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  1. Seeing all these coordinators moving around and/or getting fired, I am glad Nebraska has stayed put and Frost hasn't made any changes to his staff. I think this will go well for us in the coming weeks and months as we close in on our recruiting class and obviously as we build the current players that are already on roster. How nice for these assistant coaches to know Frost has their back and ultimately, the athletic department isn't pulling strings and telling Frost what needs to happen. There is trust within the Nebraska athletic department and that is huge, not only for when you're trying to build/rebuild something, but simply just doing your job. Sure results haven't been there right now, but continuity is a big thing and go a long way in both getting players and sustaining success once it arrives. Maybe it's the headline I saw where Brohm, at Purdue, had to make the tough decision to let go one of his long time assistants in his defensive coordinator. Brohm has only been at Purdue for three years, and has taken the Boilermakers to two bowl games in his three years. Sure Purdue didn't have a great third year under Brohm, but that had to do more with the injuries to key players on offense then his defensive coordinator. Nonetheless, it must have been difficult for him to make the decision to fire his long time assistant. Brohm and Holt's relationship mirrors Frost's and Chinander's in a lot of ways, and I am sure soon there will be a comment that although it was a tough decision to let go of a long time loyal assistant, Brohm made the tough decision that was needed to try and move the program forward. But again, I sort of find the decision to cut Holt more than just Brohm trying to take a step forward with the program, because it wasn't the defenses fault Purdue failed to make a bowl game in Brohm's third year. Brohm may have felt pressure from higher ups that he felt like he needed to make a change, which seems outrageous given his high salary and the fact he has built the program in competitiveness. The other thing that made me realize it's nice this staff stayed put was the recruiting visit of Frost and coaches going pheasant hunting in South Dakota. I don't know, but that is a cool story and for that recruit, like many recruits, they are committing to a staff that is going to be their family for at least the next 4-5 years and they are going to build a home away from home. It must be nice for a recruit to know the coaching staff is going to be there. Sure, coordinators and assistances leaving or being fired has been the way of the land for the business since forever, but seeing that article made me realize that continuity is a great thing for a young athlete making a huge decision.
  2. The difference between Riley and Frost, is Riley had his worse season after 2 years of being the head coach. Riley had a rebuilding first year, solid second year, awful third. He was trending downward after being at Nebraska for three years. Add to it Riley had a historical career of being mediocre. Frost is still rebuilding what has been left over.
  3. McCaffrey is a fan favorite. Every time he’s come into the game the offense clicks better than when Martinez is/was in. If Martinez gets the starting job next year over mccaffrey and ultimately that results into us losing McCaffrey to the transfer portal? Oh, Martinez will have a mountain of expectations.
  4. IF McCaffrey were to transfer due to not getting the starting QB job that would be an enormous blow to this team and the pressure on Martinez would be huge. He’d be expected by the fans to be heisman contender and or winner. i don’t even want to think of that scenario. My guess is if Martinez wins the starting job. McCaffrey will take on a role similar to Christian
  5. Minnesota had a great season. I see no reason for them to drum up random rumors. But apparently it gets rather boring up there in -5 degree weather.
  6. I think that Purdue game is the biggest game of the year. I think that dictates how the season goes. Beat Purdue and we are looking at a great September, with the biggest challenge being Cincy. Lose to Purdue and this season very well falls off the rails quick.
  7. Probably reaching for straws here, but on the optimistic side, Penn State tends to become much more vulnerable in the later parts of the season. They always start the season off really good, but come November they seem off. We are so close to overcoming Iowa. We are due for beating Wisconsin. We actually have outplayed them the last two years, they just simply have the bigger and better players.
  8. It will be interesting to see how Minnesota does next year. Was this season a sort of peak or is what we saw this year what is expected to be seen from Minnesota for years to come under Fleck? The schedule is really tough to pick. We very well could go into the BYE week at 5-1 or we very well could go into the BYE week at 3-3 I have no idea.
  9. The worry I have if Adrian does suddenly break out of his slump is what do we do with McCaffrey? Because if Adrian is our QB next year, he’s probably 99% chance he’s our QB the following year, his senior year. if that’s the case, that’s two years of McCaffrey playing second. No way. And playing him as as special package QB just to get him PT would be an awful decision. so what do you do with him? Play him like Christian in the NFL? Where he is literally everything? Problem is we already have that with W. Robinson. I don’t know what two of those type of players look like in an offense. theres a decision to be made in the Spring that is going to affect Nebraska for years to come. If Adrian does have an amazing spring and puts this year well behind him and is truly the best QB for the job, then sure, start him and plug McCaffrey into the offense somehow. If it’s close and 50/50 on who is the better QB, I say go with McCaffrey.
  10. I think he can say whatever he wants. But since we are on the topic about this, I’ve always felt, simply based off his tweets, there wasn’t that much excitement from Tommie when Frost became HC. It seemed as every former player overly celebrated Frosts return, he didn’t.
  11. Although I agree the Big Ten is a different beast then the PAC-12 and obviously the AAC and you need your team DNA to be more toward the Big Ten type, but while Frost was at Oregon, those Oregon teams beat Michigan State and came within a score of beating MSU at MSU during Michigan State's heyday and at the time truly a prototype of Big Ten built DNA. They also played Ohio State tough in the 2009 Rose Bowl and really the only game Oregon's team got overmatched was the National title game vs Ohio State. They also beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl and again, Wisconsin was a typical Big Ten built team at the time. Simply put, whatever direction Frost is going, he just doesn't have the players for it yet.
  12. You want to be 4-8 with a 65 year old head coach that has been coaching 40 years and is on the downside of his coaching career? Or 4-8 with a young head coach, with lots still to learn, and is a homegrown Nebraskan and former Cornhusker himself? I'll take these awful seasons under Frost over any other coach in the country. Because for one, I am just a lifelong fan, he's a fan and former player, as much as these losses and this play frustrate me, I know he's experiencing it about 100x worse and wants it fixed better than anyone. Second, he is still learning so there is hope for improvement.
  13. The last time Seniors walked onto Memorial Stadium on Senior day and hugged the coach that recruited them was Pelini's final season.
  14. Iowa misses the FG and we win in OT, or we don't make critical error on the final offensive drive and we are sitting at 6 wins, go to a bowl game and everyone is talking about what a great turn around the year was. Besides Ohio State and Minnesota, Nebraska was at least competitively in every game. Yes, some of those were competitive losses to Indiana, Purdue and Colorado, all games Nebraska should have won, but they were competitive vs Wisconsin and Iowa. Just looking at Iowa's defensive line and defensive players, they still looked bigger and more athletic then our players.
  15. I love the offseason. We usually do pretty good in the offseason!
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