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  1. As for the JUCO's I could see Mauga-Clements being an immediate force. Something about that guy makes me think he is going to be a major player. I am also hopeful about Riley and Payne. They are just big bodies and at the very very least they provide needed depth on that DLine. As for recruits, one I can't wait to see develop is Jimari Butler. 6'5 217, that development in the weight room is going to be great to see! Tons of potential with that guy.
  2. IF he flips to Nebraska, I cant remember the last signing day where practically all the dominoes fell in the favor of Nebraska. I remember during Riley's years they had their eyes set on some big targets, and there was drama come NSD, but the big targets always ended up elsewhere.
  3. Miami was desperate and had to give a last second phone call to stir up BS rumors. Of all those guys at the South Dade table, only one picked Miami. Add to it the Canes lost Fleming and Miami in panicking.
  4. Don't think so, I think he's the last big one in regards to the toss ups.
  5. Rumor is he is flipping to Nebraska. Nebraska may have a top 15 class by the end of the day....
  6. Incredible incredible finish to this class, wow!
  7. His physical stats alone are great. What a huge target.
  8. You answered your own question. TM his Freshman year was absolutely amazing and had incredible amount of hype and deservedly so. Then came an injury and it changed his game. Adrian's career so far is eerily similar to TMart's. The bolded is where I think you answered your own question. TMart suffered an injury and he was never the same afterward and he seemed to become more injury prone after his first injury, and he never lived up to the hype that was generated from his Freshman season. The numbers for Taylor Martinez may look good on paper, but anyone who remembers watching his games after his Freshman year know he was not the same. Plus the guy had one of the worst throwing motions in the game.
  9. Pretty much all the power teams from the 90's, with the exception of the Florida Gators, have been dormant for the last couple of seasons. They say college football is cyclical, so let's hope in a few years time those 90's teams are back up.
  10. Why would this be bizarre to you? The reason that thought sticks in our heads is because we lived it with Taylor Martinez.
  11. Seeing all these coordinators moving around and/or getting fired, I am glad Nebraska has stayed put and Frost hasn't made any changes to his staff. I think this will go well for us in the coming weeks and months as we close in on our recruiting class and obviously as we build the current players that are already on roster. How nice for these assistant coaches to know Frost has their back and ultimately, the athletic department isn't pulling strings and telling Frost what needs to happen. There is trust within the Nebraska athletic department and that is huge, not only for when you're trying to build/rebuild something, but simply just doing your job. Sure results haven't been there right now, but continuity is a big thing and go a long way in both getting players and sustaining success once it arrives. Maybe it's the headline I saw where Brohm, at Purdue, had to make the tough decision to let go one of his long time assistants in his defensive coordinator. Brohm has only been at Purdue for three years, and has taken the Boilermakers to two bowl games in his three years. Sure Purdue didn't have a great third year under Brohm, but that had to do more with the injuries to key players on offense then his defensive coordinator. Nonetheless, it must have been difficult for him to make the decision to fire his long time assistant. Brohm and Holt's relationship mirrors Frost's and Chinander's in a lot of ways, and I am sure soon there will be a comment that although it was a tough decision to let go of a long time loyal assistant, Brohm made the tough decision that was needed to try and move the program forward. But again, I sort of find the decision to cut Holt more than just Brohm trying to take a step forward with the program, because it wasn't the defenses fault Purdue failed to make a bowl game in Brohm's third year. Brohm may have felt pressure from higher ups that he felt like he needed to make a change, which seems outrageous given his high salary and the fact he has built the program in competitiveness. The other thing that made me realize it's nice this staff stayed put was the recruiting visit of Frost and coaches going pheasant hunting in South Dakota. I don't know, but that is a cool story and for that recruit, like many recruits, they are committing to a staff that is going to be their family for at least the next 4-5 years and they are going to build a home away from home. It must be nice for a recruit to know the coaching staff is going to be there. Sure, coordinators and assistances leaving or being fired has been the way of the land for the business since forever, but seeing that article made me realize that continuity is a great thing for a young athlete making a huge decision.
  12. The difference between Riley and Frost, is Riley had his worse season after 2 years of being the head coach. Riley had a rebuilding first year, solid second year, awful third. He was trending downward after being at Nebraska for three years. Add to it Riley had a historical career of being mediocre. Frost is still rebuilding what has been left over.
  13. McCaffrey is a fan favorite. Every time he’s come into the game the offense clicks better than when Martinez is/was in. If Martinez gets the starting job next year over mccaffrey and ultimately that results into us losing McCaffrey to the transfer portal? Oh, Martinez will have a mountain of expectations.
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