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  1. Well the opposite for the young guys is, no playing time, having to put forth effort to get playing time usually these days results in entering the transfer portal.
  2. The expectations for the defense is going to be out of control. As much as there is uncertainty about Chinander, statistically his defenses have improve each year, so getting just about everyone back, plus some decent recruits and transfers from last year, this defense should be top 25 easily.
  3. There used to be a time in the not so distant past where I'd be very disappointed in this news and it would be heart breaking, but in the new age times of the transfer portals, and this whole new era of athlete, this is going to be the normal. Besides being away from home, this dude was the only offensive player we had, our entire offense revolved around him, the only thing lacking at Nebraska was being close to home and being on a winning team. Recruiting landscapes are going to be very interesting in 2-3 years from now with the rampant use of the transfer portal. The college game
  4. Good luck to all these guys going into the NFL draft. Not many of these guys are "leaving early" more just deciding not to come back for their 6th year and that is very understandable.
  5. But we don't have any WR's, so this wouldn't be a problem.
  6. Our bowl game took place on Friday December 18 at 7PM Eastern Time in Piscataway New Jersey.
  7. Meh, I'll ride all day with Frost as head coach. I'd rather put the future of this program in the hands of a fan, Nebraskan, and former player instead of some outsider. Frost is still young and still learning how to run a program, I guess in the grand stage of it all, he only got a couple years at UCF to run his program, maybe because it was such a quick turnaround and success it felt like he had more experience, but actuality is he doesn't have all that much experience at all. So I'd rather stick with him for as long as we can and he wants to turn things around here. We aren't getting a top p
  8. Sure hope so! We've sort of being waiting for it to get better for 18 years now. Maybe getting these extra 7 days off will be enough to re-energize this team and get them hungry and ready to play come Spring and that translates into success next Fall.
  9. The conclusions I have drawn is this, and maybe it's too harsh, but the way I see it is each press conference, be it a post loss or during the week these coaches and players rave about locker room unity, rave about the family atmosphere, talk about how tight they are, and how they want to play football. Now besides going out each Saturday and compiling 4-8 and 5-7 type records over the last handful of years, they are met with adversity and can actually prove with actions that they are determined to go to battle together and finish unfinished business and they decided to go home. Ha
  10. My point is, Wisconsin could easily come up for a dozen reasons to not play in their bowl game just like Nebraska did, but instead Wisconsin has chosen to play in their bowl game. Wisconsin fans could have defended their teams decision to not play in a bowl game by giving reasons Nebraska fans are giving, plus the addition of spinning the covid outbreaks within the team, the lack of games played, and uncertainty of whether they were going to play in games as a reason to further strengthen and support their decision to not play. Just simply too much adversity, too many ups and down
  11. Well my guess is Wisconsin is going to be a heavy favorite to win the Big Ten West next year, just like they've been heavy favorites to win and have won the Big Ten West in the past. I think it's part of their culture these days.
  12. Wisconsin is playing in a bowl game are they not? And we ridiculed them for not wanting to play football, and mishandling their outbreaks, etc. Now here they are hungry for a bowl game. It seems if Wisconsin declined their bowl game the common understanding here would be that they were faced with a lot this season. The potential of a canceled season, they were decimated by the outbreaks and were in a lot of uncertainty on whether they were going to play in a week or not. Their season was a complete mess. So I understand them wanting to call it a season and go home and prepare for next year, th
  13. Nothing from this year gives me confidence in anything better than 5-7 next year. I just hope we look better. I hope our lineman are bigger and stronger and don't look small compared to Minnesota or Wisconsin. I just hope our guys are faster to close a 5 yard gap to an open receiver quicker. But Martinez will be a starter again next year, he will make the same mistakes as this year and the last 3 years, it will just be big to see if any WR can break coverage or get open at all. It will be interesting to see if when this team makes one mistake if it just completely derails the entir
  14. It isn't about the extra practices, it isn't about the extra game, it's the mindset in that this team was willing to stick together and be a family together in a time of adversity and having that hunger, drive and heart to go out there one more time and try to play one more game. It isn't even about the result of the game, it's purely an attitude and mindset of being together and finishing what is left out there. A Team that is truly united, and truly loves each other and truly is one big family, plays in that last football game. In fact, it'd be unanimous in the locker room and t
  15. I'll disagree with this. Next year's record is affected by the last 3 years of culture building by Frost and staff. As with any new coach that comes into any program and is trying to turn things around and trying to change that culture, what you do day one as a new coach in trying to make that change is seen years down the road. Choosing to play in a bowl game, in these tough times, against all this adversity, is a potential culture changing mindset. Hey guys, times are tough, it's been a hellish 9 months, lots of ups and downs and things haven't gone our way on the field, do you
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