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  1. The Purdue game basically will make or break our season. Beat Purdue and I see Nebraska able to put together a 7-5 season. Lose to Purdue and who knows where the wheels go and we could easily be looking at 5-7 again.
  2. I said it before he was hired, I think I said it before we hired Riley. I would rather go down with a Cornhusker as coach, like Frost, then some other coach coming here and spewing coach speak and we go down with him. I'll take losing seasons under Frost compared to mediocre at best seasons with a guy who's 68 years old and may retire any year, why? Because with Frost, any given year he could turn it around. With that said, I think just for mental sake, Nebraska needs to win 6 games this year and go to a bowl game. Otherwise I fear the tides will begin to severely turn against Fros
  3. If we go 4-8 again, I just hope 2 of those wins is to Iowa and Wisconsin.
  4. Hype videos and hype tweets for a hype video.
  5. As for the JUCO's I could see Mauga-Clements being an immediate force. Something about that guy makes me think he is going to be a major player. I am also hopeful about Riley and Payne. They are just big bodies and at the very very least they provide needed depth on that DLine. As for recruits, one I can't wait to see develop is Jimari Butler. 6'5 217, that development in the weight room is going to be great to see! Tons of potential with that guy.
  6. IF he flips to Nebraska, I cant remember the last signing day where practically all the dominoes fell in the favor of Nebraska. I remember during Riley's years they had their eyes set on some big targets, and there was drama come NSD, but the big targets always ended up elsewhere.
  7. Miami was desperate and had to give a last second phone call to stir up BS rumors. Of all those guys at the South Dade table, only one picked Miami. Add to it the Canes lost Fleming and Miami in panicking.
  8. Don't think so, I think he's the last big one in regards to the toss ups.
  9. Rumor is he is flipping to Nebraska. Nebraska may have a top 15 class by the end of the day....
  10. Incredible incredible finish to this class, wow!
  11. His physical stats alone are great. What a huge target.
  12. You answered your own question. TM his Freshman year was absolutely amazing and had incredible amount of hype and deservedly so. Then came an injury and it changed his game. Adrian's career so far is eerily similar to TMart's. The bolded is where I think you answered your own question. TMart suffered an injury and he was never the same afterward and he seemed to become more injury prone after his first injury, and he never lived up to the hype that was generated from his Freshman season. The numbers for Taylor Martinez may look good on paper, but anyone who remembers watching his
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