would comfortably take the under if it was 23.5.
  9. See: Tamon Lynum, Koby Bretz, Tommi Hill, Phalen Sanford, Makai Gbayor, James Williams All of the names above have been impact players at times on D or ST, and many here on HB had them as cuts on their "Get Down to 85 Scholarship" lists. There are others like Nash that we knew had potential, but were unsure if they would even get close to reaching that at NU. While I'm giving shout outs to those who are rarely mentioned... Marco Ortiz! How long has it been since we have had ZERO complaints about a long snap through the first 8 games?!! He goes unnoticed but does his job well. Special teams improvements start with clean snaps, and we are lucky to have a steady snapper like him.
  10. Bishop Gorman had a whole host of players here this weekend. Would love to see these Mater Dei and Bishop Gorman connections pay off. Similar to what we have been doing with Miami Palmetto.
  11. Yeah, take USC for example, and they have a GREAT offense. They have scored at least 42 points in all of their wins. If they don't reach that, they lose. USC pulled a W out 50-49 because of a 2-point conversion stop against a Cal team with 1 decent win. USC's defense is ATROCIOUS, and their B1G record will reflect that next year. Teams are averaging 33 points a game vs them (112 in NCAAF and 9 in PAC-12). Their remaining schedule: #5 Washington, @ #8 Oregon, #23 UCLA. Have fun USC! I would much rather win with a bad offense and good defense.
  12. Huskers - 20 PU - 14 Rushing - 209 Passing - 112
  13. It seems that we’re hosting a Bishop Gorman party this weekend. I’ll take that anytime.
  14. Another thing I noticed about his runs is he tends to fall forward when being tackled, helping us gain 1-2 extra yards. For example, his run at the 0:25 mark of this video he gets hit hard at the 34, yet somehow makes it to the 36. These yards build up and really help a 3rd and medium become a 3rd and short. In short, I love how he finishes through contact.
  15. Huskers - 38 Wild Kratts - 10 Rush - 243 Pass - 217
  16. Huskers 20 Illini 16 Rush: 189 Pass: 163
  17. These predictions are from August 2nd. https://n.rivals.com/news/midwest-spotlight-predictions-for-top-uncommitted-recruits
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